CSU To Part Ways With Eustachy
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gw05092/8/2018 3:26:34 PM


former colonial2/9/2018 1:43:17 AM

Biggest douche bag coach since Lonergan. 


the mv2/9/2018 9:36:42 AM

I'll make one correction for anyone who subscribes to Former Colonial's assertion...Eustachy was a douchebag well before Lonergan.  You would have to go back at least to his Iowa State days in the late 1990's.

tess tickals2/9/2018 12:17:56 PM

of course you will


dominic2/9/2018 12:29:04 PM

Both coaches: abusive, and bad hair. Any connection? Inquiring minds would want to know. 


formercolonial2/9/2018 12:54:16 PM

The minions are at it again. Coach Lonergan was well respected and well liked and was innocent of all the false allegations. There has never been a player that said he abused them in any way or used homophobic language. As I said before, ask the players and his coworkers. We were there.


mentzinger2/9/2018 1:44:43 PM

It really is amazing 1) the flood of new names 2) the flood of fake names, 3) the number of posts from groups 1 and 2 concerned only with 2 topics, neither basketball related: 1) discrediting and slandering GW fans who question the circumstances and poor outcome of ML's firing and 2) discrediting ML. This is even as GW is enduring a historically bad season, with no improvement on the horizon.

I ask myself: Who would benefit from such a campaign? Who would try to divert attention from the strange departure of a successful coach, forced by an athletic director himself forced out, as the team nosedives into oblivion on the court with no improvement in sight?


gw05092/9/2018 2:17:08 PM

I don't know if that was directed at me but I am really not trying to slander anyone who feels like ML shouldn't have been fired. 

I posted about this story last February, bringing it up in the context that our situation was not some outlier.  You can call it the players being soft or snowflakes, but the reality is the dynamic between player and coach is changing.  And if you look at the quotes from a year ago, you can see that some of Eustachy's players defended him, while others, anonymously, said Eustachy emotionally abused them.  

Interesting wrinkle here was the CSU AD wanted Eustachy fired last year but was overruled by the University president who thought they did not have enough to fire him for cause.  Now they are trying to fire him for cause after giving him a zero tolerance policy.  Coincidentally, Eustachy has about $3 million left on his contract.


bigfan2/9/2018 3:21:58 PM

Well we know GW is paying ML big bucks or he wouldn't have settled. Wish he didn't, so we can see the court papers.

This whole thing smelled bad from the get go--and continues to reek as GW fans pay the price for a very curious set of actions.

Those of you exulting in slamming the former winning coach without any player problems except really hogging the A10 All-Academic team and who buy into this whole bizarre narrative, enjoy.

This year's for you.

Just act like a decent human being toward your fellow posters who have fact-formed points of view.



chet2/9/2018 8:23:51 PM

Mentzinger, some guys will say absolutely anything to take the heat off St. Mike having been fired for cause. They'd like to pretend The Washington Post faux-sourced a story, just to be "Politically Correct." 

Some other guys dislike the notion that the coach would abuse his players to the point of psychic distress, and then seek to divert attention from his own misdeeds by saying his boss was worse.

Still other guys want to claim nothing happened at all. Players came in, couldn't play, were induced to transfer away from GW, all because The Dude said some mean things about them on GWHoops. 

Then there's a whole slew of people who no longer believe any facts, no longer believe what they see and hear and touch and feel. They just want to create some fantasy about a GW basketball program, and concoct some remotely conceivable theory about how GW had a highly successful basketball program, and just threw it away, costing itself an unnecessary $99,000.00 in settlement costs, simply to bug the shit out of fans and high rollers.

Points of view? Here, most of them are fantasies. 


bigfan2/9/2018 10:33:59 PM

Some ignore the obvious.

gw future2/10/2018 2:23:04 AM

ML and Eustachy are great coaches!  Winners who terrorized their kids with abuse = winning!  In my day you took the kid to the shed and beat the shit out of him.  Anything to win.  Doesn't last too long as no kids want to play for abusive assholes. I know because I am one myself! Best AAU Coach in Bowie! 


gw05092/13/2018 2:14:58 PM

CSU will promote 30 year-old second-year assistant coach as interim coach for the remainder of season


thomas2/13/2018 2:29:08 PM

Chet, well said!! I actually Liked your comment twice!!

GW0509, I agree with your comment about certain posters acting as if ML's situation is totally different from the other Angry, Abusive, Bullying Coaches who got fired. ALL of these abusive coaches who got fired had former players defend them, and almost all of those coaches denied any wrongdoing/pointed the finger at everyone else, just like ML. 


gwstaff2/13/2018 2:35:40 PM

Mor lies from the minions. There has never been any evidence of wrongdoing or any player saying ML was abusive. Just the anonymous lies. That is why ML is sitting pretty now. ML has never pointed the finger at anyone. He has quietly maintained his innocence and is enjoying life. We are the ones suffering now from the false allegations and his unjust firing.


gw alum abroad2/13/2018 2:38:02 PM

Wow. The CSU clusterfuck makes GW's look quaint. Alas, MoJo no longer holds the title "youngest head coach".


nj colonial2/13/2018 2:41:03 PM

When they look for a new head coach next seaon, I hope they don't get Joe Dooley.  I still think he would be great to have back back in Foggy Bottom, sooner or later.  A Colonial leadng the Colonials.


mentzinger2/13/2018 3:04:02 PM

Dooley is off limits because of the treatment from PN when hiring MoJo.


rich maier2/13/2018 3:21:53 PM

Mentzinger, you have only one priority. Try to save a FIRED coach's name. I assume you liked it when lonergan threw his players under the bus as many of us observed and commented here.


nj colonial2/13/2018 3:52:58 PM

Mentz:  PN is gone and there is a new president in Rice Hall.  And GW is still Joe's Alma Mater.


edward2/14/2018 1:34:12 PM

They fired this guy? What ML did was far worse. I guess abusive bullying gets you fired these days. 


mentzinger2/14/2018 1:44:15 PM

I've never had a problem with coaches who call out players in interviews. Maybe a motivator for some players.

Speaking of motivations, Rich, it's interesting you know what mine is. (It's actually to find out what really happened.)

Being clairvoyant should serve you well in the circus.


mentzinger2/14/2018 1:47:30 PM

NJC: Everyone here knows me as the guy who's advocated for Dooley being hired the last two times we had openings because, as of last year, he was the only GW alum with a winning record as a head coach, a national championship ring as an assistant coach, and a career track that would have brought him straight to us.

The most recent time, I was misinformed when I said he had not been given an interview. He had, apparently, then was rejected by voicemail message. It's at that point that Dooley told others that he would no longer deal with GW. So he's off the table barring a big offer and a promise that the old guard who fucked things up with him (Nero) is gone.


bigfan2/14/2018 3:34:38 PM

Voicemail message for a former player applying for a job? Good job. Way to build alliances with an up and coming coach and alumnus.

Combined with Darnell's treatment, just great how we have treated former players when it is not in the PR spotlight.




tess tickals2/14/2018 3:43:12 PM

Bigfan you really do believe anything, don't you?

Mentzinger you seemed to be "misinformed" frequently


bigfan2/14/2018 6:53:06 PM

Not believe, Tess. Know.

As does anyone who knows anything worthwhile about the program.

Thought the real gullible charge would disappear with the sudden "resignation" in December.

squid2/14/2018 11:47:11 PM

I think the argument that no players ever said anything bad about Longeran is a strange one -- not that the Post never makes mistakes, but I would assume that those anonymous people are only anonymous to us. The Post knows who they are and presumably (following basic journalistic guidelines) did research to verify the stories. I really doubt the stories came from some anonymous email or unsigned letter so the Post had no idea who they were, and no verification that it really was a GW player or that it actually happened.


bigfan2/14/2018 11:55:07 PM

Will let others explain what was wrong.

former colonial2/15/2018 1:13:14 AM

Seriously ML is an abusive bully prick. Eustachy too. Good riddance. 


dave2/15/2018 1:41:48 PM

Squid I do agree. 


rich maier2/16/2018 5:28:46 PM

I just sent out a copy of my GW transcript again. Did anyone receive it?


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