Coach K = No class
GW Alum Abroad
 8/7/2016 11:28:29 PM      Replies: 13

GW Alum Abroad8/6/2016 11:57:42 PM

Am I the only one who threw up in his mouth a little bit when the USA was up by over 50 with less than 5 to play but continued to pressure China in the backcourt? 

bobo8/7/2016 12:39:26 AM

Coach K is famous for 2 things: love of Duke basketball and hatred of China's horible human rights policies. 

Show those commie bastards whose boss, coach K.

Bigfan8/7/2016 1:17:30 AM

Correct,. A great humanitarian.

dmvpiranha8/7/2016 8:06:29 AM

Olympic basketball is unwatchable in general. They should create a rule just for the US to only allow second and third tier NBA players to play. It's not fun to watch an all-star team that has more athleticism than the other team dominate by 50+ points. China didn't even play that badly, they were just overmatched. 

BC8/7/2016 10:26:10 AM

Do you think Coack K dyes his hair?  That's a crime too.

yawle8/7/2016 2:06:51 PM

and he looks so weird in that Thibodeau costume

Buff and Blue Bandit8/7/2016 2:38:28 PM

I felt the same way for much of the game. What does destroying another team by 50 points do for you?

According the announcers, this had nothing to do with showing up another team, but instead was another chance for Team USA to find which groups of players should be on the court at a given time. When the US faces tougher opponents down the stretch, they need to know who meshes well. Sure they have had practices and scrimmages, but like we've talked about here about preseason sessions and Kenner, you don't know what you've got until you get on the floor. 11:20:51 PM

It's actually about respecting the opponent, and not taking anything for granted - inculding the gold medal.  He has to prepare for a close game down the road, and the guys need to play hard for the full game.   Don't you think it might be more insulting for the guys to lay off of China?  The Chinese are men - some ex-NBA players - and I know if I were them playing team USA in the Olympics, I'd want to take USA's best shot, not have them lay down for me in pity after the outcome of the game was over.   What is the USA supposed to do?  They rotated in everyone, and the bottom of the bench is still better than China.  Are you Supposed to give them points?  Throw the ball out of bounds?  God forbid, run the four corners offense?  

You play to the whistle blows.

Way to go Coach.  Keep 'em focused.



GW Alum Abroad8/7/2016 11:23:44 PM

Poster-- no need to press when up 50 with less than 5 to play. Sure, you keep playing, but you take no treys, no shots with more than 10 secs on the shot clock and you do not press. 

Still Here8/7/2016 11:28:29 PM

Are bonita fish big? 

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