Yuta Draft Chances
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gwmaven3/28/2018 8:45:34 AM

Most projections I have seen don't have him even late second round. 


gw alum abroad3/28/2018 9:33:00 AM

TC was not drafted, and he did not end his career on crutches. If he makes it to the NBA, it will be via talent showcases then (maybe) a summer league followed by an invitation or two to workouts, a training camp invite and some preseason action before either going D-league or 10-day route. And the whole time, teams in Japan will be dangling large wads of cash in his face.


bm3/28/2018 9:33:25 AM

He'll have to go the Tyler route and prove himself against his peers.


notta hater3/28/2018 9:46:35 AM

Those damn long arms are hard to ignore in the NBA. 

formerly senioritis3/28/2018 9:49:08 AM

Agree that Yuta will likely have to go the Cavanaugh/Garino route.  But I wouldn't be surprised if a team drafts him in the late second round with an eye towards expanding its fan base into Japan.


tn4/5/2018 9:55:18 AM

A question from Japan.

Does anyone know why Yuta wasn't invited to Portsmouth Invitational Tournament?

Is his injury one of the reasons? Hasn't he recovered from it yet? 

Please tell me. Thanks...


formerly senioritis4/5/2018 10:15:11 AM

I believe all of the players have been selected but I don't think the full rosters have not been publicly announced yet (there are just some press releases with a few players named).  So there is still a chance that he is playing, but he and his people are simply respecting the rule that the PIT makes the announcement.  If he's not playing, I'd have to think that it's due to injury concerns.  It would be odd for the PIT not to invite the A10 defensive player of the year. 

hugh4/5/2018 11:14:25 AM

Doubtful he'll get drafted, if only based on the observation that I don't recall seeing NBA scouts in the Smith Center this year (whereas  -- i think -- they were there consistently for Garino and Cavanaugh, even Armwood). But have to think he'll get an opportunity to play in the G leauge if he wants, even though he can easily make more money elsewhere.

I'd honestly be surprised if he doesn't at least eventually get a cup of coffee in the NBA if he goes the G league route, given his skillset and the marketing/image upside for NBA teams bringing in a player from Japan.

tn4/5/2018 4:12:30 PM

Thanks, FS and HUGH.

bigfan4/5/2018 4:36:09 PM

He should get a chance and if he is consistent shooting, his major issue for the NBA one would think, has a chance to make it himself a la Tyler or Garino. Hope he has Tyler's agent.

But the biggest concern about Yuta is his ankle. What terrible luck in his last game, aided by idiotic A-10 officials who let St. Louis mug him and our players, enbabling the atmosphere that led to him being creamed on a drive to the basket.

Wonder if his ankle is ready and 100 percent for Portsmouth? Portsmouth is important because of overseas and because it made Tyler's rep, fortified by the Reese's All Star game. Hope Yuta can play and is offered. He is The Chosen One after all.

Anyone know what is happening with Yuta?

bm4/9/2018 4:27:08 PM

Not on PIT rosters

bigfan4/9/2018 4:48:39 PM

Sad, but good find, BM.

Gotta be that he is still recovering from the ankle injury (thanks A-10 refs). No way some of those names have more NBA or overseas potential than Yuta.

free quebec4/9/2018 8:35:02 PM

Could he be skipping PIT because he has a main combine invite? 


lets go4/10/2018 7:28:45 AM

Yuta was one of the few A10 players invited to the $100k 3X3 tournament that was held at the Final Four, but turned it down probably because he hadn't fully recovered from his rolled ankle yet.

Does anyone have any updates? Is he still on GW campus?

Also curious if anyone actually watched the 3x3 tournament? If you did, were there any stand outs? I think it's a great idea.

lt4/10/2018 5:25:28 PM

With all due respect to Yuta, he is not of the same calibre as TC or Garino.  The NBA is about scoring and Yuta does not have any particular strength on the offensive end of the floor.  His ankle aside, his best chance is to play in the G League and refine his game so he gets greater exposure.


merrick4/10/2018 6:06:24 PM

Let's start with this--I loved Yuta and GW and his heart.  He played all out, never dogged it, and had a great college career.  However, would anyone say that Yuta is one of the top 60 NBA-potential talents eligible for the draft.  Top 100?  As noted above, his two greatest potential NBA assets are his length on defense and generating fan interest from Japan.  I don't see his offensive game having much value in the NBA apart from making an occassional open jumper. So, he'll probably get a chance somewhere as a free-agent signing with a niche need on defense, but not much more.  And I wish him all the best and hope he proves me wrong.     


bigfan4/10/2018 6:42:02 PM

Understand the statements, but disagree somewhat. Yuta proved to be a force on offense in the later games of the season when he got the ball more. That should have happened all year. If his 3 point shot is consistent (and it was good at the end of the season), which both Patricio and Tyler rode to the NBA along with other attributes, that would add even more value.

One thing that we didn't see enough of in recent years, is his ability to drive and score inside. He has that ability. Not displayed as much in recent years.

Really worried that his ankle, hurt giving everything to GW, is going to doom his chances to show what Yuta can do at the next level.


lets go4/11/2018 12:14:57 AM

As I've said all season, a 6'9" player as versatile as Yuta will always garner interest from NBA teams (they've been scouting him since his soph year). I like TC and Garino and it's great that they made it to the NBA but Yuta has a much higher ceiling than either of them. 

Athleticism is a huge requirement especially when you're playing against world class athletes. Yuta's far more athletic than Tyler or Pato. Scoring wise, he's a much better scorer than we give him credit for, being able to score inside and out. He excels at the mid-range but can also shoot threes and drive to the basket. He wasn't as involved in the offense earlier in the season when Jair was still starting (who's naturally a sg who looked for his own shot more) but proved he was more than capable of shouldering the scoring load in the second half of the season. Yuta was the biggest factor in GW's late season success. 

Then there's defense. Yuta earned A10 DPOY honors, and while Pato was a fantastic defender for GW as well (all-conference), Yuta's versatility to defend multiple positions (being 6'9"/6'10" and able to chase guards for 40 minutes) and length make him the better defender at the NBA level. Tyler's never been a defender. 

I see him being a great 3 and D player with a much better offensive reportoire than guys like Andre Roberson or Danny Green. His game reminds me of Toni Kukoc or Tayshaun Prince. 


brian paul4/11/2018 7:37:42 AM

I concur in this last post. Yuta is a better athlete than Ty by a fair stretch, and marginally better than The Argentine. His hands don't seem as quick, but, he finishes his steals, with a deft pass or a dunk, most every time.

What some ignore is coaching: The anti-Mojo crew claim there's been no coaching the past two years. The Lonergan Protestants say old Mike had too tight a leash on his guys for them to learn the game. And, Yuta only got a short coaching curriculum in prep school. 

Somebody is gonna coach him up. Get him to use that off hand.

This guy is a player. He's gonna play. 

Japan and the U.S.A. are gonna love him. The WashPost will do a two page spread on Yuta, before it goes under. 

bigfan4/11/2018 5:32:04 PM

Don't know who his agent is, though presumably he already has one. But would recommend Tyler's agent if playing in the NBA is his priority.

bm4/11/2018 5:51:42 PM

Take a look at the NIT games on your DVR.  The kid improved by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years.  Senior Yuta would’ve been tied with Pato and second to Tyler on that team. 


the dude4/11/2018 5:54:26 PM

Feel that Yuta has a good shot at the NBA.  Wish this Great Colonial well at the next level!


brianpaul4/11/2018 5:59:46 PM

I'll keep it simple:

1) Neither coach, none of the assistants did a bang-up job helping Yuta to improve.

2) Neither coach featured him, or played to his strengths, and, he had pathetic PGs the past two seasons to run with. 

3) Ty does not play big and The Argentine does not have a real position. I think Yutes has got more upside. 


dick maier4/11/2018 6:24:50 PM

Benefit of the new system is that Brianpaul/Ziik/Chet/etc will go away! Can't wait.

luvdagame4/13/2018 10:36:06 PM

Yuta Watanabe is in Portsmouth, not to play in PIT (his sprained ankle isn't strong enough to play yet), but to do interviews with NBA teams. He will have chance to play in front of NBA scouts/GMs when his ankle gets better.



bigfan4/13/2018 11:32:58 PM

Not quite as envisioned after he injured himself during a loss that ended his GW career minutes away from the end of a crappy season. A shame.

But good that Yuta is circulating and is in the discussion. Maybe he can prove himself in Chicago.

Nice find, LuvDaGame.


cagwu4/14/2018 12:07:01 AM

Japan Times write up


luvdagame4/14/2018 1:46:42 AM

Great article CAGWU! Got to read some of it on twitter earlier. Loved how he talked about the interest from G-League and/or playing competitive ball in Europe a possibility! Yuta seems to know what he needs to work on to get better. I can see him going the same route as TyCav if he puts his heart into it!


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