10/29/2017 12:16:56 AM      Replies: 22

Height: 6-6
Weight: 205
Position: shooting guard
State: VA
Committment: medium

dmvpiranha7/13/2017 12:44:55 PM

Where would we be without wishful thinking?


dmvpiranha7/13/2017 12:49:12 PM

Syracuse, Texas, George Washington, Marquette, & the Kevin Durant here watching Boo Williams-City Rocks

Keldon Johnson.


Verbal Commits





greenpoint ny7/13/2017 2:46:36 PM

I like that fact that MOJO has the balls to try to steal top recruits from the high major programs. 


the mv7/13/2017 3:15:54 PM

Oh come on.  Please stop with the hollow compliments.  Next thing you know, we'll be reading how great it is that MoJo brushes his teeth when he first wakes up in the morning.  Recruiting a high level player does not take any balls.  It's no different than what any GW coach has ever done.  GW is a high level midmajor program.  Chances are that if it recruits nothing but 4 or 5 star players, or if it recruits nothing but 1 or 2 star players, the program likely will end up disappointed, either due to an inability to land any high level players or because the players who accept will not be good enough.  Realizing this, it has always had a calculated plan where they can reach for the stars with a few, aggressively pursue many at the correct level for them, and have a few lesser level guys they can stay in touch with but not offer in case they are eventually needed to fill spots.  this philosophy has been true of every GW coach I can recall and it's largely due to the program's positioning within the sport's landscape.  Again, it would be nice if this board could get back to calling things the way they really are.  Believe me, when he signs Keldon Johnson or someone like him, I'll be congratulating him profusely.


thomas7/13/2017 3:50:59 PM

Do you think its possible that whoever wrote this tweet confused GEORGE Washington with GEORGEtown?? Through the years, we've seen instances in which an out-of-towner writes something about one of the local 'George's' and ends up confusing Georgetown, George Mason and George Washington!! Keldon Johnson's brother is a rising junior at Georgetown and they are recruiting him hard, so I'm assuming Georgetown was at this even too. Also, the guy who posted this mentions that K.Johnson is in the class of 2019, he's actually a senior in the class of 2018.


greenpoint ny7/13/2017 3:55:34 PM

Here we go again MV. Hollow? Last time I checked we only have pulled high level players through transfers. I have been following pretty close on who we have been going after past few years. Only a couple 4-5 star players if any. I appreciate you disecting my one sentence with such pinpoint accuracy and I am flattered with the amount of interest you have in my hollow posts.

Here is one to keep you busy for the rest of the night:

MOJO is doing a hell of a job recruiting while brushing his teeth! Go on my friend have at it. I look forward to your analysis!


thinker7/13/2017 3:59:37 PM


He is a City Rocks kid and that's Carm's AAU program so it's hardly a stretch. And we're listed as "watching" which is hardly making a huge play for a player. There's no proof that we're even there watching that particular kid since schools can't really say who they are there to watch.


I totally agree with you that us recruiting any particular player can hardly be called ballsy. Almost any serious coach is going to have a very good eye for top end talent. Going after a player isn't any particular risk. Now schools are limited to a certain number of official visits per year. So a school like GW would be stupid to use all those visits up on 4 stars players who aren't likely to come to GW. You need to use some of those visits on guys who might very well come to GW. Otherwise it doesn't mean much of anythng to recruit any particular player.

the mv7/13/2017 4:08:42 PM

Lonergan went hard after Martin Geben who ended up at Notre Dame.  Hobbs showed a lot of interest in Josh Hart who won a national championship and was a first round draft pick.  There's two without giving it virtually any thought.

Thinker, one correction.  Johnson is not a City Rocks guy.  He plays for Boo Wlliams out of Virginia who coaches are watching play against City Rocks at a summer AAU event.

greenpoint ny7/13/2017 4:31:47 PM

Thinker - I appreciate you thinking on this one. I am just going by what the tweet stated. I see your point, BUT why they hell would he waste his time "watching" when he has no interest in the kid? My point was that we are not afraid to battle with the high majors for talent, especially MOJO who is only in his 2nd year as head coach.  Now if it was Lonergan with 30 years experience, I wouldnt of wrote a damn thing. To me, it showed that he is not intimidated and that he believes he can bang with any program.


dmvpiranha7/13/2017 5:59:08 PM

Just to clarify: the coaching staff was in to see the Boo Williams (VA) AAU basketball team against the City Rocks (NY). Keldon Johnson, who plays for Boo Williams, has not yet been offered but is one of many players that they are looking at in the game. As was previously mentioned in the thread, City Rocks is Carm's team and Boo Williams is a team that we've always recruited (Swan is one name that I remember being on the team from a previous year) so I'm not surprised that the staff was in to watch them today. Not sure why there is any complaining that we are looking at a top player in the class whether we end up offering him or not. St. Louis has landed a consensus top 10 player next year so I don't see why we shouldn't swing for the fences. I may have misread the previous comments but just wanted to put that out there because I feel like I'm at fault for starting the thread (and the Coach Carm interview thread from earlier in the month) with all the arguments that sometime go on around here. 


ziik the peasant7/13/2017 6:12:55 PM

The board is screwier on a daily basis, DMV. Some guys just seem to want to drive off others. 

You make fact-based posts. What the hell is the harm in that? 

Keep at it, please.



gw hoops7/14/2017 11:46:50 AM

we get excited over anyone we sign, all the transfers we signed averaged a combined 6 points at their last schools 


notta hater7/14/2017 12:18:38 PM

MV, Greenpoint was making a statement about something he liked. I am not sure why you bitch-slapped him for that. I think some coaches have employed the Nash equilibrium theory and gone directly to recruit a person that is not a top 20 team staple recruit and hope that the person is one day a mid-major starter. It's refreshing for others to think that no recruit is beyond our reach and that we should try for them. I think it takes balz to do it because it reflects to others what you think about yourself and your program. You run a huge risk of ridicule by your peers. Your statement only reflects that other have balz also not that it does not take balz to do it.


the dude7/14/2017 1:52:29 PM

Cheers to that Notta, well stated.


the mv7/14/2017 2:01:50 PM

Notta, not really intended as a bitch-slap as much as an observation that those who are glad that ML is gone really needn't convey that everything MoJo does is necessarily wonderful.  All GW coaches have gone after high level prospects in the past.  In this regard, MoJo is only doing his job and hopefully doing it well.  The fact that he is young and not intimidated almost comes off as insulting.  He can't afford to come across as being intimidated by other coaches or big time players and nobody likely knows that more than MoJo.  Sorry to Greenpoint if it came across as overly harsh.  Like I said, that would likely be due to making this larger point than solely Greenpoint's post.

bigfan7/14/2017 3:16:32 PM

Don't think it's an act of great courage, but glad if Mojo wants to sign any highly sought after recruits, he certainly is welcome to do so. Will be thrilled, assuming they are a positive force in general.

However, we should have one more roster spot to fill for this year.

While it's getting close to the 11th hour and is also a busy time for 2018 and beyond, that also should be a priority if possible. Especially if there is someone with a year of elgibility.

Someone in Zeke's situation or someone decent who decides late would be terrific, though don't know if lightning can strike again at this late time. Should be on the lookout though.


ziik the peasant7/14/2017 6:08:24 PM

Is the Great Divide really over the ML crowd vs. the Mojo crowd?

I sort of doubt that, because its been a problem on the board for maybe 12-14 years now.



rich maier7/14/2017 7:32:52 PM

Bigfan, agree Zeke was a diamond in the rough. You seem to evaluate our new players based on their stats. Zeke averaged 2.5/ppg and 3.6/rpg not overwhelming stats you would agree. So why don't you and Shit for Brains give our new players a chance to prove themselves. If they fail to perform up to your expectations you can gloat about it. Have a nice weekend.

Go Ziik and family!


the dude7/14/2017 8:51:52 PM

Well stated Rich!


thinker7/14/2017 10:47:43 PM

Going to watch games between high level teams is a no brainer. Maybe you can grab a big recruit, maybe you can spot a good player who is an underrecruited teammate of the "big" recruit. Maybe you meet and curry favor with the coaches. Maybe when the big recruit goes to a bigger school and fails, he remembers the smaller school that recruited him. Everybody takes note of who is out there recruiting - coaches, players all notice - "Gosh MoJo and GW are everywhere!" The recruiting game is bigger than a player by player process.

I believe that Hobbs found Tony Taylor when he went to watch Sean Kilpatrick, his teammate. I believe they found Trey Davis while scouting Antwan Spacey. It's pretty common because everybody is trying to find the under-the-radar recruit.

And in this part of the year, that's all there is for coaches to do - go watch games. And with 4 coaches going 7 days a week -- that's a ton of games.

the dude7/14/2017 11:18:08 PM

Yeah Thinker, one can see why they limit it to 4 Coaches who can do this.  If unlimited Kentucky, Duke and UNC would have a sea of 100 of these guys out there. 4 for all is a good rule. No matter how big or small.

The problem for the board Ziik, for those 12-14 years, is the same 2 guys who have been behind every problem with the board for 12-14 years.  Well you would know, you've been here those 12-14 years.  


ziik the peasant7/15/2017 2:02:02 PM

I suppose the point, Rich et al., is that recruiting is too important a task to be delegated to the Coach and his staff.

We have experts on the board, after all, and Coach is only the third ranket assistant, still, in some  minds.


bobo7/15/2017 3:54:18 PM

"Shit for brains"?

There's a lot of anger on this board.


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