Garino (a former Colonial) and the Spurs
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ziik9/6/2016 1:03:50 PM

Tuna Can9/6/2016 1:46:31 PM

Not sure I agree with suggesting that Garino struggles with "on the ball" defense. He has always been his team's shutdown cover guy as long as I have followed him, no matter 1 through 4. That "sort of suggests" that he ends up on a defensive island.

The Dude9/6/2016 2:09:45 PM

This report shreds Pato's as a supposed poor defender, that's bizarre.

Then it credits his skill as a driver to his upper body strength, also bizarre.


thinker9/6/2016 3:01:32 PM

Garino's biggest strength on defense has been shooting the gaps in the passing lanes and getting steals leading to breakaway dunks. That's a very valuable kind of defense but it's different from being a good on the ball defender. I think that he and Cavanuagh had guys regularly blow by them when defending on the wing. Now GW didn't play a lot of pressure man defense last year because we lacked depth and quickness. 

San Antonio will have excellent team defensive schemes that will not put its players in vulnerable positions on a regular basis.

Garino has been given a legit chance to make the Spurs and likely to make the DLeague team - Austin Toros - if he doesn't. If he can expand his 3 point shooting to the NBA line, play great team defense, make some aggressive drives to the basket, get some steals and dunks on the perimeter he has a real shot. If his game was so great that he was almost a can't miss guy then he wouldn't have gone undrafted.

The Dude9/6/2016 3:24:10 PM

Well, we just watched the Olympics where Pato played man to man against elite international wings and more than held his own.  

This report says he's slow footed and slow to react mentally (two things that don't seem to jibe with observation)  My personal observation is that the things holding him back from being drafted:

1) Left hand dribble, handle generally

2) Ability to finish with his left hand.

3) mid range game - his game is all 3's and layups, very little else 

4) Bit of a tweener, not really explosive enough for an NBA Guard, not big enough for an NBA Wing.  

5) Some skepticism about the 3.  Has shot it well though for a calendar year, if he can sustain that, I think he's proven he can defend well enough to make an NBA team with largely those 2 skills, the Olympic performances really highlight that.

LuvDaGame9/6/2016 4:23:04 PM

I thought the analysis of Garino's on the ball defense was pretty accurate. Thinker's first paragraph was spot on. Would love to see him playing for Pops.

Bigfan9/6/2016 4:53:09 PM

It is one of those many sports blog articles. Finding some idea---Argentina-- in this case naturally enough-- and stretching it a bit thin.

Some good insights and also superficial stat-based conclussions. Some are right,like developing a 3 point shot. Some of the conclusions clank off the rim.

Frankly, LaProvitola(sp?), unless he was hot from 3,sucked as a point guard in the Olympics. A shoot- first point guard jocking them up without rhyme or reason,missing passing opplortunities,especially to Pato. May be wrong,but don' t think he was a starter.

As pointed out,don' t think Pato's upper body strength is a big asset,though he has a lot.

While not the quickest,he has quick enough hands as a defender. Everyone gets beat sometimes. Don' t think Pato' s on-ball defense was seen as a liability by coaches in both NBA summer league and the Olympics.

And his off the ball defense and defense in general,in summer.league and Olympics,Is off the charts good for an NBA player. In a league where the matador defense can be employed by bored stars at times, Pato is a real three and D plus.

And neither stats nor superficial observation can really show all the intangibles the hard-working, good-atitude,high basketball I? Q. Pato can bring to any team. San Antonio seems to be one of the few places in the league where that is truly valued.

That promising future is why they even guaranteed some of undrafted Pato' s contract.

Skyhigh9/7/2016 10:45:35 PM

I believe he has the size to be a legitimate player that can help a team in certain match ups. However I've always thought that his off hand ability needed work and he isn't a ball handler under pressure.

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