Yuta hurt
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Pkgw11/26/2016 4:06:10 PM

In sweats. And limping

bro'd11/26/2016 4:13:58 PM

does the sound not work on a10's site?


any other options? 4:38:02 PM

Any other good news?


Pkgw11/26/2016 4:41:28 PM

He is not on crutches.  That is about as good as it looks.  Also bench will get more playing time today to get more experience 

Me11/26/2016 4:43:20 PM

I've heard ankle sprain, 4 weeks.

Last year, the team said Cimino was day-to-day after the first game when he wasn't yet on crutches, and it turned out he was out for the season, so who knows.

Fly on the Wall11/26/2016 4:56:24 PM

During game broadcast Kerr said he was knee'd in the calf and it felt stiff.  He left floor at half on crutches.

The Dude11/26/2016 5:17:12 PM

"leg stiffness"  

Poor Jair11/26/2016 5:59:12 PM

Get ready for more Roland 6:04:40 PM

Roland way better than Hart today.   But without Yuta, we just don't have enough defense or firepower to beat a similar team.

RKelley11/26/2016 6:13:02 PM

Roland and Steeves went 5/17 and 0-8. Taking more shots does not make you better. They were terrible.

RKelley11/26/2016 6:15:36 PM

Hart is better than Roland by a mile and Yuta by two. If we play Roland as much as we did tonight in Yuta's absence, we're going to be terrible.

Any asshole can fire the ball up, making your shots is a different story. 6:29:38 PM

Did you just say Hart is better than Yuta by 2 miles? I mean Matt is a good shooter but c'mon now

RKelley11/26/2016 6:32:03 PM


I meant, Hart is better than Roland and Yuta is significantly better than Roland and Hart. Sorry. 6:33:32 PM

RKelley, that may be true in general, but not today.  Hart's defense was terrible, he wasn't hitting his shots, he turned it over 3 times, he wasn't distribting and he didn't penetrate.  . 

Roland can't hit the broad side of a barn from outside, but at least today he had 3 Assists to 1 TO, and was more aggressive.   Usually Hart shoots better, but so far Hart has shot well once I think in 6 games.   Hart HAS to make shots to have any value, and today he didn't.

And you can say it's just that Roland shot more, but that's not really what happened.  Roland used 17 possessions today, Hart used 14.  Not very big difference in usage. 

In his 14 possessions, Hart produced 8 points and 2 assists (not sure if the assists for 2s or 3s, but let's say one of each for argument's sake, so he proded 13 points in 14 possessions.  If we also say 1 3 on Roland's assists (that pass to Cavanaugh), then Roland produced 18 points on 17 possessions. 

Again, while you may be right in general that Hart is better or a better fit for the team, Roland was better today.

Of course, this is all splitting hairs because neither guy is playing well enough to get major minutes on a good team right now.  Both have to step up for us to win, especially without Yuta.


RKelley11/26/2016 6:40:34 PM


Okay, Yuta is way better than Hart and Roland. But Hart is undeniably better than Roland. Coming into tonight, Hart was 50% from 3pt and is 51/54 in eFG and TS% this season and was 55/58 last year. Roland is at 36/40 and was 27/37 last year. Roland's ORT was 86/98 this last year/this year and Hart's is 117/103. Is Hart playing well? Not really, but Roland is a downright bad player.

My point is, we'd be okay starting Hart alongside Sina and Yuta 1-3, but giving Roland this many minutes? Not gonna work. He's really bad. Event tonight. He shot a lot more, this was one of the best games I've ever seen from Roland, and he was still a bad player.

RKelley11/26/2016 6:42:11 PM

Hart has not been good this season though. In his starting audition, he needs to show a lot more. Not backing what I was selling on him.

Haha11/26/2016 6:43:09 PM

RKelly, you can't put both players' stats together and say both did bad. If I say Tyler and Mitola scored 15 points together, that doesn't give Mitola a stellar performance (cuz he didn't play at all). Although I think Steeves shot and defend poorly, he did have 3 assists, same for Roland. Roland is 0 for 5 from 3, but at least 2 shots came from last second situation on those particular possessions. Taking the 3s out of the equation, Roland went 4-6 from 2, and 3-4 on the free throw line. That is not too bad. Plus his defense is a plus. 

RKelley11/26/2016 6:43:17 PM

@Poster I agree with your conclusion.

RKelley11/26/2016 6:44:19 PM

Fine, take Roland's stats in a vacuum, this was his best game and he was okay, and he shot 37% and 0% from 3 (0-5). You can be optimistic in Roland, I'm not. 

RKelley11/26/2016 6:45:16 PM

And you can't take the 3's out of the equation. WHY would you do that? A missed shot is a missed shot. Fine take Matt Hart's turnovers out of the equation and he was GREAT!

Haha11/26/2016 6:49:52 PM

I'm just talking about this game tho. So there's no need to take your argument too far. He played well this game, and we should hope he steps up his game more in the future, right? I have faith in many players honestly. We can prolly agree that GW doesn't have too many all-around players, which means we have to utilize their strength and hide their weaknesses. Hart is a sharp shooter, Roland is a defensive weapon. Coaches should understand how to use them better. 

Haha11/26/2016 6:51:36 PM

I am not saying he played great, I mean he had his upside. It's not like he had a extremely poor game right? I am just saying that for this game, he played better than Roland. Again, don't take your argument too far. Just some friendly discussion.

ziik11/26/2016 6:59:08 PM

Yuta is the indispensable player on this team. He plays offense, defense, blocks, passes, leads the break, finishes the break, plays at the top of the defense or down under, does whatever is needed.


No other player does all that. 


Maybe down the road, Smith, Toro, or Bolden will. 

Youse guys who pray, pray for Yuta's leg. Say some extra prayers for Mojo. 

Haha11/26/2016 7:00:37 PM

Get well soon, Yuta!

GW Alum Abroad11/26/2016 7:04:05 PM

Hope he can play this week against GW on the Charles.

bobo11/26/2016 8:19:58 PM

Shooting guards who can't hit 3s is ussually a problem.  Roland was supposively a good 3pt shooter in HS.  It's kind of a funky shot so that may be the issue. But IF Roland can find his 3 pt stroke, he'll be a valuable player for GW. Making defenders close out hard on Roland would open up his nice drives and pull up game.  He can also play better D than any of the other shooting guards at GW so that would make him a useful player.

But if Roland can't hit 3s, he's not going to create enough shots on his drives to be productive and won't force teams to space out their defensive fronts.  Time will tell.

The Dude11/26/2016 8:49:56 PM

After an 0-5 day today, he's at 12% in his GW career. 12% from 3.

Its not even the rate of success, its to take a 3, he has to hoist.  He's not strong to have his feet set and elevate like almost all D1 players can. So he passes on a lot of 3s because he doesn't have time to do that/he can't get his low slow release off,

So in the end, the 3's that come to him tend to be wide open and he misses almost all of them, brick type misses.(TC/Hart misses near misses.)

Simple solution, Yuta back to the "2" like last year and shrink the rotation, and in time recruit some 2Guards/Wings who can actually play in the A10.

ziik11/26/2016 8:53:10 PM

How about Toro and Steeves backing up Yuta? At the nig shooting guard?

ziik11/26/2016 8:53:35 PM


Mentzinger11/26/2016 8:57:06 PM

Roland is transfer meat. Hart is a very good D3 player. Bolden has size but too early to assess. Sina, if he hadn't regressed, still would not be able to do it alone. That is your backcourt. Unless you include Yuta at the 2, which ... you should. Every team should press GW for 40 minutes then lapse into a zone.

Long Suffering Fan11/26/2016 9:07:19 PM

We looked pretty bad today, have lost 3 in a row and all you want to talk about is how bad Roland is.  I got news for you...our stinker today was  a team effort.  We do not have a point guard who can break down defenses or prevent dribble penetration, we don't have forwards who can defend the rim, and we don't have a coach who can figure out how to attack the same press we see game after game.   Penn State found every seam in our defense where our guards dribble the ball along the perimeter (when they don't turn it over in the back court).   Smith is a sweet offensive player who cannot defend at all.   Personally I would like to see more Marfo...we need his physicality.  Our best stretch during the game was with Smith and Cavanaugh on the bench and Marfo and Toro in the game...their defense more than made up for our loss offensively.    I am not sure what Steeves does and am likewise puzzled how he could have possible shot in the upper 40s from the 3 while at Harvard.   But the guards...my goodness.  Bolden is just not ready.   Hart gets hot for a couple of minutes then is invisible for 20.   Likewise Sina, who is just not a point guard.  Jordan certainly has his flaws...those 2 back to back missed three pointers down the stretch ended any chance we had, but at least he adds some energy to the team.   I had predicted we would go 1-3 in Kansas City, vs. Penn State and at Harvard...that is being to look overly optimistic.     Now go back to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (meaning arguing who is better, Roland or Hart), as the great ship goes down.

The Dude11/26/2016 9:21:23 PM

Well, I agree with you, as I wrote on the recap thread, for all the discussion of various minutia, the main issue is drastic lack of talent at a few positions.

Some here assured us on many past threads over the last two years to have no concern, the immediate future for 2016/17 was bright.   You just can't strike out on some many recruits and survive the graduation of 4/6 of your rotation in good shape. Paying the price for that this season.

RKelley11/26/2016 9:23:53 PM

TheDude we on the Roland low release problem from the beginning and as it turns out, was spot on. Kid can't shoot, particularly when contested. 

Also yeah, Toro needs to play a lot more. And Marfo? Marfo looked solid tonight, more for him too. Agree on that sentiment by Dude as well.

If we don't have guards, there's gotta be a way to utilize our forwards and protect that problem more. 

@HaHa you made some valid points. Understand what you're saying, Roland is not good though. 

RKelley11/26/2016 9:27:02 PM

Ziik, I like Toro but you think he can play guard? He looks a little big and slow no? I like him in the post. 

ziik11/26/2016 9:39:17 PM

Not really. But, something drastic needs to be done. 

Mike K11/26/2016 9:47:02 PM

I like to think we would have won with Yuta. He will help a little with the press that we no doubt will be seeing on a regular basis. 

At half time I was thinking maybe it was some good coaching since we were up by 9 and most of it came with TC on the bench.  Then the second half...... and that coaching thought evaporated. 

If MoJo can't get guys to break a press, shit they have seen in high school, AAU , and college, what does that say about his coaching ability or the players' retention of his commands?  That is for another thread.  My son who played travel ball (couldn't make the high school team because of my genes) and is one of the managers on a Div I hoop team, was barking out commands during the press and when we finally broke it he said,  "see...".

Jair needs to get his act together because Hart and Roland ( I am sorry to say) can't handle a press and they have had more practice. This is not rocket science. You don't dribble through a triple team.

We will have some trouble this year, and next year we will need a 5th year PG/ball handler or we will have similar problems. At least ML could get transfers...we will need some. This is a cue for dude to make another recruiting comment.  

On the bright side, our front court seems set for a number of years due to good recruiting, let's hope they stay for a coach they didn't sign up for. 10:08:40 PM

This is hysterical. RKelley's boy is threatened and he loses his shit. We won't win shit with Hart he is a nice D3 player who can't guard a phone booth. Roland has WAY more upside. He finally gets extended minutes today and although he didn't hit his threes he wasn't bad overall. They should keep giving Roland minutes if they want to improve. Hart is who he is we don't know what Roland is yet.

Mike K11/26/2016 10:27:52 PM

well, we have a roster spot available for the second semester and have had success filling it in Dec/Jan, see Nut and Mike KING. 

GW7311/26/2016 10:33:42 PM

LSF nailed it. see above. Thank you.

The Dude11/26/2016 10:44:26 PM

Mike K, I agree.

...and I think you've all read enough of my recruiting comments, for the time being at least.

Bigfan11/27/2016 12:33:55 AM

Mike K's wish would be great to come true.

Of course,we had Nut's son,Darnell, and decided not to admit him,which may have been related to our troubles. 12:49:28 AM

You keep writing that Bigfan, but you are not addressing reality.

1. Darnell did not qualify, which is why he is not playing anywhere this year.

2. If he was this game changer you keep saying, and was eligible but GW refused to enroll, wouldn't someone else rush to snatch him up?

Let's go!11/27/2016 2:58:44 AM

Hopefully it's just a minor contusion, and Yuta's back the next game. Injuries are always bad, but they shouldn't be happening in practice...

sparty11/27/2016 3:19:16 PM

Is it too late for Yuta to redshirt.  Not sure of the extent of his injury, but.... Let's face it, this is stricly a rebuilding season with NIT as best hope.  I feel bad for Cavanaugh, but having Yuta play two more years is probably best for program and Yuta....

ziik11/27/2016 3:27:57 PM

The team we saw vs PSU was not good enough to make the NIT. 3:46:08 PM

The team we saw versus Penn State will be lucky to win 12 games.

sparty11/27/2016 3:47:49 PM

Agreed.  College BB is really about quality of guard play, and ours is really bad.  Many people picking on Roland and Hart, but Sina (when he doesn't turn it over or put the ball in a bad position for our players) is really a problem.  I like our three big freshmen..... 

Haha11/27/2016 4:47:48 PM

Our guards tend to pick up their dribbles too early. One thing I've always been hearing and learning is that "keep the dribble alive".

squid11/27/2016 7:13:50 PM

Roland is a sophomore. Some players bloom later than others. Let's not all panic. 7:42:24 PM

Preach Squid. We've seen the upper limits of RKelley's son. Their minutes should be swapped. The only thing and I repeat the only thing Hart does better is shoot threes and even then he doesn't shoot it great. The coaches are starting to realize this. 

ziik11/27/2016 7:46:14 PM

The last game, it seemed clear, Mojo was giving both a shot, but JR was in fact playing D, in the man. 

2cents11/27/2016 8:33:27 PM

...and to to tag on to Poster and Squid, I can't imagine if he keeps taking them, Jordan's threes will not start to fall. I agree he still has a lot of improvement, but maybe he just needs a little more time. Yuta being hurt might be bad for the team but I bet whether we like it or not, we will see Jordan more often.  It can't be anything but good for his development, which in turn should help the team, too. Better now than later. (Obviously unfortunate that Yuta is hurt at all.) The team has a huge hill to climb this season. I suggest we lay off a little and let them grow like we all know they need to...maybe temper our opinions on certain players too.  There is nothing wrong with your opinions, just stating them repeatedly on multiple threads in such a negative fashion doesn't make you look very empathetic. Frankly, it's ugly to read.   The Dude has clearly worked on this. Maybe others should, too. The guard situation is at code red.  Steeves and Hart are veteran players who should be helping more on both sides. In my opinion, both are  potential defensive liabilities.  They need to work on that. I was pleasantly surprised to see we were winning the first half basically without Tyler or Yuta. 10:18:23 PM

+1 2cents 

Jermaine11/27/2016 10:32:15 PM

By Sophomore year, guys are basically who they are. Just a sophomore does not really exists anymore, maybe 30 years ago it did. 10:45:43 PM

So since Matt Hart was a D3 player when he was a sophomore that's who he is now?

Jermaine11/27/2016 11:04:08 PM

Matt Hart was the same guy, dominating a much lower level.  Same guy this year as he was last year too.  Perhaps you have not noticed that at GW you basically get two season and then if you cant play here you transfer somewhere two or three levels lower.  Someone here yesterday called him "Transfer Meat" Harsh, but sounds about right. 11:12:03 PM

I doubt Jordan will be transferring. 11:12:49 PM

But Matt Hart will be graduating that we do know.

The Other MG11/27/2016 11:40:11 PM

Mojo needs to keep increasing Marfo's minutes, and if that means rearranging things so that Yuta plays more 2, so be it.  We need to keep Marfo growing, and not feeling overshadowed by the other freshman bigs.  With heavier recruitment comes ego, and I don't want to see him discouraged and looking elsewhere.  He would certainly have a good enough excuse, with the coaching situation. 

Long Suffering Fan11/28/2016 8:34:07 AM

On one hand I agree MG...it is important that Marfo develop as quickly as possible...but that very well may entail easing him in rather than just throwing him in ala Smith or Toro.   For the first time, I thought Marfo improved the team when he played significant minutes that first half vs. Penn State...he  is a rebounding beast and appears to be somewhat intimidating on defense.   On the other hand, prior to Penn State, he has been a foul and turnover machine (he needs to stop dribbling)...these things can be fixed over time.   Personally, I would like to see him get at least 5-7 minutes per half at this point, easing his time upwards as his game develops.

adclub11/28/2016 9:12:16 AM

I'm surprised no mentioned the sheer size difference between our guards and Penn State.  That to me was the most glaring discrepancy.  The reason Hart and Roland weren't heavily recruited in upper D1 was because of their size and that is coming to roost.  Even Sina is considered short by today's guard standards.  

Having Yuta guard the one or two on their team fills the biggest void in our lineup - without that its men vs boys. 

I will say I love the fight in the team, they are super young and searching for consistency - so the up and down nature of each game, problems with the press, along with late game collapse is to be expected.  This is the JoeMac, Larsen, Savage, Pato freshman class 2.0 - just with big guys instead of guards.  We'll win the same number of games (10 if I recall) But at least it will be entertaining - the up tempo MoJo offense is more fun to watch. 

Bo Knows11/28/2016 3:11:45 PM

Play Roland more so we can see what he can do. His shots will start falling the more playing time he gets. It is hard to come off the bench cold and play 5 minutes like he did last year and be a shooter. Not saying he should have played more.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that he is a better ballhandler, passer, defender and rebounder than Hart. That's not to knock Hart that's just the way most basketball people I talk to see it from outside. Hart has shot it better but not so much better as to offset the other things. I agree with Poster that their minutes should be flipped with Roland getting about 24 and Hart getting about 15. Then we can see how they compare.

Jermaine11/28/2016 3:14:49 PM

Jaren Sina is short but strong, like Joe M.  Hart and Roland are equally short (about 6'0) but not strong, in particular Roland.  Its difficult to play at this level if you are both short and skinny, unless you are exceptionally quick, which none of these guys are.  It compounds matters if you shoot 12% from three, as Roland has in his GW career.  

ziik11/28/2016 3:18:37 PM

Glad to see LSF's Marfo comments, the guy goes to the games, and pays attention. From my cheap seat, on the tv, I see a player in over his head. Glad to hear there is no negativity as to his potential. Toro and Smith seem a step ahead of Marfo, but maybe all 3 will become solid starters. 

Same response on the JR situation reported by Bo. I noticed last game, Jr was playing D, and Mojo seemed pleased. Hart does have some dynamism with his point production, but his all arund guard game is weak. If JR truly shows promise, yep, give him some time. Bolden seems too slow in his reaction time thus far. I wonder if he has the quickness to play the college game.

RKelley11/28/2016 4:40:16 PM

Whatever it is about Jordan, I don't know. Enjoy waiting for his potential. He needs a significant leap to just be a useful player off the bench. Can't shoot, can't dribble, and his defense is being unbelievably overrated on this board. He's shot over as if he's not even there, Whatever, no skin off my back. Let's see how right you all are.

RKelley11/28/2016 4:41:43 PM

I am excited most for Toro, he is a special player. Smith looks like a very good starter/center type. I think Marfo will be a very good player as an upperclassmen, and will need some time ot develop. We'll need him when Cavanaugh is gone, god help us by the way.

RKelley11/28/2016 4:43:03 PM

I'd be happy if they increase Marfo's minutes, sure, just not at the expense of Toro. Do it over Steeves/Roland somehow, shift some guys around, fine.

I do think Steeves will be a useful player when he finds his stroke. He hits a lot of 3's last year. 4:58:10 PM

RKelley, just curious, what is your basketball background? 5:05:44 PM

Roland, has a very high dribble.  

The Dude 11/28/2016 6:26:36 PM

Will be interesting to see if RKelley is still posting here a couple years after Hart is gone.  Never posted before Hart (at least not under that name) and the vast majority of his posts are about praising Hart or denigrating Hart's main competition for time (Paulie last year, Roland this year mostly).   I love Hart's shooting, but RKelley's constant evangelism is quite off-putting. 

The Dude11/28/2016 6:37:37 PM

I did not write the 626pm post. I also recall that its just factually wrong.

Al11/28/2016 10:37:20 PM

So, what's the final word on Yuta?  Ankle sprain?  Leg Stiffness?  How long is he out?

Let's go!11/28/2016 11:12:42 PM

Apparently a calf contusion. There was a photo posted on twitter with the team stretching at Harvard. I don't think I saw Yuta in it. 

Bigfan11/29/2016 1:37:59 AM

We're going to be suffering contusions if Yuta continues to be out.

RKelley11/29/2016 2:49:55 AM

Calf contusion is pretty vague. No telling what that really means. I presume he rolled his ankle. I expect him to miss at least the next contest.

Also, I don't think anybody should take this board seriously enough to have to regularly post under an anonymous board name. Particularly if this person has posted for years--maybe even a decade--under another name, Pointing this remark in an obvious direction.

RKelley11/29/2016 2:52:17 AM

But teams use these kind of vagueries a lot, typically when the diagnosis sounds pretty scary but they think they can rehab it more quickly than typically expected. Sometimes sprains turn to "strains", shoulder injuries turn to "oblique" injuries, torn meniscus turns to "mild sprain". 

Yuta probably sprained his ankle. A contusion? Like a bruise? A bruised calf is like a regular occurence in sports.

RKelley11/29/2016 2:58:35 AM

And I've been posting here well before Hart, under RK and RKelley. I've been a fan since 05-06... 5:13:58 AM

A calf contusion is not even close to an ankle sprain

Alumnus11/29/2016 9:14:52 AM

A contusion is a bruise.  Saying "athletes get them all the time" is the same as when we've had players get sprains or knee strains and people say "but it's a common injury and a lot of guys are back on the court the next day."  In some cases the player missed several or even many games.  Most guys who have bruises aren't on crutches.  It's hard to know how much internal swelling there is, how stiff it is, what happened to the area around the bruise, etc.  Let's hope he's back and can at least give us some good minutes pretty quickly. 10:39:08 AM

Radio announcer said he took a knee to the calf and was out with a "stiff leg"

Colonial NY11/29/2016 12:53:14 PM

Out about 3 weeks per Ben Standig https://twitter.com/benstandig/status/803648478282797056

Hatchet Man11/29/2016 1:38:00 PM

Ugh. 1:51:35 PM

That sucks! Not that it matters, but I wonder who kneed him in the calf? lol

Me11/29/2016 2:05:54 PM

Yuta did not travel to Boston for tonights game. He is currently on crutches and has a walking boot.

The Dude11/29/2016 2:32:23 PM

Cue the Nero did it campaign.  The new Tonya Harding of GW 4:00:16 PM

I would be happy if that was all Nero did this year. Cue the Pravda response after coordination.

Bigfan11/29/2016 5:08:56 PM

An amusing and apt point. So we've kneed ourselves and then Yuta.

We're officially screwed, after screwing ourselves in preseason. Looks to be a fun 3 weeks after a hilarious 3 games.

What the hell happened in practice? Are they playing Gladiator? Was he kneed by someone with body armor?

Absent unusual complications, would seemingly take a knee in the calf by Bigfoot to cause him to be in a walking boot and crutches.

May need Mrs. Herve on this.

Hell of a "contusion."

Sounds like a Jack "flu" answer to Thinker.

Long Suffering Fan11/29/2016 5:13:59 PM

And no release from the school.  We have to find out on Twitter 

GW Vet11/29/2016 9:29:19 PM

Saw Yuta last night still walking around campus in a boot and a crutch. 


Bigfan11/30/2016 1:56:39 AM

Learning that makes me feel worse.

Wonder how they define calf bruise?

Let's go!11/30/2016 3:02:27 AM

@Poster Are you sure it wasn't something else? Who was it (that was out for the season with a calf bruise)?

FredD11/30/2016 3:49:57 AM

Ever had a medical condition where the first indication is wrong? Its been reported that he is in a boot and on crutches. Ben Standig reports 3 weeks which I think optimistic. We have the information that counts. Is GW supposed to put on a text alert on the fucking Heppa Hotline? Really? People are still so hot Pro and anti ML/PN that its infected everything else on this board. Not to mention the usual I Just Gotta Get The Last Word In. Add a little multiple Poster bullshit and presto a nice internet space is nearly completely ruined.

Mike K11/30/2016 3:52:09 AM

Yeah, the disappointing thing is that there has been no announcement grown the University. Just checked the gwsports site....and nothing. 

Why the hell are we so behind the curve on something as simple as this?  Maybe there was a tweet, but there should be something on the official site.  Hope it is there and I just missed it.

 This is a small and minor example, but it is indicative of the issues we hoop fans seem to encounter.

Mentzinger11/30/2016 7:14:19 AM

Poster obviously hasn't been around long enough to have experienced Omargate, Attilagate, Phone Card Gate, Pops' phantom knee injury during our NCAA "run," Appy State, and other fan-friendly PR gems. 8:44:34 AM

Mojo said in pregame interview that it is a calf bruise and they expect him out three weeks.  Why don't people consider the coach in an official interview on the radio to be something like an official statements.  If the coach is announcing it, that's good enough, though yes the SID could put something on line too, but it's not as tight lipped as some are suggesting when the coach is giving info in interviews.  

Bo Knows11/30/2016 9:25:26 AM

For the same reason Thinker was wrong to call JK a fucking liar, this staff and administration should get a pass. Why advertise what is wrong with Yuta or make a pre-game announcement to allow Penn State to adjust their scout? Heck in the NHL we are reduced to upper body injuries. I have zero problem with not knowing anything about injuries or status. They are what they are and belong within the team unless someone wants to voluntarily let us know. I see no obligation here. Plus, knowing about injuries isn't going to affect the game one way or the other unless ... I am betting on the game. To me that is what almost always drives the real anger here. 

BC11/30/2016 9:29:22 AM

There is still the HIPPA laws to think about.   Plus strategic considerations.  Maybe those who want more information need to know when he has bowel movements?      When KS was hurt we didn't know the extent of the problem either.  Of course, it's possible that no one knew he'd be out the rest of the year.   I'd like to know more about Yuta's injury, but it's not might right to know contrary to some posters beliefs. 10:23:15 AM

Might want to try reading The Hatchet or game notes or listening to Byron Kerr or WRGW. Can't really remember GW ever issuing official press releases every time a player has a split fingernail or leg contusion.

RKelley11/30/2016 12:58:49 PM

I'm saying a contusion is vague. It's a bruise. Bruises don't miss multiple games. It's more severe, the team is hiding the truth for flexibility 



Bigfan11/30/2016 4:01:45 PM

If you can't come out and say it, though one wonders why, then whisper it to some of us.

Hell of a contusion to be on crutches and a boot, normally seen for fractures, major tears, etc.

And as far as official pronouncements, anyone think Md. could keep something like this secret? Only reason we are is no one in the media, outside of cheap, sensationalistic, one-sided stories about our former coach, basically gives a crap about us on the court.

Agree with not revealing to Penn State up to warmup time, though not right before the game, since they already saw Yuta on crutches. You can tell the biggest supporters then. Wasn't a national secret.

Everyone now knows from here to Yokohama because you can see Yuta on crutches. So the secret is out.

Once again, basically because of the drama invoked this preseason, but also an attitude in general, GW treats it biggest fans like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed manure.


The Dude11/30/2016 4:09:38 PM

GW should instead FEED its fans mushrooms.  Would make this site a little more psychadelic, intriguing.

Long Suffering Fan11/30/2016 4:59:43 PM

Just not a big deal to put out an official announcement that its second best player is out and is not expected to return until...(or that the timing of his return is unknown.  Yeah...I think those who support the team is entitled to know.  It's called PR.

Alumnus11/30/2016 5:18:13 PM

Wow, we are just the Army of Indignation.  Who's Yuta to have a bruise that might keep him out for weeks?!?!?!?  Who's GW not to give us a precise timetable (that we can get indignant about when it turns out it was off by a day or a week)? 

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic (that's how they spell it) Surgeons, which seems like a reputable outfit, "Most contusions are minor and heal quickly, without taking the athlete away from the game. But, severe contusions can cause deep tissue damage and can lead to complications that may keep the athlete out of sports for months."

I find it funny how many medical experts (and conspiracy theorists) there are on this board.  I know from personal experience, and talking with doctors (including my dad, who was a podiatrist) that injuries like sprains and bruises are the most difficult to diagnose and predict how they'll heal.  Also, everyone's tolerance for pain and residual discomfort from having to favor an injured body part is different.  When Cheyenne Moore, Kromah, and Savage were hurt, a bunch of people here kept saying "but these are minor injuries that happen all the time, he'll be back in a couple of weeks."  Let's hope so for Yuta's sake, but maybe his injury is just one of those unpredictable ones.  

RKelley11/30/2016 9:02:37 PM

If mushrooms were available, we'd have a lot more fans at games. 9:06:22 PM

Dude is on serious shrooms from what I read here. You too RKelley?

RKelley11/30/2016 9:51:37 PM

I'm just saying, it's typical for teams to minimize diagnoses in terms of releasing public information. It gives them flexibility and they can be more aggressive in rehabbing. It also prevents opponents from game-planning confidently with shaky information. FQ, I mean Poster, continue making jackass comments attacking other users. Real constructive. What'd I do to draw your ire except disagree with out a few times?

RKelley11/30/2016 9:52:08 PM


RKelley11/30/2016 9:53:18 PM

And I agree with LSF. Put out *something* or don't whine about ticket sales. Fans come to see players, particularly fans who may be from other countries. Yuta has many international fans.

RKelley11/30/2016 10:00:32 PM

Give the fans something, not saying they didn't do that. They gave a timetable. The vague, probably minimized diagnosis is a typical tactic when it comes to key players. Not going to get away from that.

Mike K12/1/2016 11:13:28 AM

Yeah, the disappointing thing is that there has been no announcement grown the University. Just checked the gwsports site....and nothing. 

Why the hell are we so behind the curve on something as simple as this?  Maybe there was a tweet, but there should be something on the official site.  Hope it is there and I just missed it.

 This is a small and minor example, but it is indicative of the issues we hoop fans seem to encounter.

LuvDaGame12/2/2016 12:47:02 PM

Not to be funny, but has anyone tried asking Yuta? Hold off on throwing the tomatoes please! I would talk to the players, their families, and coaches all of the time. That is how I found out most of my information. I personally like to hang out around the locker room where the players come out and their parents congregate. Over the years, I have become acquainted with a lot of the former families and a few of the current ones by just taking a sincere interest in their sons. It has also allowed me to join in on a few meals and cocktails at away games. Just to be fair and not to sound like a stalker, I have been around the AAU scene here in the DMV for some years so I an familiar with some of the families and their kids before they attend. I think for me, sometimes the difficulty of sharing information is I don't want to betray anyone's trust. I commented on KS and Joemac's injuries in the past because I knew the official announcement was coming. 

Let's go!12/2/2016 1:27:17 PM

Agree with Luvdagame. Some folks on here have seen him walking around on campus. Why not just walk up to him and ask him about his status? 

LuvDaGame12/2/2016 1:36:07 PM

Last year I was standing in the hallway at the Smith Center when Cimino came up the steps. I heard him talking to one of the parents. I walked up to him and greeting him like I had after previous games. I asked about his injury and he shared. 2:42:24 PM

The only person here who has provided any scoops whatsoever, LuvDaGame.  He had the Kethan transfer in advanace too.  In contrast, all you get from Bo Skittles (same guy, 2 names) is intentional misinformation and ML propaganda. Thanks LuvDaGame

LuvDaGame12/2/2016 6:33:57 PM

Hold up Poster, I am not here to compete with anyone about who gets it right or wrong on this board. What are you trying to start Willis??? Lol! I am simply saying maybe we can ask Yuta about his injury. Btw Poster, I'd like to keep my low profile.


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