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thomas10/7/2017 1:06:52 PM

Sporting News(or Street & Smith's??) predicts an 11th place finish for GW. Their write-up on GW mostly talks about Maurice Joseph. They mention how GW was picked to finish 8th last year but finished 6th, and GW won it's last 5 regular season games. They also have a quote from Nero saying about Mojo, "Our student-athletes responded well to his energy, passion and vision." The only players mentioned are Yuta(of course) and Toro. About Yuta, they wrote that he should be ready to give the Colonials more inside with increased strength and experience. Toro is described as a rugged rebounder who started 17 games as a freshman.

As for the A-10 Conference as a whole:


1. Rhode Island

2. Saint Louis - 2ND!!! What a turnaround that woud be if they finished that high

3. St.Joseph's

4. VCU

5. St.Bonaventure

6. Davidson

7. Richmond

8. Dayton

9. George Mason

10. La Salle

11. GW

12. Fordham

13. UMass

14. Duquesne



Jaylen Adams  senior  St.Bonaventure

E.C. Matthews  senior  Rhode Island

Justin Tillman senior  VCU

B.J. Johnson  senior  La Salle

Peyton Aldridge  senior  Davidson



Kellan Grady   freshman   Davidson   - It's interesting that they don't even mention Grady in the write-up for Davidson, but they have him ranked in the top 100 incoming freshman at #95 which is probalby why they put him on this list. 

Javon Bess  junior  St.Louis  - transfer from Michigan State

Adonys Henriquez  junior  St.Louis  - transfer from UCF

Khris Lane  senior  VCU  - grad transfer from Longwood

Kostas Antetokounmpo  redshirt freshman  Dayton - his brother is Milwaukee Bucks/NBA superstar Giannis 



Khwan Fore   Richmond

Jaylan Adams  St. Bonaventure

Jared Terrell  Rhode Island

Joseph Chartouney  Fordham 




VCU looking to make the NCAA tournament for an 8th Straight Year - Where does that rank in college basketball? It's got to be pretty high.  

Travis Ford making an instant impact in his second season with the addition of 5 transfers

St. Bonaventure having one of the nation's highest scoring backcourt's in Jaylan Adams and Matt Mobley, and being the A-10's surprise team 



dmvpiranha10/7/2017 3:18:41 PM

More or less agree with our placement for the coming year. It could be low if all of the new pieces come together, but given just how many question marks there are it's safer to rank us lower. I've seen Jair on some most improved lists, but Yuta and Arnaldo are probably the ones expected to have the largest increases in scoring production from last year. (Patrick is also very undervalued when healthy - he averaged 10.4 points per game in the final 10 games including the conference tournament and CBI.)

I would say in terms of A10 standings it will be: 

1. Rhode Island (that backcourt is so good and their 2018 class is looking good as well for the following year. Langevine will be key for them).

2. VCU (the freshman class is talented and they still have Tillman and Williams. Jenkins is a potential breakout player this year).

3. St. Bonaventure (this ranking is based solely on Adams and Mobley playing like the best backcourt in the league because their frontcourt is very underwhelming. I like Ayeni but he needs help. Taqqee needs to become a third go-to guy for them and Kaputo needs to step up after having a disappointing year in 16-17.)

4. St. Joseph's (very unlucky with injuries last year. They would have finished at the middle of the A10 at the least if they had stayed healthy. If Newkirk can fully recover from the ACL injury and Brown, Clover, and Robinson can take the next step they will be very good. Demery is also very underrated and is like a Bembry-lite. Oliva will give them another body in the frontcourt and I think their incoming class is better than some think.)

5. St. Louis (I'm high on them but I guess not as high as that magazine above. They are on the same tier as VCU and Rhode Island in terms of talent with the grad transfers coming in and the freshman class will be very good. It's tough to put them higher given that a complete turnaround from last year is unlikely but if they play to their potential they will be on the NCAA tournament bubble this year.)

6. Davidson (losing Gibbs hurts and Grady is not going to replace his production but Aldridge, Magarity, Ekwu, Reigel, Michelsen all return. Guomundsson and Pritchett should take the next step. Defense has held them back the past couple of years so that's key if they want to have a successful season. Never count McKillop out.)

7. George Mason (higher on them than most. I like their backcourt in Livingston/Grayer/Kier/Boyd and Wilson/Mar were good gets for them. Frontcourt depth is a major issue though so maybe I'm ranking them a bit high.)

8. Dayton (many questions surrounding their backcourt after Scoochie graduated. Darrell Davis will need to step up offensively in addition to his defense. It's almost expected at this point that they have no depth in the frontcourt but that hasn't stopped them in the past. I put them below Mason since they changed coaches and Grant doesn't have the reputation that Archie does. Cunningham and Williams are very good players but they will have to rely a lot on their incoming freshmen which may be problematic. There are high expectations for Antetokounmpo but I think he might have hurt himself earlier in the year (not season-ending). Then again, it's not Dayton unless at least one of their players is hurt.)

9. La Salle (underperformed greatly last year when they had a better team. Price is finally gone. I like their senior class a lot in Stukes/Shuler/Johnson/Henry/Washington and Powell is very good as well. Phiri has to take the next step and their freshman class is decent headlined by Jamir Moultrie. Their defense was atrocious last year so that will have to improve. The offense should still be alright. I could see them a couple spots higher.)

10. Richmond (losing Cline and Jones hurts a lot. Fore will torment us on both sides of the ball and Buckingham is a future star in the league. Johnson and Sherod are good supporting pieces on the offensive end but don't provide much defensively. Heard some good things about Stansbury, and Golden will give them a boost if he's fully healthy. Don't know much about the incoming class but there's not enough here for them to be much higher.)

11. George Washington (see above. I could see us over Richmond but I don't know how much higher. If Terry, Maceo, Justin, and Javier ball out we could exceed expectations easily.)

12. UMass (Holloway is a pain down low and Pipkins is a pretty good player but I don't know how much else is here. They changed coaches as well. Anderson and Hines have to provide more meaningful minutes and Brantley was a good get from Maryland.)

13. Duquesne (a lot of players sitting out this year. Michael Lewis will lead the Dukes with contributions from Tarin Smith and Rene Castro. Jordan Robinson will have to have a greater impact and Duquesne will need production from the freshmen right out of the gate.)

14. Fordham (can't see how they don't finish last. Chartouny is great but Tavares will have to become their second scorer which will require a huge jump. Chuba Ohams could take a jump in year 2 but there's just not a lot here.)

I would substitute Johnson for Newkirk on the all-conference list if he returns healthy. I don't see Henriquez making all-newcomer as there are a lot of great freshmen coming in with Moultrie, Wilson, Mar, Goodwin, French, the VCU guys, and Terry if he plays up to his potential.


the dude10/7/2017 4:16:25 PM

Our DMV >  The Sporting News.  DMV, you've outdone yourself, yet again, bravo.

Bearish outlooks, would be nice to mildly surprise in the standings, but far more importantly, building players for future success.


dmvpiranha10/7/2017 4:48:49 PM

You're too kind :) I 100% agree. If we can get the freshmen some playing time to get acclimated to A10 ball, they'll be successful for seasons to come along with the transfers coming in.


ziik the senile old man10/7/2017 5:33:16 PM

You have given the board some fine scouting reports, DMV. Dude is correct about that, for sure.

Thomas, I am guessing it was Sporting News, as I think Street & Smith's purveyor of cowboy poetry, Old West yarns, cheap romance tracts, and regurgitated sports department pap, gave up the ghost a decade or two back. The best job the rag did on GWU men's basketball was way back in the 70's, when it trumpeted Mike Samson and Tom Tate as incoming freshmen.

Of course, like many old brands, S & S may well have become an imprint on some new product.


thinker10/7/2017 6:43:32 PM

Excellent write-up DMV!

i think this coming season is a complete mystery at this point. IF the starting lineup ends up being Bolden, Nolan, Yuta, Steeves, and Toro, then really only Yuta would be starting out with more or less the same role on the team as he had last year. 

 -- Bolden didn't really start playing many minutes until the 16th game of the season and was almost always on the floor with good shooters - Sina, Roland, and Hart in the backcourt and Tyler and Yuta in the frontcourt. I would think the team needs him to play a lot more minutes and score a lot more this year.

--  Toro only played about 15 MPG last year and was often counted on as a high energy guy off the bench. He only played more than 20 minutes in 8 games. He fouled at a higher rate than can be sustained over many more minutes. He will be matched up extensively against the opposing center this year. He will be the only legit "big man" on the team this year.

--  Steeves missed 8 games last year and played in 10 or less minutes in 6 more games. Of the games he played, he scored less than 5 points in 13 games and scored 6 or less points in 17 games. Given his injury history, is it erven smart to try and play him a ton of minutes all year? I think in the ideal world Steeves comes off the bench and plays 18-20 minutes per game, give or take..

I have no idea what to expect from the freshmen -- Nolan, Jack, Mazzulla, Langarica -- Justin Williams who barely saw the floor last year -- the walk-ons Mitola, Granger, and Sasser (is he even eligible?) -- or the eligible transfer Zeigler.

To have a good year this year, we will have to have a number of things go right (like freshmen contributing early) and won't be able to afford to have many things go wrong (like an injury to a starter or Zeigler if he ends up a starter). Both those things can certainly happen but it's hard to predict or rely on that.


gw7210/7/2017 6:58:21 PM

I predict 8th place. 


dmvpiranha10/7/2017 7:21:59 PM

Appreciate it Ziik and Thinker!

gwb10/7/2017 8:30:12 PM

Starting Lineup - 

G - Jair Bolden

G - Yuta Watanabe 

F - Bo Zeigler 

F - Patrick Steeves 

F - Arnaldo Toro 

6th Man - Terry Nolan

Book it. 

the dude10/7/2017 8:45:46 PM

DMV, its well earned.

GWB, I concur.  I think that's your starting 5, and 6th man.


gw fan10/7/2017 9:44:55 PM

Do you have the link for this article? 

the dude10/8/2017 2:07:49 AM

Terry Nolan.  Intrigued to see him.  Big X factor in the season.

thomas10/8/2017 11:00:02 AM

DMVPirhana,  everyone is right, you gave a tremendous preview of the A-10. About Sporting News newcomers selection, I'm guessing they see a former BCS coach and player in Travis Ford bringing in BCS transfers, and figure that these players will excel in the A-10. They did write that Adonys Henriquez was an All-AAC Rookie selection and averaged 10.5PPG in his 2 years at UCF. He must have played against/lost to GW in 2015-2016, does anyone remember him from that game?

Ziik, you're right, it appears as if Street & Smith's merged with Sporting News.

GW Fan,  what I posted was straight from Sporting News/Street & Smith's magazine, I'm not sure whether they have an online edition.

Another thing I need to mention from the magazine was this headline about the NEC...High-major transfer raid weakens NEC. A few months ago, someone here posted an article about NEC member Robert Morris getting raided by BCS schools, now it's a local school in Mount St. Mary's who has been raided. They won the NEC tournament last year, but lost 3 starters to Texas, Miami and Kansas State. I know it's part of the game, but it doesn't seem fair that BCS schools can do this to a school like Mount St.Mary's. I mean, the BCS schools already have HUGE recruiting advantages over NEC schools, yet they still do raid them like this. Mount St.Mary's coach Jamion Christian is somehow keeping a positive attitude despite getting screwed by BCS Schools, he's quoted as saying, "If That's The Price Of Success, I'll Take My Chances"!!! 


mentzinger10/8/2017 11:24:51 AM

1. Rhode Island

2. St. Louis

3. George Mason

4. St. Bonaventure/VCU

5. St. Bonaventure/VCU

6. St. Joseph's

7. Davidson


8. La Salle

9. Dayton

10. Richmond


11. UMass


12. George Washington/Duquesne


13. George Washington/Duquesne


14. Fordham

dmvpiranha10/8/2017 12:22:21 PM

Thanks Thomas! Henriquez is a heck of a player (and to answer your question he scored just 5 points against us in 2015-2016 on 2-6 shooting with no rebounds or assists), I just don't know how likely two transfers from the same team will be on the all-newcomer team. I think Bess will have a bigger impact of the two. If so, then St. Louis will have one of the largest turnarounds in all of college basketball. Transfers don't always pan out, and La Salle showed that last year when they weren't able to improve that much last year with a bevy of them. The NEC has indeed probably been the most affected by the high-major transfer raid, with Mount St. Mary's being the most recent example. I respect Christian a great deal. It takes big balls to schedule the OOC slate that he did last year, and even though they didn't win much in the beginning of the year, it prepared them well when conference season came along and took them all the way to the tournament. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a call from a bigger program next offseason.

the dude10/8/2017 1:41:58 PM

Anyone else buying Saint Louis 2nd? I will believe that when I see it.  This many new players often takes time.

fredd10/8/2017 2:06:27 PM

hey BM or Thomas or anyone else it seems to me that GW freshmen rarely can play defense well enough to earn big minutes. Who is the most likely to prove me wrong? Seems like size will be an issue, no? And its all about defending penatration and getting easy buckets to me. And thank freaking god the fates didn’t make me a Fordham grad!

tuna can10/8/2017 4:10:47 PM

FREDD, I think that this is the most intriguing factor about the new players coming into GW this year. AND the coach. As I mentioned last January, Justin often played the 5 on man D and in the middle disrupting passing in the zone. In 4 games that I watched, he had loads of steals and drew charges, even had a block or two. He also isn't the 6'3 that he is listed at. In addition, from the team pic, I couldn't even recognize the guy from January in HS.

With Nolan lightening quick and Maceo and Bo being such long athletes, there is a sense that our substitution scheme may be one of higher pressure. Those guys are leaders and smart players. The question is whether the D can come together early enough in the season to really make a difference OR will it just get chewed up.

The new guys are good with the ball in their hands whether on the bounce or passing. This could me transition points when scoring in a set offense would not be as productive. 

To that point, no magazine is going to put this all together and suggest that GW will be hard to play against even it was abundantly clear to the team that there is something there. This is not the GW team of even last year much less of the years prior. 

In closing, I had few positives on this season earlier, but seeing the combination of talents on the squad and knowing that MoJo seems to be hinting at D first, this season is, at least, going to be interesting. I am sure that we won't be like VCU with Weber, but we can be disruptive and we may steal some wins with a few breaks.

ziik the senile old man10/8/2017 6:10:22 PM

It sounds like a scrappy team. 

I dislike scrappy teams. 

But maybe it is just an interim scrappiness, before the end of the season run.

I do think that Mojo is showing us some of his coaching traits: he wants athletic guys who have ball handling skills. Well, good for him. He's got a system that does not seem dependent on other teams' cast-offs. 

Do they all have to speak French, too?


fredd10/8/2017 6:44:13 PM

Do we end up with that rare combination (within the next 4 years) a team with enough talent that a coach can let play. Think Davidson or VCU?


the dude10/8/2017 6:53:02 PM

Put me down in the Mazzulla looks bigger than listed camp., and the didn't at first recognize him, Tuna. He looked like a legit big Guard with a frame you'd see from a Senior or grad transfer. 

The season will be a lot better than expected, if we got some good things from the Freshmen Guards.  Should be fun to see unfold.



the other mg10/10/2017 12:10:29 PM

Looks like problems at SLU.

gw future10/10/2017 3:26:09 PM

I swear Dummy Dude never ever ceases to amaze especially with such a low bar. So in this thread he claims that this season could be a lot bettter than expected and should be fun to see unfold. Yet the same day in discussing drink choices in another thread he says he fears that in the 2017/18 season we'll all be tempted to hit the bottle with increased frequency. This is just but another example of the man who tries to have it both ways.


the mv10/10/2017 3:47:29 PM

It's very important to The Dude that he not only be correct on all issues but that he can tell everyone here about a thousand times how right he was.  It's so important that he leaves it to his own phony alter egos to agree with him or congratulate him when appropriate.  He's not counting on perceptive people like GW Future to call out his bullshit.  But not to worry.  He will count on people forgetting his contradictory posts months after the fact, and will be more than willing to point you to the post that suggests he was right, while denying he ever wrote the contradictory post that suggested he wasn't.

It's an old, tired and increasingly boring act. But hey, who wants to have a real discussion about college basketball???!!!


the dude10/10/2017 5:19:29 PM

We will rock the A-10 this year. I predict a finish somewhere between 5th and 14th, depending on how our players play. I like this years team. Reminds me of my HS basketball, soccer, baseball and wrestling teams (we didn't win many games but I was captain and star of each team).


Disclaimer: I am making lots of money off GW at my Kinko's copying legal documents for all the lawsuits being brought against GW and the athletic department so take my projections with a grain of salt. Also, anyone who disagree's with me must be from Bowie and a homophobe.


the dude10/10/2017 5:22:32 PM

Problems at SLU, MG?

ziik the bomb thrower10/10/2017 5:44:21 PM

Following that guy (GW Fucker), has no future, MV.

I appreciate that you have some issues with Dude. But, at least, in 10 years of more, you have made 13 reasonable posts. Maybe 17. 

But GW Fucker is just all negativity, all the time. Following him, so far at least, will lead you to a cul de sac. I think that is what they call a dead end, in semi-upscale suburban America. 


gw future10/10/2017 8:20:27 PM

Following Dummy Dude will cost you more brain cells than the brain-eating amoeba. As you can see from this board, the dumbing down has taken full effect on some. When you follow Dummy Dude you end up falling through the trap door that leads past Kinkos straight to Moronville. We are all dumber for having to read Dummy Dude's grunts at relevancy in a world that moves way too fast for him. Don't fall for the Dummy Dude's okey doke.


dmvpiranha10/11/2017 9:13:10 AM

Jaylen Brantley of UMass was diagnosed with a heart condition which will end his basketball career. The school is honoring his scholarship for the next two years while he's in grad school which is very classy of them. Tough break for the Minutemen, but health is far more important and it's good to see that the condition was detected after what happened to Steve McElvene of Dayton.


ziik the senile old man10/11/2017 9:28:33 AM


If you're interested in the subject, heart issues in young athletes is at least as critical as head issues in football. SI did a 12 page of more study, several years ago, and I learned my own cardiologist was seriously involved in thse issues back then.

There have been more than a few on court, or on field deaths. And a few athletes who got defibrillators implanted, and then demanded  ' the right'  to play.

Among coaches, Tom Penders, and the West Virginia and former George Mason had defibrillators implanted. 

The jolt feels a bit like getting slammed by a car, when you're in a parked vehicle.





the mv10/11/2017 9:33:47 AM

That's really tough news.  Brantley was a talented shooter who just couldn't quite break through the backcourt logjam in College Park.  I was looking forward to seeing if he could be a breakout performer in  aprogram where he would have been one of the team's best players.

Problem at SLU is an alleged sex scandal involving 4 current players. Title IX investigation is under way.  The identities of the players are being withheld at this time.



dick maier10/11/2017 12:33:33 PM

Ziik, stop playing advocate for Dude and go back to enjoying retirement. Your posts are now more frequent than Dude's and getting to be just as annoying. There must be a senior center close by that has some good bridge games.


hondo10/11/2017 12:59:24 PM

When are we going to permanently ban the posts from this GW Fucker?  Polluting the board. 


gw future10/11/2017 1:24:30 PM

The quick answer to your question Hondo is the same time Dummy Dude and all his personnas including Hondo disappear. Chew on that Fucker or is it Dummy Fucker? 


gw future10/11/2017 1:29:31 PM

Did you ever consider Ziik that Dummy Dude attracts all the ED and psych med spam? Like flies to shit ...


thomas10/11/2017 1:55:36 PM

I saw the bad news about Jalen Brantley on the same site as the NBCsports.com A-10 preview that someone here posted yesterday. The article mentioned that J.Brantley's previously undetected heart ailment was discovered during an EKG test that all incoming UMass athletes are required to take. My question is, shouldn't ALL colleges have this sort of test to for athletes?? You'd think Steve McElvene's death and the other incidents of players collapsing during workouts/practices would convince each college to take every precaution to detect heart ailments. Luckily for J.Brantley, his was discovered before he collapsed/blacked out during physical activity or suffered an even worse fate. I've posted a link to the article down below.

MV,  that's huge news about St.Louis. The season starts in about a month and they could have a dark cloud hovering over what looked to be a promising season. 




tuna can10/11/2017 2:38:38 PM

Suggestions for the day:

1. go to the bottom of this page and donate money to herve. (another BC reminder)

2. may I also suggest that if you are posting about other posters pertaining to something other than basketball, please just scroll instead next time. The bickering seems to be age related and appears to be the male version of cat ladies. 

3. however, if that isn't in your DNA, then possibly you could just block your foe. It isn't good for your heart and we don't want to read that crap either.

It is truly amazing how much nicer GWHoops is without three or four folks. With a couple of blocks, reading the site changes. I don't need to see people insulting each other.

What a joy it has been been (decades) since first posting on herve's old site and then hosting the server for so many years. Herve's platform is here for enjoyment and sharing. I remember the numbers when GW was flying high. Now, we may very well be in for interesting times, but there is a chance that this team can come back strong. It is important, if you care for GWHoops to find a way to adapt to what it is now without being a "Debbie Downer" for others.

I have to say that reading this site now can be almost as profound as reading YELP complaints about a Deli's Pastrami Reubens.

With herve's block button, I instantly fix a thread. Of course, you have to weigh who gets it and who doesn't. There are a few bickerers who also make interesting posts. You have to balance your scrolling instincts with your blocking. 




troll blocker10/11/2017 3:11:33 PM

Just click block button. 'GW Future' and assorted names, a board cancer.  Click block. Simple solution. 


the dude10/11/2017 3:42:34 PM

Thomas, what surprises do you see in store for the A10? 

What do folks make of Dayton? On board with them falling this far this fast? Other teams that may suprise in either direction?

jorma10/12/2017 1:19:10 PM

GW will be overachieving again because the players no longer hate the head coach. 


bigfan10/12/2017 2:27:11 PM

If hate gives us the last three years of the former coach's record, signature victories and NIT Championship, half the conference academic all-academic team, no behavior issues and recruiting two players who got their degrees and got guaranteed NBA money two years in a row, definitely down for some more of the players hating the coach.


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