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neil2/13/2018 12:12:00 PM

1.  How happy are you GW is in last place.

2.  How happy are you with terrible Atlantic 10 ticket locations in DC.

3. Should GW continue with this last place coaching staff.

4.  Are you happy season holders ready to renew at increased rates.

 Let’s tell the truth to the administration that monitors this site.

Raise High go GW.


nj colonial2/13/2018 12:17:20 PM

1.  Not happy at all.  Very upset and frustrated.

2.  If you mean seating location for GW fans, haven't looked at it yet.


4.  I am a long-time season ticketholder (Buff Seats) and will consider a seat upgrade if I see progress made on the A.D. hire and coaching evaluation.

Raise High!


gw05092/13/2018 12:37:05 PM

1. Not happy.  Feel like this team should probably be about 4 games better than it is.

2. I never go to the A-10 tournament and wasn't planning on it this year.

3. All depends on who the new AD is and whether or not they believe in Mojo.  I will say eventually a new AD will want to put in place his/her own personnel so they can be judged by their decision-making.  Wouldn't be shocked if an assistant or two moves on for one reason or another.

4. I still get young alumni rates so my prices won't be too bad.  I will reup.


gw alum abroad2/13/2018 1:36:31 PM

1) Meh. Didn't have high hopes preseason and they have not been exceeded.

2) I am too far away to worry, but with all the empty seats moving to better seats for GW's prelim round afternoon game should not be a problem, so don't you worry either.

3) MoJo has done nothing "fireable" (unlike Penders, GG and ML). 

4) Be true to your school.


nj colonial2/14/2018 11:31:29 AM

C'mon Colonials, posting to this thread is more constructive than obsessing over departed coaches and athletic directors....


dominic2/14/2018 11:46:02 AM

I think GWAA nailed my sentiments. 

Coach Maurice did fine last season, when Coach Mike left his guys in the lurch.

Coach Maurice showed he can juggle a team, without dropping the balls. 

GW gave Coach Maurice a contract to keep juggling the team, with explicit parameters for performance and success.

Both parties, GW and Coach Maurice, now are obligated  to  give each other a fair shot at success.

If success does not come after a reasonable time, the parties' contract will govern how they part ways. 

I agree entirely with GWAA about ML, TP, and GG having given GW ample cause for dismissal. Heck, two of the three gave ample cause for criminal prosecution. 


gonzo2/14/2018 11:47:57 AM

1. Disappointed for sure. 

2. No idea; usually dont go. 

3. I'll wait for a new AD and their vision for the department and program.

4. I'm a blue seater and will pay the increase for costs next year.  


dave2/14/2018 12:58:28 PM

1)  Given the head coach, I predicted 12-14 wins and an 11th place finish in the A10.  In a conference with Fordham and George Mason, it's simply unacceptable to finish in 14th place out of 14 teams.

2)  Last place teams get the worst seats.  Bring binoculars.

3)  Absolutely not.  We're on pace to lose by an average of 16.5 points to an average team on a neutral court next season.  That would be good for 328th out of 351 teams (MEAC territory).

4)  Donations are down, and decision making has not been this regime's strong suit, so what do you expect? 

Amateur hour in the athletic department (particularly at the top of the department and the men's basketball team) should be cleaned out ASAP so that we can begin to regain the momentum and optimism (not to mention donations boost) in the immediate aftermath of the NIT championship run.


endzone922/14/2018 2:58:44 PM

1.  Sad about being in the bottom of the conference this year (who cares if it's last or 10th, still depressing).  

2.  Don't care about seats at Verizon/CapOne.  If they are in bad location, i'm not surprised given how little fan support GW gets, even when they are good.   The good seats should go to the teams that will sell the seats.  

3.  Echoing NJ Colonial, hire a high-quality AD and get the ship going in the right direction again.  I think MoJo should get one more year, but woudn't be sad to see the other staff go because I'm assuming there is a lot of tension there (lowest level assistant gets picked above the others?).  I also liked the idea someone proposed weeks ago about having some sort of associate head coach with lots of experience to come help out (like Mike Jarvis) in an ideal world where that was affordable.

4.  I'm HAPPY to renew my endzone tickets.  Even if they are going up in price, they are still a huge bargain.  


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