Where was Marfo?
mike k
 2/12/2017 12:03:51 AM      Replies: 2

mike k2/11/2017 7:14:11 PM

Any word on Marfo today?  I didn't hear the TV announcers talk give an explanation of his DNP...unless it was Coach Decision.

bigfan2/11/2017 11:42:06 PM

Guessing it was coach's decision, but who knows why?

Would like him to get some action, but Kevin is still learning a bit. He has great promise, but just has to adjust a bit.

Be good to find a way to get him in and preserve confidence. Didn't Kevin drop 19 on Fla. state, one recalls and some boards?

We really need his size and toughness, particularly next year, when Tyler will be gone.

the dude2/12/2017 12:03:51 AM

18 and 8 vs FSU, still have no idea how that happened.  He is 5 for 26 in the 14 games since.  Made more fgs (6) vs FSU then the next 14 games combined (5).

In the last game, some people began to ask why Marfo was getting any minutes, and sadly I am inclined to agree. Its not just the lack of scoring, its that he clogs the lane with his 3 feet of range.

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