Taking A Poll- Who Is Going To NYC?
Mike K
 3/31/2016 1:07:40 PM      Replies: 58

Mike K3/28/2016 11:31:47 AM

I'm going. 

NJ Colonial3/28/2016 11:40:10 AM

Me too - plus two other GW fans.

JWF3/28/2016 11:45:00 AM

Going with3 others

Bo Knows3/28/2016 11:48:32 AM

Be there +4 others

Mentzinger3/28/2016 11:55:49 AM


The Dude3/28/2016 12:38:43 PM

I'll be there, with 5 broheimers, one 22 year old lady friend, and 1 mother (yes she's coming, no joke) 

Momma The Dude, is not coming to Scores after the game, thankfully.  Sadly the 22 year old lady friend is ...c'est la vie


gonzo3/28/2016 12:58:25 PM


CH3/28/2016 1:01:15 PM


But we already live here.

EndZone923/28/2016 2:15:43 PM

Going on Thursday if GW makes it. Oops, WHEN they make it. 

jr223/28/2016 2:46:43 PM

ill be there +2.  Assuming The Dude will be the one rocking the backwards hat and sunglasses, high fiving his "broheimers" while scoping out some "tasty" cheerleaders

Igor... Not Yegor 3/28/2016 2:49:58 PM

I'll be there for both days. Bringing a friend. 

Professor Yuta3/28/2016 3:56:53 PM

Wouldn't miss it. i will be there with 5 other friends who live in NYC. I think we're gonna have a good crowd. Raise high!

Bigfan3/28/2016 4:25:33 PM

Indeed, I am going too see our boys in The Garden.

GW_Alum_20043/28/2016 5:15:17 PM

Well, was really hoping to be there but unfortunately will be on a flight to Seattle for work... fortunately, United just sent me an email that the flight will have direct TV for purchase, I've never purchased that before, but I think I finally have a good reason for parting with $6 to watch ESPN!  Go Colonials!

BuffBlue3/28/2016 5:27:49 PM

There for the second half tomorrow, and if they win, there on Thursday.  

The Dude3/28/2016 5:30:27 PM

Backwards hats are for Softball, this is the Garden, show a little respect! I will class it up a little, probably a Long Sleeve GW shirt. over a Polo.  Def have some White Russians before the game. maybe 4. Haha cheerleaders, nah, this is NYC there will be older hotter women everywhere the eye can see, much hotter than our Cheerleaders who have never been exactly the USC Football cheeleaders in the looks department.  Also, I Worked on 36th and 7th for 5 years after GW undergrad, not a bad set of eye candy walking up Fashion Ave right outside MSG.  In the early 90's growing up it was hookerville until that Dbag Rudy cleaned up the area and turned it into a soulless corporate BS like the rest of that Urban Jungle these days.  

As for the Broheimers they are partners at IP law firms, I realize its hard for Mailvan to accept facts as "non lies" but I graduated from GW law in the 2000s.  These guys make way more more money than me and most of you too.   Surely more than the Mailvan and his Roast beef loving posts all day utter nonsense for 11 years self.  

Which reminds me, I have been having trouble reaching one of these Guys at Finnegan and Henderson, so I hope you don't mind I will send a slew of oddly personal and totally fictionalized posts about a limo experience, neither of us ever had, here on this website, as its the only way I know how to reach him, he's having "email issues" and doesn't own a cell phone or landline. Same ol' same ol' we all deal with in the 21st century right?? Hope you don't mind.  Ben old friend, please keep an eye out for some posts and thx again for that delish Roast Beef


Ben from F&H3/28/2016 5:38:07 PM

The Dude, thx, sorry my email is acting up again please continue to only contact me at gwhoops.com, as my phones are not working of course, at home, the cell, and the office too. Best way to reach me before the game will ONLY be gwhoops.com and for the next 2 years or so.  

The Limo to MSG is booked, ML, KH, MJ, TP, BS, FU and TI will be on board of course, and of COURSE I agree w/u 100% as always THE DUDE.  Your bestie forever, Ben from F&H.  100% agree about the Roast Beef being delicious too. Same great cured meats we ate for years at Jets games with Keyshawn, Bo Ryan and Richie Kotite 

The MV3/28/2016 5:52:31 PM

You do realize that you continue to mock me for something that I never initiated, not even once, but only went along with as a joke, don't you?  Of course you don't.  That's because you are a fucking moron, sir.

Oh, and thanks for sharing that charming anecdote about sharing a double bed with another large man, several times, while in Charlottesville.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mike K3/28/2016 5:58:33 PM

Dude, Thanks for hijacking a very simple thread. 

Since '993/28/2016 6:01:33 PM

I will be there. +1, i.e. my mom. She is a super fan as well. Should be exciting. Are we doing beers before the game?

Remember Fort Myer3/28/2016 6:11:08 PM

I am moving tomorrow morning and will be disconnected from internet and tv for 48 hours.  Anyone know a bar in Portsmouth, NH that will be showing the game?

More important, everyone seems like they are in a very good mood about the Garden and the NIT.  Best all season.  



NJ Colonial3/28/2016 6:27:17 PM

Since '99: there is a GW AlumAssoc.sponsored pre-game party in MSG beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Contact Scott Allen: allens@gwu.edu


Since '993/28/2016 6:33:18 PM

@NJ: I will be there. 


side note: the random post name assigned to me was The Dude. should i turn off the lights in the bathroom and chant?

Fly on the Wall3/28/2016 6:56:22 PM

I will be there.  Don't know if I can make tailgate so I haven't rsvp'd yet.

LuvDaGame3/29/2016 12:12:38 AM

Most definitely there!

Levinator3/29/2016 1:32:31 AM

BOOM!  There is absolutely no way I could miss this game!  Headed there with both my brothers- one who is also a GW Alum-as many of you already know.  

Sadly -Levinator Jr. has a test he can't miss. Hoping his schedule is light for Friday!!  Haha. 

So that's 3 of us for tmrw.  This is truly awesome.  When you consider the path GW had to go to get to this point- it's a great honor and credit to get to play in the greatest sports arena in the world on the main stage!  


Looking forward to seeing many old and new faces tomorrow night! 


DKM3/29/2016 8:26:30 AM

me plus 1 -- anyone heard where to go to pick up pre-ordered tickets?

The Dude3/29/2016 8:37:12 AM

He tried to spoon me, don't all 6'4 bros? We had to create a line of demarcation.  He's now a partner in LA at a small law firm, true story.

TO the MECCA! GO GDUB!! TC is beat read and sweaty already and so is The Dude! I'd be lying if I didn't begin the day with the Rocky IV soundtrack

The Dude3/29/2016 8:38:12 AM


Lets make these guys into Drago's face at the end of the flick, metaphorically speaking of course

NJ Colonial3/29/2016 9:29:50 AM

Fly - just show up for the pregame party and they will let you in - Go GW!

NJ Colonial3/29/2016 11:52:10 AM

I think they will, just saw that the tail=gate party is sold out!

Mentzinger3/29/2016 2:15:08 PM

Where is the pre-tailgate tailgate? Getting into town early. 

MV Colonial3/29/2016 4:03:35 PM

Had a committment I couldn't change for tonights game but will take the boat and bus and be there for Thurs. Hopefully I can  get a tailgate and game ticket.Raise High

Igor... Not yegor3/29/2016 4:38:20 PM

Sitting on the Acela train... Heading down from Boston... Having my first (of many) beer of the evening... Guy next to me is a Valpo alum heading down for the game as well. We are exchanging our mutual dislike of Syracuse. I hope we face them in the finals, although sdsu is really good imho. Starting to get a little pumped up!! 

BM3/29/2016 5:02:26 PM

Rather play Valpo or BYU.  SDSU is a bad matchup.

bobo3/29/2016 5:16:01 PM

Is it a problem if any team that can be described as "athletic" is automatically assumed to be a bad match up?

Tennessee Colonial3/29/2016 6:07:05 PM

I wish.

Tennessee Colonial3/29/2016 6:08:38 PM

I mean, I wish I was there. I'll root by myself again tonight.

Levinator3/30/2016 3:02:18 AM

After watching the game from the second row- the bright lights. Historic names and the large crowd at MSG - it was so impressive the way the boys performed.   

GW Alum abroad has this right- the older you are. the more respect inherently you may have for the NIT and its 79 year history.  And yes- what a fantastic List of BIG NAME/MAJOR Conference champions of the NIT.  

I was at the game against #1 Umass, the last second Charlotte game win, and a few other classics.  tonight was a big game but THURSDAY- a NIT championship win is definitely a top 5 fro the program.  There is tremendous respect and prestige with being a champion of a 79 year old tourney.  Sure- many of is prefer a Sweet 16 win in the NCAA.  But until that game happens- tonight was a top 10 and may even be top 5 because we played so well the whole game.  Very proud to be a Colonial tonight.  Can't wait for Valpo 

Columbia Heights Colonial3/30/2016 10:37:57 AM

Just bought my tickets with three other friends for the championship! Can't think of a better reason to take a half day of work. 

How was the GW crowd tuesday? It looked like we had a decent amount, should be more tomorrow. 

Igor... Not yegor3/30/2016 10:56:29 AM

Really fun game... The pregame event was full and sold out. Our ability to totally dominate that team was shocking. My Wednesday morning hangover is much more predictable. I'm staying on through Friday morning. Let's bring this mother home!!! 

Hugh Jaynus3/30/2016 11:05:25 AM

I'll be there with Skittles

BC3/30/2016 11:15:39 AM

I hope everybody found the grate of their choice to be comfortable.   How is the Brooklyn Hotel?

Steveg2023/30/2016 5:46:35 PM

Meeting old classmate Mike K in NYC tomorrow (Thursday) for the Championship. Hopefully I'll see of Herve's cast of characters at the Garden.  Thanks for keeping this interesting, everyone. Even the weather is supposed to be nice.  Lower East side shopping, deli, and maybe fortunate enough to find a Sbarro somewhere. 

fire karl Hobbs 3/30/2016 6:44:38 PM

The Fire Karl Hobbs boys will be there with bells on!




Long Suffering Fan3/30/2016 6:51:18 PM

i will be there.  Sorry

Gw2123/30/2016 7:47:40 PM

A GW grad and old friend owns a  sweet sports bar on west 30th right near garden. If we win, meet there. It is called Deweys pub. I want to see who you guys are? Only if a Vic  


Gw693/30/2016 8:31:52 PM

LSF ----- so glad you will be there! I cannot make it,so I am

looking forward to your posts on the game. Go GW!

The Dude3/30/2016 8:39:29 PM

Cool, book a table for 3, for me, Mailvan and Bo Knows.  sorry, fuzzy math, that's a table for 2, my bad.  

We'll actually def be hitting up Scores or something pimped out like that if GW wins the NIT. Its not wholesome or healthy, but as the kids say "YOLO" (that's You Only Live Once for the over 45 set here, which I think is about 85% of the board)  So yea, YOLO.  GO GW!!!


82' TKE3/30/2016 9:26:37 PM

Just got tickets for 3 old alumni! See you there!!!

Buff and Blue '823/30/2016 10:06:46 PM

I will be there along with two young alumni. 

NYC GW HOOPS3/30/2016 10:16:34 PM

But of course

Tk3/30/2016 10:22:07 PM

looks like I have our Corp suite. Whoo free hot dogs

Bigfan3/30/2016 11:04:37 PM

Heading to.Garden again

Want to visit TK's suite

GW Bar Owner3/31/2016 9:59:12 AM

GW212 mentioned a bar near MSG owned by a GW alumnus.  That's me.  The bar is called Dewey's Pub and it is at 135 West 30th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).  If there's some interest we can do some kind of special for GW fans pre-game or post-game tonight.  In any event, it's good food and 25 beers on tap.

NJ Colonial3/31/2016 11:40:26 AM

Dewey's - that's good to know!

maypoman3/31/2016 1:07:40 PM

Me and three new Gdub fans from NY.

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