Knapp retiring
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Mentzinger6/7/2016 3:29:42 PM

GW University ‏@GWtweets  2m2 minutes ago

President Knapp announced today that 2016-17 will be his last year at #GWU. Thank you for 10 years of leadership. 


Mentzinger6/7/2016 3:31:56 PM

Patrick Nero ‏@GW_AD  39s40 seconds ago

Patrick Nero Retweeted GW University

Thank you to President Knapp for all his support of our student-athletes throughout his tenure.

notta hater6/7/2016 4:08:26 PM

wow, it just seems like yesterday he arrived. On another note, if we have a JHU guy not put men's lax on the action plan will it ever happen?

Poog6/7/2016 4:10:40 PM

And the apocalyptic CJS fan post about school debt comes back to mind

thinker6/7/2016 4:27:07 PM

Wow that seems to have come out of nowhere and seems to be fairly short notice. Knapp will end up having has a relatively short tenure as President - besides a brief 3 year stint by Thomas Carroll in the early 1960's we've only had 4 presidents since 1927.

I will be a huge decision on his replacement, obviously.

NJ Colonial6/7/2016 4:59:23 PM

Hate to see him go, he was a true academic and gentleman and he gave strong support to athletics.  I do have confidence in Trustee Chairman Carbonell that a great new leader wiill be selected.

GW Alum Abroad6/7/2016 5:17:56 PM

This seems kind of sudden, I mean we are barely used to SJT's attention hogging no longer having official sanction. 

The MV6/7/2016 5:37:18 PM

Between building a new science and engineering building essentially on spec and slashing budgets across the board by 5% (with further administrative cuts designated through 2021), the job could not have been much fun these past few years.  I wish Dr. Knapp only the best.

Mentzinger6/7/2016 6:14:57 PM

Ten years is an incredibly long tenure as a college president these days.

ziik6/7/2016 6:21:12 PM

Longer than Ken Starr, for sure.

Maine Colonial6/7/2016 9:52:27 PM

Unfortunately Carroll's tenure was cut short by his premature death. I was surprised by the news of Knapp's retirement because the National Gallery of Art will open the Corcoran Legacy gallery in 2018, the Corcoran will celebrate 150 years in 2019 and GW will celebrate its bicentennial in 2021. He is such a history buff I figured he would stay for at least five more years to celebrate all three milestones. Hopefully the position will attract a lot of great applicants who love art and sports. 

ziik6/7/2016 9:59:08 PM

Here's hoping Knapp is healthy, and not leaving out of necessity. 

thinker6/7/2016 10:44:28 PM

That job is an incredible grind. Hopefully he just wants a break and to be able to get back to teaching and a quieter life.

This will be an exceptionally covetted job and will attract a wide range of exceptional candidates. Unlike basketball recruits who have to be sold on GW despite some real limitations, GW has few limitations for the ESPN Top 100 type university presidents.

The Dude6/8/2016 7:50:32 AM

Best to Dr Knapp thx for the service. Ziik, +100!!

NJ Colonial6/8/2016 12:07:46 PM

Maine C.+1

Colonial NY6/8/2016 2:15:33 PM

So does anyone know the way the school might lean? To bring basketball into this, are we more likely to go after a top assistant at a BCS school (like KH) or pluck a head coach from a smaller, one-bid type conference (like ML)? I assume we won't go after a type that falls into the TP category - previous head coach at a bigger location with some potential baggage.


I am sure there will be a ton of great options and GW will definitely be an attractive spot. That flexibility will be nice.



Poog6/8/2016 2:44:08 PM

Existing debt issues and already planned retrenchments while at the tail end of school's fund-raising campaign might make this a less desirable destination for some worthy candidates. Then again, arrival of Rizzotti and Lonergan's big recruiting class next year have got to be a huge lure for potential University Presidents. Well...maybe not. But pretty exciting for us.

Bo Knows6/8/2016 4:05:21 PM

Here's a guy with GW connections ...

Joel Seligman - current President at University of Rochester. Former GW law professor.

The Dude6/8/2016 4:32:26 PM

200 years, wow, pretty cool just realized that, thx for pointing it out!

Hopefully GW goes all out for the Bicentenial.  Maybe we can get Elton John to sign "GW Freedom" like the last major Bicentennial 39 years ago!

The Dude6/8/2016 4:33:05 PM

*40 years actually

Poog6/8/2016 5:10:34 PM

Joel Seligman was one of my favorite law professors. Don't know how you came up with his name but he would sure be an intriguing candidate.

NJ Colonial6/8/2016 5:28:56 PM

Poog:  I respectfully disagree.  It seems to me that candidates would love to come to GW just after the successful completion of a major campaign.  All that money has been raised and they won't have to head up a similar campaign for awhile.  Seems like the perfect time to come aboard.

Bo Knows6/8/2016 5:38:54 PM

Poog - let's just say someone (who might know) told me he would be on the early short list. Who knows if that is even true but it does make some sense to me given his previous connections and the type of school he is at now.

Poog6/8/2016 5:51:01 PM

So successful that the school is undergoing multi-year staff and department cuts across the board? Doesn't sound like the ideal situation to hit the ground running with bold innovative stamp of a new President's vision. Just think some potential candidates would view that landscape and say no thanks at this time. Others obviously might embrace that opportunity and challenge.

Mentzinger6/8/2016 6:11:20 PM

It's DC's second biggest commercial operation and has a diversified investment portfolio that includes a $2B endowment, not even mentioning the academic value of its wide swath of professional schools or the DC cachet. This is a high-end position which the university has done a very good job recruiting. How athletics fits into it will be interesting. Will it be viewed as an investment or a cost center?

Maine Colonial6/8/2016 7:24:08 PM

Too bad Daniel Weiss took the job as president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He would have been perfect given he has a degree in art history from GW as well as an MBA from Yale, taught at Johns Hopkins and has been president of both Lafayette and Haverford. He is wrestling with similar budget issues at The Met. 

thinker6/8/2016 9:05:45 PM


I'd say that GW is in a very tough situation financially -- except compared to the vast overwhelming majority of schools not named Harvard, Yale and a few others with ginormous endowments.

Higher ed across the board is confronting a series of profound challenges and I think that it's quite likely that hundreds (if not more) of colleges and universities will go bust in the next 5 to 10 years.

When all is said and done, GW is better positioned financially than the vast majority of colleges and universities -- Even though the model for higher ed is under greater threat to its viability than ever in history. That's why GW will be able to attract a wide array of the very top candidates for president.

The real question that the board has to answer is what direction do they want to go in. Do they want to continue the academic and research grant focus of Knapp or do they want to pivot elsewhere? 

GW Alum Abroad6/8/2016 10:31:48 PM

At the same time, this does put pressure on both men's and women's hoops teams for next season as without tourney runs, Knapp will become the first GW President since Elliot to leave without a Tourney win! 😉

Maine Colonial6/9/2016 5:34:14 AM

Read this interview with Daniel Weiss to understand why GW is making cuts now: LINK

Maine Colonial6/9/2016 5:44:20 AM

Here's Part 2 of the Daniel Weiss interview so you can see how a president of the Met or GW can institute budget cuts in the short-term and still plan to go ahead with future projects. LINK

notta hater6/9/2016 6:55:52 AM

Maine C - thanks for the links -

Reminds me of the time on the Flintstones when Fred and Barney lost out on some get-rich-quick scheme and while crying in their beers had an exchange along the lines of:

Barney: Cheer up Fred, rich people have problems too.

Fred: That's true Barney, but money aint one of them 12:06:55 PM

Mentz: I believe that top D-1 universities npw consider athletics an iintegral part of their overall marketing approach and branding.

NJ Colonial6/9/2016 12:10:47 PM

That ("poster") was me, above. Also, the stability of GW's real estate portfolio does set it apart financialy from many other instituions - both the extent of GW's holdings and investmants and the location in a stable market like DC. And a new revenue-generating building is coming on line soon (Sq. 75 on Pa. Avenue)

kdb sand diego6/9/2016 4:48:41 PM

Not pleased to see the interviewer mention Mr. Weiss' art related degrees from Yale and Johns Hopkins, but not GW.

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