Patrick Nero was my UBER driver
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1984colonial2/18/2018 11:04:00 PM

My Uber driver today was the one and only Patrick Nero. I couldn't believe it. Anybody on this site know Nero or someone close to him that can update us on his situation?


the real dude2/19/2018 1:49:10 PM

No surprise here. Heard the employment law attorney he hired right after he was turned-in for inappropriate contact (Debra Katz) dumped him before LeBlanc got rid of him.

With his Napolean complex, I bet he's the leader of the Uber driver hang out/smoke spot.


fake future2/19/2018 1:59:50 PM

Absolute nonsense.


paul2/19/2018 2:03:29 PM

Nero was raking my lawn and shoveling snow.

He is going to take down a large tree for me on Wednesday when it is warm.


bigfan2/19/2018 2:30:16 PM

Would be interesting if either the Uber, which may be a joke, or the lawyer (GW graduate, so a good attorney) story is correct.

Anyone with any details on this whole thing welcome to post.


fake future2/19/2018 3:06:04 PM

ML works at a gym in Bowie--for real.


gw future2/19/2018 3:40:51 PM

Well then I guess if Lonergan ever needs a ride to work he can call the SS Nero. Could be a good gig for Nero and he can get back some of that cash he apparently caused GW to pay out to Lonergan in the settlement.


notta hater2/19/2018 4:19:46 PM

It's hard to think I went to the same college as you guys.


fake future2/19/2018 5:19:38 PM

Im beginning to think we are the same person stirring up discord

on the board.You always post right after I do.The only other explanation

is that you FOLLOW HARD.

the mv2/19/2018 5:20:10 PM

Impossible to believe Notta.


gw future2/19/2018 5:26:06 PM

The Fake Future is too dumb to have graduated from GW. Can't come up with an original screen name and takes other people's phrases. As unoriginal and dumb as they come. No way a GW graduate. Probably another guy with a fake diploma or maybe the same guy with another fake diploma. But he sure is following hard and turning into a real fan of mine. Wants to know my every move and comment.  

fake future2/19/2018 5:35:02 PM

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gw future2/19/2018 5:40:08 PM

Youre nuts.Im out.You win.

gw future2/19/2018 5:42:49 PM

Thats not me!

gw future2/19/2018 5:49:29 PM

Again last three posts not me. I’m not worried Fake Future you obviously have too much time on your hands. A stumbling bum like you is no threat to anyone.


gw future2/19/2018 6:26:47 PM

Last post not me.Very funny dimwit.Bring it on.


tess tickals2/19/2018 6:42:45 PM

Please fake future, do it. Ma---- needs to learn a lesson about lying.


gw future2/19/2018 8:29:18 PM



fake future2/20/2018 8:26:33 AM



gw future2/20/2018 10:03:46 AM

Post at 8:29 P.M. Not me.

mainecolonial2/20/2018 1:33:35 PM

He doesn't own a car.  He walks.  Lives in Dupont.


long suffering fan2/20/2018 1:51:00 PM

It was difficult to predict where this thread was heading.

gw future2/20/2018 2:35:34 PM

Fake Future is still at it. I think you can all tell which ones I write. There the ones that don’t scream fraud at you. And Tess last time I checked no one calls me Maggie especially since I go the men’s room.


andrew2/20/2018 4:18:08 PM

this is the worst forum on the internet


rich maier2/20/2018 4:55:28 PM

Nothing wrong with Nero trying to earn a few bucks. He didn't get the payout ML did so he will have to work if that next AD job at a Power 5 school doesn't work out (which is looking likely).

Has anyone been able to download my transcript yet?


nerostolemyboyfriend2/20/2018 10:40:26 PM

Doesn't Uber do background checks?

With the Me Too movement, it won't be long until one of Nero's jilted lover's comes forward and files the lawsuit against GW for predatory behavior by a 52 year old man against co-ed's.

Makes me really eager to send my kids to GW knowing they condone this type of behavior. If I found out my son was having a sexual relationship with a school administrator, I would be at that teacher/administrator/employee's doorstep the following morning. If the NCAA goes after Louisville for a few strippers, what would happen to GW for this conduct? Nero took the term "raise high" literally.


ruserious2/21/2018 6:32:07 AM

^^Lonergan made those stories up.  Why do you think he was fired, led off campus by security and is now working as an assistant at a Bowie gym??


gw future2/21/2018 7:03:59 AM

Post at 2:35 is not mine.I haven't posted on this thread.3:40 on the 19th 

was the last time I posted.CUT it OUT.FAKE is a sick snowflake.


truth serum2/21/2018 10:28:14 AM

Anyone that knows Coach Lonergan knows he is brutally honest. He never lies. That is why the minions have had to hide behind 75+ names to try to destroy his credibility. He didn't make up any stories but just told the truth to protect his players and other students. He is not the one telling the truth now. LeBlanc is hearing from several different factions on what was going on the last 7 years. The resignation is ony the beginning.


gw future2/21/2018 11:13:04 AM

Fake Future continues to sow confusion here because he knows what I know and he is scared. Read Truth Serum’s post again and again. #ticktock Minions. Have a great day!


bigfan2/21/2018 12:38:34 PM

To aid those who think everything was ok except for the mean coach, what factions are telling LeBlanc and what have they been telling him.

fake future2/21/2018 3:05:15 PM

Truth and Future are one and the same--and big fan is just a sad case.

Talk about minions and snowflakes! What a bunch of babies.


nero stole my boyfriend2/21/2018 3:08:07 PM

Post at 1040pm above was not mine. 

chet2/23/2018 2:48:38 PM

My anonymous sources tell me ML will be implicated in the recent college basketball scandal.

The media reported yesterday a number of programs who had players (or family members) receiving money while still in college.

While Lonergan was not named by the FBI, my sources have said he will be soon be named in the Federal Indictment based on the following information leaked to the press:

The following programs were named in the indictment:

Seton Hall, Miami, Maryland, Creighton, Virginia, Wichita State.

During his tenure, GW beat all 6 of these teams. GW, a non-Power 5 team, had to be cheating in order for this to happen.



dudette2/23/2018 3:51:32 PM

Hey Chet, ML wasn't the one giving students $.  lol


the real dude2/23/2018 4:28:15 PM

Dudette, someone is obviously mocking Chet with that post.

Other than point out what we already knew (Chet and his other 8 aliases are ignored), this post reminded me of how many signature wins Lonergan had while here. The ones listed above but I also remember several other great wins, including these 4 in one tourney (NIT):

Monmouth (darlings of the media when we went to their place and smoked them)

U of Florida (lucked out with a home game due to the construction of their new arena)

San Diego State (always dangerous with the HOF Coach Fisher(sp?))


Can anyone tell me what Mojo's signature win(s) are?


brianpaul2/23/2018 4:38:25 PM

33 posts following an original post that is an admitted lie.

Nobody thought to ask '1984 Colonial' why he didn't ask Nero how things were going? You all just swallowed his lie?

Only a handful of you guys seem to have benefitted from your education, Notta, Rich, RU, a couple more.

No matter what ML and Nero are doing, if they are productive, hurrah for them!




bigfan2/23/2018 5:26:41 PM

Wouldn't that same--and quite reasonable train of thought on honest work--apply to those who incessantly mock ML for working in a gym? Though courtesy of GW, he could buy a chain of them.


the real dude2/25/2018 8:38:05 PM

Nero, AKA BrianPaul finally speaks.

Patrick, please tell us when your book is coming out. You have a lot of explaing to do. You are the only one who can tell us the story - GW, in it's infinite wisdom, paid Lonergan a whole bunch of money to buy his silence. You, on the other hand, obviously was shoved out the door with LeBlanc's foot on your ass.


keith greene2/26/2018 7:41:47 AM

I am really surprised and disappointed at the vitriol pointed towards Patrick Nero.  I got to know him during his time as AD, and as one who has gotten to know several players (and coaches) from several sports, I never heard a bad word about him.  All good.  A lot of flak came from season ticket holders who found him to be aloof.  I shared that opinion, until I got to meet him.  

I discovered in person what others told me to be true.  He was a very shy and private guy, unbelievably committed to the well-being of the student-athletes, both on and off the court, and completely committed to the University.

There's a lot of vitriol pointed towards Mike Lonergan as well.  I never got to know him - met him several times and was always very nice to me.  Never chatted about him with the players, so I can't defend or criticize him.

I'd suggest that others who don't know either of them personally refrain from that vitriol.  I find it to be distasteful.



the real dude2/26/2018 5:44:47 PM

Keith Greene, I knew and was around both Lonergan and Nero on numerous occasions between 2012 (ML's 1st year) and up until recently when Nero was forced out.

I wasn't privy to what actually took place over the years but have several friends who were both on the team at that time and others who worked in various departments around campus, including the athletic dept.

I won't rehash what has already been posted here in the past. I will just sum it up like this. GW tried to get ML to resign (like U of Colorado just did with Eustachy). He said go to hell and pay me what you owe me if you pick Nero over me. A year later, on the eve of filing a lawsuit, GW quickly settles the case for what I believe to be a large amount of money with a "non-disclosure" agreement. Fast forward 14 months later after President LeBlanc has settled in and had a chance to review the entire file, Nero resigns. GW tried to let him save face with the typical BS spin, but not even the few morons on this site (Dude, Rich Maier, Chet, Dominic, etc) dare try to argue in support of that spin. Nero was fired after LeBlanc learned of his inappropriate behavior and his retaliation against a school coach.

Your 5 minutes of contact with Nero is quite different from others who had regular contact with him and observed his Napolean complex at work with his vindictive acts aimed at anyone who dared question him.

I am also personally aware of numerous relationships (3) he had with young students during his tenure at GW. Doesn't matter whether it was male or female. I, and many others, including President LeBlanc, have a problem with a 50+ year old school administrator having romantic relationships with 20-22 year old students. I FIND THAT TO BE DISTASTEFUL.


brianpaul2/26/2018 6:14:31 PM

Thanks, so much, for redefining "numerous,"  'The Real Dude,'  and for giving us your personal opinion on May-December romance. 

But, you're wrong. There are more than a few morons on the board. You've proved that time and again.

I hope ML and PN both are enjoying new careers. Good luck to you, too, TRD.


the mv2/26/2018 6:38:42 PM

Keith, I would think one thing we can all agree on is that many individuals are more than capable of maintaining a public persona which may or may not be quite different than what this person is like in private.  Am not definitively putting PN or ML in any such category; am simply saying that many well-known figures (and both PN and ML were well-known at least in GW circles) become quite different behind closed doors compared to the image they choose to project in public.  Not that anyone in this soap opera should be compared to OJ, but if OJ taught us one thing, this would be it.


alumnus2/26/2018 6:52:20 PM

POTUS, is that you?  It's hard for me to believe any sane human being wants to spend hours of their time rehashing this crap.


bigfan2/26/2018 7:07:53 PM

Well worth rehashing since everything happening then has had a huge effect on what is happening now.

AD, who some saw as a preferred choice over basketball coach,  just suddenly left. So it did play out.

Might not be smart to dismiss some things posted on this board.

In any case, anyone who wants sincerely share real information on what happened, should do so here. Can't imagine any place where it would be more relevant.



dick maier2/26/2018 7:43:27 PM

Another "recent" poster, BrianPaul, appears to have joined us in a lame attempt by 3 posters using 15 names trying to show there's more than 4 people (Nero, Mrs Cimino, Dan Guest Jr and Sr) with an agenda.

Nice try. Head over to the American U board to stir trouble. Heard a rumor that their head coach will soon be joining Nero in the unemployment line. Looks like it was bad karma to get immediate eligibility for a player like Cimino who ended up being as worthless in the Patriot League as he was in the A-10.

Leave the rest of us alone to commiserate about the next 3 years with Mojo at the helm - thanks a frickin lot Nero for that wonderful gift before you were kicked out the door!


keith greene2/26/2018 10:12:29 PM

So much hate.  So much wasted energy.


gw 692/27/2018 6:59:49 AM

Im not sure--but if we didn't rehash ad nauseum the the ML and PN

nonsense what would posters be talking about.Its so lazy bringing up

this crap up over and over again.The argument that curious minds need

to know has gotten old.The only serious question at this point is where do 

we go from here.The five or six of you who can't move on ---have at it!!

The rest of us need to focus on the present and the future.ML is a towel 

boy and PN drives a cab.Now I think I can move on.


squid2/27/2018 8:27:58 AM

The block button is your friend, people


iamserious2/27/2018 3:01:51 PM

ML is the richest towel boy on earth who doesn't have to work again from money that is greatly needed in other areas around the university.

Nero couldn't pass the cab company background check so is an independent operator with Uber.


the mv2/27/2018 3:25:21 PM

What does "move on" actually mean?  Does it mean become interested in the here and now of this team?  Does it mean showing up to games when you can?  Does it mean watching games on TV or the internet?  Does it mean commenting here about game performances and game previews?  Well, I check each of these boxes and yet, I can't help but think that I'm one of the ones perceived by some who hasn't moved on. 

So let's be clear.  Anyone who says to anyone else here that they need to move on is really saying...."don't ever bring up what happened to this program concerning Lonergan, Nero and player abuse ever again!"

I'll respond by saying, "why would I want to do this?"  The minions were saying move on before ML received his settlement.  But then he did and that gave us something to talk about.  They were saying move on before Patrick Nero left GW.  But now he is gone and that gave us something to discuss.  They said move on because we were never going to find out anything more than we already know.  But then it's been indicated here that at least one media entity has been working on this story, alleging that there is more information that will be coming out.  And, that gave us more to ponder.

We've reached the point where anyone who is asking us to move on just wants to sweep all of this under the rug.  Move on, nothing to see here.  Yet things keep coming out.  With the real possibility of more to come.

I can tell you what would be helpful.  If we got back to the point where this program was a legitimate candidate for an NCAA at large bid, as was the case over ML's final three years here, that would admittedly make it easier to move on.  Yup, winning cures a lot of things.  But for now, many of us inquiring minds just want to know all there is to know about what went wrong with this program.  In other words, the complete and total truth.  Is that really too much to ask?


keith greene2/27/2018 3:49:04 PM

Perhaps "let it go" would be more appropriate than "move on". 

Most of us desire success and cleanliness from our program.  We all want to be sure that whatever led to the demise of the coach and the athletic director and the impact on any and all athletes and coaches doesn't ever happen again.  But our knowledge of those historical facts won't impact any of that going forward.  

Let's have trust in the "powers that be", hold them accountable through our words and deeds and $$, support the players of all sports, support the coaches of all sports, support the athletic director whomever that might be, and collectively RAISE HIGH!



the mv2/27/2018 4:16:43 PM

Knowledge of historical facts might be very helpful in restoring ML's professional reputation.  They might allow him to get back into coaching if this is what he'd like.  If ML deserves to be vindicated, I'd sure like to see that happen.

I agree with you Keith that from GW's perspective, there may not be much to gain.  The president is gone, the athletic director is gone, and the Provost presumably will be as well. 


gw05092/27/2018 4:38:39 PM

"Knowledge of historical facts might be very helpful in restoring ML's professional reputation"

I would imagine, if the things ML was fired for were completely fabricated, as has been alleged on this board, he should have no problem explaining himself to another school vs. regaining his reputation on an extremely niche message board.

What has surprised me is that he hasn't tried to go on a media tour, at least locally, for an image rehab.  I would think that is the first step before putting yourself out there for head coaching gigs.  Couldn't he be doing weekly radio hits on The Fan or 980?  Or go on CSN Washington as a CBB analyst?  What about sitting down for an interview with Ben Standig like JT3 just did? Maybe he's done this and I just haven't caught it.  

Or maybe he's done coaching, and decided to semi-retire by taking a position to help his community, at which point we should really focus on bigger issues like speculating about who our new AD will be.


insider2/27/2018 4:41:21 PM

It cracks me up reading all this garbage written by a few old geezer's who have never played a game of college basketball in their life. A few of you obviously have some connection to a player or staff but the majority don't have a clue. 

Mojo will be the coach next year, regardless of how we close this season out. Prior to the start of this season (before Lonergan settled with GW and before Nero was forced to "pursue other opportunities"), President LeBlanc conducted extensive interviews with ALL mens basketball coaches and staff as part of his own investigation after reviewing the file. From those interviews, he concluded that ML and members of his staff were not verbally or physically abusive to any of their players or staff during their tenure at GW. His findings did however result in the sudden and immediate "resignation" of AD Nero. Because Mojo had already been signed to a multi-year deal and because Mojo and the other coaches did nothing wrong, GW will continue to honor that contract at least for another year.

After this season, at least 1 asst will be leaving (the same person who collaborated with Nero in an unsuccesful attempt to get named interim HC). 

Our program will feel the effects of this tragic situation which never should have happened for years to come. We now have a strong leader who addressed the problem, took corrective action and hopefully has us on a path to success for the future (LeBlanc).


the real dude2/27/2018 5:15:03 PM

Keith Greene - Well said - everyone should let it go. Problem with that is we have Nero himself posting just a few minutes ago (just the facts) on another thread in order to bolster his already tarnished image.

MV - I'm of the same thinking as you. Many questions remain unanswered. Nero and GW tried to remove ML from the GW historical record at every opportunity hoping we would stop asking. Also, it would be a hell of a lot easier to move on if we had any success on the court. Not only was this season a disaster, but we are stuck with a coach (very nice guy) for many years to come who is unqualified to coach at this level who received a no-bid contract under suspicious cicumstances. I would love to talk GW basketball instead of talking "what-if's). As to the Provost, I also believe Provost Forrest Maltzman(sp?) will be shown the door at the end of Spring Semester. I heard he is the person Knapp delegated the ML-Nero incident to and we all know what horse he backed in that race. I bet he will step down "to pusue other opportunities" like Nero was allowed to do.

GW0509 - all great questions. I don't personally know ML, but I know people who have a personal relationship with him. From what I hear, he is financially secure not only from the GW settlement but also from 25 years as a head coach at various schools. A few have tried to demean him with the managing a gym talk but I hear he is volunteering his time at a place where he spent many hours growing up and where he now spends many hours watching his kids play in various leagues. I also heard that he will once again be in demand for coaching positions now that the lawsuit has been settled. If I remember correctly, the suit wasn't settled until sometime in Sep, when all teams have their staff set. I have also heard from reliable sources that after almost 30 years in the profession, he is done with coaching and wants to pursue other opportunities.

Insider - I'm making a huge leap (Not!) here and assuming that coach leaving is Coach Carm.


bigfan2/27/2018 5:26:56 PM

Keith, respect your posting and openness in general.

LeBlanc seems to be on top of things, but it is very early. Otherwise, again with the respect that a sincere person and GW fan like Keith is due, wouldn't  at all "have trust in the "powers that be" for anything. They couldn't even give the kids a cafeteria.Forrest Maltzman, still Provost, though maybe not for long, presided over that fiasco.

So now we have lost a very successful coach who was faithful to GW, had a team of clean record, academic overachiever and coult d have been here until retirctement. And an Athletic Director that a number of people here thought was doing great despite massive personnel changes, won a modest award, and some people felt was worth the cost of losing ML if he stayed.

That most recent domino just tumbled maybe six weeks ago. , if no Doesn't seem outdated.

The university in this whole thing, has promoted a bizarre solution designed to foment the staff dis kept us mushroom-like in the dark and fed us manure. No details, but plenty on non-statements, along with a PR stream of non-sequitirs, revisionist history and


bigfan2/27/2018 5:37:47 PM

sycophantic pap peddled by the hapless GW PR machine.

So, if you want to get over it fine, as we emerge from the basement of the A-10 cellar.

But respectfully, some of us aren't ready to just bless all these bizarre machinations on a message board where we debate what GW did 25 years ago, much less six weeks ago.


bigfan2/27/2018 6:20:14 PM

And Insider, thanks for offering what certainly seems like an informed and detailed perspective.

As with anyone, keep posting actual details.


rich maier3/1/2018 5:09:26 PM

Just heard from Patrick that a big announcement will be coming in the next few days on what his "new opportunity" will be. Stay tuned everyone.

nextyear3/1/2018 5:47:09 PM

He's leaving Uber for Lyft!

Everytime someone posts on this thread, it sets off a flurry of activity by Nero (or his cronies) in order to bump this thread back and prevent it from showing on the screen. Grow up boys. Time for some of you to either get a job or work harder on your job search before you go postal on someone. Somebody is playing mind games with you and you're too stupid to realize it.


rich maier3/1/2018 7:19:13 PM

WOW! the other 'Rich Maier' is really working hard today. Post at 5:09:26 PM is surprise not mine. Never met Lonergan or Nero. 

dominic3/3/2018 11:17:11 PM

bump to push Chet and Rich Maiet over the deep end

edward3/12/2018 6:24:06 PM

Nero was my Uber driver yesterday between Union Station and Capital One Arena to watch the finals between Rhode Island and Davidson. He's doing great, picking up lots of fares and decided not to go over to Lyft. Says LeBlanc is a mean old heterosexual! Says the EEOC was wrong to punish him for surrounding himself with young men to "assist" him in his daily duties while at GW.


keith greene3/13/2018 7:32:13 AM

Edward, give it a rest.  Your post was mean-spritied and not funny.  We don't need those types of posts on this board.  Too much hate.


keith greene3/13/2018 7:33:03 AM

Sorry - Need to read before I post.  That was mean-SPIRITED.  Apologies.


chet3/13/2018 10:17:00 AM

Keith, he's just messing with the Nero Brigade and watching them post like mad with anti-ML garbage to bump down this thread. I look forward to the day when Nero and his boys stop stalking a coach who hasn't been with us the last 2 seasons.


gw future3/13/2018 11:09:30 AM

Bump lol.


the real dude3/13/2018 1:22:18 PM

Couldn't help myself - love tweaking the Nero Brigade.


ruserious3/13/2018 5:56:45 PM

Hope Patrick stays with Uber and doesn't switch to Lyft.


facts3/13/2018 10:33:56 PM

High school coach arrested today for secretly taping players undressing.

Nero had ethics. He would only watch practice tapes while the players were in their shorts and all sweaty.


fake future3/13/2018 11:45:18 PM

ML is also gay---just sayin'Classic homophobe fear of their own sexuality.


nassar3/14/2018 8:32:45 PM

So, how exactly did Patty get caught?  When the tape is released will we actually see the student-athletes Patty did this to or will they protect them and block out their faces?  What if it was consensual?  Does that make a difference?



nassar3/14/2018 9:15:44 PM

Ml is gay which deeply offends me.  I prefer a little boys myself which also deeply offends me. 


gw future3/14/2018 11:32:11 PM

Bumpety Bump.

brian paul3/17/2018 12:41:24 PM

Patrick please come back. GW Mens Basketball is irrelevant without you.

neil3/17/2018 8:26:51 PM

Keith Green grow up. PN did what he did to student boys on the basketball team.  Call it what it is.  He got fired a fired ML and killed this program for the next several years.

Hope you look forward to the increase in your club dues.

Only GW can do this and raise prices when the program goes down the drain.  

Next year at this time, we will be talking about who will be the next coach.

Sorry state of affair.

Keith join in and ask what is going on.  You stated you did not meet PN and called and got a meeting.

I all on you to due this again in an open forum at the Smith Center for all season ticket holder to be able to ask questions to the AD, interim AD, coach, and President.

Thanks, Keith  for your support in making this program number 1.




neil3/17/2018 8:44:24 PM

I'm not real. Just another phony character. What I meant to say was that ml killed the program by abusing the players.  Mic drop. 


gw future3/17/2018 10:01:46 PM

So have we determined yet whether the SS Nero is under the Lyft or Uber umbrella? The minions are asking!


rich maier3/17/2018 11:41:11 PM

Nero knows I'm a GW grad and will send anyone who asks my transcript.

gw future3/18/2018 10:51:10 AM

Best GW AD’s in history: 1. Kvancz 2. Bilsky 3. Faris 4. Big George 5. Little George 6. Anonymous AD ... 100. Patrick Nero


brian paul3/18/2018 11:31:04 AM

Invariably, I call Hildalgo Taxi, to avoid Patrick Nero. I am certain he i a nice guy, but, I cannot tolerate gwhoops, 24/7.

Only problem, I cannot speak Spanish, my driver does not speak English. So, we just drive.


dominic3/18/2018 8:06:19 PM

Patrick was off today. Back on tomorrow. Anyone needing a ride in and around DC show him some love.


the real dude3/19/2018 1:24:42 PM

This is what happens when your team is done playing and we have very little hope for the future.

All the knuckleheads who don't know squat about basketball just want to talk about a coach who has been gone for 2 years and an AD who has been gone for over 3 months.

President LeBlanc, please continue with the purge so we can begin to rebuild our basketball program!


lmao3/19/2018 5:14:02 PM

Bumping this so I can watch Rich Maier and all his aliases scramble to post on the other threads in order to knock this one off the top 5.

We need some humor here this offseason since we have little hope for next year.

Rich and company are now spending their 15 minute breaks at McDonalds to bump this thread down.

Go at it boys!


rich maier3/19/2018 6:58:32 PM

Come on guys - you should have had a break by now! Where's our responses?

rich maier3/20/2018 2:17:02 PM

Time to activate the Nero Brigade on the other threads!

brian paul3/20/2018 2:27:55 PM

From the looks of the other threads, looks like the Nero Brigade is now on the Walmart required 15 minute break. Go get em boys!

gw future3/20/2018 2:48:12 PM

I thought it was Kinkos but why quibble with insignifant facts?

fake future3/20/2018 2:50:08 PM


fake future3/20/2018 2:50:46 PM

Ooops - wrong thread!

gw future3/20/2018 2:59:25 PM

By the way a very knowledgeable attorney told me that GW may have huge additional liability to Lonergan because they likely have employees here violating non-disclosure non-disparagement language in settlement agreement. The minions are about to pay dearly. My understanding is LeBlanc and GW Counsel’s Office may be aware. Get your popcorn out, this might yet still become more wild. Nobody will ever claim that the minions are very smart. Hope Lonergan sues the shit out of those minions who come here to violate agreements.


ruserious3/20/2018 3:16:22 PM

lolol  good god "Future", nobody from GW is on this site....the only one who was on here day and night (ML) is gone. 


pn3/20/2018 4:59:50 PM

My job security looks good for the next 5 years after the Arizona incident involving the Uber autonomous vehicle.

ml3/20/2018 5:07:16 PM

So does mine at the gym!!Im happy for you too!!


domonic3/20/2018 6:41:11 PM

Day shift almost over. Here comes the trolls trying to bump this down. Sit back and enjoy.

gw future3/20/2018 8:39:44 PM

Dummy Dude and Drama Brian here assuming others identities. I say every time that happens to you Bigfan, Bo, MV, Bobo, Porter71, Mentzinger just come here and bump this thread! I know I will.


the dude3/20/2018 10:21:43 PM

Just a little bump to activate the Nero Brigade night shift.

I'm really enjoying watching this clown get frustrated and ready to go postal. Hope he stays away from my Kinko's.


spinmaster3/21/2018 12:57:41 PM

Time for the daily spin up of the Nero Brigade. Go at it boys! Show the others who rules this board!


rich maier3/21/2018 2:50:22 PM

Mojo, please reach out to Nero and get his advice. He hired you and offered to be available to consult and advise. Right now is a good time with the storm happening. No customers.


now i am basing3/21/2018 3:27:57 PM

The Real Dude, are you a real estate agent? I ask because you have multiple poster listings: you've posted as dick maier, little dude, p.nero, the dude, yuta, spinmaster and Rich Maier (me). I am basing this on Herve's 3 Faces of Eve which tracks who is posting under what name. So if Herve is incorrect get in touch with him as you wouldn't want your sterling reputation to be tarnished. Have a nice day. 


rich maier3/21/2018 3:29:23 PM

Last post was mine. 


brian paul3/21/2018 4:36:28 PM

You've got to attribute all of your notes, Rich. Otherwise, Dick won't know he's supposed to try to jam your ass, and his buds will get totally confounded.


the real dude3/21/2018 5:28:34 PM

Now I Am Basing, congrats, you must feel like you just found a cure for cancer.

This is what happens when you and your minions use multiple names, including my name of "The Real Dude" , which by the way I started as a way to mock one of your other aliases, "The Dude".

Using Herve's 3 Faces of Eve template, looks like your pal Brian Paul has everyone beat with the following names - Brian Paul, Chet, Dom, Dominic, Fan, about 4 versions of Ziik, and several others.

You also have used multiple names Rich Maier. The one I'm most curious about is why use the name Yuta? Yuta gave his heart and soul to our program, only to get screwed in his last 2 years because of your boy Nero (who was fired and now appears to be an Uber driver).


rich maier3/21/2018 6:13:07 PM

The Real Dude, your name is listed under Yuta. And the dick maier name, as well as mine which you've used numerous times. Notice you didn't contest any of the other names I cited. BTW I'm talking about you not Brian Paul. 


the real dude3/21/2018 6:49:44 PM


Get a life and stop spending all your time on a forum designed to discuss GW hoops.

Aren't you the same clown who challenges people to fights, uses anti-semetic language and who purports to using his real name, is a GW grad and alleges pasting a copy of the degree on this site for everyone to see, unsuccessfully.

Seeing how you have some anger management issues, I would be more than happy to discuss in person face to face. It would mean you can't hide behind your fake identity anymore. Let me know Sherlock!

rich maier3/21/2018 7:29:08 PM

name a place.


iamserious3/21/2018 8:46:09 PM

Rich Maier take your whiny little ass somewhere else and leave the rest of us alone.

Acting like a tough guy when your an anonymous scrawny old man is pathetic. Head on over to Tinder where you can be a tough guy with the ladies behind your keyboard!


gw future3/21/2018 9:45:39 PM

Don’t worry Real Dude. Rich is a pussy’s pussy. He is not fighting anyone. The old goat would die of fear first if he had to shed his keyboard shield.


dick maier3/22/2018 12:19:01 PM

Rich, please go back to using your Ziik name (any one of the 10 versions you used).

Also, why is it that Rich Maier has only been posting for the last couple years? Did you just start following GW basketball, even though you claim to be a GW grad over 30 years ago?


chet3/22/2018 2:43:34 PM

Time to spin up the Nero Brigade today - mid afternoon smoke break at Kinko's is almost here!


rich maier3/22/2018 7:06:15 PM

I will pledge a large donation to GW Basketball in honor of Patrick Nero if someone can provide proof that I am a GW grad and figure out a way to post that proof online.

Those of you that want to make fun of me, I challenge you to a duel in some dark alley in Foggy Bottom.

gw future3/22/2018 11:41:47 PM

Expect the fake doc to post soon as to what all this conflict means.


dick maier3/23/2018 2:02:10 PM

Uber back up and operational after snowstorm.

xac3/23/2018 6:27:18 PM

OOOPPS - wrong thread.

No worries - I will get right on it and drop this thread off the screen!

chet3/24/2018 6:12:22 PM

This board is out of control.

As if using 10 different names weren't enough, Rich Maier is now posting under Herve's name. Herve, please expose the fool!

gw future3/24/2018 10:43:30 PM

Drama Brian Dummy Dude Graduate Rich Doc Fake I’m No Thinket That’s a murderer’s row of lunacy, bullshit, and hubris. Probably all or mostly 1-2 losers.


ruserious3/25/2018 2:39:23 AM

Working night shift at Kinko's - thanks for the hook-up Dude!

Can't wait to spin up the Nero Brigade when they wake up in the morning and see this thread on top. I have to find amusement where I can.


gw future3/25/2018 10:21:01 AM

Bumpty Bump. Good Sunday morning to the minions.


skittles3/25/2018 12:13:52 PM

and the wheels have fallen off. Yikes


the real dude3/25/2018 8:25:50 PM

I find it interesting that while college basketball is in it's finest moments, we have what is likely 2 people having a thread bitch fight.

There's somebody angry and obsessed by a 50 year old man who just received a large settlement (approx $3.4 million if they just paid him what they owed him for the remaining 4 1/2 years of his contract) to go with the millions he's made over a 25+ year career as a D-1 HC. I wish I could retire and watch my kids games, then my grandkids games.

This is more money than most of us will make in a lifetime. This moron must be pissed with his monthly Social Security pension. Move on my friend!


rich maier3/25/2018 10:45:08 PM

Nero Brigade coming off night shift - let's get err done!


brian paul3/26/2018 12:43:47 PM

Big announcement regarding Patrick coming soon.

brian paul3/26/2018 4:39:09 PM

Disregard. Patrick didn't get the Lousville AD job as hoped. It went to Tyra (Banks).


gdub3/28/2018 12:40:47 AM

Joint news conference with the ML story coming out next Wed.

ML investing some of his millions in Uber's autonomous driving vehicle technology causing Nero to announce he's making a "career change" and will now be working at Kinko's with Dude.

Stay tuned for more to come.


nero stole my boyfriend3/28/2018 12:22:34 PM

Shouldn't GW get some of that money back if this pays off?


thinker4/5/2018 12:05:46 PM

Bad news about to come out regarding Nero and the EEOC lawsuit against GW.

What's wrong with Nero getting rid of an old woman so he can give a job to one of his "young male friends"? I know it was for twice the pay but this guy's job description included so much more.

With ML's payout and what this will cost GW, Nero is the gift that keeps on giving!


pn4/13/2018 5:52:17 PM

Life is so unfair.

ML gets paid off not to sue. Patsos gets paid off to resign. I am forced to resign and don't get a cent! how is this fair?


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