Kenner Updates
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Martiniboy7/7/2016 10:58:53 AM

This is a new thread for Kenner updates as the other Kenner thread is becoming a bit unwieldy. 

BC7/8/2016 5:01:59 PM

Thanks for starting this thread.

Long Suffering Fan7/8/2016 11:19:06 PM

Saturday, July 9th Kenner Schedule

1:00 pm  Tombs (Mitola) vs. Beyond Belief (Yuta)

2:20  DCX (Marfo and Steeves) vs. Darren McClinton All Stars

3:40  A Wash Associates (Justin Williams) vs. Higher Level (Jordan Roland and Collin Smith)

5:00  Hoop Magic (Goss and Toro) vs. On Point (Hart and Cavanaugh)

Lets hope we have better participation than last week and we get some good scouting reports, especially on the newbies.

dmvpiranha7/9/2016 9:23:54 AM

I thought Bolden was on Tombs

GW Alum Abroad7/9/2016 9:25:00 AM

Is Yuta back from National Team duty in Serbia?

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 11:12:29 AM

My info was based upon the press release from the school as to Kenner League rosters

Mike K7/9/2016 11:34:16 AM

damn, I am pissed I can't make it today. Sure was a great time last year. 

The Dude7/9/2016 12:10:06 PM

Can we get better and more accurate information one day from our AD's office? We're a major D1 program for Godsakes, hire an unpaid intern and task them with keeping the small buy loyal fanbase up to speed!  Seems like this summer and last, hard to get good Kenner info.

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 4:18:29 PM

live at Kenner. Report to follow but will state quickly that Marfo looks like a player and big offensive jump for Jordan Roland

dmvpiranha7/9/2016 4:34:46 PM

Hmm that's weird because the report used to say that Bolden was playing. Seems like Darnell isn't the only one then

Mike K7/9/2016 6:32:36 PM

thanks LSF, keep the info coming. 

The Dude7/9/2016 6:36:48 PM

Anything specifically about JR that you thought look improved? Strength? Jumper?

Bigfan7/9/2016 7:41:28 PM

JR hit two three pointers in a row. Also drove and scored on a left- handed layup. Cooled down a bit in between those two during first half.

Justin Williams had a nice reverse layup. He is very strong- looking,like a bit shorter,muscle-bound Elliot.

Collin Smith didn' t play a lot in first half. He can get up and down the court nicely. Not Omar thin,but not ultra- solid. Older, very thick player had a couple of old school moves to score against him. Then Colin blocked him,with one full block and one with a piece of the ball.

Speaking of older: former G Mason player Will Thomas and Folarin Cambell played.

Mrs. Bigfan texted she was baking a cake,so left at the half.

In earlier game, saw only part. But Kevin Marfo plays a lot. Pretty good on defense and rebounding. Runs the court. Not realky center size. Has offensive moves,but not polished yet,though has instints. Kind of like a smaller Ngongba,on the big side,but without the muscles. Not freakishly athletic, but a lot of potential,especially with weight training tio sculpt his substantial size. And ML will like defense.

ziik7/9/2016 8:13:37 PM

Thanks Bigfan, for the post of the day. I am looking forward to LSF, too/

The Dude7/9/2016 8:39:30 PM

BigFan/anyone who was able to attend:

1) would you say Marfo looks 6'7 and change? 6'8?

2) Did either Marfo or Collin attempt shots from beyond 10 feet? Eager to see if Marfo or Collin have developed a little range to their game.  Toro's got a jumper he takes regularly, would be nice to see if all 3 are developing from 15+.  What a difference it made for BigKev Larsen to add that to his repetoire, JK too in 14/15.  

Thx in advance for the feedback.

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 8:41:51 PM

Arrived at the very end of the first game, which was the Tombs (Mitola) vs. Beyond Belief (Yuta), but neither were present.  The second game was DCX (Marfo and Steeves) vs. Darren McClinton All Stars (no GW)    Steeves appeared to be playing at half strength.  He did not play much and when he was in the game he did not show anything.  He was slow getting up and down the court, but again, I think he was not going all out. I may have even detected a slight limp. He missed all of his shots, and the only thing he did on offense was set a high pick.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just getting a workout and wanted to take no chances of injury.  On the other hand, Marfo was all that has been advertised.  He is physically very well developed, and a rebounding beast. He is a low post player who looks for the ball on offense and runs the court very well.  He also can pass.  Looks like a good one.   The next game was A Wash Associates (Justin Williams) vs. Higher Level (Roland and Smith).   First Justin...I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised that he looks like he can play some.  He hustled some, looks like he can play defense, and scored on a bunch of layups.   Colin Smith is taller than I had thought, and could use a little more physical development.   His game is not as far along as Marfo's seems to be, but he looks like a player...far beyond where Goss or Cimino were their freshman year.  He is a bit foul prone and his hands were not great, but should be a contributor.   Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was Jordan.   You know the super fast, penetrating little point guards that killed us last season in so many ways...Jordan looked like one of them.  He was a legitimate offensive threat, hitting 3 3 point shots and was a scorer.  His shot is still not the greatest, but I am hopeful for that big sophmore year jump.   Finally, the last game was Hoop Magic (Goss and Toro) vs. On Point (Hart and Cavanaugh).   But no Goss or Toro.   As for Hart and Cavanaugh, they were the Hart and Cavanaugh we saw last season.  (I left at half time).

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 8:45:50 PM

In answer to Dude's questions...Marfo looked big... I think a legitimate 6'7 or 6'8, and physically very developed.    Neither Smith nor Marfo shot from beyond 10 feet.  Most pleasant surprise with Marfo was his passing game.  He also looked pretty intense out there

am7/9/2016 8:48:29 PM

Thanks for the great update, LSF! Really appreciate you making it out to GTown to catch the games for those of us who can't. 

When you say that Matt Hart was as we saw him last season -- was he still mostly a three point shooter, or did he show improvement/change in other areas of his game? Also good to hear that JR's improved.

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 8:49:56 PM

For those keeping score at home...Steeves was #21, Marfo #35, Justin Williams #13, Collin Smith #15, and in the event you don't remember what they look like, Jordan Roland #10, Matt Hart #11, Tyler Cavanaugh #33 and Damian Bryant of Delaware (who looked decent, not great) #20.

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 8:51:48 PM

Matt didn't take a 3 point shot, but was an opportunistic scorer) who when he gets an opened shot, he hits it.  And like last year, he played limited minutes coming off the bench.   Tyler had 10 points at the half (which is when I left).   

Long Suffering Fan7/9/2016 8:54:21 PM

Big Fan...was that you I was sitting next to and chatting with.    DId you leave at halftime of the game in which Jordan Roland was playing?

ziik7/9/2016 8:57:07 PM

Good work as always, LSF.

The Dude7/9/2016 9:10:43 PM

Great posts, much appreciated Gents

Thomas7/9/2016 9:30:45 PM

I was at today's games and agree with Big Fan and LSF that Roland looked a lot better and was the most impressive Colonial today. Cavanaugh was also excellent today for On Point, but we already know that he's a great player. Roland was hitting 3's and finishing strong at the rim. Let's hope this translates into a sophomore leap for him. 2 of his teammates on Higher Level were George Mason's freshman backcourt of Otis Livingston and Jair Grayer. Anyone who paid attention to Mason last year saw that those guys have the potential to be one of the best backcourts in the A-10 for the next 3 years and they showed it today. I know some of you don't think much of Kenner League play, but to me it's very beneficial for college underclassmen(especially guys who have high expectations next year like Roland and George Mason's rising sophs) because they are being tested and can get better.

Once Marfo gets more assertive/stronger when he catches the ball and attempts to score he'll be real good. His one weakness today was controlling the ball and going up strong with the ball. He's already an excellent passer for a big man and rebounded strong. Toro barely played for Hoop Magic and Colin didn't show up. Darian Bryant looks to have really hit the weights and shed the baby fat. Rhode Island transfer Stan Robinson was playing for Hoop Magic.

dmvpiranha7/9/2016 10:10:09 PM

Thanks to Bigfan and LSF for the reports. I know it's just Kenner but I wonder if Roland is competing for the starting role with Steeves. I could see Yuta moving to the 3 with JR playing the 2. The reports from Smith sound like a slightly taller version of Swan. Foul prone with the athletic ability to block shots. I hope he is able to contribute more though. I liked what I saw from previous highlights. Depending on how many minutes Steeves is able to play depending on his injury history (it may not be the smartest thing for him to play more than 20-25 minutes per game) I think Smith could play more at the 3 as well as Toro at times.

SPU7/9/2016 10:10:57 PM

I spoke with Jair Bolden and Collin Smith last Sunday, 7/3, while they were sitting in the stands at Kenner. Wasn't surprised that both seemed like great young men. In response to my question, Jair said he wasn't playing for Tombs yet because he had not yet received clearance on his shoulder injury. Collin said he had just arrived at GW that day.

The Dude7/9/2016 10:24:29 PM

JR is starting at the 2? I'll believe that when I see it happen in real games, but heartening to read of his improvement.  I'd still expect Yuta at the "2" with a Frontcourt of Marfo Toro and TC and Steeves the 6th man. In other words starting 5 of Sina Yuta Toro Marfo and TC.

Does anyone else find it odd guys are arriving to campus so late they're missing some of Kenner action? Perhaps its just me, but that seems strange and a break from the past.  I'd have thought these guys would have arrived many weeks ago.  

Bigfan7/9/2016 11:44:13 PM

In first half,Marfo did not take long shot. Did muscle in a layup. Don' t think he' s averse to even trying a 3, however.

LSF: wasn' t me,though did leave at half. Wasn ' t chatting with anyone. Surrounded by Georget#%n fans.

Bigfan7/9/2016 11:46:21 PM

Also saw someone who could be Steeves. Kind of thin.

Did he have a little goatee?

Long Suffering Fan7/10/2016 12:01:47 AM

As I have stated in the past, you may not get a true reading from the Kenner League on how the younger players will do in real competition, but you definitely get a good feel for their game.  The Jordan Roland today looked like a protypical point guard who was much quicker than I remember him being last year, handled the ball very well, and was very good at breaking down defenses.   I can easily see him getting decent minutes at the point, perhaps with Sina at times playing the 2.  One thing I observed.   Unlike previous years when there were various freshman that looked like they did not belong on the court, that was definitely not the case for the players I observed today.   A shame we are not getting a chance to see Darnell play.   More than any other player, I was looking forward most to seeing him in the Kenner.

thinker7/10/2016 2:31:46 AM

I keep going back to ML saying this is his best recruiting class. That means he thinks this class is better than Kevlar, JoeMac, Garino, Savage, and Paris.

Three of those guys started virtually every game in their 4 years at GW. Savage was a very good player as well who was derailed by a very serious injury and "whatever" (and I mean that in the very most neutral way) the other stuff was. Paris wasn't an A-10 player. Kevlar and Garino are good enough to likely have long professional careers if they want.

And ML thinks this class is better than that class. If you add them with Cavanaugh, Yuta, Sina, Steeves, Roland and Hart we're going to have a very different kind of team this year. It would mean we could play more aggressive defense because foul trouble or fatigue wouldn't be the same kind of problem as last year. We could play more uptempo on offense for the same reasons. It would mean we would have a lot more different looks and matchups that we could use to bedevil our opponents.

In that circumstance it doesn't matter as much who starts if ML is spreading the minutes around generously. I've said before that increasingly what "position" you're playing is defined by which opposing position player you're defending. I think Yuta can guard some "2's" but probably not super quick ones. I think Cavanaugh is just not quick enough to guard wings on the perimeter. One would think that Toro or Smith aren't likely to be able to guard wings as freshmen. So I think our on paper 4 months before the season last starter is most likely going to be Roland, Steeves or Hart.

Every positive report from Kenner just creates more options for ML.

The Dude7/10/2016 7:52:51 AM

LSF, agree as to each point.

The Dude7/10/2016 7:55:14 AM

With one obvious exception, I'd be very happily shocked if JR is getting big minutes.  Can he defend A10 guards and can he score against A10 level athletes? If the answer is yes and yes, well that would be a great surprise (to me at least)

Long Suffering Fan7/10/2016 11:04:03 AM

For the poster who was asking for a description of Steeves, go to the link below and scroll down to the picture of the DCX coach talking to his players...#21 is Steeves.  The player standing next to him (with his number blocked) is Marfo.

2cents7/10/2016 11:24:58 AM

LSF...wait, what!? Are you sure you meant #21 is Steeves? 

Craig Martinez 7/10/2016 11:56:02 AM

ya, that's incorrect

Igor... Not Yegor7/10/2016 12:44:44 PM

Do Steeves actually play? At the risk of having someone hashtaging me as a racist, isn't Steeves...

Long Suffering Fan7/10/2016 12:45:48 PM

Unless I had my numbers mixed up, yeah...that is Steeves


Long Suffering Fan7/10/2016 12:47:09 PM

Unless the announcer at the Kenner had it wrong...which has been known to happen.

Long Suffering Fan7/10/2016 12:50:59 PM

My bad. 21 was announced by PA announcer as Steeves, but that is not him.  Steeves is white...I just looked up a photo from Harvard.  My bad for passing on incorrect information.  In light of such, please disregard anything I posted earlier about Steeves, as I was under assumption that he was #21.  I actually feel better, because whomever #21 was, he wasn't very good.

dmvpiranha7/10/2016 12:53:46 PM

Today's Schedule:

1:00 DCX (Kevin Marfo & Patrick Steeves) vs. A Wash Associates (Justin Williams)

2:20 On Point (Matt Hart & Tyler Cavanaugh) vs. Tombs (Adam Mitola)  

3:40 Clyde's vs. Beyond Belief (Yuta Watanabe)

5:00 Premier Athletes vs. Darren McClinton All Stars

Bigfan7/10/2016 3:24:27 PM

Would like to solve Steeves mystery. Saw two guys who could be him,but neither seemed to fit the bill we were hoping for or played much.

Let's go!7/10/2016 4:05:50 PM

Is Yuta back?

Igor... Not Yegor7/11/2016 8:54:20 AM

Ok.. let's go already. Someone fork over some update. Inquiring minds would like to hear about how ML's "best recruiting class" is looking out there.  LSF... just because you confused Steeves for a slow footed, half speed, seemingly injured black dude, doesn't mean we would not appreciate more updates. Let's go y'all!!! Those of us stuck up here in the North country could really use a little somthin'.





The MV7/11/2016 10:11:58 AM

OK Igor, but there isn't much to tell.  Game 1 yesterday resulted in disappointing no-shows, both Marfo and Steeves.  Justin Williams was the only newcomer to appear in Game 1.  He was in the starting lineup largely because his team only had 6 by tipoff and one of those looked like a high school player.  He did ride the bench for a while once others got to the game.  He has clearly hit the weight room but looked on the smaller side of 6'3" as opposed to the taller side.  He may have only taken two shots.  One was a nice putback and the other was an unfortunate airball from 3.  I liked his defensive positioning as he most always stayed between his man and the basket.  There was one instance whehere this lightning bolt from Northern Colorado blew by him him but to be fair, Justin was not his only victim.

Game 2 saw Tyler and Matt go up against the Tombs which also realized another newcomer no-show in Jair Bolden.  The Tombs seem to be violating the "no more than two players from the active roster on thess ame Kenner team rule'  as there were at least 3 current players on the Tombs.  Plus, it seemed like every basket being made by The Toms was being made by someone from Georgetown though there could have been some former players on the team.  The Tombs went up 11-0 and were never threatened so this wasn't much of a game.  However, those who yearn for a GW-Gtown game got to enjoy what might be the closest thing we're goint to see to this...a Tyler Cavanaugh on Marcus Derrickson matchup.  These guys did not like one another.  The refs had to warn each player during a dead ball before an inbounds pass as Tyler was fighting for lowpost position and Derrickson was fighting not to let him have it.  Tyler lived at the line because Derrickson fouled him around 10 times.  (Tyler uncharacteristically missed several but did not appear to be too concerned.)  Derrickson could not do a thing on offense but didn't need to.  Tyler won the battle but was far from his best.  Matt Hart was the team's point guard by default.  Good experience for him handling the ball ( no bad turnovers that I could recall) but it was clear that Matt was playing someone else's game.  He may not have shot at all in the first half, then forced several shots in the second half.  He might have finished -0-5 shooting, something like that.  His defense was respectable but it was really others who were doing the damage often in transition.

I left after Game 2 as only Yuta was scheduled for Game 3 (I did not see him arrive) and no Colonials were scheduled for the final game.  So in short, a great deal of disappointment to report, primarily due to all of the no-shows.

BACCAS927/11/2016 11:39:45 AM

Mason guy in my office saw Colin Smith play and he said he is very good on defense--altered a lot of shots. 

Bigfan7/11/2016 5:57:43 PM

Agree that G#$%tn seems overrepresented, given the rules.

And its players are handed playing and scoring opportunities beyond their abilities,or lack thereof.

The Dude7/11/2016 6:43:07 PM

All seems to suggest its time GW runs and hosts its own summer league, F G&*%^town!

Bo Knows7/11/2016 7:54:23 PM

GW isn't running a summer league to compete with Kenner. Not happening so let's move on. 

The Dude7/11/2016 8:02:54 PM

Wise men in life realize one thing above all, Never say Never.

RUSerious7/11/2016 8:52:01 PM

Since when is it ok for the players to skip Kenner league games? What's going on?

thinker7/11/2016 8:54:31 PM


Thomas7/11/2016 9:36:55 PM

Georgetown actually had 4 players(Derrickson, Pryor, Mulmore, Mosely) on Tombs when I saw them on Saturday. Those 4 players are comprised of a returning player, a grad transfer, a juco transfer and an incoming freshman. It's possible that grad transfers and juco transfers don't count toward the 2-player limit. If that's the case, Steeves and future grad transfers should be on a team with 2 returning GW players.

The MV,  I wasn't there on Sunday, but that was probably Corey Spence who was blowing past Justin Williams and other players . Someone on the Hoyas board commented that Cavanaugh(or the forward from GW as they put it) was giving Derrickson problems on Sunday. I know both of us agree that the Kenner League can be very beneficial for college players to improve, Justin Williams guarding a quick guy like Spence and Cavanaugh battling Derrickson(who Georgetown is expecting big things from as a sophomore next season) is great for GW's guys. 

Finest Magazine website covered Sunday's games and posted a lot of instagram pics of Sunday's games. Finest Magazine covers some GW games during the season too, they post the video on their youtube page. The first is a pic of Matt Hart. The 2nd is Cavanaugh being guarded by Derrickson from Georgetown, Hart is also in that pic too.     

@kennerleague Day 4 - GTown vs GW as Hoya forward Marcus Derrickson defends GW forward @tycav34


The Dude7/12/2016 12:11:45 AM

I do recall players missing some games in the past, but RUseroius raises a good question, why are so many guys missing so many games this year?

The Dude7/12/2016 12:13:30 AM

On a positive note, TC looks like a grown MAN.  Dude has an NBA body, absolutely A10 POY candidate this season, going to be asked to carry the team every night could be a 21 and 9 type of year for TC

The MV7/12/2016 9:49:44 AM

Answer to RUSerious's question: Japan Trip.  In the past, ML wanted the guys to play...get some exercise/limited competition.  Now, the players are in summer school and will miss some time for the Japan trip.  School is simply coming first right now.  Then, they will get their competition in Japan.

Igor... Not yegor7/12/2016 10:21:14 AM

Good point MV. I wonder if any of the Japan trip games will be televised. I know it's unlikely, but if there is an obscure Japanese stream of the games I'd watch that. Yeah I'm a nerd. 

Bo Knows7/12/2016 1:51:09 PM

Correct MV. Also, freshmen players didn't arrive until after July 4th (summer session II didn't begin until 7/5) and are involved in workouts and strength and conditioning testing. Again, Kenner is not the number one priority. Why? Because the coaches understand that it is a chance to get some run but in the big picture means little.

colonials377/12/2016 11:01:03 PM

In GW MBB twitter page, you can see a clip on some set work practices already.  I think jersey #2 is Toro, the lanky guy who makes the dunk is Collin, jersey #1 who makes a lefthanded layup looks like Patrick.  Not sure who the guy is making teh 3 pointer at the beginning of the clip.

Long Suffering Fan7/13/2016 4:19:10 AM

With no Darnell Rogers to be found in the video.

The Dude7/13/2016 8:37:02 AM

Hard to see becease the video quality is below the untouched up Zapruder film.  But thx for posting, if #2 is Toro, he looks like he put on 15 lbs of muscle and I think you're right that must be Toro, just pleasantly shocked how much stronger he got from a year ago. 

BM7/13/2016 9:10:17 AM

I think the three point shooter is Bolden

Martiniboy7/13/2016 1:37:05 PM

The three point shooter isn't Adam Mitola?

The Dude7/13/2016 1:39:07 PM

Well, if we can't determine a Mitola from a Jair Bolden, it might be time for a better quality of film from our AD office twitter account.  On the plus side, you know you are a "fanatic" when even watching 28 seconds of grainy video makes you eager to see GW back on the court for real.

Mike K7/13/2016 1:53:17 PM

Can't believe I'm gonna write this, but I agree with dude. 

Bo Knows7/13/2016 2:36:12 PM

MIke K - A broken clock is right twice a day!

The Dude7/13/2016 2:53:59 PM

Thx Mike K (I think   =)   )

Thomas7/15/2016 6:40:47 PM

I just saw that the Kenner League now has a youtube site with some videos posted. One video shows that Yuta played last Sunday for Beyond Belief, there are no offensive highlights of him in the video though. The first link is video from last Sunday's(7/10) games, the second link is the Kenner League youtube page.        

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