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gw alum abroad
1/28/2017 7:29:09 PM

gw alum abroad1/28/2017 7:29:09 PM

I realize that there are very few viewers clamouring for the GW @ Mason or SLU @ GW games so I will take what I can get, but...

What was Jan Van Breda Koff doing on a college basketball broadcast (and an A10 one to boot)? He has no place in college hoops except has a historic example of an out-of-control coach who thinks academic fraud is acceptable. 

ASN looks like the kind of "network" that gets by airing indoor soccer and Class AA baseball. In other words, it is stuck with the crud the Ocho won't air. It is a throwback to the old UHF stations that would air the local roller derby.

How is it possible that the live stream only allows you to watch the game in its entirety? Due to work, I was not able to get the game going until an hour after tipoff. However, I had to watch the stream from the top of the broadcast, joining the game live in-progress is not an option. Might be the only online streaming service with this quirk.

The ads run the gamut from shyster lawyers suing pharma companies to "guaranteed" balding cures; that either says something profound about ASN or about those of us who watch A10 games online (or both).

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