Official Announcement Coming Today
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BACCAS929/27/2016 12:15:18 PM

From what I hear.  No idea if Hajj or Carm now. 

Bo Knows9/27/2016 12:20:18 PM

Heard the same. Later today. Neither of the candidates knows or if they do, they are not letting on.

hoopfan789/27/2016 12:30:04 PM

confirmed same thing... no name yet either though

hoopfan789/27/2016 12:34:26 PM

it will be interim coach for the season and a search will start sometime after the new year (or after the season more likely).

BACCAS929/27/2016 12:38:32 PM

What does that do to recruiting for 2017/2018? 

Helps transfers to stay. 

UhOh9/27/2016 12:41:59 PM

Yes. It will happen today. Not sure who. But, in retrospect, I know it has taken admin a seemingly extraordinary amount of time making a decision....yet I understand and hope that it is the result of special consideration and care given our long history of botching up on the BBall coach front. In my time, Gimelstob, Hobbs, now Lonergan. Winning isn't everything, it's how you play the game. Call me a wimp, I stand behind my convictions.

Bo Knows9/27/2016 12:44:51 PM

What did Hobbs do other than not win at the end?

hoopfan789/27/2016 12:56:22 PM

from what i'm hearing it is someone internal and the description does not sound like Hajj... not 100% it means that it is Carm though... previous comments in the thread are definite; this one is more reading tea leaves

hoopfan789/27/2016 12:59:03 PM

realized that "not 100% it means it is Carm though" read funny.  What i was intending to say was that just because it isn't Hajj doesn't mean that it is Carm... 1:05:39 PM

So that means we're looking at Chris Monroe, Rodney Johnson, Jack Kvancz or Mo Joseph? Got to give credit to the athletic department for maintaining secrecy on this.

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 2:59:04 PM

Nice call, hoopfan78.   Obviously you knew to share anything else?

hoopfan789/27/2016 3:05:41 PM

thankfully i don't think much more is left to share.  At this point we can hope for a few things.  Mainly that the University and ML reach some sort of conclusion privately so that they both can move on. 

I hope that the players now feel comfortable enough to put their names to the quotes we all read in the post. 

With PN being quoted in the press release i hope those on this board will believe that the rumors/lies that have been told about him did not have merit.  I'm sure a few will continue to push agenda, but hopefully most can most on to the 16/17 season and further.

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 3:13:04 PM

Don't you think, however, that it is curious that Nero's did not appear to be involved in either the announcement of the termination of Lonergan or the interviewing and hiring of the interim?   Notwithstanding his fluff quote on the new hire, something still smells fishy with PN. 3:13:37 PM

Bo,Bigfan and others,you know who you are.Not gonna say 

youre full of it.But esp. Bo What a bad couple of weeks!

hoopfan789/27/2016 3:16:59 PM

PN was 100% invovled in the intervieweing and decision of who would be the interim. 


Bo Knows9/27/2016 3:19:10 PM

I could be wrong everyday for the next 365 days and I won't be as weak/cowardly as a guy who can only post under "poster". 3:22:44 PM

Touché Bo.Im a coward and you are a fraud.

Rich Maier9/27/2016 3:30:27 PM

hoopfan78 is the only poster who stood by his story throughout and was right as things played out. Interesting that the speculation on a HC was entirely focused on Haji and Carm if GW hired internally. 4:13:24 PM

Poster at 3:22 you give us posters a bad name. 4:13:55 PM

Nero was not 100% involved in the interviews

Bigfan9/27/2016 5:33:40 PM

If we can't convince the Posters and intriguing reference by the last one, to pick a name, how about a side addition.

For example Poster--Anti-ML. Poster-Pro-ML.

Poster--Guest Family. Poster--Former Player. Poster--Former AD Staff Member.  Poster--Loves Nero. Poster--Hates Nero.

Best to pick a regular name (note: doesn't have to be your real name--just any consistent name), so we can at least weigh and respond.

LuvDaGame9/27/2016 6:48:40 PM

Good one Bigfan!!! Lol

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