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nj colonial3/9/2018 11:03:36 AM

Almost didn't want to check this site today after watching the second half collapse last night, but I am impressed with the overall positive commentary.

So, here are my takeaways:

1.  Job 1 is recruiting an experienced, ambitious and proven Athletic Director.  Nohing is more critical at this point.  I will be badgering Smith Center and Rice Hall about this and I hope you all will do the same.

2.  MoJo must do better next season.  He needs to prove that he deserves to remain as head coach.  I am furious that the Colonials came out of halftime last night - with an eleven point lead, St. Louis in increasing foul trouble and with a shallow bench, us playing only 15 blocks from the Smitty - and we lose.  Totally unacceptable.

3.  Some folks keep saying that GW is having financial problems and that it will affect decisions regarding athletics.  This is just not the case.  We are more or less in a holding pattern right now as a result of the coaching change and the new administration.

3.  We all should enthusiastically support the Women's team in the NCAA tourney - they deserve it and it is great for the Colonials to be seen in postseason play.

Looking forward to getting back to glory days and postseason success for Men's Basketball - Go GW!


nj colonial3/9/2018 11:46:22 AM

...and -

4. Click PayPal and support this site - thanks herve!

nj colonial3/9/2018 11:47:35 AM

Evidently my numbering is off, but you get the points!  Wish this site had an edit function.


maine colonial3/9/2018 3:29:42 PM

Thank you for your continued support of GW! 



nj colonial3/9/2018 4:29:26 PM

Like you Maine, I am all in... bleeding Buff & Blue!


gwdad3/9/2018 4:40:56 PM

First time poster but have access to athletic dept and administration.

Dont get your hopes up for an experienced dynamic AD. 

The search is a done deal and our current interim will be the new AD.



the real dude3/9/2018 5:23:26 PM

Im not sure what to make of GWDAD's post above, but if true, this was my biggest fear. Also if true, Mojo isn't going anywhere. This will surely be a result of finances (if true), something LeBlanc has little to no control over. We are screwed for the next 3-5 years.


brod3/9/2018 11:27:34 PM

It's kind of sad that our finances are out of order considering this has been one of the longest bull markets in U.S history, interest rates have been low and GW hasn't suffered any major scandel in years (I'm sorry but no one outside of us nerds care about the ML firing). Would not be surprised if GW goes for the cheapest option AGAIN! 


Aren't there any whales that donate to the school that care about athletics?  

brian paul3/10/2018 9:08:40 AM

I saw the title of this thread, and figured it was worth a read.

I was wrong. Again. 


hatchet man3/10/2018 2:27:02 PM

i never want to hear we don’t have the money to deal with these issues. There are school with endowments a tenth of our that get it done. It’s bullshitđź’©


la fan3/10/2018 3:21:09 PM

Hatchet Man I think what you are saying is true.  Look at the Bonnies or Davidson and they are simply much stronger programs than GW right now.  I think it’s just about GW’s admin being committed to the basketball team, and athletics in general.  If they are good things have historically happened.  

Top 10 ranking under Hobbs

Beating the number 1 team in the nation under Jarvis

Beating several high quality BCS teams

multiple NCAA appearances and winning the NIT

But from what I can tell these things only happen when the school cares to build a program.  Right now I’m not sure I’m seeing any signs of that.  There may be good reasons why.  But I don’t see GW basketball on the upswing at all right now.


thinker3/10/2018 3:27:37 PM

I think it is clear that LeBlanc is going to put his own people into almost every important position at GW very quickly. At this point one can have confidence that he knows what he's doing or not. But everything going forward will be tied to his vision.

If he's going to be the president - which he is - then logically I am going to trust him. Presumably he was chosen for the confidence he gave the Board about his vision and ability to implement it.

If he has made anything clear about athletics its that he wants GW to be very competitive across all sports across the A10.

So if he wants the current Interim AD to be the permanent one, then I guess he sees her as the best choice to get us where he wants us to go. 




gw05093/10/2018 3:46:15 PM

Strong Progams have strong alumni support, fianancial and otherwise.  We have never had the type of support from our alumni base that we should have had during the boom times.  Even during the Lonergan years, we could fill up the Smith Center during the big games, like against Virginia and the Florida NIT game.  But on a random A-10 game night we were as empty as we always are.  The fact that there are only like 30 regular posters on the only place to get news about the team should be a clue.

I'm sure the school loves having a good basketball team, but sadly a majority of our alumni could care less.  Our school recently came out with a report that said we are woefully inefficient in our efforts to increase alumni donations across all areas of the school. I would imagine it is similar for our athletic department.

Davidson is a pretty unique situation as they have a HOF-caliber coach who could have left many times but decided to stay at Davidson.  Bonnies gave Schmidt time to build a program, but if he leaves for a bigger program, it will be interesting to see if their recent success can be sustained.  Their history prior to Schmidt's arrival reflects how hard it is to recruit to Olean, NY.


nj colonial3/12/2018 4:12:41 PM


the dude3/12/2018 4:19:53 PM

The Bonnies, and Davidson are in the Dance, becauase 5 years ago they recruited Jaylen Adams and Peyton Aldrdidge respectively, neither was that highly of, totally passed over.  Did GW offer either guy?  One was in our backyard.  One was the type of Stretch 4 HS recruirt we'd been coveting for years and missing on.

For all of the talk about alumni support and crowd size, teams are made on the backs of finding those types of players, who are always out there.  Every star player at a low conference was also a potential GW player.  Armel Potter is here now, but we sure could have used him the last 3 years. 

Mike Daum is the best small conference player in the nation, his only offer was South Dakota St, and they only found him by visiting some dude on his team.  While they were there, they were like who is THAT 3 point shooter with the 7'2 Wingspan over there???


the dude3/12/2018 5:32:42 PM

I'd add Rhode Island and its recruits to that mix, but I've been saying so for 4 years it doesn't bear repeating.   Bonnies Davidson and Rhode Island are not exactly Recruiting havens for big alumi donor driven programs.  

Winning in college is mostly about evaluating and recruiting the right talent.  At every level (below the very top) a lot of that is identifying and landing the guys being missed by others.  When you get to a certain level, Rhode Island is there now and VCU was there a few years ago, you can start landing those legit top 100s.  I believe Kellan Grady was one for Davidson.  Jaylen Adams though and Peyton Aldridige, those are program altering recruits, and those are the guys we need to start landing on occassion. I seriously have hopes for Mezie to be that type of player.  I think TNJr is on his way to being one too.


the mv3/12/2018 6:09:13 PM

Since when does you saying something for four years translate to it not bearing repeating?  Did I miss the memo?


gw future3/12/2018 6:49:20 PM

Dummy Dude has to repeat himself because he can’t remember what he said last. That and of course his role as the King of Photocopying means he is around repetition a lot.


maypoman3/12/2018 7:56:36 PM

I fear that GW men's basketball will be a bottom feeder in the A10 for the foreseeable future. Why? They run their men's basketball program on the cheap-- and always have. If they can save a buck on the head coach and assistants that's surely what they will do. It shows in recruiting, in coaching, and in attendance. Even many of the posters on this board too easily, in my opinion, accept mediocrity. I give to the program, and have so for a very long time, but not enough to have a real voice. It would be nice if one of our big donors (I assume we have some) got pissed enough to demand real change. That hasn't happened and, as a result. the esteemed head coach search committee picks a totally inexperienced guy to coach the team and, after one successful year (made possible in very large part by the now-graduated Tyler Cavanaugh) throws in five more. Next year's team will be woefully inexperienced and with anticipated defections may struggle to be nearly as good as this season's group. Not a pretty picture. Like many of you, I wear my heart on my sleeve for GW men's basketball but, frankly, I'm tired of the disappointment it too often brings (even a great NIT championship is followed by a scandal).


the dude3/12/2018 9:07:51 PM

A program is really the recruiting ability of your Coach, the salesman in chief.  That's why programs swing so much up and down. Everything else stays the same, size, resources, alumni $$$, etc, the Coach is what changes.  Sometimes, the Coach stays the same, but the Coach's circumstances change.




dick maier3/12/2018 9:12:08 PM

I agree with you Maypoman. I fear what the next 5 years will bring. The only thing giving me any hope at all is President LeBlanc. His quick decision to settle with ML and 3 months later fire Nero makes me believe he wants to re-build what I know we can be. I am in the camp that Mojo was a mistake made by someone who was trying to cover his tracks but wanted him to prove me wrong. The last 2 seasons have only reinforced my opinion. I used to give money (what I thought was significant and an amount that got me into the VIP reception before tourney's and big games) but I haven't given anything in 2 years and won't until I see an administration who takes BBall seriously.

Not sure if I can sustain any more misery. We lose Yuta, Bo and Steeves (3 key players at times) and next years recruits don't excite me. Also, a very good coach used to say "the best thing about freshman is they become sophomores".


confirm3/13/2018 12:13:23 AM

I can confirm what GWDad is saying.  There is very strong indication that current AD stays.  Honestly, I think that might actually be a good thing because I think she will be hands off of the Basketball program which will allow MoJo to succeed or not.  It will all be on him without distractions.  I could see MoJo kicked out but that would be by the President not the AD.  Basically, starting fresh. 

dave3/13/2018 12:28:44 AM

Scandal? You mean when the university investigation determined the coach was abusing the players? Yeah. Brought some disappointment. 


bobo3/13/2018 9:06:06 AM

A passive, caretaker AD signing off on a struggling, inexperienced head basketball coach. Can't see how this could not work out for GW.



nj colonial3/13/2018 11:54:12 AM

Calm down naysayers.  President LeBlanc wants a successful hoops program at GW.  He knows that it will take a bigtime AD and a talented coach that can recruit nationally.  You guys can believe posters here that speculate and make negative comments if you want to but I have actually spoken with LeBlanc, several times.  So...Raise High - and stay tuned.


the real dude3/13/2018 1:27:41 PM

NJ Colonial, sorry but I place you in the same credibility column as "The Dude".

If my memory serves me right, didn't you tell us that Nero was doing a great job and had the full support of the administration not too long ago?


the mv3/13/2018 3:27:51 PM

NJ Colonial, I think The Real Dude is well off of the mark with that credibility characterization.  Ubnlike too many here, you don't profess to have all of the answers and you make diligent efforts to gather information on our behalf.  It is always appreciated, at least by me.

Your 11:54 post does raise some questions which I'd be curious to receive your impressions on.  You indicate that LeBlanc knows it will take a bigtime AD and a talented coach that can recruit nationally sounds counterintuitive to what's presently in place.  Our AD is an interim who has never been a fulltime AD before this and our coach has simply not had the job long enough to be considered a proven recruiter, nationally or otherwise.  And of course, you close your post with the ominous "stay tuned."  This all reads as if changes are going to be made, sooner rather than later.  Did you intend to give this impression or am I reading more into your post than I should be?



nj colonial3/13/2018 4:16:02 PM

Real Dude - I don't recall saying that about Nero but if I did, I should not have said it.  I had considerable communication with Patrick during his GW tenure, which was a refreshing change from his predecessor and I appreciated his responsiveness and accessibility, especially for a season ticketholder and longtime fan like me.  But I wasn't aware of the state of his relationship with university leadership. 

MV - thanks fo the defense of my cred - right back at ya!  As for my comment "stay tuned,"  I apologize for that, it does make it sound like action by Rice Hall is immiment.  I should have said something like "keep the faith."  I believe that President LeBlanc, true to his training as a scientist, is gathering information and assessing the current situation.  We need to give him some time.  But if anyone doubts him, just look at the changes being made in leadership across the entire university. Also, I believe that he respects MoJo and feels that GW must do the honorable thing in terms of giving our coach a reasonable amount of time to prove himself. 


bigfan3/13/2018 4:35:15 PM

First off, NJ Colonial is a sincere poster who comes to games all the way from the Garden State.

Now, there are several ominous hints here that the interim AD will stay.

Don't know if that is good or bad for the Athletic Dept. She is certainly one of us, homegrown as a GW graduate and that is great. Seems to say the right things, but has never been an AD before. Great to have a Colonial in the slot, but have to look up more before seeing whether she has the experience.

Usually, if memory serves, we get someone who was an AD before, Jack or high level (Nero, league commissioner, one recalls). To be fair, don't think Bilsky was AD at Penn or wherever he came from.

Also, looks like Nero a lot who might have propelled her in this as he was being shown the door. So that is an issue in determing the coach's fate.Would likely not be a dispassionate judge of the decision.

Don't believe we owe anyone anything at this point, except the players who came to GW when we were actual competitors and us the fans to be straignt and do the right thing in this awful cluster....



the real dude3/13/2018 5:54:23 PM

NJ Colonial, forgive me if I was mistaken about some of your comments on Nero. I think the confusion comes with your statement about LeBlanc making changes in the leadership across the entire university. None of those have anything to do with Nero's termination. Leblanc (who I have also met on several occasions) is everything you say he is plus more. There is only one explanation for settling with ML on the eve of the lawsuit being filed and then Nero resigning less than 90 days later in the middle of a school year. LeBlanc was being the leader he is payed to be and trying to move forward without letting the dirty laundry come out in public. What he learned from his investigation (which none of us are privy to) caused him to dismiss Nero (letting Nero save face by resigning). That 1 decision he made gave me hope in the program for the 1st time in over a year.

I'm not sure what he will do with the AD or even Mojo but I now believe we have a good leader who can be trusted to make the tough calls (which we didn't have with Knapp). Does he keep Mojo who all like but many feel is unqualified and was hired by Nero under suspicious circumstances? We all know he has certain financial considerations. Time will tell but hopefully the day will come when we can raise high again!


fredd3/13/2018 7:38:35 PM

My concerns are not the departed actors. I DON'T CARE about the specifics about what happened because it is done. I CARE if the right lessons are learned and honest corrective actions are taken and supported.

ADs don't leave in the middle of the year unless something bad is afoot. The entire coaching staff that had a front row seat to this debacle shouldn’t want to stick around. With this as a back drop I'd be crushed if the interim is hired.

1) Hiring interims is lazy and easy on the front end. If there are problems that go beyond the former coach and AD those problems are more likely to remain.

2) A through search DOESN'T have to be flashy and costly. The perfect hire is someone young who shows some talent but and needs experience. No Retired On Active Duty.

 3) A real search is a sign that GW thinks it’s a good job.

4) A search is a sign GW is willing to expend time and energy to get it right.

5) A new AD is not tied to the debacle and probably has no allegiances to anyone in the Department.

6) Hiring the interim is a sign to me that ennui still rules or maybe there are bigger problems or getting it right is not the top priority.

8) A new AD is a new beginning. The risks of a house cleaning at the top are far less than not doing so.

9) Hiring the interim might be a sign that maybe Leblanc wants to decrease the commitment to men's basketball not based on overall money problems but the lack of interest (Read attendance and $$$ contributed to MBB) in the program.

10) Maybe after Miami he has different ideas about the proper role of athletics at GW.


fredd3/13/2018 7:48:15 PM

One other thing. I've seen letters from secondary schools in the wake of abuse allegations.

Those letters give a high level discriptions of the actionable events and discribe a process they went through and are using going forward. They often state who has left and who is coming on board. Would a nondisclosure agreement preclude such a ststement? What would you legal types say? As a single fan I'm owed zero; everyone knows something messed up happened. I'd think the scholl would want to say something. What would the squash coach say because negative recruiting would be so easy.

Ok am I a buuny in a boa constrictor movie what am I missing?



brian paul3/13/2018 8:23:45 PM

GWU is not a public institution Fredd. I doubt there are statutes that would require it to publicize personnel matters beyond reports (of abuse of students) it may be obligated to send to federal education department offices. So, why go public?

This board has been asking for cheap gossip. Our equivalent of what Miss Stormy D might have to say about the Trumpster.  Who cares? 

If Mr. Lonergan, Mr. Nero, and GW have mutual non-disclosure clauses in their contracts or settlement documents, what do you expect to hear? 

(I feel sucked into this. But only because I am sitting here, bored silly. It all is over.)


fredd3/13/2018 8:58:44 PM

Ok Brian Time Out. Time to pull for Bonaventure. I think UCLA wins because Bona's small forward is injured


alumnus3/14/2018 9:46:12 AM

Here's the profile of the acting AD from the gwsports website.  Sounds pretty good to me.  She's obviously pretty dedicated to GW's success, having played there, gotten degrees there, coached there, and worked for the Athletic Department.  She's also specifically experienced in Title IX.  Note that Steve Bilsky had 4 years at Penn as an assistant AD and had never coached.  Also, promoting from within is a great incentive for talented people to seek jobs at GW. 

Tanya Vogel assumed the role of Acting Athletics Director on January 1, 2018 after serving as Deputy Athletics Director, Senior Woman Administrator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator at her alma mater. In her third stint with GW Athletics, Tanya Vogel has seen intercollegiate athletics from every vantage point. First as a student-athlete competing in soccer as an undergraduate at GW, Vogel learned firsthand what the student-athlete experience should be. She later returned to the university as head coach of her former program, before serving in a development capacity until she departed for a three-year stint at Northern Arizona, where she worked as Senior Associate Athletics Director, Senior Woman Administrator and Title IX Deputy. Vogel returned to GW in 2015 to fulfill the same responsibilities she carried at NAU, while also overseeing strength and conditioning, sports medicine and facilities and working on student-athlete and staff development.

A GW Athletic Hall of Famer, Vogel handled a number of roles NAU, which included oversight of nine sports, with supervision responsibility over academic support, compliance, sports medicine and strength and conditioning. Vogel's versatility and experience are also manifested in the number of committees on which she's served, including the NCAA Amateurism Cabinet, the Big Sky Ethical Conduct and Violations Committee, the NAU Student Safety Task Force, as well as the IAC Code of Conduct, Gender Equity Student-Athlete Well-Being and Diversity and Inclusion Group subcommittees.

In 2013, Vogel was selected for the prestigious NCAA Pathway Program, which works to elevate senior-level administrators to the next step as directors of athletics. Most recently, Vogel was selected to participate in the Women Leaders in College Sports (formerly NACWAA) Executive Institute. The program was designed to teach executive leadership solutions and help advance high-level women administrators to executive positions within athletics.

Prior to her time at NAU, Vogel served as assistant director of athletics development, focusing primarily on annual giving for the Department of Athletics and Recreation.

After a four-year standout career as a soccer student-athlete with the Colonials, Vogel served as her alma mater's head coach for 12 seasons. Hired in January 2000, Vogel won 82 games as head coach of GW's women's soccer team. She was also an active fundraiser for women's soccer, cultivating relationships with alumni, parents and boosters of the program. In 2002, Vogel became the first women's soccer player inducted into the GW Athletic Hall of Fame. She holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in exercise and sports science from GW and completed her MBA at GW in 2006.


brian paul3/14/2018 11:32:09 AM

Except for Alumnus and Fredd, who invariably are worth a read, Jack Handey has more profound thoughts than thes ones on this thread. 

I agree, 97%, with Alumnus, about the AD selection. She checks off every desirable trait, and, I think a smart  jock woman can be a great selection for an AD. She certainly deserves a fair shot. 


fredd3/14/2018 11:58:31 AM

Those are facts that address my concerns. In fact I have to ask myself (and I don’t know the answer) if a guy had a similar profile would GW have good shot at the person? If the answer is no than it could be a solid hire. 


gw alum abroad3/14/2018 12:05:42 PM

Worth noting the Hatchet is reporting the women's football (soccer) coach is leaving for Miami. Presumably, that job pays closer to a living wage (might be in a lower tax bracket but will allow to pay rent AND groceries). Also, the dean of CCAS is moving to another school, LeBlanc's transition is NOT being felt only in the Athletics Department.


chet3/14/2018 1:28:35 PM

Due to previous bad decisions and financial constraints, the administration allowed the hiring of Mojo and will likely remove the interim tag from the current interim AD. We can argue about the pros and cons forever. Our athletic program is a sunken ship right now and it would be hard to attract proven experienced talent, which would also cost money we don't have right now.



nj colonial3/14/2018 1:47:33 PM

Chet: I don't agree with your negative assessment of GW Athletics.  It was the former administration that promoted MoJo, not the current one.  Both the AD and President involved in that decision are gone.  And you are misrepresenting GW's financial health.  GW is doing well, having cut operational costs across the university, successfully completing a $1 Billion fundraising campaign and with new revenue-generating Pennsylvania Avenue real estate investment properties coming on line.


bo knows3/14/2018 3:57:29 PM

Tanya Vogel is a star plain and simple. A tremendous asset for GW.  


bo knows3/14/2018 6:06:17 PM

I didn't write the above post but I do believe Tanya would be an excellent choice. 


bigfan3/15/2018 2:42:24 AM

Certainly has the GW connection. Good arguments on both sides over whether Tanya is ready, closeness to former AD, could take decisive action over basketball, etc.

Probably fait accompli given the hints here, so anyone's thoughts may not matter.

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