Jim Boeheim
ziik the bomb thrower
 3/20/2017 8:32:22 PM      Replies: 4

ziik the bomb thrower3/20/2017 12:16:55 PM

Just signed a lifetime contract. Again. Based on some young guy's life.

Syracuse has to rename itself, Boeheim University, before he will agree to depart.


bc3/20/2017 2:06:20 PM

He has to make up for those games the NCAA took away.  I wonder if the new U of Washington coach signed before of after the Syracuse decision to extend Boeheim?

notta hater3/20/2017 3:08:57 PM

Hopkins said he was leaving after he had spoken to Boeheim who had given him his blessings. No doubt that was a talking point. He had been designated as the coach-in-waiting and was given a good contract. Going to Boeheim helped in define how long the wait would be.

ziik3/20/2017 3:11:07 PM

I think Boeheim's contract calls for him to be HC for the life of his young (now former) assistant.

2cents3/20/2017 8:32:22 PM

This seems to be a pretty good analysis.

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