2016-2017 In Other A10 Action....LaSalle vs. Temple
11/11/2016 5:44:48 PM

Thomas11/11/2016 5:44:48 PM

I didn't think this thread would be necessary on the first night of college basketball, but I just looked through the spreads and saw that LaSalle is playing Temple tonight at 7 eastern on ESPNews. I know most of you will be watching GW's game at 7, but you can still flip over to ESPNews during commercials and halftime if you are not attending the game to look at 2 teams that GW will face this year.

I'm not sure if either team is hosting the game or if it's part of the 'Big 5' series. LaSalle is going to be one of the more interesting teams in the A10 because they've added 3 or 4 BCS transfers this year. They could be really good if all the transfers play up to expectations and the team chemistry is good. Some other A10 teams appear to be playing Maryland Eastern-Shore level Cupcakes tonight and should get blowout wins.

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