Technical in last night's game
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DKM3/22/2016 9:01:54 AM

Does anyone know for certain that the technical was on Hart last evening?  I watched the game and the announcers were not sure but an offical told the broadcast team that it was "on the bench."  I can't remember the last time I saw that happen, especially in a post-season tournement.  I watched the replay and did nto see any outrageous conduict so I assume a magic word was uttered - but the offical who called it was so far away fom the bench I dont see how he heard it.  Moreover, the charge on Pato before the T seemed to be a bad call so that official made two bad calls.  I also thought the T on the Monmouth coach with 4 minutes to go seemed excessive.

herve3/22/2016 9:11:04 AM

They certainly singled-out Hart for the bench T and ML immediately when over to Hart and had some heated words. Hart also looked quite dejected from that point forward, sitting with his arms folded and a big pout. What was said and who actually heard it is anyone's guess.

There were a handful of wacky charge/no-charge calls which always seem to favor Monmouth. They were so aggresively flailing themselves at the basket, they almost always seemed to me to be charges, but Monmouth ALWAYS came out on top of those calls. Who cares, as the scoreboard spoke volumes and the team that beat-up G'town AT G'town just took it on the chin at home! 

Hugh3/22/2016 9:11:24 AM

Based on the bench's and ML's reaction, it was on Hart. In the chat last night, it was suggested that Hart took a couple of steps onto the court which is why it was called. If that's not the reason it was called, that ref really had some rabbit ears.

Topps-Mensah-Bonsu3/22/2016 9:36:13 AM

Was at the game last night, a few rows up from the bench and the technical was definitely on Hart.  Hart said something after a phantom foul call, but he didn't stand up and didn't seem to shout it loudly at the ref, who called the T from under the other side of the basket.  Probably a stretch to call a technical in that situation, but it happens.  I had a clear view of the foul call and this was one with zero contact.  The officiating was not great (hey it is the NIT) but seemed to be equally bad for both teams.  The Monmouth coach picked up a Technical with about 2 minutes to go that seemed completely unnecessary. 9:53:36 AM

Inept ref makes horrible call on a flop charge from top of key not his call our coaches and players stand and shout. Ref doesn't have the guts to call it on ML so he picks a player. Total BS. Then the same guy hits King with a T in a 15 point game with minutes to go. Obvious frustration that should be ignored by a pro. This guy should turn in his whistle. 10:44:03 AM

I didn't think Lonergan looked that heated -- he wanted him to sit down and they had some back and forth, and he said something to Coach Carm, but everyone was relatively calm. I thought he handled it extraordinarily well. And Hart never moved down the bench. I think Lonergan was on his way to the T, Hart took the steps, the other ref swooped in and Ted up Hart (but didn't call it on him -- he could have called it on him specifically and he didn't -- you can still call it on a player vs. "the bench"), and Lonergan stopped arguing with Jeff Clark at that point because of the commotion. Anyway... they played like gangbusters after that. 

thinker3/22/2016 11:31:52 AM

Watching the replay a bunch of times, Hart stood up and seemed to be yelling. The ref pointed directly at him and ML absolutely chewed him out moments later. It was Hart.

The MV3/22/2016 11:45:50 AM

Sorry to say but Matt fits the profile.  Really wish we can see more poise and self-control out of this young man.  The passion is great but it does need to be reigned in at times.

GW 3/22/2016 12:05:43 PM

Great to have Matt on this team. Not surprised at all that the team picked him up from his mistake and played some of their best ball of the season to put the game away. 

GW05093/22/2016 3:57:25 PM

ML confirmed just now on ESPN980 that it was Matt. Joked with the ref: "You can't call a Tech on my walk on!"  ML said Hart did some 6 am running this morning as punishment.

Bigfan3/22/2016 4:14:33 PM

Maybe Matt did what he thought was needed to fire up this team, which generally is not fired up. Taking the Mike Hall route.

It worked.

Don't want it repeated again. But it was one of those good technicals.

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