New transfer rule in August/2018??
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thomas1/23/2018 1:05:43 PM

This was brought up somewhere else on here, but I decided to make it a new thread because it could really alter the landscape of college basketball and it would take effect this August 1st. The NCAA is meeting soon to discuss immediate eligibility for basically all transfers!!  The player will need to earn at least a 2.7 or 2.8 to qualify. We could see these immediate eligible transfers playing next season.

My belief that this could be beneficial to both BCS and non-BCS schools because you'll have guys transferring up and transferring down is probably wishful thinking on my part. We'll probably see BCS schools raiding non BCS schools even more if this happens, any coach at a non BCS school who has a star player or a star/promising freshman has to worry even more about a BCS school taking him.      

bigfan1/23/2018 3:22:15 PM

We've done great with graduate transfers for years.

And they all have degrees. On the other hand, a 2.7 or 2.8, with all the, ahem, academic help and resources available to many D1 basketball players, is not a high bar.

But as noted above, worry that without sitting out a year, it would just become a free agent market. Can't imagine what someone like Calipari would do with this additional freedom to poach.

 And with us in the middle, we and other A10 schools, could certainly lose even more players (if that is possible after last year) to transfers than we would gain.

Maybe there's a solution that might be fairer to the players, also an important consideration.

But with the one and dones, and with this proposal, it seems like we get further and further away from even the vague notion that this is actually college basketball. 


dominic1/23/2018 3:30:14 PM

The rules are set by the Dukes, and the Big State U's. 

The old Marquette coach, Majerus's boss, had it right.  College basketball will suck like college football soon enough.



the mv1/23/2018 3:33:33 PM

It's really a bad idea.  Bigfan is right...welcome to college basketball free agency.  The graduate transfer rule serves to reward players who received their undergraduate degrees either early or on time.  And, thosae players should not have to sit out a year for exactly this reason.

This is transparently designed for the blue bloods of the sport.  A) They are the ones with the one-and-dones and they don't always know how many players will stay or go.  The star high school PG is unsure whether Kentucky's PG will be returning or not so he is not sure whether to commit there?  No problem.  Kentucky simply plucks the best available returning college PG they can find if their player does leave.  That's insurance.  B) When the brand name teams in the sport are given advantages to only get better, this helps ensure their presence in the Final 4 which is of course what CBS and the NCAA want to see.


gw alum abroad1/23/2018 3:35:01 PM

I am a big supporter of the grad transfer rule, and I see this rule change a big stinker that will do nothing to improve the game or the lives of the kids playing it. Basically, it is unrestricted free agency.


the dude1/23/2018 4:07:10 PM

Thomas, awful for small conferences, great for the BCS, and maybe a net neutral for "Mid-Majors"

But def good for the BCS powers, and for that reason, its going to happen, sooner or later.  We sure could Armel Potter and DJ playing right now.  On the other hand, we might end up losing even more Kethans if they can bolt without sitting a year.


thinker1/23/2018 5:31:44 PM

If you say that the point of this change is to benefit student athletes and give them the same flexibility that their coaches have - then this is great. If you care mostly about your team and not your players then this kind of change could be a lot more problematic.

I get that this kind of thing would potentially hurt GW. But increasingly I side with the players. I think many of them get an unbalanced deal with the school and the coaches benefiting disproportionately. I don't think that all players have the same imbalance, but the better the player, the worse deal they get by not being able to move around to find the best school and team for themselves.

Football is obviously worse but seeing top headcoaches make close to $10 million a year and head trainers making $600,000 etc. but the player can't sell their game jersey -- it's increasingly TO ME gross inustice.

The reality is that there is already a tier system in college basketball with the top 25 or so having stunningly more resources than the next 125 or so teams who have a lot more resources than the bottom 125-150 or so teams.

This will hurt the sport, but I think the sport needs to be reformed anyway. 


thomas1/23/2018 8:45:35 PM

I agree with all of you about this giving the likes of Calipari, Coach K, Roy Williams, Bill Self and other elite BCS coaches even more of an advantage because they already have easy access to the best high school talent, now they'll have easy access to the best college talent from lower levels. My hope is that the non-BCS schools schools will also start aggressively poaching BCS players who are frustrated because of their limited minutes/no minutes!! 

The Dude,  my best case scenario would be that GW's chances of getting the future Ryan Luther's, Kris Jenkins', Martin Geben's, Chris Lykes, Luka Garza's to transfer here would even out with the players that GW could potentially lose to under this new rule. I understand that Garza is playing very well as a freshman and would transfer to a higher tier BCS school if he did decide to transfer, but I threw his name in their because he was in the same category as the other GW targets who chose BCS schools that I named. GW could even target Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia, and Virginia Tech players that get limited playing time who are looking to transfer and still be in this area. 


gw05091/23/2018 9:02:12 PM

The NCAA is worthless so I don’t see how they COULD do what I am about to propose, but if this were to pass, there would need to be a huge increase in the enforcement of the blue bloods “tampering” with lower level players during the school year. 


the dude1/23/2018 9:04:27 PM

Yea Thomas you'd see a lot more movement.  Guys on the bench at BCS for sure would be more willing to take a step down.  Would benefit GW and maybe outweigh the guys we'd lose. 

No one is transfering up from the top BCS, so they'd really benefit. 

There'd be so much movement, it would be bad for the sport.  Good for the student athletes though to have freedom of movement.



bo knows1/24/2018 5:31:50 PM

GW0509 has it right. The tampering would be off the charts. This would hurt GW and most non-power conference schools. They'd serve as farm systems for the big boys where young all conference players who flew under the recruiting radar would be plucked. In return, we'd get the recruiting mistakes. Not a good deal for us. Bad move for the NCAA and might actually (under the law of unintended (or perhaps intended) consequences) cause the beginning of a split between the big boys and everyone else - perhaps a Division I-A and I-AA for basketball. You all think it is so far fetched that GW could be like a Patriot League school. Think again, when rules like this are offered we have external as well as internal threats.


gw05092/13/2018 4:07:36 PM


Some exceptions now under consideration include:


  • Allow students who meet specific, high-achieving academic benchmarks to play immediately after the first time they transfer during their college experience.
  • Allow prospective student-athletes who have signed a National Letter of Intent to transfer and play immediately if a head coach leaves the school of the student’s choice, as well as under other exceptions already in the rulebook. Because the Collegiate Commissioners Association manages the NLI, this idea would be referred to the CCA for consideration.

The working group is not considering — and never entertained — a model that would allow all student-athletes to transfer and compete immediately. Member schools noted that such a rule change would not lead to more student-athletes achieving academic success and graduating.


Research shows transfer students with average or below-average academic performance are less likely to graduate and, if they do, take longer to graduate than nontransfers who had similar academic success at their initial school. Student-athletes who transfer schools and have above-average academic performance (in other words, they earn A’s and B’s) graduate at levels similar to nontransfer students.


Additionally, the working group is not considering preserving the current rule or requiring all student-athletes to sit out a year without exception.


gw alum abroad2/13/2018 4:27:54 PM

Define "high-acheiving academic benchmarks". Does getting straight A's in UNC's phony athletes-only "academic" department count? Do basket weaving (or in the case of U$C speech communication) classes count? Is a passing grade in "applied fitness theory 101" going to have the same academic weight as a class in advanced telemetry or contemporary Latin American literature?

colonial ny2/14/2018 7:12:55 AM

So based on what GW0509 said there, it looks like a one-time allowance for a transfer to be immediately eligible. I guess that helps a little as a player won't be able to play at four different schools in four years if they can maintain grades (as others have noted, maintaining grades for athletes at some schools is rather easy). There is no way the NCAA would be able to police the tampering that would go on. With mobile apps that allow messages to go through and then be deleted forever? Calipari and others would never even have to pick up a phone until a player announces his intent to transfer. Then after waiting a few weeks to make it appear like everything was done following the rules, the transfer signs.


I think a slight modificaiton to the current rules would be best, and that is if a coach leaves or is fired, a player can transfer immediately without having to sit out. Grad students can continue to immediately transfer as well and everyone has to wait a year.


However, if they want to go this route of making more players eligible to transfer and be immediately eligible, why not make it a combination of grades AND playing time. For example, you have to maintain a 2.8 GPA (so effectively a B-) and you haven't averaged more than say 10 minutes per game across the total games your team has played in the season to transfer and be immediatley eligible. Basically if a player is buried on the bench, getting no PT and is in solid academic standing, allow that player to go somewhere else for a better opportunity to both play and maintain solid progress toward a degree (I know the BCS schools would probably hate it).






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