Who will transfer?
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gdub2/13/2018 1:07:35 PM


mentzinger2/13/2018 1:16:43 PM

Toro and Nolan

thomas2/13/2018 1:29:01 PM

I know it's not good to speculate like this, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I believe Bolden will transfer, only because he doesn't appear to be on the same page as Mojo, in terms of his playing style. Despite the criticism he recieves here, I think Bolden will get some BCS interest if he transfers. I think he'll be the only rotation player that will transfer.  

a poster has no name2/13/2018 1:32:48 PM

I'd imagine one of the guards (Jack or Juice maybe?), if anyone. Hard to see enough playing time going around with Bolden, Juice, Nolan, Mazz, Jack, Shandon, DJ Williams, and Potter all on the roster.

the other mg2/13/2018 8:07:49 PM

If Mentzinger is right, especially about Nolan, the new AD might as well save us all at least a year and let MoJo go, especially if he can bring in a coach with some credibility.  I hope Mentzinger is wrong about both.

If everybody else stays, and all of the new names are added, I'd agree with No Name, that Jack and Juice are most likely.  If Thomas is right about Bolden, Jack should stay. 


bigfan2/13/2018 8:45:55 PM

Depends on what they value, really.

Nolan gets plenty of playing time and near home, so he would seem content. But Jair is going to be thankfuly pushed off the point permanently and will be a shooting guard, so unless we permanently commit to 3 guards, Terry might see a problem there.

And Terry has star potential. At the least,if developed, he seems to be headed toward being Mike King, whom we still speak reverently of around 20 years later. That could make him attactive elsewhere, depending on the location and the opportunities.

Mazz is being recruited way over, but also getting plenty of time now. We have two point guards coming in, though. Doesn't look great basketballwise, which isn't all great, because he has some intangibles like hustle and toughness that are hard to replace.

Jair and Mojo have really bad body language. And Jair doesn't appear to take things well.Jair was very accomplished in HS, so might value the academics and political proximity at GW. But he also can be at times, a decent mid to high college basketball player, so that complicates the equation. 

Toro has not been developed at all seemingly over 2 seasons, nor really given a great deal of playing time. So he, alas, would be a candidate, even though we desperately need bigs with Yuta and Pat and Bo gone. Maybe something draws him here. We need big men next year, so basketball-wise at least, maybe Arnoldo's future depends on what graduate transfer or transfers we get.

Juice is not being used at all, down from being used sparingly, even though he can contribute. So if it's not just his injury recovery, then he would seem to be a candidate. But he is not likely to be a pro, is very academically inclined, based on his HS grades and engineering major.

Maceo hasn't had much of a , for whatever reason, and is up and down, though with some intriguing prospect. Depends on how he does in practice vs. DJ. And as with everyone else, his incliniations.

Javier doesn't play at all, essentially. But maybe he likes it in the U.S. and Washington. In terms of basketball playing time, he seems to have a limited future without significant improvement.

We have not until recently, gone deep into the bench, even to spark some energy or because they probably couldn't do much worse or to send a message. That probably affects bench player thinking.

We're not developing players like Toro and that could hurt us, as it did last year.

But all of this depends on how they view their post-college basketball future. And how important playing time and the coach is to them. Meanwhile, it also really depends on how much they weigh their attachments to GW as a school and other university involvements from interests and activities to friends, including close ones.



chet2/13/2018 9:21:01 PM

I keep getting George Mason University ticket offers. If they keep coming, I'm thinking about transferring my loyalty. I always wanted to be a Mason. 

Nice post, Big Fan. I agree, 99%. 


gw future2/13/2018 9:42:57 PM

Well Nero transferred out so that helps immensely already.


dmvpiranha2/13/2018 10:27:57 PM

I hope the answer is no one. The most likely candidates are from the sophomore class as they were recruited when ML was still coach. I agree with Thomas that Jair strikes me as the most likely given the lack of connection between him and Mojo. He's probably unhappy about no longer starting, and I expect Terry to continue to start at the 2 next year. Armel, Justin, and Shandon will handle the point guard duties so he won't be able to start at the point either. Despite the amount of hate he gets on this board, I think Jair has a lot of talent scoring the ball (his three point shot is a bit streaky, but he has a pretty nice midrange). We could really use his scoring next year, and he would give the bench a real boost. I don't like our prospects to improve offensively if he leaves.

Not sure what to make of Arnaldo's prospects of transferring but if he leaves then I would have 0 expectations for next year as our frontcourt would be an absolute trainwreck (as of now, we still have that open scholarship that I'd think we would use on a frontcourt grad transfer).

Juice and Javier didn't have any other offers (from at least what I'm aware of) so I don't know that they leave. I still like Juice as a hustle guy that should always get a few minutes in the rotation. Javier showed some promise shooting a couple of games ago but he needs to learn to pass the ball more.

As long as Mojo is coach, I expect Justin to stay. The same goes for Terry, especially since him transferring would probably lead to either a reduction in playing time or against lower competition. Him coming to GW was a win-win for both sides. I originally thought Maceo would be a candidate to transfer (I think all his other offers were NEC and MAAC schools so it would be a step down), but with his progression lately he might stick around and be part of the rotation. 


long suffering fan2/14/2018 1:24:20 PM

With the exception of Nolan, my hope is that everyone transfers.    Seriously...which returning  player could we lose other than Nolan that would hurt the program either long or short term.    Perhaps Toro or Bolden, if they were coached by someone who would use them differently.   


dominic2/14/2018 1:32:45 PM

I hope Toro stays. I feel sorry for him, and everybody with ties to Puerto Rico. Life must be a bite in the ass, given the way this nation seems to have forgot about those people. 

But, I enjoy the way he misses the chippies. It makes the game so much more emotionally compelling. 

Bolden's got a lot of skills, and he looks like a player. But, like statistics, looks can be deceiving. I wish him well. 


gw2/14/2018 2:28:14 PM



gw69toro2/14/2018 3:32:59 PM

I don't know if I'm channeling LSF -- but lately I agree with 99 percent 

of his posts.Nolan would be a major loss--no one else.Of course,if we lost


gw692/14/2018 3:35:25 PM

if we lost Toro our front court would be depleted-but a graduate big

might help ease the pain.

rkelley2/22/2018 11:35:20 PM

I like to think that the presence of Potter and DJ Williams pose a strong incentive for Terry Nolan to stay. Toro, given how his PT has been shockingly light until late this season, I imagine is likely candidate. Same goes for Bolden. 

Mazzulla I bet stays. Jack? Not sure, but I imagine he can't do much better and has been treated fairly as far as I can see. Williams I can see going to bottom-100 school seeking increased PT. 


mike k2/23/2018 8:05:32 AM

It appears there will be a lot of competition at guard next year.  With Jair not starting and Justin gaining experience and comfort while the offense seems to be moving in the right direction, Jair may feel it is time to move on.  Personally, I would like to see him off the bench when we expect to get pressed - as an additional ball handler, not primary.  His shooting can be a plus, but his over dribbling kills me.

Hope Toro stays, he has to see that he will get a lot of playing time next year.

Juice will never get more playing time, but he may be here for the education, proximity to home, and hoops are secondary.

Jack needs to work on his D, but gives effort and has hustled up and down the court (and appears to be fast!), and can hit the 3, as shown in pre-season and he recently hit a few.  He may see there is not much playing time in his future but give it one more year if he really likes it here.

Javier is a work in progress.

Finally, everyone on the court seems to be enjoying themsleves a lot more in the last few weeks.  Winning does wonders. 


1971 walkon2/23/2018 8:08:50 AM

Not sure what the chemistry will be when Bo, Yuta, and Patrick leave.  If anybody can benefit by a year to sit out and develop, it would be Arnaldo and Jair....ala Kethan and Paulie.  Arnaldo is a big strong banger with bad hands who seems surprised by most passes that come his way.  But he could be a good role player somewhere. Personally, I think he'll stay.  Jair lacks foot speed and is built for isolation offense, no D and no team needs that.  He will always be looked at as an offensive spark off the bench where ever he is.       


gw05092/23/2018 10:47:09 AM

I would say knowing Mojo, he'll probably have Mazz ahead of Shandon, at least initially, due to Mazz's knowledge of the offense.  Also Bolden ahead of DJ at the SG and DJ probably ahead of Javy at the PF spot.  Could see some smaller but quicker lineups next year with Toro as the only "big" on the court.


gw fan2/23/2018 12:49:39 PM

Toro won't transfer lol


bo knows2/23/2018 12:56:44 PM

Awful thread. Why are we speculating on kids' futures? 


long suffering fan2/23/2018 1:56:04 PM

Way to nail it,  1971 Walkon.  "Arnaldo is a big strong banger with bad hands who seems surprised by most passes that come his way."    Still, teams can always use a big strong banger, and his hands have seemed to have improved since he returned to his starting role.    But passes still seem to catch him by surprise.

maine colonial2/23/2018 2:33:47 PM

The one that I noticed he missed last game in the second half was actually tipped by a Richmond player and he didn't have time to react. Check the replay.


hatchet man2/23/2018 2:43:55 PM

I've heard DJ doesn't shoot great from deep. That's gonna stop him from being an SG.

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