I know we won... but
yes we did
 1/29/2017 1:39:18 PM      Replies: 6

yes we did1/28/2017 6:06:09 PM

Ay yay yay... we are painful to watch.  Do we even run an offense?  

It looks like all we try to do is pass it to Tyler and let him force a shot.  The second and third options are to hope for Yuta or Roland to get an open look.  Tons of congestion at the top of the key, no real offensive sets, terrible in-bounds plays.  Thank goodness we were playing St Louis

rkelley1/28/2017 6:39:16 PM

If Roland were a third option we'd be a lot better. He rides the bench way too much, and that experiment with Bolden and Sina at 1-2 combination just doesn't run the offense.

Roland needs to be in there 30 minutes.


rkelley1/28/2017 6:41:11 PM

Also, why is Jim Crews no the SLU head coach? What an amazing waste forcing him to retire. He was one of the more underrated coaches in basketball. Huge mistake discarding him. He was excellent from 2012-2014, he can't help he graduated that many seniors at once. It takes time to rebuild a small Catholic program like that. 


bigfan1/28/2017 10:37:38 PM

Glad we won.

Shows some gumption. Patrick, Tyler, Jordan, Yuta, Collin Jaren with a big 3,etc. hung in there and got it done. But for 32 minutes, we didn't look good.

St. Louis after a hot streak, missed a lot of open shots, otherwise it mightnot have worked out.

But most distrubing is the fact that we have no penetration, just pass ball around perimeter- or sometimes inside to someone in bad position to do anything--until shot clock is about to expire and then take some misguided shot.

No urgency, even when we are way done.

Glad it worked out, very glad because we often are the ones blowing a big lead,  but wonder if it will work regularly against better competition.

that was ugly1/29/2017 8:22:59 AM

That game set basketball back 25 years... I predict we're going to lose the next 5 in a row and can only see 2 more wins on the schedule.  You're right about the offense.  They are not running what seems like an organized offense.  3 guys crowding at the foul line area trying to feed the ball to Tyler is not an effective offensive system.  Is anybody monitoring what they are doing in practice?

maine colonial1/29/2017 9:04:02 AM

What's challenging this year is not knowing who is going to show up each game. But every game someone seems to get hot and almost all of them have had their moments. Last night it was Patrick Steeves' chance to shine. Who knows who it will be next game? The result of having a new head coach, lots of inexperienced players plus two new transfers playing, and then the injuries to Yuta and Steeves is that 21 games into the season we're still experimenting with lineups. And we're a very streaky team: Win 3; Lose 3; Win 5-of-6; Lose 5-of-6; Win 3. Hopefully we are getting better and we can get through the next four games at least with a split. I'm not sure how it's going to happen but I know the guys are going to battle and the coaches will make adjustments during the game to find match ups they can exploit like going to Steeves inside and Tyler outside when they were matched up with Crawford. URI will be more physical so Tyler is probably going to get hammered a lot like last year when the team prevailed in a really ugly game 62-58. 

long suffering fan1/29/2017 1:39:18 PM

Offense was stagnant.  Too little energy.  Too much standing around, waiting for someone to pound the ball inside to them or pass to them on the wing for a long shot.  No ball rotation or penetration.   Team very much needs a true point guard.  Jordan can be sloppy with his passes, but he can penetrate and dish, and would love to see him have more time at the point.  We also need to figure out how to use Toro, because right now he is giving us nothing on offense and killing us on defense, but for the occasional blocked shot or rebound.  I think our moving away from Smith is an error.  He gives us energy, inside scoring, shot blocking and rebounding.  He needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble, however.


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