Question for College Basketball Afficianados
11/16/2016 7:50:01 PM

GoGDub11/16/2016 7:50:01 PM

Recently, some friends and I were discussion the most important position in today's college basketball game.  3 of us thought that point guard was the most important position.  2 of the people thought power forward was most important and 1 person thought that small forward was most important.  I, along with two others, feel the pont guard is most important because the game is becoming faster and a point guard is vital to breaking down the defense. and because he sets the tempo. 2 of the guys believe power forward is most important because good ones can dominate the glass and score.  And lastly, 1 guy thought the small forward was most important because the better 3s give coaches a lot of flexibility.   

Anyone have opinions?

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