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tennessee colonial
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tennessee colonial3/19/2017 9:30:56 PM

RI just lost. So no more NCAA teams. Sad.

gwg3/19/2017 9:56:11 PM

Im going to engage in the time-honored tradition of blaming the referees, they made some puzzling calls in the final few minutes that all conveniently went Oregon's way. URI also did a bad job rebounding on the defensive end down the final stretch, which hurt them. URI looked like the better team, it's a shame they didn't pull out the W.

bigfan3/19/2017 10:04:43 PM

Announcers called out refs for one bad charge call, not egregious--defender did slide over however and shouldn't have been called. With around a minute left, as they noted, helped change the tenor of the game.

Hard, much as want this for A-10, to feel sympathy for Hurley.

dc native3/19/2017 10:21:39 PM

Not puzzling at all.  Gonzaga is the only non-major conference team that gets a fairly called game anymore.  The NCAA is just so corrupt.  I honestly wish they would just go ahead and give the non-major conferences our own tournament...

the dude3/19/2017 10:46:25 PM

I second all of those thoughts. reffing in particular.  Notice how many furious comebacks in every game? If you have a sizeable lead, the calls all start going against you and suddenly 18 point leads are 3 point games.  Was there one game all weekend where a team had a big lead and sustained/ran away? 

Good run for URI, not a good year for the A10 overall.  Got to get 4th-7th best teams back up, first and foremost GW, but really the entire upper middle half of the league. A10 was not far from being a 1 bid league this season, and when the Conf Tourney Champ wins 25 games and is an 11 seed, the A10 is not where it needs to be as a league.


notta hater3/20/2017 2:21:19 AM


big east = 2

sec, big 12, big 10, pac 10 = 3 each

gonzaga = 1

however acc advancing a few more would have changed only the other big conference numbers. I still think the Big East was over represented as well as the ACC. Press may owe the Pac 10 a small apology. USC was far better than what I thought was going to be out there based on reports going into the selection show. Further why not have Illinois State play in lieu of a tepid wake Forrest or providence? Tweaking the seeds a bit could have changed the fates of Dayton, St. Mary's and Wichita State a bit to have made this tournament fun again instead of watching pirates divide their spoils. Looking back on selection Sunday Bilas and the others may have been right about seedlings etc but for the wrong reasons. 

the dude3/20/2017 2:41:19 AM

Agreed, would vastly prefer Illinois St and Monmouth to the worst Power 5 at large bids.

Recall Jay went bezerk about Cuse being left out and Duke being paired with Nova (frankly, Nova was the weakest #1, but alas)

Give you an example of East Coast bias:  In their OOC, UCLA went 13-0 and won At Kentucky and beat Michigan, and were 30-4. Lost to 4 games all year, against teams they also beat, 3 of those top 10 losses.  They have the best player in the country and when you watch them they look like a 1 seed.  There was no griping about UCLA's 3 seed, or being paired with Kentucky and UNC!  

UCLA was a better team than Duke all year, and they are proving it. USC was a better team by far than Syracuse, and they proved it.  There was no talk about USC's bubble and a ton about Indiana and Syracuse. 

The entire thing is just squeezing the last penny, from coverage, to selection, to seeding.  When the NCAA left out Monmouth after their giant killer upsets last season, they were willing to even throw out their "good wins" BS.  Just cram in Power 5's and count the dollars come in.


notta hater3/20/2017 8:19:24 AM

the Bilas seeding rant about Duke having to play Nova is rich in hindsight - it's like complaining about the desert cart offerings and not having enough money to even pay for your appetizers!

dc native3/20/2017 7:43:24 PM

This is why we should expect this (minimal mid-major at large bids and slanted officiating) to be the new normal:



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