Sina Out?
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gwmaven3/20/2017 8:10:00 PM

Thought I heard announcer say that he was out because of family issues. 


gw05093/20/2017 8:13:55 PM

That was they said

old school colonial3/20/2017 8:17:49 PM

They have announcers for this thing?


gwmaven3/20/2017 8:18:55 PM

Haha.  Yes CBI level announcers.  No Jay Bilas here. 

2cents3/20/2017 8:26:52 PM

Over modulated

gwmaven3/20/2017 8:32:56 PM

Wow getting destroyed. 

dc native3/20/2017 8:43:32 PM

Mailing it in right now.  Hopefully they wake up for the second half.

maypoman3/20/2017 8:44:50 PM

Be very careful about long term contracts! 


lt3/20/2017 8:46:19 PM

TC has 10 points on 3 shots.  They should give him the ball on every possession.  Our defense is embarrassing.


newgwfan3/20/2017 8:48:00 PM

Sina knew this CBI is a piece of crap.  


maypoman3/20/2017 9:15:28 PM

If you think this is bad, wait till next year sans Cavanaugh!


gwmaven3/20/2017 9:22:05 PM

This is horrible. Turnovers, no defense, no shots falling.  


dc native3/20/2017 9:22:30 PM

Well, at least all the Sina haters have gotten the chance to see what we look like without him.


rkelley3/20/2017 9:23:52 PM

This is not good. Very fair refs, a good but not certainly flawed UIC team and GW getting their ass kicked despite 17 from Cavanaugh. A nice glimpse of what will be up next year without Cavanaugh and Hart.

Yuta and Roland are primetime players, not sure there's anyone else for next year that is. Bolden has shown flashes, but at other times he looks terrible.

maypoman3/20/2017 9:34:52 PM

Have we played one team this year that we were more athletic than? I can't remember any!

rkelley3/20/2017 9:44:41 PM

Fucking pathetic.

rkelley3/20/2017 9:48:05 PM

I take back what I said about the refs, totally screwed GW.

A few players showed up today, Cavanaugh, Yuta, Roland and Hart. Unforunately two of those guys are gone.

2twotoed3/21/2017 3:53:06 PM

It looks like Sina's grandfather died.

the dude3/21/2017 3:59:55 PM

Jaren posted on FB a message that suggested his Grandfather passed away, thoughts and wishes out to the Sina family.

He had a less of an impact perhaps than we had hoped for this season, but I confess I was thinking last night, where is Sina we could really use him here.



long suffering fan3/21/2017 4:07:51 PM

Sometimes a player isn't fully appreciated until he is missing.  Bolden completely fell apart under the pressure of tournament play, the large crowd and a national televisoin audience (well, 2 0f the 3 are technically true) and we needed the steady influence of Sina.


ziik the bureaucrat3/21/2017 4:18:38 PM

Bolden was near perfect from the field.


the dude3/21/2017 4:22:04 PM

Missed the game live but was able to watch on ESPN 3 replay later in the day.  


1. Against some middling RPI team we looked far less athletic. We must get more athletic as a roster.

2. As DC Native noted above, and LSF just now,  I thought, wow this team is better with Sina.  He's not perfect but I've felt all season, we're better with him.  (That's more an indictment of our Guard situation than anything else)

3. Felt the stretch starting with VCU, including the 6 game win streak and the Dayton win was a lot of fun and a huge pleasant surprise. Last night's game was more of what I feared for the season.  That the same team from last night won 20 games this year, feel largely a success given the circumstances and roster, but man do we need to make some improvement to our personnel. 

4. Tyler Cavanaugh, what a Colonial.  A tremendous pleasure to watch for 2 seasons.  A warrior for every minute on the floor.  Matt Hart, you did it, made the leap from D3 and were a great contributor and a LOT of fun to watch, the energy and effort, kudos to both.



the mv3/21/2017 4:47:45 PM

First, heartfelt condolences to the Sina family.

Second, I agree with LSF though those who argued for increasing Jair's minutes at the expense of Jaren's can at least logically make a point (Jair's development).  That said, there has been little question all season long that this team is most productive when Jaren is running it and Jair filling him to give him breathers or allowing Jaren to play some shooting guard.  This is hardly a knock on Jair who just completed his freshman season and already does certain things better than arguably any of our guards.  However, Jair's inexperience did show when his shots were not falling.  Jaren is like an insurance policy of sorts.  Even on nights when his shots were not falling, and I don't think this was a function of overly poor shot selection, Jaren's poise and experience often shone this season.

Third, GW shot 35% from the field yesterday excluding Tyler.  26% when we exclude Tyler and Yuta.  Against not exactly what you would call a defensive juggernaut.

Fourth, thank you to Tyler and Matt.  Both of you endured incredibly unique experiences...from sitting out a year to transfer to emerging as team leaders on a team that was desperate for leadership, all in less than three full years.  Am hopeful that the positive attributes and leadership skills you obtained while at GW will last each of you a lifetime.

Finally, I'm happy to be consistent.  I didn't care that we played in this tournament, wouldn't have particularly cared had we won it, and now that it's over, don't really care that we lost in it.  Am sorry that Marfo, Goss, Williams and Mitola weren't given a second of playing time in either game.


lt3/21/2017 4:56:44 PM

Perhaps it was apropos that the website went down to spare us all from shock therapy.  All I can say is that this was an embarrassing effort in every way and an ugly precursor for next season.  Defense was non-existent, guard play was atrocious and decision-making left a lot to be desired.  How is it possible that our best player only took nine shots (making 8) whereas our supposed point guard missed all eight shots.  It goes without saying that we missed Sina last night because Bolden had a terrible night.  Plus when were down five points and rallying, TC is feasting on UIC but Toro decides that it is his turn to take a shot which he missed. 

Hate to be pessimistic going into next season but am wondering where all the points and rebounds will come from with TC having graduated.  Also, please don't tell me that TJ Cline is better than TC. No way!

Agree with the Dude regarding our lack of athleticism- very concerning and painfully obvious last night against a middle of the road team that carved us up.

Finally, we ended the night with two unused timeouts- how is that possible when the other team goes on a 16-0 run?  We led the country in most unused timeouts and last I checked GW is not the US Olympic Dream Team that never called a timeout in those games.


herve3/21/2017 5:24:03 PM

"middle of the road"!? That was a sub .500 Horizon League team that smacked the heck out of GW. Ouch indeed.


the mv3/21/2017 5:26:37 PM

When a player goes from playing quite a bit to not playing too much at all, there is often a tendency to try to make a big shot or a big play when that player is in the game.  We saw that a lot from Collin Smith this year and we saw it in that shot attempt by Arnaldo.  Guys put extra pressure on themselves to get back in the coaching staff's good graces.  The problem of course is that the best play is often not made or realized as a result.  This isn't just a case of "freshmen mistakes"; it's more a function of having your playing time reduced and perhaps, your condfidence a bit shaken.

bigfan3/21/2017 5:33:52 PM

Imagine there would have been a lot of gnashing of teeth and wailing last night.

As there should be. We looked like crap against 7th place Horizon League team.

Highly-vaunted UIC beat us to every seeming contestable rebound.

Boy did we miss Jaren. Condolences to him and his family.

Why couldn't the school just say, like everyone else does, that his grandfather passed away or a death in the family, instead of some vague family issues?

Would have some saved some speculation.

And on another subject that we know have months to debate, next year is looking tough.

Truly worried about life without Tyler.


bo knows3/21/2017 6:05:16 PM

Condolences and prayers to Jaren and his family.

dc native3/21/2017 6:16:51 PM

There were only two ways GW playing in the CBI could have ended: 1) CBI champions; or 2) losing to a bad team.


haha3/21/2017 6:50:13 PM

One game without Sina, and people are all saying how much we miss him. I disagree. Did UIC beat us because we don't have Sina? Nah..having him on the court would have the same defensive problem. We would probably lose either way if that was the way we playin'. With that being said, we definitely need his minutes. He is able to contribute. I don't miss him in the starting line-up, more so in the rotation. 


the dude3/21/2017 7:24:41 PM

While I felt we missed him (for other reasons) I do agree that the same defensive problem would have been on display.  Its a problem we've seen for several years, our Guards just can not contain penetration, or create it, but this roster is far worse at both. It did however remind me of the DePaul game last year, where we were thinking, "wow we are so much better than this team but we just can't stop these Guards from blowing right past us"



long suffering fan3/21/2017 8:57:04 PM

On reflection, I would not put too much into this loss.  On one hand, don't think our heart was really in it and I hardly thought we put forth our best effort.  (In one play, UIC threw a lob over Smith  that resulted in a dunk in which Smith didn't even jump).  For whatever reason, the requisite effort needed to play defense just wasn't there.  On offense, there was no semblence of a team.   It seemed that many on the team had already checked out for the summer (or perhaps the team...we will see).  On the other hand, this was a signature win for UIC, which is trying to establish themselves as a legitimate basketball program.   I believe they may have led the nation in increase in wins from last season.  The game meant far more to them than it did to us...and it showed.  


haha3/21/2017 9:10:07 PM

People just jump on and off the bandwagon all the time. Some posters need to show consistency in their opinions with some rational judgement. Understand why we lost the game first before blaming players for whatever reason right after the game ends. Understand whether the problem can be attributed to the player himself. What if we lost more with Sina in the lineup? You gonna bash both Jair and Sina? Show some intelligence smh...


long suffering fan3/21/2017 11:02:26 PM

I was one of the ten people who watched the game.  If anyone else who also watched saw what you could deem as adequate defensive effort, then you were either watching a different game than I or you have never seen a game of basketball before.  Just how many times does one need to see UIC alone on a break or blowing by a defender before it clicks that maybe the effort just isn't there.  And I don't really blame them.  It has been a long season, and then to have to fly half way across the country to play a nobody team in a nobody tournament would not motivate very many to give it its best (with some exception). Now...would you like me to go through Jair's stat line for you?  

gw123/21/2017 11:18:05 PM

Haha is a family member of Jair's! Haha! Lol! 

lets go3/22/2017 6:07:16 AM

Damn, GW sure missed Sina's court vision and passing ability. His 3 assists in 32 minutes would've helped the other guys (excluding Yuta and Tyler) shoot higher than 25%. 


boom3/22/2017 12:10:00 PM

GW is an A10 team that Lonergan recruited Patriot league athleticism. When the 3s don't fall the team struggled. Get better athletes 


tennessee colonial3/22/2017 2:05:09 PM

Team stayed in Washington.  Hard to watch a game which was treated as a scrimmage. But letting a team get on a run, and not trying to stop their momentum, is lunacy. And we have seen it before. Standard coaching practice is to call a timeout when things are getting out of hand. (10 point run). But MJ kept feeding the other teams momentum; till we were down 19. If there is any logic to this (coaching wise) I want to know. All I have seen are late losses because we got too far behind. Explain it to me.   


bc3/22/2017 2:15:14 PM

TC you seemed to have left out 4 instances, was that deliberate?     I would say that you could call a timeout with a run as low as 6 points if the team looks gassed or if the defense is confused or if the offense is screwed up.

long suffering fan3/22/2017 2:37:05 PM

Not referring to the UIC game, but in general...please keep in mind that 4th and 5th year players on a team offer various intangibles that are frequently belied by the stats that a frosh does not, even if the frosh may be the superior basketball player.   I very much like Jair.  He has real talent.  He is also a freshman with a tendency to wear his emotions on his sleeve.   With each missed shot, he appeared to be pressing more and more.   As he gains experience. he will undoubtedly move past that and I believe can become a JoeMac type talent, but as a frosh, I don't know that he is quite there yet.  

tennessee colonial3/22/2017 3:35:05 PM

Sorry, left the other instances out. I was just concerned about another team going on a run and trying to stop it. I'll try and find the other 4.


tennessee colonial3/22/2017 3:37:57 PM

Here you go.


2. To change your game strategy

Another reason to call a timeout is when you want to make a big change in your strategy.

For example, if you’re in a zone-press and it’s just not working and you want to bring your players back into a man-to-man defense. Or you’re getting killed in the post and need to explain to your players who you want to double the post.

Sometimes it can be hard to call out the changes that you want to be made, especially with younger players. You need to call a timeout so that you can talk to them and explain the changes without distractions.


3. To draw up a specific play

This is most often used towards the end of a game. Ever wondered why the last 3 minutes of a basketball game seem to go for 10 minutes? Timeouts are the reason. In a close game that goes down to the wire it’s not uncommon to see 3 or 4 timeouts called in the last couple of minutes.

Down the stretch is when a coach can start to be the crucial difference in a game. Calling a timeout gives you the opportunity to diagram a new play to give you an open look. Whereas if you didn’t call a timeout, your players may be forced to run a play that the other team may have learned how to defend during the game and your players may not get an open look.


4. To give your players a rest without substituting

3 minutes to go, the scores are tied, but unfortunately, your best player is running out of gas. Do you really want to sub them out of the game for a chance to rest? I doubt it.

That’s where timeouts come in handy. They allow you to give your players a break without being forced to substitute them out of the game.


5. To fire up your team

I was on the ledge as to whether to include this one as some might think ‘to fire up your team’ also falls under the ‘momentum’ point. But I don’t think it does.

We’ve all coached games where our players start off the game sluggish and seem mentally out of it regardless of what the score is.

This is a time you should call a timeout to give them a good ol’ kick up the backside to get them focused on the game at hand.


the rossman3/22/2017 3:55:04 PM

Agree with TC that MoJo will really need to work on figuring out when to use timeouts.  There were multiple times this year when he clearly should have called a timeout to stop a big run by the opposing team and didn't.  


bo knows3/22/2017 4:01:37 PM

That's great Tennessee Colonial but now show me when to apply each of those because I'm going to tell you in a game of runs and with a limited number of timeouts applying those rules literally would have you out of timeouts in the first half in most games. Sometimes by necessity you have to let your kids play through certain things. If a game is close, you are probably going to need a couple of those timeouts for last 2 minutes. So what are we talking about? 3-4 timeouts plus media timeouts (if broadcast) for the other 38? The simple fact is you can't afford to use your timeouts in the first half except to break large runs (10+) and if there is more than one of those you are in trouble.


the mv3/22/2017 4:14:08 PM

There is a middle ground Bo between what you've just posted and what MoJo spent all season doing (or not doing as the case may be).  I'd like to believe that you realize this.


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