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insider4/25/2017 5:51:07 PM

Where would we be without wishful thinking?

insider4/25/2017 5:53:32 PM

A little birdy flew by and said this guy might be on campus. This might end up materializing. Sit 1 play 2

bo knows4/25/2017 6:09:24 PM

Reuter and Ryan are possibilities for sit out transfers. We are going to have to slug it out for both as they are in demand.


mike k4/25/2017 6:20:50 PM

A little info about him

bigfan4/25/2017 7:29:23 PM

Just two words that can have both of them sign immediately at GW, as they should:

Tyler Cavanaugh.


dmvpiranha4/27/2017 2:34:35 PM

JonRothstein: Virginia transfer Jarred Reuter just completed an official visit to George Washington, per a source.

2 2:34:54 PM

Virginia transfer Jarred Reuter just completed an official visit to George Washington, per a source. Also considering George Mason.


dmvpiranha4/27/2017 2:35:21 PM

Reuter is also considering George Mason, per Rothstein.

the dude4/27/2017 3:04:31 PM

It would appear we are in serious contention for this UVA transfer.  


bigfan4/27/2017 4:59:47 PM

If Jarred is fortunate enough to be offered, he should sign now for the best decision of his life.

Wouldn't waste another minute of a glorious spring which he could be enjoying, rather than going to the drafty, smelly, old, always near-empty Patriot Center.  Compare that to the electricity of the Smith Center when GW played and beat UVA.

Did we mention that GW beat George Mason repeatedly, like a drum last year?

No team knows what to do with an underused ACC transfer like GW. We just transformed one into a player with real pro prospects. 

Just ask Tyler Cavanaugh who thrived and became a star after leaving Wake Forest for GW.


tuna can4/27/2017 6:01:38 PM

No one looks good in green.


gw05094/27/2017 6:55:10 PM

Hey Bo, let us know when you hear good news about our new JR!


the dude4/27/2017 10:51:57 PM

UVA transfer on official visit, I'd think would generate a little more on this thread.  

ct colonial4/27/2017 11:00:25 PM

Comments under the article that MikeK posted have some solid insight.  Sounds like he was not athletic enough for the ACC, but would probably do very well in the A10.  


furdusi4/27/2017 11:10:24 PM

Anyone know what kind of player he is? 

the dude4/27/2017 11:22:44 PM

A tad undersized, but strong.  Did well in limited minutes.  Not particularly long, but pretty rugged, not a shot blocker.  14 pts 8 boards per 40.  Has never taken a 3.  Shot FTs well though so he has touch but to date, not range shooter.  Did do better in the OOC, than the ACC games, as you'd expect. I recall seeing him a bunch and thinking he looked pretty good.

Looks like he'd be a real asset for us.   Other thoughts?


mentzinger4/27/2017 11:33:34 PM

Kopriva/Iturbe workhorse type. Hustle plays and experience. Why not.


bo knows4/27/2017 11:39:38 PM

I have no answers on this one yet.

baccas924/27/2017 11:57:49 PM

Bo No answers means his abilities or insight into him actually coming.  I really want this kid.


notta hater4/28/2017 6:57:12 AM

unless there is something under the radar about him then he would be a steal. He knows the DC northern Virginia area based on the television market and the student body at UVA, he has played against top studs in practice, he has worked out and learned very complex defenses and structured offenses, the classroom at UVA is a real place, he comes from a real structured program, he has played against some of the best players in the land, he knows the rigor of travel during season, and his expectations are a bit more aligned with reality now that he's played in college for a while.


bobo4/28/2017 8:24:23 AM

URI and Providence originally recruited him and also going after him now. Ruetter looks like the type of tough brawler that Xavier often has on their teams. 

Ruetter was 4 stars by ESPN and would be the highest rated recruit on GW if they get them

(and I know all the ratings are worthless garbage but I'm including them anyways just to piss Bo off)

bobo4/28/2017 8:27:47 AM

ESPN worthless garbage scouting report on Ruetter:

Reuter is a wide-bodied power player on the block who combines both a physical bruising style with high level passing ability. He rebounds the ball in traffic, provides a physical post defender, and a high I.Q. offensive player. He can establish deep post position, make jump hooks over either defender, and pass off the post with phenomenal vision and accuracy. He'll be able to facilitate from both the low post or the elbow at the next level and also excels at starting the break with long outlets.

He's a true big who isn't much of a scoring threat beyond 12 feet and not a terrific athlete at that. He's very limited laterally and is going to struggle to defend face-up bigs and ball-screens alike, at least initially, at the next level. He's a tad undersized for a true big man and also not overly athletic, so almost completely dependent on his ability to create space.

Bottom Line:
His power and low center of gravity are the most immediately recognizable aspects of his game but it's his passing ability that really differentiates him and gives him a unique niche on the offensive end at the next level.


2twotoed4/28/2017 9:28:05 AM

If you saw UVA play much the last 2 years the post players are screeners and rebounders. I don't feel he actually got to show his total ability. He would be a huge get for GW. We need more legit players.


nygw4/28/2017 3:39:34 PM

Officially impressed if we land this guy - great fit!


the dude4/28/2017 8:32:32 PM

Good activity leads to good recruiting.  Lot of good recruiting activity, I'm encouraged.


greenpoint ny4/28/2017 8:41:17 PM

I agree. It's probability. More come higher the chances someone signs :-)


gw05095/1/2017 4:22:34 PM

Virginia transfer Jarred Reuter has committed to George Mason, source told ESPN.




the mv5/1/2017 4:45:43 PM

That's a hard slap to the face.   Not shocking however.  Mason is on a good trajectory right now.  Not only has Paulsen done a good job at bringing in some talent but what a job he did with Hewitt holdovers like Moore in particular and Jenkins to a lesser extent.    Word is out that he can coach his ass off, and as much as we hope MoJo is the long-term answer for GW's program, certain players will gravitate to coaches with proven track records.     Paulsen got the job done at Bucknell and he's well on his way at Mason.


bobo5/1/2017 11:25:13 PM

Mason?  George Fucking Mason?  That damn commuter school?

That sucks.


gwmaven5/2/2017 8:55:49 AM

Mason has come up in more ways than one.  Academically, it is also stronger than it was 10 years ago.  Final four really helped their profile.  I would say we would be a top 30 school if we make the final four. 

Mrs. Maven went there and we met with college counselors who indicated both GW and GMU are much stronger than when she and I went there.  They told me don't assume your kids will get into GW or even Mason. 

Now, I could see if he had to pay since he would have gotten in-state tuition but on a full scholarship, I too am surprised.  The ML negativity surrounding the school could have impacted the decision.  We do need a major transfer, I agree.  I think first priority is a grad transfer and then somebody who would sit out. 


mentzinger5/2/2017 10:42:07 AM

Mason has never beaten GW at Smith Center (0-13 I believe). Let's hope that stays intact. 

ziiks third cousin twice removed5/2/2017 11:01:38 AM

Kuester put a hex on Mason. It stays.

mike k5/2/2017 11:42:49 AM

Mason!?  This one hurts and questions Reuter's reasoning...

Better school academically? No.  

Better hoop school? No.  

More playing time? Possibly.

Develop a player like him recently (see TC)? No.


bigfan5/2/2017 3:42:04 PM

Hate to say it, and come equipped with many pro-GW arguments, but there is one thing on George Mason's side:

Didn't blow up its own program:Yes


byronamina5/30/2017 7:27:21 PM

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