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the dude12/6/2017 8:52:33 PM

GW wins with a very solid game after a slow start.  Jair fuego shooting, BoZ very strong game, Steeves on the offensive glass.  BoZ really flashed his full set of strong skills, finishing around the rim, work on the glass, and shot blocking.  Very nice.  Strong defensive effort, limited the 3's from Princeton.  Career high from Jair, great shooting night.  Game ball to Jair.

Thoughts? Observations?!



gw6912/6/2017 8:57:53 PM

Dude!! You nailed it at 71-60. I had 73-60! Holy moly.Thats my first thought.


the dude12/6/2017 8:58:22 PM

GW 37 boards, Einstein's 2nd home, 23.


the dude12/6/2017 8:59:44 PM

Wow, Doc! haha I sure did.  Stuck it perfectly wow.  You were darn close!


gw alum abroad12/6/2017 9:05:11 PM

Yeah, but Princeton can still point to Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations while we are stuck with SJT's suggestion that the best way frats can prevent rape is by having parents teach daughters not to drink...


lets go12/6/2017 9:08:46 PM


- Efficient game from Jair. Really impressed with his confidence this year. 

- Williams continues to impress in limited minutes. He gets to the rim

- BoZig got a few put back baskets and even had a hook shot fall!

- The offense looked terrible. A lot of Jair overdribbling. Yuta had at least 4-5 inches over his defender and they didn't once take advantage of it. Instead, he camped at the three point line the whole game and took bad shots. 

I saw a huge improvement in ball movement the last two games when GW decided to run their offense from the high post through Steeves and Toro. It's reverted back to what it was before (no ball movement, a lot of iso). 






herve12/6/2017 9:15:57 PM

I somewhat recall someone who looked and smelled like me make the suggestion of Steeves at high-post running the offense through that spot and not the PG a few weeks ago.


ziik the senile old man12/6/2017 9:21:06 PM

Others have played the same tune, herve. 

Great ones. Like a guy in my house.

Look at the stats, and its not much. But Steeves played all the angles, and clearly taught BoZ something.

I wonder if Mojo can coach?


nj colonial12/6/2017 9:25:40 PM

The Columbian Baptists beat the Jersey Presbyterians! This season is getting good.


lets go12/6/2017 9:29:02 PM

You deserve credit for that Herve. 

Don't know why Mojo stopped doing it. I don't think I saw them get it to Steeves/Toro in the high post once tonight. Biggest reason GW struggled from the three point line tonight in my opinion. 

I favor ball movement and getting guys in their spots. Jair dribbling for 20 seconds and then shooting/passing it off for someone else to jack up a shot to beat the clock is bad offense to me (even if it wins games)



maine colonial12/6/2017 9:36:27 PM

Sweet revenge for beating us in Squash. 


tennessee colonial12/6/2017 9:53:26 PM

Saw that Loyola (Chicago) beat Florida at Florida 65-59. Loyola is 9-1.


nj colonial12/6/2017 9:54:36 PM

And Temple beat Wisconsin.


the dude12/6/2017 10:07:06 PM

Good call, Ziik, Herve, others.

Temple indeed beat Wisconsin.  Temple's first home game of the year.  Temple is going to be a really nice OOC win for us.  Once more, big kudos to Temple for playing such a tough OOC.  Impressive. Hope it earns them a NCAA trip.


gwg12/6/2017 10:09:45 PM

Toro and Steeves seemed to be having a hard time getting open and into position to receive the ball inside, kept the offense a bit one dimensional.

Slow start, but picked up in the second half and finished strong. Good game, this team can play when theyre all on the same page. Mazzula and Terry passed up some open looks down the stretch, would have liked to see them take those shots even if they don't go in. Good team effort with a lot of hustle plays, credit to the players and the coach.


tennessee colonial12/6/2017 10:18:21 PM

Young uns are learning. Seems like a number of people did play.


dmvpiranha12/6/2017 10:24:12 PM

Very nice to pull out a hard fought, gritty win tonight. I thought the defensive intensity was there especially in crunch time. It was to be expected that Cannady was going to get his points (we did lose him a couple of times but for the most part made it tough on him; thankfully he only realized he could get to the rim when time was starting to run out), but we did well to limit Stephens after he was starting to get in a groove early in the second half. How about shutting out their PG Bell and having him turn the ball over six times!! Very encouraging. We were also able to shut out Morgan State's leading scorer when we played them so to do that twice to two double figure scorers is awesome.

The key for me coming into the game was of course rebounding where we had an advantage against a team that doesn't do very well in that category. We dominated there today (37-23 advantage) along with 18 offensive rebounds. Not sure I've seen us have that many boards on the offensive end in a long time. I was a bit disappointed to see use outscored in the paint in the first half but we did much better in the second half and gave them NO second chance points in the second 20 minutes. That helped us pull away. Turnovers were also cut down a bit which is something Mojo mentioned he has challenged the team to limit during the postgame interview. It was also encouraging to see that we won away by double digits when our threes were starting to not fall. Crunch time foul shooting wasn't a factor today, but we have struggled so far in that category for the season. Expected for a young team, but that's something that needs to be simulated in practice. Also liked to see us outshoot them 22-5 from the line. Moving forward, we should continue to try to get into the bonus as early as possible. This is a surprisingly good free throw shooting team outside of crunch time. I also thought Mojo did a noticeably good job with rotations tonight. Yuta is getting at least a few minutes off every night thanks to a bit more depth. Also got to see all the combinations of Jair-Terry, Justin-Jair, and Justin-Terry at various points tonight.

Player breakdown:

Patrick - I thought he could have looked for his shot a bit more early on when he passed it out but man his passing was on another level tonight. There was a moment in the second half when he overthrew his pass for Arnaldo. How did he respond? A couple plays later, he hit Arnaldo perfectly for a finger roll. That's what seniors do. He and Yuta are also very capable at delivering no look passes from the perimeter (as was shown today). We should try to get Patrick out on the perimeter more to utilize this. His offensive rebounding effort was much appreciated as well tonight. He and Arnaldo could develop some sort of competition for most offensive rebounds if he keeps up this effort every night. Someone needs to show him videos of his three point shooting stroke when he played for Harvard. Remains very confusing how he was able to shoot that well from distance in the past.

Arnaldo - I'm noticing that he's being a bit more patient when finishing inside instead of rushing his putbacks. It's definitely helping him raise his conversion attempts on second chance attempts, and shooting overall. Him developing a three point stroke is noteworthy as well, and adds another dimension to his arsenal to keep defenses honest. Also does a good job of not forcing it and knowing when to make the extra pass out to the perimeter for the open shot. I think playing him ~25 minutes a game keeps him fresh.

Jair - shooters gonna shoot. Didn't get down when the first shots didn't fall, and we are really going to need him for scoring moving forward. I like that he knows his hot spots on the court and that he is able to create space when he is one-on-one for his jump shots which helps his chances of making the shot. A bit flat on his foul shooting down the stretch, but he is one of our more reliable players from the line. Playing him off the ball more has already done wonders. I wouldn't be opposed to having him bring the ball up in crunch time though. He has definitely improved breaking the press - credit to him.

Yuta - thought he forced the ball up a couple of times when his shot was contested, but it's nice to see his 3pt shot fall with a bit more consistency. That block he made on a shot by Stephens was big time. We started to allow penetration by Cannady towards the end which was unfortunate. I've mentioned before that it's impossible to expect Yuta to block and contest every drive to the rim. We were able to take them off the three point line late, which is good (rather give up two than three) but we still can't afford to give guards clear lanes to the basket. The opposition will be smart enough to use their bodies to shield and raise the height of which they shoot off the backboard once Yuta starts to block them. Also think he has to do a better job tightening up his dribbling - he is a bit loose often times which makes it easy to turn it over.

Terry - has to be the unluckiest player when it comes to foul calls. He has the opportunity to make all defense in the future if he develops more strength and Mojo gets the most out of him. We will need it once Yuta graduates. I thought he was a bit tentative on his shooting from the offensive end (partly due to the fact that his shots come when we need a last second shot before the shot clock runs out), but he did have a highlight getting an and one driving to the basket and finishing nicely. We need to set more picks for him to get to the basket. He will be more efficient with more layup attempts. Also needs to work on crunch time foul shooting like the rest of the team but I do see an improvement from the line overall from him. Seemed to be a bit banged up late in the game (maybe just a quad tightening up). Hope he is okay.

Bo - he is a freak athlete and sometimes I feel I expect too much from him which is unfair of me. Against less athletic teams like Princeton I thought he would dominate taking it to the rim at will but he isn't very good handling the ball when asked to do to much to create his own shot. That said, he did a very good job today finishing at the rim and pulling down some big rebounds once again after his effort against Temple. Clearly his rebounding is something Mojo must have stressed during practice. We got a good glimpse at his defensive capabilities as well with two blocks including a big one late. If we can get him to be a guy that can contest shots underneath without fouling (especially against less offensively capable teams) he could be our version of Ian Mahinmi which would be big for us to give us a defensive presence and take away drives to the rim (and put less pressure on Yuta to do it all the time). Also had a BS foul called on him when the Princeton player traveled. Job well done today overall.

Justin - looked a bit tentative early on (nearly had his pass intercepted in the back court when he was put into the game but luckily Princeton wasn't able to capitalize) but I am continuing to see development as the floor general we need. He tends to defer to other players when he has a chance to take a shot which will also improve with time. Picked up another nice couple of assists today (finding Bo underneath and Yuta open for 3). Got closer to 20 minutes today which is good. Also notable that he has taken a few charges this season on defense (including one in the first half today) and has shown good defensive instincts early on in his GW career. He is a high IQ basketball player.

Juice - got a bit more time today and made some key plays that will get overlooked. Had a big steal that would have been an easy two fastbreak points had he not gotten tripped up. Also had a couple of big offensive rebounds (when he didn't even have good position underneath) that were very impressive and he was able to finish on a second chance opportunity inside after rebounding his own miss. He is our spark plug and I'm glad he's on our team and contributing. Always brings extra energy and has an impact even if it's not direct. 

We head to State College, PA for a road matchup against the Nittany Lions who have played a bit better than I expected going into the season. I still don't see them finishing all that high in the Big Ten, but it will be another good test for us with the addition hurdle of it being on the road. It gives me some assurance that we will be competitive at the very least given the development that the team has had of late. Let's gun for four in a row Saturday!       


the dude12/6/2017 11:23:21 PM

DMV, needless to say, great stuff, love the player insights.  1 pushback on your last thought, Penn St is 41st in KenPom, came into the year an NCAA bubble type team and has played even better. A program gradually on the rise and maybe their best squad this year.  That road game is gonig to be one tough nut to crack!



long suffering fan12/6/2017 11:42:35 PM

I thought we played pretty well tonight.  Princeton is a very well coached and disciplined team that had 2 excellent ball players in Cannady and Stephens.   If you  noticed, when Yuta was guarding Stephens (most of the game, with the exception of a block of time in the 2nd half), Cannady scored, and when Yuta did guard Stephens, Cannady got hot.  So, if Yuta has a bit of an off night on the offensive end, give him a break.   In the end, we were physically stronger than Princeton and they could not guard Jair.   Did Jair hold the ball too long and maybe take too many shots?  Probably.  He was also 8-15 with 25 points.   Jair is an explosive scorer, and there aren't many of those on our team.  I would love to have them look at Princeton films about ball rotation, picks and roll (or is it pick and rolls?), and moving to the basket without the ball.  Not suggesting we adopt a Princeton offense, but shoring up some basketball 101 fundamentals would be nice as our offense is not particularly fluid.   Notwithstanding, I thought we took mostly good shots and generally protected the ball. Even when we started the game at 1-10, I thought the shot selection was good.   On the other hand, the defense was, in the word of my kids generation, meh.    Princeton shot 56.3% from the 3 and 49% overall.   Fortunately, we were able to force some turnovers and generally limited them to one shot.   Still, if you asked me who the second best defender on the team is, I would shrug my shoulders and admit that I do not know.   All in all, this was another game which has given me some hope that we are not as bad as I had predicted.  


beckham12/6/2017 11:52:05 PM

Second best defender is easy.  Nolan Jr. 


am12/7/2017 2:45:13 AM

Interesting that we strung together three straight losses and then three straight wins.


If I recall correctly, we did the same last year, twice.


mentzinger12/7/2017 6:43:31 AM

Every time Bolden dribbles, children die

maine colonial12/7/2017 7:30:42 AM

I'm fine with Bolden dribbling as long as he keeps scoreing and doesn't turn it over. Slowing down the pace is the best way to beat Penn State as Wisconsin proved Monday. Wisconsin tried to do the same thing to Temple last night and it didn't quite work out for the Badgers, who were held scoreless for the last 3:27.

maine colonial12/7/2017 7:40:55 AM

Yikes, make that scoring.


oldish12/7/2017 7:49:48 AM

Who was guarding Bell? That 9PPG guy played over 30 minutes and didn't score.

lets go12/7/2017 7:53:52 AM

Bolden dribbling means the other 4 players don't touch the ball and just stand there watching him. They're not involved in the offense so their confidence drops and they lose whatever rhythm they had or if they were cold, they're unable to get into any kind of groove. I'll give Yuta as an example. Every time Jair dribbles, Yuta just camps at the three point line. He's shooting 27% from three, so having him standing in one spot for an entire possession while Jair creates a shot for himself is a waste of Yuta's abilities. 

If Jair does pass it off after dribbling, it's usually with a few seconds left on the shotclock so guys like Yuta have to hoist up bad shots to beat it. 

By comparison, against Temple and Morgan State, when the offense was run through the high post, Toro found Yuta for wide open threes so his percentage improved (2/4 and 3/7 respectively). 

Obviously, we want Jair to be aggressive but if he could also create shots for others and run the offense better by distributing it more, GW would be even better. 



bigfan12/7/2017 7:59:03 AM

Exactly. When he's hot, can let it go--or much better play him at the two.

But in general, there were times when Yuta and Terry Nolan Jr. and others were open and because of the dribbling around, Jair takes a bad shot.

Again, it has been working in two games or at least two good halfs, which makes Jair a hero. Appreciate his moxie and willingness to be aggressive, but we don't need heroics every day.

He needs to look for others when he is not red hot or even if he is and doesn''t have a reasonable shot to take. And we need to develop an offense that involves everyone on the court.

adclub12/7/2017 8:09:46 AM

The most absurd athletic move of the night? Terry saving the ball from going out of bounds leaping between two sets of people over the first row of chairs then casually jumping back over said chairs into the play. Unreal. 


ziik the senile old man12/7/2017 8:41:05 AM

I think it still was early in the game, but I did say it looked like we were watching a bunch of high schoolers. But, it also was early on that I commented Jair would go for 25. (I was about to say 30, but  I was concerned I was overdosing on macaroons and Snickers.)

Unlike The Ole Lefthander, the Old Mojo can game-coach.  I sure hope he can recruit.

Nice, quality crowd of gents in the chat room. Nobody was smoking a bad cigar. 


maine colonial12/7/2017 8:47:48 AM

I hear you regarding Jair dribbling too much. You could see MoJo was attempting to mix it up by having Mazz and TNJ playing point at various points.

But let's put things in perspective. Before the season, most of us thought Yuta was going to be the one to replace Tyler's scoring, but now it's pretty clear he isn't going to have to carry the load alone and will have plenty of help from Jair.

Tyler only scored 25 or more three times last year and those games came in February and March. Tyler's first 25-plus point game of his college career didn't come until midway through his junior year after he had sat out a year. So he had 3.5 years to sharpen his skills. Yuta's first 25-plus point game didn't come until last week. So he's had 3 years to become an elite shooter. Jair just did it early in December of his sophomore year. The kid is already a heck of a shooter with nice form and a quick release. And he's hitting shots when the team needs him to either when it's early in a game and the team's in the midst of a scoring drought or when it's crunch time like at the end of the Temple game.

And the best thing is, if you listen to the postgame press conference, Jair knows he still has a lot to learn and he clearly wants to get better and he is determined to do so. 



fredd12/7/2017 8:55:14 AM

Not being able to dictae to the other team with our defense is just the way it will be this year. Similarly GW has to work hard on offense. A few nrun outs would really change things. Not thrilled that the ball spends so much time in Jair's hand, but when I look away from the ball I dont see many open guys. Ok if Jair has a few more games like this color me WRONG about him and reminder 1, 231 that it pays to be patient. My uneqivacal compliment goes to Jair and ball security. I recollect very few turnovers.



greenpoint ny12/7/2017 9:18:42 AM

In my opinion I would like to see Justin at point when he is on the floor. He looks to pass first and if Bolden is on too he should slide to the 2 guard. Its a tough call because we basically have 2 shooting guards as starters (bolden and nolan). I dont see that changing anytime soon :-/


ziik the scrivener12/7/2017 9:40:39 AM

Greenpoint-did you see Nolan at the point for a short spell? I think Mojo is being very gracious and smart in letting his 3 guards each take a shot at leading the team. Mazz seems like he's the better of the bunch, but Mojo does not want Nolan to suffer a loss in minutes or development time. 

Smart, for a kid coach, no?

Mojo either sees what we see, or he reads the board, or (hard to believe), he's known all this before any of us!

I look forward to the controlled competition at the point. It's going to make the team better down the road. 

And, we'll see less of that unsightly dribbling. The dribbling: it's what gets us annoyed at kids and old people. (the senile one dribbles. A lot.)



greenpoint ny12/7/2017 9:44:44 AM

Yes, I saw Nolan. And I agree with your analysis. 


bm12/7/2017 9:55:41 AM

Yesterday I was going to note the glaring weakness in Jair's game after browsing through the KenPom numbers, but was sidetracked.  His 2-point shooting percentage was 29%!  That's pretty horrible compared to other similarly sized guards we've had who shoot in the mid-40% range and explains the feeling of lost opportunity that I get when he tries to score after bouncing the ball for a while.  As an extreme comp, Terry shoots 61% inside the three point line at this stage.

Well someone must've pointed this out to him because he went 6-8 from 2-point range last night.  That pushed his numbers into the mid-30% range, but with his size, no reason he shouldn't be shooting a lot more efficiently in the paint.


the mv12/7/2017 10:33:43 AM

Happy to give Jair a great deal of credit for the win last night.  I don't think we win that game without him.

Jair missed his first 2 shots, both three pointers.  "Bad Jair" might have continued hoisting threes until one finally went in.  Last night though, we got to see "Good Jair".  His next shot was a made 2.  Then another.  Then another.  His confidence was back.  A few minutes later, his next shot was a made 3.

I'm glad BM brought up two point shooting percentages because that was on my mind.  I have frequently said here that where Jair excels as a shooter is in making the long two point shot.  I had hoped he would work on his range this past summer so that those long two's would turn into 3's.  To his credit, his three point shooting has improved.  But up until last night, the long 2's had seemingly gone away.  Jair's woeful percentage from 2 is largely the result of an inability to date to finish off drives.  This is often caused by the shot clock winding down and Jair trying to finish either with an ill-advised 3 or a low percentage drive in traffic.  Last night, Good Jair brought back the mid-range jumper and the long 2.  It's why he shot so well from 2.  He was 2-7 from 3, but take away those first 2 before he found his rhythm and that's 40%, a number we'd all be happy with.

Other quick thoughts:

Nice to see Toro playing meaningful minutes down the stretch.

Anyone who has ever been an "end-of-bench" player in high school or at any stage in their lives, or if you just really liked the original Rocky movie, ought to be rooting hard for Justin Williams.

All freshmen need to adjust to the college game.  But the key is to adjust.  It seems like at least once per game, a call goes against Terry and Justin M. that they can't begin to understand.  In Justin M.'s case, it's usually a traveling violation.  The key is to be cognizant of this so that you don't repeat the same infraction.

Someone should check the GW record books to see what the record is for FG % in a season.  Bo is now at 73.5%.  Wonder how many attempts you need to qualify for the record?

If no minimum number of attempts are needed, then here's some tough news for Bo....he doesn't even lead the team in FG %.  Justin Williams is at 76.9% (but has 21 fewer attempts than Bo)

I think the NBA would love nothing more than to have Yuta enter their league.  All that remains to be seen is whether he is skilled enough to do so.  My inclination is to say no, but I do think he will be given a bit more slack than most others.

Am starting to wonder if MoJo has a number of fantastic offensive sets in mind that he's simply holding out on until conference play.  No point showing our hand on film.  Credit to MoJo for sticking with man-to-man all night against a team who was more than capable of carving up a zone.



ziik the scrivener12/7/2017 11:01:48 AM

Quick, but brilliant points as always, MV.

I agree: Yuta belongs in the NBA. In NYC or on the West Coast.

I think Juice is better than Rocky. He's a plugger, not a slugger. He's going to win some games for GW,  and save more.


pembo12/7/2017 11:37:16 AM

Justin M has had just 2 turnovers in 48 minutes during the last three games (when he started getting double digit minutes).

In the Temple game, against pressure defense, he had no turnovers in 15 minutes.

He has 4 turnovers for the season in 91 minutes, with 10 assists. 




free quebec12/7/2017 12:52:41 PM

Once again this board is overly harsh on Jair.  I feel like Cutis attacking the whatever he called it club when he disagreed with the dominant view on Garino or whoever it was.

Jair is the reason we are mediocre this year, instead of bad.  He's coming off two great games in a row.  He was absolutely unguardable last night.

To BM's point, I would guess his long 2 point jumper % is not much worse (actually probably better) than most similarly sized guards, but his 2ptFG% suffers becuase it's all jumpers (often when the offense breaks down) and very few shots at the rim because he doesn't get to the rim much.

He's still only a sophomore, and I suspect getting stronger and getting to the rim is something he works on this offseason.  And I still believe what the board attacks as over-dribbling is more about MoJo trying to set up the offense and preferring high ball screen action - as well as the fact that no one else can consistently create a good shot against half court offense (Steeves sometimes, Yuta occasionally but he can't do it all the time). 

That said, when was the last time we had a guard talent like him? 

We've had guys that were great at getting inside or hitting an open 3 (like Tony Taylor), we've had guys like McDonald who could get to the rim and finish but were not agressive on offense, we've had guys who could drive and dish like Elliot - but how often have we had a guard who take over a game with jump shooting, let along off-the-dribble?   Maybe TJ Thompson, but I remember him more as a catch and shoot or finish at the rim type guy, not a jump shot gunner.

Seems like the closest (only?) comp in the modern era of GW basketball is Sirvaliant Brown.   He's not as explosive as Val - and Val could certainly shoot us in or out of games with his frequent 11-28 type games, but Jair can create his own shot consistsently like few guards we've had over the years.  I think it's fun to watch.

Last thing I'll say is that where people here criticize Bolden's usage, I give MoJo credit.  I think he recognizes that Bolden creating is often our best (only) option in the half court, and he's designing an offense to take advantage of that (even if it means some fans grumble that he has the ball too much).   I also think MoJo is working Mazz in more and more (saw more of Mazz setting it up across half court yesterday than vs. Temple, though it frequently resulted in just Mazz dribbling and then dishing to Bolden on the wing and Bolden creating).   And if you think MoJo is wrong to run the offense around Bolden's unique talent, just watch how our offense (usually doesn't) flow when Jair takes a seat on the bench.


beckham12/7/2017 1:04:21 PM

The offense flows better anytime that Bolden is not over-dribbling the rock. Be it beacuse he is On or off court.  So long as the ball moves without him rock pounding for 20 seconds


ziik the senile old man12/7/2017 1:13:11 PM

FQ clearly is a paid flack. 


ziik the bomb thrower12/7/2017 1:20:40 PM

You're a bitter, drooling, over-dribbler yourself, Uncle. Cut that crap out!

Jair is a strong, tough battler, no matter where he plays his 39mpg. I just hope he is not worn out by January.

I noticed myself that Nolan got a shot at PG, too. I think Mojo wants more athleticism on the court. He coached well. Not as well as you-know-who. But way better than the other guy.

I think, if he stays on, Mojo is the coach most likely to build a GWU basketball program, of all those we've had since Bob Tallent, back in the Second Ice Age.



nygw12/7/2017 1:29:59 PM

FQ is spot on

bm12/7/2017 1:32:55 PM

Yeah I think what Jair's missed is the muscle postup that Chris Monroe fed on.  He certainly has the body for it, just hard to do when he's driving to the basket with a few seconds on the clock.  Works better in the flow of a half-court offense.


lets go12/7/2017 1:38:25 PM


Going one on one against a half court defense isn't the only way to score...even the Warriors don't rely on Curry isoing on every play. Lonergan would often run his offense through Larsen. Steeves and Toro are fantastic passers and it would be a waste to not take advantage of this. Yuta would benefit from having great passers too. Mojo's shown that it would work when he did it vs Temple and Morgan State. 

Again, Bolden being aggressive is good for the team. It's his poor court vision and unwillingness to set his teammates up that is being criticized here. Maybe Mojo's to blame and Bolden's just following orders. I saw so many plays where the defense would collapse as a result of Bolden's penetrating but instead of getting it to his wide open teammates, Bolden settled for a step back jumper. When it goes in, it's good but what happens when he goes 5-22?



the dude12/7/2017 2:08:07 PM

Thought Jair had a great last night. Agree with Lets Go and others about keeping the ball moving and passing.

After 5 minutes GW was down 9-3, tempting to think ugh this looks bad.  From that point foward nearly +20.


maine colonial12/7/2017 2:18:05 PM

Here are the game highlights: LINK

Look for Steeve's reaction when he gets hacked on a shot and doesn't get the call.


the dude12/7/2017 2:50:45 PM

Great highlights! Yuta's blocks this year have been a sight to behold, the one featured above maybe the best yet!


the dude12/7/2017 2:55:37 PM

BoZ Juice and Mazz are 43 for 59 for the season.  43 for 59.  At 73.5% BoZ is 4th in the Nation in FG%.


ziik the senile old man12/7/2017 3:28:14 PM

I once hit two triples and a double in 3 my first at-bats, Dude. I may have batted 0.189 for that season, 0.134 lifetime, (but with power).  Still, for my first game, first season, I was The Babe, The Kid, & The Georgia Peach. My preference is to recall that one game, and the next: two doubles in two official at-bats. Then, a season of pop-ups to pitchers & catchers; followed by another, with a couple of sacrifice bunts and motley singles. 

I had a point....

Oh. Numbers. Sometimes they lie. Sometimes they even out. I would have yearned for the Mendoza Line.

Boz needs to play D and rebound. Juice, too. Mazz has other duties. I wish them all the best. 


the dude12/7/2017 4:32:53 PM

Small sample size fun Ziik! Haha, not a serious prediction of sustained 75% shooting.  BoZ has taken 388 2's and made 57% in his career.  He also is closing in on 100 blocks, pretty amazing for a 6'6 guy. He's exactly the player he's always been, useful, a bit limited, but very good at certain things.

Juice has also shown he's very good at certain things.  Great few minutes here and there he's providing us.


bigfan12/7/2017 4:45:50 PM

Wouldn't annoint anyone after two good games, but we saw some real potential as a shooter from Jair last year.

But we do need him to involve others more and improve his court vision. It's that simple.

As a result,Yuta is not as productive on offense as he could be, Terry definitely isn't, Arnoldo as well. You will see waving hands sometimes when Jair is overdribbling. He becomes more of a threat when he has other options to draw away defenders.

Jair is extremely smart off the court, something which we can all be grateful for. He can learn and apparently knows he has more to learn.

Based on these two games, he is poised for something between being a high-impact player and being a star. We need positive consistency this year more than ever and Jair playing wisely can help provide it, when shots fall and when they don't.

Kudos to Jair for his recent play and have hopes he will keep learning and use that knowledge to lead us to glory during his time at GW.


danjsport12/7/2017 4:50:20 PM

Yuta on the sixers would be SOOOO Fun.  Just saying

maine colonial12/7/2017 5:09:37 PM

Here's a flashback to Jair at the beginning of last year. He is definitely not lacking in intelligence, confidence or ambition: LINK



tennesseecolonial12/7/2017 5:19:39 PM

Didn't know that he went to St. Anthony. (Now closed)


nj colonial12/7/2017 5:45:26 PM

Maine C.+1 (thanks!) Great video of Jair, he really is impressive. Prefet fit at GW.


the dude12/7/2017 5:56:41 PM

Played as well at Westtown, with lottery picks to be Cam Reddish, Mo Bamba, that's one insanely good pair of HS players. 

Speaking of recruits, the A10 has a pair of top 100s. One was signed by SLU over a year ago, URI recently signed ESPN's #7 Center in nation, from Upper Marlboro, MD.  Jermaine Harris.


wax daddy12/7/2017 6:07:12 PM

Great win, it's always sneaky playing the yearly Ivy game because that league has gotten so much better, barely beat Harvard last year and were able to keep that 6 point lead almost the whole way to beat Princeton.

All good insights after yesterday's game. Bottom line is we had a sophomore guard put up 25 for us on 53% shooting, 70% from the line and only 1 turnover! I think we should all acknowledge that before going into critiques. I am so excited that we've got 2.75 more years of him, he looks excited to keep growing and learning, and he's got a quickness that's hard to recruit at the A10 level.

It's disappointing to read some of the knocks on Jair in this thread because they don't acknowledge he had a helluva game yesterday - just hit the positives before the learning points. The criticisms can be valid, but it's hard to take it seriously when we're complaining after one of the best individual performances we'll see from someone on the team this year.

This is a great problem to have (how to Jair more efficient and orchestrate the offense, which is stuff he'll continue to learn as he's only a soph) rather than having to build someone into a scorer.

Given that, agree that Mojo should move the team to running it more through the high post, continue integrating Maz as the 1 with Jair as the 2, and spread the floor....just want to make sure we take a step back and acknowledge the good with the bad.


ron jothstein12/7/2017 10:55:46 PM

One observation from the game that hasn't been mentioned is how we closed out the first half. We had two or three team fouls and no one with more than one, yet we still allowed their guard to dribble near half court as the clock started to wind down then dribble down the wing and shoot a 3-pointer over Yuta. I'm of the opinion that you foul under 10 seconds if you can get the offensive player going sideways (where they won't be able to draw a shooting foul), and make them inbound the ball from the sideline, ideally to someone else. 

the dude12/8/2017 12:19:02 AM

Wax Daddy, one of my main reactions, was wow the Ivy League really has gotten a lot better.  I used to attend 5-10 Columbia games ever year, and its just incredibly how much more athletic the league has become in recent years.  The nasty dunk Princeton threw down yesterday, that was one of the great dunks of the year, in any game you'll see. 

We get another challenge in that upcoming Harvard game.  I believe Princeton was picked to finish #1 and Harvard #2,  although both are off to dissapointing OOC starts though. ESPN's preseason analytics had them preseason at # 76 and #85 of 351 teams (GW  was #160)


wax daddy12/8/2017 2:14:52 AM

Dude - forgot about that monster Princeton dunk! Think it was Myles Stephens. Yeah, saw Harvard has a super frosh, forgot we have another ivy on the schedule!


the mv12/8/2017 9:47:48 AM

Good point Ron.  Often, that type a play to end a first half gives a team momentum into the second half.  Not much has been made of that play only because GW started the second half strongly and never really let Princeton back in the game.  Had Princeton got off to a strong second half start and taken a lead, I believe much would be said here about the end-of-first-half play you described.


ron jothstein12/8/2017 8:55:31 PM

Agreed MV. Luckily it didn't come back to bite us. It's interesting how it's much more common in the NBA to foul in those situations versus college. I've rarely seen it not work out, although one of he times I did was at the Smitty against Dayton. I think Pato fouled a Dayton guard near half court near the end of regulation,  who then threw up his arms and was given three free throws to tie the game. If I remember correctly I think that may have been the same game that Joe Mac won in OT as time expired, on a put-back after Kethan's drive was blocked at the rim...or maybe these Dayton games have morphed into one memory. 

free quebec12/9/2017 8:27:46 AM

that was Richmond who threw up the absurd half court shot after an intentional reach in, and was given three shots by a corrupt ref. 

fq12/9/2017 8:34:00 AM

FQ, I still have nightmares about that damn Richmond game. 

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