Breaking News...Following Announcement Expected from the University
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" Last week, as many of you know, we released our head coach of men's basketball after a less than complete and transparent investigation.  We really had no idea that if we fired a coach, we needed to find another one quickly as the season is just days away. Go figure.

But GW is an open, welcoming and diverse community. 

Therefore, if anyone is interested in coaching the team, please submit your resume. At this point if you have coached a 4th grade recreation team, we seriously invite you to apply. Check with your neighbors and friends to see if they might have helped the neighborhood children shoot hoops in the driveway. We particularly encourage GWHoops posters with their apparent wealth of basketball acumen to apply.

At this point, we encourage all to apply as we really have no clue as to what we are doing here and have become a national embarrassment. Who knows we might even pick out of a hat!

Our search for a coach is on-going."


Keith Greene9/24/2016 9:38:45 AM

That's pretty offensive.  If it's intended to be funny/tongue-in-cheek, it failed. 9:54:26 AM

obviously satire Keith relax

Poster29/24/2016 10:03:38 AM

Its not offensive;it's just lame.

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 10:30:16 AM

To the extent that it mocked GW's pathetic handling of the situation and lack of communication to the fan base (or is it indifference), I like it.

Bozo the Clown9/24/2016 10:43:09 AM

As a clown I am offended that I am apparently being compared to the GW Administration. 11:17:27 AM

Pathetic handling of the situation equally describes the GW fan base since the Kilgore article first appeared in the Post.

Colonial NY9/24/2016 11:24:42 AM

I agree with LSF on this ... funny satire of how poorly the school has communicated with the (admittedly few) people that actually care about the program at all by attending games, donating and supporting the school. They clearly care more about their reputation with people who only pay attention to GW when the Washington Post writes something unflattering. 


I would happily throw my name into the coaching search! I like to run an aggressive, pressing style defense. I will recruit athletes who like to play uptempo. And I know ONE AAU coach. Does that suffice? Oh, I used to kill it on NBA Jam video game too.

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 12:51:27 PM

You know what I want from the university at this point?  I don't want a further explanation of what happened or why it happened or need to know the details of who is conducting the search and how it is going.  For that I am hoping some of the regular insiders can leak to us.  I simply want someone connected with the basketball team to assure us that they hear our concerns, that someone is, in fact in charge, and for them to say don't worry...everything is going to be alright with GW basketball, even if it is bullshit.  Instead, all we received is a curse statement 2 weeks before the start of practice akin to a police communique from someone with no connection to the basketball program  AND NOTHING ELSE in the last 8 days.  If this in and of itself doesn't tell you that there are serious problems with Nero, then I don't know what will.

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 12:52:43 PM

should have said serious problems with Nero and the program.

Keith Greene9/24/2016 1:15:45 PM

Long Suffering Fan, do you think they're gonna just NAME an interim?  Given the scrutiny the university is under, you can count on the fact they will do an extensive background check!  That takes time.  My bet is they have identified the candidate, are doing the background check, and will announce early next week.

ziik9/24/2016 1:19:24 PM

They are waiting for responses to the notice. 

"College level opening. Head ball coach wanted. No balls required." 

UhOh9/24/2016 1:35:32 PM

My only hope is that they are taking the players' views of the past, present, and future into serious consideration. None of us or the entire BBall program would exist without them. Please remember that they are barely young adults going through tremendous upheaval. Has the university brought in counseling in some relatable way?

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 1:38:43 PM

I am not expecting them to name an interim coach on the spot, even though we are in a time crunch here.   As others have pointed out, once the Washington Post story broke, they knew that the loss of a head coach was a real possibility and they should have at least narrowed their selection.   Rather, I just want the AD Department to say something...anything, to reassure us that someone is in charge and that they have the situation under control.   Right now I am sensing chaos, or worse yet...indifference, simply by their silence.   Just say something to the fan base, even if we are working hard and things will be alright... . Not so much to ask. 2:05:51 PM


thinker9/24/2016 2:44:45 PM


The only thing I can figure out is that Nero is in some way "suspended" and thus there really is no one available to make a coach decision. This would be the feared Delaware scenario.

bobo9/24/2016 2:54:47 PM

We'll see what results from the hiring process but I don't think any fan of the program can have confidence in anything coming out of the AD and administration at this point.  Worst I've ever seen it at GW.

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 2:57:25 PM

Suspend and athletic director with a coaching vacancy a few days before practice starts?    One thing seems pretty clear, is that right now Nero is not on the job...if he is, he is doing a pretty bad job of managing the cricis.    If they are anticipating firing Nero and are just waiting to complete the investigation, then treat him the same way as Lonergan, namely he keeps working until he is no longer employed with the team.   OR have the assistant athletic director (whomever that is) become acting AD and have him do the ADs job.   If I remember correctly (correctly if I am wrong), Rick Majerus became ill after the start of the basketball season, at which time St. Louis immediately named the assistant coach as acting coach.   Not rocket science...someone has to be in charge of the team.   Wonder whom Carm and Turner are calling boss these days? 3:25:57 PM

Adam Zagoria just tweeted that all 3 assistants have been interviewed for the job. 3:55:17 PM

Apparently trying to find someone who's not a DICK isn't that easy.

DCAbloob9/24/2016 4:44:54 PM

Per Zagoria's report, the assistants were interviewed by the provost. That's telling. 

DCAbloob9/24/2016 4:47:37 PM

FWIW, Zagoria also reported that the three assistants were the only people interviewed and that interviews are complete.

UhOh9/24/2016 4:54:00 PM

Of course assts have been interviewed, even if they applied for the job or not. that's protocol save your ass. When was the last time you heard (or didn't and why ) of any major sports program that was able to veil hiring processes in such secrecy? Yes. the secret service, FBI, etc are all in walking distance. Okay so the drive to the CIA is 20 minutes. WTF? PS...pretty sure Obama doesn't want the job...too much stress worse than being president. 4:56:51 PM

To add to LSF, even just a statement that says:

We are committed to the long term success of GW basketball.  We want to make sure we get the right person in place for the future, because we intend to continue building an A-10 powerhouse that consistently makes postseason play and graduates strong student-athletes.

Because the pool of coaching applicants is limited so close to the start of thew season, we plan to name an interim coach for this season so that we can find the right person for the long-term strenght of the program as soon as the season is over.

In the meantime, we are aggressively looking for the right coach to help us manage this season.  We have a very strong returning core of players and a talented freshman class.  Our goal is not to tank this season, but rather to find an interim coach who will reprsent our university with class, help the student-athlettes grow on and off the court, and win games this year.  We are considering a wide range of possibilities including current assistants, well known veteran head coaches and others.

We are being very aggressive about finding the right coach to lead the team this year, but because we want to make sure we carefully weight the options, we don't expect to announce anything for several days.  Rest assured, we will have the right person in place before practice starts, and we are committed to both the short and long term health of the program and our student athletes.


Just something like that to give some (non-specific) idea of where things stand, and some reassurance that they are on it and have a plan. 5:26:03 PM

Whoever the interim coach is, I don't want to see threads like these:

Maybe if Maurice Joseph becomes coach, we still have a chance at Longpre with the whole Montreal connection 6:03:29 PM

Yeah, i need a statement from gw like those recommended. Otherwise, i just have to assume they are not committed, dont care who the next coach is, are content to be an a-10 bottom feeder, and dont care if anyone graduates.

The MV9/24/2016 6:19:06 PM

Unlike some of you, I found this post to be extremely funny.  It is what the school deserves at this point in time.

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 6:29:02 PM

If it is accurate that the Provost rather than the Athletic Director is interviewing interim coaching candidates, what does that say about the fate of Nero?

Long Suffering Fan9/24/2016 6:30:16 PM

So which one is t?


proh-vohst, prov- uhst or, esp. in military usage, proh-voh]



a person appointed to superintend or preside.


an administrative officer in any of various colleges and universities who holds high rank and is concerned with the curriculum, faculty appointments, etc.


Ecclesiastical. the chief dignitary of a cathedral or collegiate church.


the steward or bailiff of a medieval manor or an officer of a medieval administrative district.


the mayor of a municipality in Scotland.

GW699/24/2016 6:33:25 PM

Its way to close to the truth to be funny.Found it depressing. 6:42:31 PM

This doesn't bode well. No doubt Carm will be named interim head coach. Jesus. 

bea9/24/2016 7:55:36 PM

Wait... what? Shouldn't the AD be doing those interviews?

One vote here for Hajj. 8:04:47 PM

There is no Bea.

bea9/24/2016 8:19:11 PM

there is no head coach. that's the problem. focus. 

UhOh9/24/2016 10:13:23 PM

I truly hope we keep all of the staff, unless proven justified. It must have been horrendous for them.their future is now on the line. 11:04:02 PM

There is no coach and no bea. 11:40:02 PM

Dude, where's my poster name?

Bigfan9/25/2016 3:12:18 AM

Theoretically,  traditionally, and backed up by some informed speculation, Haj.

But little confidence that the expected would happen in the end or the Administration knows what it is doing or cares about the damage it has done. 7:34:04 AM

If this doesn't speak volumes about the disorganization and (as some have hinted at) the damage a particular member has done within the athletic gives credibility to ML supporters who claim this whole situation has been fabricated and is in response to some sort of whistleblowing that occurred a year or so ago. I mean, PN is not even the one performing the interviews, plus the department itself is now being investigated. Some on here are quick to bash ML and assume that the heresay and rumors are correct. In fact, I have not seen a single piece of evidence that the accusations against ML are even true. I'm not saying PN is a sex offender or anything of the sort, but it does make me lean towards ML's side in that these things have yet to be proven to us and it is starting to look like there are deeper issues going on here. 8:18:17 AM

If PN is on the 'hotseat" for anything, I would imagine/hope it's the question of ---why was ML cleared of any wrongdoing a year ago? Who exactly did Rory Muhammed question a year ago about ML's behavior (nobody I know was asked anything).  ML's behavior was bad enough that they had to hire a "babysitter" for him---where was the concern for the players? When the player went into Rory Muhammed in the spring of 2016  why was nothing done then???  Those are the questions that should be answered. It took going to the wapo and bringing in outside investigation to uncover behavior so henous ML was fired right before the season.

Skittles9/25/2016 8:36:25 AM

Ed Scott was not a babysitter, he stepped in for PN to oversee the Men's Basketball program because of PN, not to watch ML.

Poster39/25/2016 8:41:32 AM

Why is there a group of posters that continue the nonsense that if PN

is "bad"that makes ML "good".;and some who believe the opposite.

At this point it seems to me the most likely scenario is that they both

screwed up.

Skittles9/25/2016 8:48:31 AM

Honestly I've proven my sources to be solid time and time again. But please, continue to paint me as a liar who doesn't know what they are talking about. I'm not providing you with propoganda I'm giving the facts on the situation that has been corroborated by multiple people in the know. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you guys this is my final post until I'm allowed to say more or the university is forced to tell the truth and everything comes out. It's been real guys. 9:01:43 AM

Skittles you said ML would absolutely not be fired and you said he'd been getting a raise this summer!!  Please.

Skittles9/25/2016 9:15:10 AM

OK last thing: I leaked what I could about the situation and gave my position on it, I was sure that ML would not be fired because there was NOTHING that gave the university grounds to fire him and still to this day NO evidence has been provided. You literally have not provided a single piece of evidence while I have on multiple ocassions. That does not take my credibility away I even named the names I could in my posts that you can look up and realize I was correct (especially about the turnover rate within the athletic department) and I already explained the contract thing to you a while back please learn how to read.Idk who you get on this board for but good luck to them this will not end well for them nor will the school ever be able to live down the things ive heard. I refuse to respond to you again. Skittles OUT. 9:32:22 AM

Skittles;You were wrong.Grow up and admit you were wrong and lets

move on.

Poster29/25/2016 9:50:37 AM

Skittles you were WRONG!!!!

Rich Maier9/25/2016 9:51:45 AM

Skittles, only Bo was more wrong than you. The fact you were advocating for a raise for Lonergan when he fact he got fired shows how little you know about this situation. You are embarrassing yourself.

Poster39/25/2016 9:55:11 AM

You said he would stay and get a raise.That was not correct.

Poster49/25/2016 10:29:55 AM

Incorrect,False!Not true,wrong.

Poster59/25/2016 10:32:27 AM

So is Skittles really Mike or Maggie

UhOh9/25/2016 10:42:02 AM

The fundamental question is who among 2M's friends and family has a dog named Skittles or Bo. 

Long Suffering Fan9/25/2016 12:08:55 PM

Thank you for posting, Skittles.  Please continue to provide insider information as much as possible. 12:51:33 PM

Everything Skittles has said for months has been wrong or lies.

Poster69/25/2016 12:54:19 PM

Skittles;No more posts,please. 12:57:46 PM

ML tweeted about skittles in June. coincidence?

Poster49/25/2016 1:50:01 PM

Because he was sure he was right he can't be accused of being 

wrong.See?Get it.

The MV9/25/2016 4:58:53 PM

What will you people possibly say if either Nero loses his job or if it comes out that he actually did act inappropriately?  Will you come on here and acknowledge that Skittles was correct after all?  Or, will you still deny this acknowledgement because after all, Lonergan did lose his job?  Or, will the geniuses behind Poster, Poster1, Poster2, etc., all just flee from this site as it will be clear that their work here will be done?

UhOh9/25/2016 5:28:01 PM

MV, as I believe has been made abundantly clear here, the Truths with a capital "T" about Mike Lonergan and Patrick Nero are mutually exsclusive. Their lives may have been entertwined, but never (how could that ever be?) to the point of ipso facto if then kind of logic. Here are the logical entirely plausible combinations: TT TF FT FF respective to the truth of ML and PN. At this point, this board has no clearcut evidence to support drawing any of the 4 conclusions and all the debating in the word can't change that without verifiable evidence. 5:49:50 PM

MV the rumor about PN and player(s) was MADE UP.  Don't you think that he would be gone by now if it were true? They person who was FIRED was Lonergan.  The "further investigation" into the athletic dept is most likely why was Lonergan allowed to get away with his behavior for so long? And what did  AD/ associates/assistant coaches/others know and why didn't they do anything about it??

UhOh9/25/2016 6:14:28 PM

Here are the only possible realities for ML. Either ML knew conclusively and with verified evidence that PN was guilty of the accusations posing a threat to his players and intentionally did nothing to ensure it's cessation, OR the school was fully informed by ML and did not investigate in a timely manner (when and how often ML ensured that this was happening is a mitigating factor)  OR ML is fabricating with the intent to destroy PN's character. I don't see any other real possibilty. If anyone else does, please say so. Truly. 6:19:39 PM

if ML "knew" this was going on as far back as over a year ago, why would PN have been invited to ML's birthday party in January (a party in which all of the players were there)?????  And wouldn't most coaches MAKE SURE the school was doing something about it?? 6:41:53 PM

Or maybe ML believed he saw inappropriate actions, complained up the line, and his complaints were properly investigated and rejected as unfounded.  Different opinions and interpretations don't have to mean lies are being told. 6:52:31 PM

Undoubtedly regardless of the Truth of PN. The problem here is that there are multiple reports dating way back that ML made statements to players about PN. It is a coach's moral obligation to follow thru at all costs with what he knows, especially if he perceives an immenent  threat to his players. If ML didn't know, why is he now claiming that he did? And if he didn't know, why didn't the players feel they could confide in him? And if he is lying and defaming, no explanation needed. He can't win. Scylla and Caribdys.

UhOh9/25/2016 7:04:59 PM

Undoubtedly regardless of the Truth of PN. The problem here is that there are multiple reports dating way back that ML made statements to players about PN. It is a coach's moral obligation to follow thru at all costs with what he knows, especially if he perceives an immenent  threat to his players. If ML didn't know, why is he now claiming that he did? And if he didn't know, why didn't the players feel they could confide in him? And if he is lying and defaming, no explanation needed. He can't win. Scylla and Caribdys.

UhOh9/25/2016 7:06:04 PM

Well I guess I inadvertantly emphasized my point. Mea Culpa.

Bballfan9/25/2016 8:02:33 PM

Nero was removed from having anything to do with men's basketball for the last season - their best one too.  He should have been fired 8:32:06 PM

The Board needs to step in and clean house: Knapp, Maltzman, and Nero all need to go yesterday. #GWDeplorables

bobo9/25/2016 9:10:09 PM

After the College of Charleston fired it's coach Doug Wojcik in Aug of 2014 they had a hard time finding a replacement.

Before eventually hiring Clemson Ast Coach Earl Grant on Sept 2, CoC had 2 other coaches turn them down, interviewed other candidats including former Charleston coach, Bobbie Cremmins and former GW coach Karl Hobbs. 

In thier defense, Charleston has a much more transparent resolution to their investigation of their 2 year head coach, Wojcik, than anything GW has provided so far:

On the day of the notification of Wocik's termination the school's president, Glenn McConnell  announced the decision in a letter to the "campus community" saying, "I am writing today to let you know I have made the decision to terminate head men's basketball coach Doug Wojcik's employment at the College of Charleston for just cause, pursuant to the terms of his contract, effective immediately.

"I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while the college works to find the best path forward for the men's basketball program. Effective immediately, athletic director Joe Hull is responsible for the men's basketball program."

So thier aathletic director, Joe Hull, took full responsibility for the program immediately.  They also published the findings of the investigatons with 15 former and current players and staff members testifying against the coach, many doing so on record with their names attached.

There's been nothing but secrecy and self serving leaks from the GW administration on the Lonergan firing.  There seems to be NOBODY in charge of the program right now.  It's hard to imagine a more amateurish and incompetent handling of the recent problems and it's hard for any reasonable person to have any confidence in the immediate future of the program.


hoopfan789/25/2016 9:11:54 PM

bballfan, this is the biggest lie that has been spread throughout this whole situation.  

If PN was not in charge of the team why on earth would he have conducted the exit interviews with the players?

if PN wasn't in charge of the team why who was?  

truth is that ML was assigned a "baby sitter"; this did not mean that PN wasn't over seeing the team, it means that ML explained his baby sitter away by saying this to family and friends!  

as others have said, only one person has been removed from his job 9:54:08 PM

Hoopfan78 did you mean to drop the word "yet" at the end of your last sentence?

hoopfan789/26/2016 8:59:04 AM

Poster - the sentence was written as is intentionally.  Other than speculation from certain individuals on this board we have had no idication that PN is or was ever a target of the investigation. 

People are also reading into the "broader review" part of the statement trying to guess what that means.  The truth is that none of us (unless the provost/knapp are posting) know what the broader review is covering. 

I would hope that part of what is being covered is the 2014/15 title IX review and also the title IX officers interations with the player who initiated the post article. 

But again, other than speculation we do not have indication that others will be terminated.

Bo Knows9/26/2016 9:27:04 AM

I don't know whether Poster's "yet" will apply but you would reasonably think if the review was limited just to the tenure of ML and PN was in the clear, then PN would be loud and clear on the replacement process (if not decision) by now - nearly 10 days later. We have not heard a public word which makes me think the process is being run by Maltzman and others in GW administration (perhaps GC's office) outside of athletics. I am not confident that the blood letting is over by any means - only time will tell on that.

UhOh9/26/2016 9:58:43 AM

I am expecting an announcement today or no later than tomorrow. If GW has been working way OT these past few days (not likely given recent history) they will be prepared today. More likely, they will work furiously and hopefully thoughtfully and effectively all day today until at least end of banking hours and make the announcement tomorrow. WARNING: This is just my totally uninformed opinion.

ATL Colonial9/26/2016 10:01:42 AM

Totally agree with Bo.  That Maltzman is allegedly conducting these coach interviews is a terrible sign.  I had him for Poli Sci back in the day, and I have little confidence in his ability to run this search, let alone run the university in light of President Knapp's "retirement."  Very odd for Maltzman to go from Interim to permanent Provost while the university president position is in flux.  That's the equivalent of a new General Manager getting hired while stuck with the old head coach.  (Not that Maltzman would get this analogy; he's not a sports fan at all.)

The MV9/26/2016 10:37:56 AM

Seems to me that the Lonergan Truthers are not the only ones with a so-called agenda.  I posed a very valid hypothetical will you PN defenders react if it turns out that PN loses his job or acted inappropriately.  And not one of you answered the question unless you count "well, Nero did not act inappropriately or will not lose his job" as a valid answer to that question.  Not UhOh or Hoopfan78 or Poster which as we know could be anywhere from 1-14 different people.  If Nero were unequivocally innocent in all of this, wouldn't you just comfortably answer the question?

The reality is that you did not answer the question because you don't really know if Nero is fully innocent.  We know that Nero has said nothing publically since ML's firing nor was he the spokesman to announce the firing (as any AD who is completely in the clear would have).  We know that the Provost rather than Nero is interviewing interim coaching candidates.  We know that the athletic department is being investigated and whether this is about why the department allowed ML's verbally abusive behavior go on for so long, whether Nero acted inappropriately, both or neither is anyone's speculative guess (though based on Skittles post and Feinstein/Sports Junkies references, my opinion about this is at least based on something being publicly alluded to).  By the way, no news on Feinstein's appearance with the Junkies this past Friday other than the Junkies asking Feinstein to stay on hold after his segment to discuss Lonergan privately.

Finally, special thanks to Bobo for providing great information on the College of Charlston situation.  While no two schools need to react in the exact same way, Bobo's information should serve as a manual for how a school should act when a head coach gets fired with cause when the Athletic Director has zero concerns about any personal wrongdoing.  In case you didn't read this, their AD took charge of this situation while ours is being muzzled for some reason, under presumably similar circumstances.

UhOh9/26/2016 10:56:45 AM

Again, complete speculation...Japan is has a very interesting underground culture...if you doubt it, watch CNN's  Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode on Japan. He was completely floored by what is commonplace nightlife. And Tony has seen it all and I mean all as he readily admits. Given that GW let ML head the Japan trip and then subsequently, seemingly counterintuitively summarily fired it at all possible that the alleged situation escalated in Japan? No evidence, just a thought.

UhOh9/26/2016 11:08:16 AM

Just saw your post, MV. Didn't see the original. I have never said whether I am a supporter of PN or not. I have nothing but speculation and allegations to choose one way or the other. Therefore I choose not to choose one way or the other. I simply don't know. However, if verifiable evidence leads to either his staying or leaving I will accept either outcome. Is that sufficiently clear for your "poll"?

Hoopfan789/26/2016 11:11:16 AM

MV, if i didn't answer a direct question it because i didn't see it.  Flat out if PN has a change in employment status i will eat crow and admit i was wrong.  No two ways about it.

My point all along has been that the only time alegations against PN were made were quetes from current/former players in the article saying that the comments from ML about him were wrong/out of line.  Also, though everyone hate "sources" without names; we have not seen legitimate reports that ML's concerns with PN were in fact happening. 

Hard to believe that an AD had an "inapropriate relationship" with a player on the basketball team and no one had previously discussed this.  If it were reality it is very hard to believe that the university was ok with it; harder to believe that ML was the only athletic department employee who was bothered.

The biggest shame on this is that the player who ML claims was involved also had his name dragged through the mud on here. 

Hoping that this all ends soon... though i'm not optimistic that the University will provide enough information to satisfy the masses.


Bigfan9/26/2016 4:13:08 PM

I'm okay with the John Feinstein and Chick Hernandez hints, along with what has been posted on this board as well, in addition to other indications, that ML at least felt and complained that PN was acting inappropriately.

Which could not necessarily mean as bad as what the speculation is, despite speculation on that circulating, but could involve things that skirt or cross the line of NCAA approval. Or it could be another tempest in a teapot.

Honestly, playing time issues aside, we were all fine with both Lonergan and Nero. And would certainly love a time machine to set this whole fiasco back to a date when things were at least superficially rational.

But something happened to damage the relationship and foster a war between the coach and the AD.

The fact that not even the war has been reported is a bizarre and  biased way to cover the "story," especially given the Feinstein and Hermandez hints and statement on the sports radio show from those close to ML.

Tuna Can9/26/2016 4:53:42 PM

There are agendas and so-called agendas. 

      Stuff you should read

  • Make an argument
  • Don't call someone an evil pant-load
  • Don't threaten to sue someone for your free, voluntary participation on a semi-anonymous site


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