NEW Recruit, Women's Team
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ziik5/16/2016 11:53:05 AM

Big time rebounder, grad student

Fan From Arlington5/16/2016 11:58:16 AM

Women also lost one of the recruits who signed early: Kendra Van Leeuwen will follow Tsipis to Wisconsin. Story at

Maine Colonial5/16/2016 8:57:20 PM

Good pick up. She can score and rebound: LINK

Maine Colonial5/16/2016 9:02:58 PM

Here's her Lehigh tribute video with some highlights: LINK

ELJ5/16/2016 10:16:25 PM

Thanks for the find, ziik.  We lose six inches in moving from JJ to Lexi, so I'm guessing Lexi's desire for the boards is a key fractor in her suiccess in rebounding.  On the other hand, the Patriot League is a cut below the A-10.  I'm still really hopeful, though.

The Other MG5/17/2016 12:20:29 AM

We needed a big, badly, so this is very good news.  We still need a young big, and I was disappointed that Tsipis couldn't land anyone in the freshman (next season) class other than 3 guards.  We will never replace JJ, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Maine Colonial5/17/2016 6:25:08 AM

More video including Lexi hitting threes: LINK 

xAC5/17/2016 8:43:04 AM

No question JJ is a once in a generation talent. During her absence, the team played some great games together. If they can reduce the number of empty trips down the court and not give the ball up after getting tough rebounds, I think they'll do well. They have really good talent with Brianna, Cara, Kelli, Hannah, and Mei Lyn, so a big rebounder like Lexi is really going to help. I don't know enough about the new coach to how difficult it will be to adopt to her style, but the core talent is there. How well the PGs play will be critical.

Poog5/17/2016 10:50:56 AM

JJ is not really a replaceable piece but I would anticipate zero problems adjusting to a new head coach. All 3 newcomers should contribute as well as others who have been neglected on the bench. Expect empty trips without at least a shot to be reduced. Read stuff on Martins and it sounds like she attended the Walt Szczerbiak School of Rebounding. Record of last 2 years may be hard to duplicate with strong returning teams from Dayton and Duquesne but teams would make a huge mistake to underestimate next year's women's team. Expect a step forward, not backwards, for the program.

The Other MG5/17/2016 4:08:01 PM

Very reassuring to read your take, Poog.  Hoping that one of those neglected sleepers is Kelsi Mahoney.  Not previously mentioned, but hopefully with a bounceback year is Shannon.  She has talent, and can really shoot, but seemed a bit out of place in last year's system, and looked a bit demoralized at times.

ELJ5/17/2016 6:28:34 PM

Agree fully with The Other MG's take on Poog's post.  Always good to get the word from the most seasoned insider on matters concerning the women's team, and really reassuring as well.  Thanks, Bob.

ELJ5/17/2016 6:37:10 PM

Looking at Maine's Colonial's latest link, I just noticed something I really likied: from these brief takes, it seems Lexi doesn't reflexively put the ball on the floor whenever she gets a pass down low: just turns and shoots, not giving the other team's guards time to challenge and often tie her up or steal the ball.  Never have understood why that's apparently not drilled into the heads of the women ... assuming they can make the pivot without traveling.

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