Apparently it wasn't just us
3/19/2016 1:47:32 AM 1:47:32 AM

Cincinatti played great today.  They shot over 50%, they hit over 40% from 3 (10-24), and made clutch shots all game.   But despite a top 20 defense they couldn't stop St Joe's offense.  Just like us.  

Also worth noting - big money league teams seeded 5-8 went 3 and 7 against those lower seeded so--called mid-majors.  (I'm including AAC in this because Joe Castiglione and his cronies  treated Tulsa and the others as football powers).   If you include the supposed 3-14 and 4-13 mismatches, the big money boys still only went 9-9 against the rest   Hell, throw in the elite 2 seeds and it was just 12-10. 

I realize that winning or losing one game situations but. My confirmation bias tells me that perhaps they need to realize this Bona going 14-4 in the A10 was every bit as impressive as Pitt going 9-9 in the ACC  



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