Wichita State coach attacks Canadian refs
Nero Stole My Boyfriend
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Nero Stole My Boyfriend8/10/2016 9:24:40 AM

.....and everyone else. His team took a 35-point spanking in the previous exhibition game. He makes Lonergan look serene. I thought these were meaningless exhibition games.


GW Alum Abroad8/10/2016 9:57:28 AM

Shameful. I once saw a coach pull his team off the court in the final game of a tour because he felt the refs were letting the other team be too physical (for which he was roundly crticized), but that was nothing compared to this. Maybe Canada should build a border wall and make Wichita State pay for it.

NewGWFan8/10/2016 9:58:51 AM

That guy is a nut

thinker8/10/2016 10:16:47 AM

That first poster name is truly offensive. You really should stop using that name.

FredD8/10/2016 11:09:38 AM

+1 Thinker. Just last week some posters were getting excoriated for their tone deafness and lack nuance regarding public discussions of LGBT matters and now a new person or name like this shows up?

In the absence of coroboration of the Post there was plenty of ugliness thrown around. As it is PN has been trashed. It's not my school right or wrong to treat people with respect EVEN if you have inside information. Given the subject matter (Sexual Inuendo and Abuse) When the GW investigation is complete for plenty of people there will be negative images and consequences for plenty of people. It'll be a question of how big the scarlet letters will be. Google it and the Post story will be first and the outcome, exoneration, proven guilt, admitted guilt or anything murkier will be way down the page.

NJ Colonial8/10/2016 12:00:13 PM

thinker+1. -  Really awful name, please stop using and posting it.

Skittles8/10/2016 12:07:57 PM


Transgender League Baller8/10/2016 12:08:47 PM

I wonder if this will affect Gregg Marshall's recruiting of players. 

squid8/10/2016 12:44:01 PM

Maybe he's still mad for the beating GW gave them a few seasons ago. 12:55:59 PM

Wichita State fans fill the arena. Fans support the program, players and coaches. Their fan board is 100% behind their coach - who they feel had a right to be upset and was trying to protect his players.

GW can't get fans to fill Smith Center except for a game or 2 each year. 10 to 15 persons who have absolutely no knowledge of basketball continually trash the program on this site, yet expect 5 and 4 star recruits to flock to us. 

Thomas8/10/2016 12:58:17 PM

I don't mean to defend the poster name, but I believe it's a play on another poster name that has been used on this board which is 'Katuka Stole My Girl.' For those of you who don't know or have chosen to erase those years from your memory, Katuka played for GW during the gloomy years late in Karl Hobbs tenure.

About Gregg Marshall, I'm surprised that he didn't bolt for a BCS job this season because the last 2 great players from the juggernaut he has built at Wichita State over the last 3 or 4 years graduated last season. I'm not sure that he has recruited well enough to sustain the same level of excellence this year and beyond. That's the problem a coach faces at a school like Wichita State. G.Marshall was able to identify and sign under-the-radar recruits who turned out to be great players/NBA prospects, but sustaining it is even harder because Wichita State doesn't have any of the advantages that BCS schools have.

Long Suffering Fan8/10/2016 12:58:51 PM

My initial inclination was the poster's name was offensive.  On reflection, I think it is hilarious.

Transgender League Baller8/10/2016 1:07:25 PM

According the Wichita Eagle newspaper the AD of the Wichita State program had dinner with the team's power forward after this outburst.  

The Dude8/10/2016 4:05:35 PM

At the AD's house/apartment? under candlelight?

A side note, my med school buddy and frat brother who went to an A-10 school is going to report GW to the NCAA for potential violations (student athlete receiving extra benefits from school administrator and God know what other "bennie's)

Mentzinger8/10/2016 4:11:59 PM

Marshall is an excellent coach who has won every place he's been, including a Sweet 16 with Winthrop more recently than we've won even a single NCAA game.

Goes to show these guys have a lot of stress to deal with but apparently don't get a lot of training in how dealing with the press is different than dealing with teenaged players is different than dealing with refs is different than dealing with recruits, etc. Should be a requirement as the HCs of these major sports teams are often the face of a university.


Katuka Stole my Girl8/10/2016 4:26:21 PM


.8/10/2016 4:56:40 PM

+1 Thinker, NJ colonial and Skittles

.8/10/2016 5:49:30 PM

+1 LSF, Nero Stole My Boyfriend, and Transgender League Baller

Bea8/10/2016 6:54:16 PM

My take: Gregg Marshall isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Last season the word was he would only even consider a move for an enormous pay jump, or if he could go home.

Have there been any rumblings since? I haven't heard any.

He's treated like a king at WSU, his family is happy (they are all over Twitter; look for yourself), and it's still about the paycheck for him at this point. He is the biggest fish in a very small pond. He is still successful, and   South Carolina finally doesn't suck. I bet Martin sticks around a few more years. That said? If the Gamecocks start going back to 15-19-type Seasons, I wouldn't be stunned to see Marshall's name at the top of the SC AD's list. 

What Gregg Marshall just pulled in Canada won't even register tremor on his reputation out there. No matter what we, or McGill, think about it here.

Also, I agree with Thinker again. What the hell? The Nero name thing is tacky. Even if it is a "joke," or a "play" on words. I didn't realize that we were good with offensive statements now, as long as they are "jokes" only. 7:20:12 PM

A whole lot of sensitive PC posters on this board. Perhaps you should transfer to a transgender league board instead of this one. 

Bigfan8/10/2016 7:39:30 PM

Maybe misinterpretations of jokes,approporiate or inappropriate,is what got this whole Washington Post- thrown ball rolling.

Bigfan8/10/2016 7:40:30 PM

Also,thought this was about Gregg Marshall,not GW. 7:45:47 PM

+1 Bigfan

Thomas8/10/2016 8:13:01 PM

Poster(whose comment was posted a few entries before this one at 7:20pm),   is that you, ML?? I thought you didn't like this board and never read it!! HA!

Katuka Stole my Girl,  I always meant to ask this, how did that name come about? I know there had to be some funny(or maybe not so funny) incident involving Katuka on or around campus in which that phrase was hatched.

About Gregg Marshall, you guys are right he's accomplished a LOT and this incident is just a blip, but it will be interesting to see if he can maintain this run of dominance now that Van Fleet and Ron Baker(the last of his great players) graduated. From what I saw of them last season, it didn't appear that they had a lot of talent/firepower after Van Fleet, Baker and a transfer they got from Kansas, and they could be in for a long year this season. But G.Marshall is a great coach and I'm not familiar with their recruiting class and any transfers that they may have eligible this year.  

Bo Knows8/10/2016 8:22:25 PM

Thomas, our long lost buddy MOCO Observer knows  about CJ Keyser considered WSU best recruit.

bobo8/11/2016 12:14:50 AM

Thank you for coming up with my 2016 fantasy football league name:

Transgender League Ballers

thinker8/11/2016 1:36:36 AM


Humor or "just kidding" has been one of the longest running rationalizations for offensive statements. If someone is offended I guess they just don't have a sense of humor goes the argument. So sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc statements just have to be funny by someone's estimation for it to be OK. 

This particular name is even worse because it refers to a specific person AND has the color of homophobia AND connects to a very serious and only rumored inappropriate relationship. It's simply beyond the pale and it's directed at one of our own who will likely become aware of it as will his colleagues and employers. I imagine that it will show up when people Google his name.

I hope that Herve will consider deleting posts with that name.


Bigfan8/11/2016 3:27:20 AM

Thinker's posts and some other posters are very reactive on some of these issues. We should bear that in mind and respect that because he and others are informing us of how things can come across. We have a very small community here and though we generally don' t,should try not to be offensive to other posters. We all bleed Buff and Blue.

However,there is way too much PC in college,helping drive the train of current events regarding us. And sometimes references like the ones claimed by the Post ( and denied by ML) are the third rail in today' s atmosphere,whatever the intent was.

But context means a lot,as we found with the transgender remark,which we learned  only here,referenced sneakers. In another case,bet we have even had sarcastic posts on this board about someone jerking off to something.

On the other hand,sometimes poster names are funny like arguably to some here,this one if seen as a play on another poster name and not taken literally. Sometimes,a joke is just a joke. Whether appropriate,non- PC,etc.

Will provide an example: Once told the very dour Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with a heavy dose of irony, as thought it was clear I was a member of the faith, and grinning when I said it: " In fact,some of my best friends are Jewish..."

He fixed me with a reproachful gaze and declared in his deep,accented voice: "You know, we don' t like to hear that."

Assured him it was OK, was a member of the tribe,like many here, and things proceeded apace.

Context matters. 

Something,a reporter for The Washington Post should have learned a long time ago.

. 5:47:58 AM

Something needs to be clarified bigfan. The player who was involved with the transgender comment was NOT wearing pink sneakers at the time and it was not during practice. It was after a game. Nobody has ever shown up to a GW practice in pink sneakers.   Man, I can't wait for this investigation to be over.                                                               





notta hater8/11/2016 6:11:47 AM

of course the bigger issue to me is they were losing to McGill - not exactly Kentucky of the north.

Playa8/11/2016 8:35:37 AM

Poster at 5:47 AM,

It was about sneakers. More than one player has corroborated this.

Playa8/11/2016 9:14:14 AM

Also the Poster at 5:47AM is Adam Kilgore from the WP 9:52:52 AM

No I'm Nero:) 10:12:57 AM

Playa, I don't believe that any player (who was there) has corroborated it because it's not true. If they told you that they are lying, and that group of players doesn't strike me as liars.

Jake from State Farm8/11/2016 10:44:25 AM

Poster, there are plenty of liars, agendas, and other duplicitous behavior in this whole fiasco. The only thing the investigation will finalize is the replacement of the AD. 

Playa8/11/2016 10:58:20 AM

Poster (aka Adam Kilgore). That group of players didn't strike you as liars when you wrote your article, which is why you believed everything the disgruntled player told you. There is a lot more to the story than what you heard (or ignored). You slopped together a bunch of anonymous allegations. Other publications passed on this this "story" before you decided to print it. 

Skittles8/11/2016 11:11:25 AM

+1 Jake 

The Dude8/11/2016 11:16:14 AM

the 8/10 post under "The Dude" was not posted by me

carry on ... 11:37:26 AM

Playa. lol. What other publications passed on the story?   

Bea8/11/2016 12:16:00 PM

So Gregg Marshall said that our neighbors to the north were ... cheap shotting ... the Shockers to the ... groin ... area ... for the entire game. 

Brings the term "ball busting" to an entirely-new, literal level. 

Given my unusual distinction here of being completely unfamiliar with that particular offense, I leave it to you all to determine whether he was appropriately irate. Note too that Gregg Marshall known (and beloved) for being a feisty pants as it is. 

To Thomas' point re recruiting, if you think I don't know jack about recruriting here, I know less about Wichita. But if I had to make educated guesses with what I do know: I know FVF was rare and exceptional. Generally, my take of WSU is that it's probably a pretty weak school academically, so if you can play, but you're not getting looks from the big dogs out there, you can get on Marshall's roster knowing that you're probably going to see some post-season play, even if they don't have another crazy-good regular season run. It's not like their conference sets the world on fire. My point is: unlike here, I bet Gregg Marshall doesn't have a lot of recruiting trouble. The Top Shelf (or really smart) players aren't looking at his program, and it's hard to argue that his isn't the best in his conference. Their strength of schedule isn't great, but Marshall has a pretty well-published record of statements made to stronger teams, publicly seeking opportunities to improve it - basically, "don't knock our schedule if you won't play my team." He's got moxie. When they do play better teams, win or lose, it prepares them for the post-season, and they can do things like make a run in the tournament. Marshall is no dumbass. I would bet he gets the couple of studs he needs to keep his program successful (annnnn the Koch money doesn't hurt!!) until he gets the opportunity he wants, to move on.

Also, I mostly just talked out of my ass right then, trying desperately to bring this back on topic.

.8/11/2016 12:20:16 PM

Bigfan, You can always blame context or claim it was a joke as an excuse for everything from bad judgment to outright vicousness. Trump does it all the time.


ziik8/11/2016 12:52:55 PM

Ball busting (let's say, getting hit in the nuts, hard) Is not the worse pain I have experienced or seen

It is frightening, and shocking, and it hurts like hell. But mainly, you worry that the "Family Jewels" have been damaged to the point of injury, impotence or worse.

Getting the wind knocked out of you (a kick to the stomacg area, that does what  it sounds like), is more scary and frightening than a hit to the nuts, because, beriefly, you feel your life is in immediate danger. 

Childbirth is the worse pain I can imagine. I only saw one. The woman, mrs. ziik, is a Stoic. She has taken the pain of iving with me, and the drama of my sick, demented family, with aplomb. She is struggling with a miserbale cancer. But, she was in labor for maybe 22 hours. I never had seen her cry or heard her swear, until then. 

For me, a 60's year old man, who has been through 12 major (general anaesthesia) surgeries, several of which were life threatening, you get a good medical team, it all is bearable. 

I thought having a metal tube inserted through my veins/arteries, and into my heart, would be tough. I was awake (you have to be), did it twice, no pain. I love codeine, cocaine if necessary or morphine. NO PAIN.

Triple bypass? I was terrified about having my sternum cracked open, the heart lifter, manipulated, and cleaned out. The pain was managebale.

Cranial surgery? It was a necessity. I felt no pain. 

Herniated discs? I struggled with that, for maybe 2 years. Terrible pain, but, you lie on your back, lift your legs over your head, balance then on a wall, and, you get total pain relief.

Rotator cuff injury? Two? Next to worse pain for me, until I learned, counter-intuitively, ice massages, on the inflammed area, was better than all the oxycodone in the state of maryland. (I think I went through it all like M&Ms.)


ziik8/11/2016 12:59:06 PM

Oh. The worst pain in 66 years, including broken arms, ankles, etc.

An exploding, infected gall bladder, with sepsis, pulmonary embolism and pneumonia, on New Year's Eve.

I was told I was not likely to live to see the ball drop, the BIG Apple fall, or the backyeard fireworks. The pain got so bad, I blacked out. Totally unconscious, so I did not know why I was hurting, until I awoke

I think that paled to childbirth, from what I saw and felt myself.

So, Bea, if you have any kids, and also had balls, you'd have no reason whatever to fear ball busting.


bobo8/11/2016 1:08:11 PM

How come no one on this board objected to the original poster name 'Katuka still my girl'? It was a completely unproven allegation against a GW player and not a single person on this board had any objections.

Bea8/11/2016 1:16:52 PM

huh. The more you know. Ballsy. Thanks, Ziik.

So, here's a question: Marshall said in a public interview, essentially - go big or go home. He knew he was getting ejected, so he figured, what the hell? And while lots of people at home are clutching their pearls, most Shockers fans are behind him. So why can some coaches get away with it while others cannot?

I have to admit, I admire his logic. It isn't universally applicable (don't commit a felony just because you're on the hook for a misdemeanor; don't smash your phone just because you dropped it), but in this case, he was already on his way out ... he was already hot. He thought he was right; he intended to be heard.  In that particular situation, I can get behind it.

Thomas8/11/2016 3:32:03 PM

Bo Knows,  C.J.KEYSER!!! There is a name from the past. GW had some interest in him several years ago, I thought he'd be a college upperclassman at this point, or the thread about his recruitment wasn't as long ago as I thought. I looked up Wichita State's 2016 recruiting class and saw that he did a post-grad year at Brewster Academy last season.

Bea,  Van Fleet is from Illinois, a talent-laden state for basketball, he was overlooked by Illinois, DePaul and all the BCS schools who heavily recruit the state. That #1 seeded Wichita State team(who was something like 29-0 or 29-1) who lost to Kentucky in the 2nd round a few years ago, seemed to be made up of a bunch of unheralded guys who played like 5-star recruits for Gregg Marshall. I saw that Wichita State also signed 2 JUCO players in their 2016 class which may indicate that G.Marshall is looking for some immediate help to offset the losses of Van Fleet and Baker. 

A number of us here like to follow recruiting and rankings. Here is a page in which you can click on any D-1 team and see recruiting classes and the rankings for each player. You can toggle between years, they show recruiting classes going back to 2007. The 2nd link is GW's 2016 class.


http://www.espn.com/colleges/basketball/recruiting/school/_/id/45 /class/2016

The Dude8/11/2016 3:50:57 PM

Thomas, long wondered this, Illinois, with all of that talent, why are they not a better program more frequently?  

Bigfan8/11/2016 6:08:16 PM

The ADHD character of our posts deviating from the topic at hand, frankly including mine, are part of the special charm of GWhoops.com

Kind of like a monologue from the old "Emily Litella" of Saturday Night Live. As Gilda Radner's character would say, "Oh, never mind!"

Thomas8/11/2016 10:21:03 PM

The Dude,  Illinois and DePaul to a lesser extent are signing very good players from Chicago and the rest of Illinois, but they just miss out on the top 15 McDonald's All-American types like Jabari Parker, Jahlil Okafor, Jaylen Brunson, Derrick Rose and Anthony Davis. If you look at the roster of these weak DePaul teams that GW has played for the last couple of years, a lot of their players were big-time prep players(Billy Garrett, Hamilton and the 6-9 guy who got into an altercation with Cavanaugh last season), but when they put on the DePaul jersey they are dysfunctional unit. The same applies to Illinois.

Also the Illinois and DePaul coaches seem to be poor evaluators when it comes to lower-rated, unheralded players. In addition to Gregg Marshall signing Van Fleet,  Archie Miller has 2 very good players from Chicago on his roster(Davis and Pollard) who DePaul and Illinois got to see all the time and didn't offer them. Illinois actually signed 2 of Pollard's teammates at Simeon HS, but had no interest in him. St.Louis also signed a guard(Reynolds) who played on the same high school team as Jahlil Okafor, he played very well last year, but I believe he transferred.

There is also the fact that Lou Henson got busted for paying the top players from Illinois in the 1980's. Illinois was able to sign just about every top player from the state for a period of years in the 1980's which produced a Final 4 apearance in 1989. I believe the NCAA punished Illinois for it's cheating around 1990, and it's been tough for them to get the elite players since then.

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