Bye bye
 9/17/2016 5:02:55 PM      Replies: 6

Neil9/17/2016 11:08:55 AM

no more posts.  GW is now dead to me.

Have a great life to all and it's been a good ride.  GW is now the new George Mason and I have zero interest.

Have a great life all.

Alumnus9/17/2016 11:51:44 AM

No loss.  Bye bye yourself. 

GYPH 9/17/2016 11:57:42 AM

Looking forward to the Final Four! 

BC9/17/2016 12:02:33 PM

I won't cry any tears for you.

NewGWFan9/17/2016 2:01:48 PM

I'm in the same boat.  

MLNLAW9/17/2016 4:54:18 PM

I thought I just read something from Neil.


Goo Colonials Go9/17/2016 5:02:55 PM

Oh no. What will we doooooo?

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