GW 71 TEMPLE 67 !!!
the dude
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the dude12/3/2017 4:20:35 PM

Great first half, hung on in the 2nd half lost a very large lead but HUNG on late.  GREAT win, really important.  But man, this team needed a win over a team like Temple.   More great moments from Mazz, big plays from Yuta.

Tremendous early ball movement, leading to drained open 3's, excellent D in the first half, bumby 2nd half but weathered a huge run, and hung on for the W!!

Thoughts? Reactions? Observations!


notta hater12/3/2017 4:22:26 PM

will be interesting to see if there are lessons learned from this!


gw050912/3/2017 4:32:52 PM

Trying not to overreact because I don't know if anyone could've foreseen what we saw today (not even the Soothsayer).  Yes, we shot lights out and won't keep that up, but when we were on, we were moving the ball and moving off ball.  We took open shots confidently and worked the ball inside.  Jair was mostly his best self today and made some HUGE shots. 

Only negative is we still played olay defense and let Rose get to the hoop too often.

Gotta feel encouraged going forward with this team, BB&T magic and all.


the dude12/3/2017 4:34:40 PM

Shot 60% as a team.  Mazz 4-4 (has he missed a shot yet?)  and no TOs vs the press.  TOs bit of a concern, Jair 6 and YW 5 TOs.  For the most part, really liked the D, especially in the first half, but even in the less successful 2nd half.  Ball movement was great and led to open shots in the 1st half.  Need to replicate that.

This looked like a team is going to be competitive in most of its A10 games.  Def not a 9, 10 win team.  Season looking much brighter, struggles and all.

GREAT win!


cutis12/3/2017 4:35:07 PM

From a cruise ship docked in St. Martin, moving on to islands making a recovery. Way to go Colonials! First BB & T, I missed since it's inception. Still able to cheer. Great news.


lets go12/3/2017 4:48:55 PM

Echo your comments on ball movement, the dude. Jair made some ball shots down the stretch but it seemed like every play under the 4 minute mark was a Jair ISO. GW's lucky he hit them today. Another criticism is the weak box outs on the rebound.


Otherwise, a great effort from the team. I said GW's capable of proving people wrong. They're a better team this year than people give them credit for


gwg12/3/2017 5:07:26 PM

Great game, I am very hoarse from yelling right now. Overcame a shooting drought and some questionable calls late in the second half to pull out the win against a GOOD Temple team (the held/jump ball call with under two left to play was egregious). That's the benefit of building up a big first half lead I suppose.

As much as we all criticize Jair for playing hero-ball, he does seem to make these shots when they count- something Ive noticed over the past few games.

Yuta made some clutch shots, Toro and Steeves also played really well. Team flows much better with Mazzula in the game. I thought his ability to score might be the biggest limit on his minutes, but he showed a real ability to score from outside or cut inside and take it to the rim. The young players on this team are talented, if a bit raw and inexeperienced, which will only get better with time. This team has the individual talent to be a good team, this was the first game I think everything really clicked. Hopefullly we see more of this going fofward.


1971 walkon12/3/2017 5:29:01 PM

Nice W!!  As the young freshman continue developing, we have some nice rotations with good chemistry.  Keep it goin Colonials!


gwg12/3/2017 5:29:15 PM

Also credit to GW staff for a well done pre-game event. Friends and I had a good time and it was good to see MoJo and Nero mixing and mingling.


craig martinez12/3/2017 5:36:33 PM

If anyone finds a video replay, a link would be much appreciated!


dmvpiranha12/3/2017 5:43:05 PM

This game was truly a tale of two halves, but we made the winning plays down the stretch. Truly a great moment for some of the young guys to pick up a win against a fringe NCAA team, but now likely NIT bound Temple Owls. The first half might have been one of the best halves of GW basketball I've seen in a long time, not just this season. I knew we were obviously not going to shoot 68% for the rest of the game (although we still finished 60% for the game), but what I saw was actual ball movement to find the open man, and the players actually MOVING around the court on offense instead of standing in one place, and when there wasn't an open jumper I saw players cutting to the basket and finishing inside. Did a very good job stiffling them on defense in the first half (there were always two or three guys guarding the player with the ball for Temple and we did well to stay in front of Rose, Brown, and Alston who is a very talented shooter), but we didn't put the same effort in the second half when the Owls (notably Rose) got to the basket very easily. It was also key that we forced them either off the line or to take contested threes when they attempted them for the most part and Enechionyia was cold today.

We got very tentative in the second 20 minutes and their defense lead to us turning over the ball a ton (finished with 17 for the game). The difference in this game for me that got us the win was the rebounding. Neither team was overly dominant in that category, but we finished +7 (28 boards vs. 21 for them). It's not a coincidence we finished with 16 assists this game either given our great passing during the first half. I hope Mojo replays the first half hundreds of times where we displayed great fundamentals in preparation for Wednesday's game. Of course there are always things to work on (continuing to stay in front of the opposition on defense, crunch time free throw shooting which was satisfactory but not great, tightening up our handles a bit because it makes the ball easy to be picked, and of course turnovers) but when we pass the ball like we did in the first half and prevent teams from scoring at will in the paint and getting second chance opportunities we'll always have a chance to win (or at the very least stay in the game).  

Player breakdown:

Patrick - his nickname should be steady Eddy because that's what he has been more often than not all season so far. Part of the reason we were so successful in the first half was that he had five of his seven rebounds during that period. His continues to make well executed decisions with his passing. He showed great vision to find Juice and Arnaldo for easy layups down low and knows when to kick the ball back to the perimeter (usually to find Jair or Yuta for three). I'm sure he's very aware now when to do that after what happened in the Rider game. A little sloppy at the very beginning of the second half after his bucket stretched the lead to 17 but he did well after that and caught some very poorly thrown passes cross court. Good game today and we'll always need his hook shots of course moving forward (although how about that long jump shot he nailed in the first half - almost a three!). The buzzer beater shot off the glass in the first half was also well controlled.

Arnaldo - he had just two rebounds today which was a bit uncharacteristic especially given how much of a better effort the team gave in that regard (including no offensive boards) but we were so efficient today we didn't need them. Never thought I would say this going into the season but he may be one of the most consistent free throw shooters on the team (not that he was horrible his freshman year but he has still really improved in that regard). Like I mentioned in the Kansas State game, if he can develop a more consistent perimeter shot it will keep defenses more honest and when we swing the ball around the perimeter he can give us that bucket offensively. He did well to find Yuta twice for three in the second half to help us keep distance from Temple before they went on their run.

Jair - I could spend the entire time talking about how he coughed up the ball six times, but many of them could be fixed if he tightened up his handle a bit (also the last one looked to be more of a foul on the Owls than a jump ball that gave Temple the ball back with 8 seconds to go). So, I'm going to say some good things that I saw him do this game for a change. One thing I've always liked about him is that he isn't afraid to shoot (although he seemed to make a concerted effort to not hoist up many shots today - he even made the extra pass to Arnaldo for the 3 in the first half). That drop step he did to free himself for three was a thing of beauty. Many more of his shots today were open and not contested. Another play that was successful for us was having Arnaldo set a pick and have Jair dribble a bit to his left so that he could have a clear shot from behind the arc. Although he did show he could facilitate a bit more today, if we play him off the ball and get him an open shot we'll be more capable on offense. Showed a lot more poise and focus in general today which was great to see. His first free throw attempt in crunch time was clearly rushed when it hit the front rim but he was a bit better after that. In general he's been fairly good from the line this year. Not perfect yet breaking the press but he's improving. Did a good job today.

Yuta - the past two games I've seen him be a flat on LEADER on BOTH sides of the ball. Although he too was a bit sloppy with the balls at time (had five turnovers, including one in the second half where he lazily threw it to Rose for the fast break dunk) he led a much better effort on the glass today and continued to look for good shots instead of forcing it when his first couple of jumpers didn't go in. Solid on defense with a couple of steals and blocks (including one late to take away Rose's shot) and his passing was very good today. The fact that he gave up the ball on the last possession of the first half to Patrick (who ended up converting) showed that he isn't selfish and will do what it takes to have a successful possession. I think his offensive game is very underrated because his shots haven't gone down to start the season but he is great at faking the three and hitting up-and-under shots closer to the basket.    

Terry - was a bit tentative today which was surprising given how he shows out against better competition. Tried to do a bit too much on defense and found himself in foul trouble again today. Had a couple nice passes in the first half and his highlight was no doubt using his body to finish in transition for a layup. Was a bit unlucky on one of his three point attempts as the ball rimmed out. One of his turnovers was a bit self-imposed as he found himself stuck in a corner and threw the ball away. Still seem to be more freshman mistakes than anything else. No reason to worry. He is very good at pressuring the ball - I can't remember whether it was the steal Jair or Justin was credited for but he was the reason we got a transition bucket on defense on one play.

Bo - he had three rebounds today (that offensive board was HUGE late in the game) which is definitely an improvement and didn't turn the ball over when he had to dribble away from traffic underneath. Didn't give us scoring today but he did some of the little things well. One foul he was called for was BS as that should have been an offensive foul on Temple.

Justin - this might be the second consecutive game where he gets the game ball. His assist numbers don't show it yet, but he is a natural point guard. He has seemed unfazed by the press for the most part and makes clean plays (that pass he made to Arnaldo in traffic which lead to a shooting foul showed really good vision). That offensive rebound and layup on an open drive to the basket was much needed as well when it happened in the second half. He has been a much better shooter from distance than I expected coming into the season I'll admit (at least from the few he has taken - his stroke looks pretty good). His free throw shooting is a work in progress but when he drives to the hoop good things happen. He is great at finishing or finding the open man along the perimeter. Get this man more minutes (closer to 20 - especially at the point)! Good things will happen.

Juice - good to see that injury wasn't serious from the turnover in the previous game. He is a good spark plug that I would have liked to see play more than 5 minutes but he did well in limited time. Hope we can continue to find him when he cuts to the basket because no one keeps track of him. Helped stretch our lead out to double digits.    

Hopefully the team can keep the momentum going against another talented team in Princeton on Wednesday at home. They may not be off to the best start this season (they have played a decent slate) but they still have their share of talented players. Raise High!!


the dude12/3/2017 5:43:23 PM

Temple came in with a KenPom of 45.  Best win to date of the Mojo era??



la fan12/3/2017 5:50:30 PM

Really nice win today for the team and the program for that matter.  We needed something like this.  Not going to nitpick anything.  Just say good job to the team.  


maine colonial12/3/2017 5:55:52 PM

GW was 16-53 versus Temple including losing the last 7 in a row before MoJo took over. MoJo's now 2-0 against Temple.


bo knows12/3/2017 5:57:10 PM

Great win! The first half was definitely as well as we have played this year. The second half we were on life support but the players showed that they were resilient and didn't complete the collapse against a good opponent. Was not too happy with the officiating in the last 3-4 minutes but up until then it wasn't awful. Bolden hit some big shots, Steeves and Yuta as well. Mazzulla gave us great minutes. Terry helped us in spots. And Toro was solid. Even Bo gave us a couple of huge plays.

Mojo has a little bit of conundrum on his hands but a good one. He needs to play Mazzulla more but he also needs Terry in that lineup. Terry did  a credible job on Rose and Alston when he was in there. Mazzulla we need to help us on Offense but he is not the defender Terry is at least not yet. The achilles heel of this team is defense and you could see that rear its ugly head again early in the second half. Not sure how to solve that but probably rotate the three for 2 spots so that each guy is playing about 25-30 minutes a game is the answer.


maine colonial12/3/2017 6:44:31 PM

MoJo puts things in perspective when he says he was in high school and a Michigan State commit when he watched GW beat Michigan State on television in the BB&T in 2004. Here's today's postgame press conference. LINK


maine colonial12/3/2017 7:00:53 PM

The last time GW beat Temple for a second straight year it was 2004-2005 and that team beat Temple twice and won the A10 Tournament and the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. That team also didn't pick up its fourth loss until January 22nd.

On the bright side, the 2017-2018 GW Men's Basketball team just had a chance to test the rims at the Capitol One Arena and get a warm up for this year's A10 Tournament.


endzone9212/3/2017 7:22:31 PM

I think we need to thank Temple for playing ZERO defense in the first half. And lady luck...made our first 6 3-pointers for our first 18 points? Never seen that before.  Proud of the team for hanging on, making free throws and grabbing rebounds at the end when things got tough. 

gwg12/3/2017 7:34:19 PM

Washington Post write-up


maine colonial12/3/2017 7:34:58 PM

In the "I didn't know that" category: Temple trails only Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and Duke in total wins all-time by Division 1 schools and is ahead of Syracuse, Notre Dame, UCLA, St. John's and Louisville. GW is somewhere around 101st: LINK


lets go12/3/2017 7:37:42 PM

Interesting stat. Yuta's leading the A10 in ft % at 88%. With such a high percentage, it'd be great to see him attack the basket and get to the free throw line more. Only averages 3 ft attempts per game in close to 40 minutes. 

An efficient game from him tonight (6/10 from the field) but he should be more assertive especially when the team's cold like they were in the second half


maine colonial12/3/2017 7:44:52 PM

I wonder if the GW-Temple game article will actually make it into print tomorrow a.m...


ziik the soothsayer12/3/2017 7:46:55 PM

I see some innovation at GWU:

I’m looking forward to our future and being able to be a little more creative with our schedule and getting an opportunity to play some different teams in some different venues.”

Mojo in WashPost



long suffering fan12/3/2017 8:01:08 PM

Just a couple of quick observations.

-For the second year in a row, we simply outplayed a good Temple team.

-With the exception of Rose and Alston, nobody on Temply really scared me.

-It didn't appear that Temply took us seriously the first half, as they played a very soft defense that resulted in many open looks from the 3.   (How does a team play primarily a man to man defense and not have a single foul called against them for over 19 minutes of the first half, unless the defense is soft?).  Dunfry must have lit into them during half time, because the Temple defense was a lot more intense.

-GW was able to hold tough down the stretch.  The do not win this game if they hadn't already played Forida State, Xavier and K-State.   Teams improve when they play tougher competition.

-What was especially satisfying was that we won with many having a solid game but nobody having anything close to a career game.  This win was no fluke.  We beat them because over 40 minutes, we outplayed them.

-Our "rebound by committee" in which all 5 players crash has been effective all season.

-The one thing that really made me crazy were the turnovers that were the result of soft or ill advised passes.   It is one thing to have the ball stolen from you off of the double team, it is another to throw a soft, cross court pass that results in an interception and a dunk or layup.   It almost cost us the game.

-Coaching blunder by Dumfry.  If I am remembering correctly, GW has the ball, up 2, with about 36 seconds left (in other words, enough time for Temple to get a defensive stop and a decent shot afterwards).  For some reason, Temple lets GW run about 16-18 seconds off of the clock and then fouls Bolden.   A foul was not necessary, but if you are going to do it, why wait?  If Bolden makes them both, it is then a 2 possession game with under 20 seconds left.  Temple gets a little lucky, as Bolden makes only 1 of 2, giving us a 3 point lead.  They then miss a couple of 3 point shots when we did an excellent job of keeping the ball out of the hands of Alston and Rose (who shot a combined 6-8 from the 3), we get the rebound and are able to ice the game.  

-Great to see Mazzula coming along.  His confidence is growing with each game.

-In what has to be one of the weirdest scheduling moves, there was a 2 hour break between game one and game two.   Anyone have an explanation?

-The best thing may have been our keeping our composure down the stretch.   Temple kept chipping away and chipping away and we would fight them off.  Then, fairly late in the game (under 5?), we did lose our composure and Temple turns an 8 point deficit into a tie game in the blink of an eye.  It was clear that we were unravelling, and I am sure that every one of us was saying, oh no, here it goes, and was expecting Temple to take a lead and pull away.  Then we started matching them basket for basket and never let them take the lead.  The defense toughened and we were able to maintain a small margin for the rest of the game.  We held tough (which I will again attribute this to our extremely difficult early season schedule).

-I will admit that this team is not as bad as I thought they would be.   By no means is it a good team, but I can see us around 500 overall for the season, with a finish in the middle of a weak A-10 pack.  Playing a top 10 Xavier close for 34 minutes, taking a good K-State team into the final minute and now beating Temple has told me something.

-I have mentioned this before and I will say it again.  Juice is great at moving towards the basket without the ball.  He was only in the game briefly, but in that time, he had another layup, as someone (I don't remember who threw the pass) hit him as he cut towards the basket.

-All the negative things that are posted about Jair are probably correct.  It is also correct that he makes us a better team.

-Finally, before anyone gets too giddy, let me post my oft posted sports adage...In sports, you are never as good as you think you are when you win nor as bad as you think you are when you lose.


maine colonial12/3/2017 8:26:36 PM

Here are the highlights: LINK


maine colonial12/3/2017 8:41:34 PM

Good news...Yuta is heating up...He's 5 of 11 (45%) from three in the last two games. He began the season 4 of 23 (17%) from three.


gwb12/3/2017 9:27:54 PM

LSF. Although you can be fairly negative at times I respect that you seem to always admit when you were wrong or predicted things incorrectly. 

Not much else to say about the game. Good win it has almost all been covered by above posters. Sometimes I think it can tell you more about a team who was playing well at a level that obviously isn’t sustainable. Gives up a big lead and makes enough plays down the stretch To still get a win. One could argue that takes more heart than a wire to wire blowout win. 

One thing that is on my mind is that conundrum Bo referenced. 

Although TNJ picked up his 4th foul at the 8:55 mark. He sat all the way until the 1:33 mark because Mazzulla was so playing well. 

 I honestly thought I saw Terry saying something to MOJO today when he wasn’t being inserted back into the game and MOJO raised his hand as if to say “that’s enough” of whatever was being said. Surely I am just speculating but didn’t know if anyone else saw that. 

This season will be interesting to see how those rotations because IMO Jair is just so much better off the ball.

Lastly, this year is one thing. But good luck to MOJO next year with his rotation.

Assuming Jair slides to the 2 you will now have Armel, Mazzulla, and Shandon at 1. Jair and Terry at the 2. 

You lose Yuta so a lot of minutes open there but also add DJ and Mezie who seen as if they will demand minutes.

And even mentioning Maceo and Juice who has loooked pretty good when he gets the chance..

That to me seems like 9 players for 6 spots and does that mean Terry goes to the bench?

Also, 3 solid PGs but Armel and Shandon are both small and I doubt can really play off the ball but Mazzulla also seems to me like he is most effective at the 1 and the only one who is going to have game experience for GW.

I guess DJ and Juice are going to have to play some 4 to spell Toro, Littles and Javy?????

The rotation in positions 1-3 seems crowded and tells me that someone is going to be the odd one out and I just hope it doesn’t turn into a transfer out by TNJ..






yawle12/3/2017 9:33:54 PM

MASN replay 1130pm


adclub12/3/2017 9:36:14 PM

Clearly they didn't learn from the NFL and consider the 10% of us who are red/green color blind. Other than the 60% shooting, that would have been annoooooooying to watch.  


gw alum abroad12/3/2017 9:45:25 PM

Of all the days I spend the afternoon long-distance driving instead of watching GW basketball! 



free quebec12/3/2017 10:23:14 PM

what a great way to kiss of the BB&T.  

I’ve said all year that our biggest weakness is ball handling in the half court against pressure, not shooting.  Temple decided to back off us in the first half and let us shoot wide open (as lsf said, the defense was so soft they didn’t commit a single foul other than two intentional ones on our final possession of the half). And we nailed the open shots to make them pay.  I think only Nolan’s three even had a defender even trying to contest it, but might remember that wrong. 

Second half, predictably, Temple tightened up the D and we had trouble getting into our sets and turned it over a lot, but we still hit a ton of shots.  

Refs tried to take it away from us but couldn’t. 

Also thought MOJo should have used a time out at start of second half when we had five straight bad possessions (three turnovers followed by two forced bad shots).  He didn’t call it but the TV time out came and then we recovered after that break.   It all worked out so perhaps I’m wrong. 

Big props to Bolden for nailing the game-sealing three.  After it went back and forth down the stretch, we were struggling to get any good shot and he faked the drive, stepped back, his defender stupidly overcommitted to the drive and Bolden got himself a great look on the step back, which he nailed to put us up 4 or 5.  He gets a lot of crap here, more than he deserves.  Happy for the kid. 

Also happy for Mazzula (2-7 from the line this year but a clutch 8-10 from the field), Bo for getting two huge rebounds in the last couple minutes, Toro for a strong first half (Dunphy sat his big in the second half so toro sat), and especially Steeves and Yuta.  


bigfan12/3/2017 11:31:30 PM

All good points and good notes.

Glad to see the post about replay because didn't tape it.

Was doing a reverse mojo,so to speak and sometimes not tapling brings good luck, rather than being presumptious. Started to have it taped in the second half and worried it was bringing bad luck. Now, it can all be taped and emjoyed.

Weird how the refs gave us some calls in the first half and then were our worst enemy in the second half, particularly at the end. Oddly called game as to what constituted a foul. Muggings Ok. Incidental contact, or even looking at another player, a foul.

Nonetheless, though we bent badly, we didn't break. We didn't fold. Almost, but the players willed the win and it was teriffic and appropriate.

Lot of stars, some things to be worked on, but the most important thing was the scoreboard at the end. More about those in the coming days.

But for now just enjoy the feeling of leaving Verizon/Capital One with a win. Like the old days.Thought we could overcome the odds, but didn't dare believe we could actually prevail. All are to be commended, for a brilliant first half and hanging tough despite some setbacks at the end.

Just terrific to walk out of this arena, which has been so good to us over the years, with a win.



maine colonial12/4/2017 3:47:19 AM

Here’s the Philly Inquirer story. Make sure you read the Comments: LINK


long suffering fan12/4/2017 6:56:57 AM

Although admittedly wrong about the team's inability to compete, sadly I feel I was correct about all other aspects of the BB&T, especially the depressing aspect about playing in front of such a small crowd in such a large arena; having to play on the "Ge**getown" court, etc.   Add 2 more bizarre factors for this year:  (1) as previously mentioned, the several hours break between game one and game 2.  Has the event become so dysfunctional that they could not even reach some type of accommodation on the scheduling.  And no, I did not drive back from Fredericksburg to see the H*ya vs. Coppin State game, as compelling basketball as it may have been.  (2)  Although I was relieved to see the arena handing out free programs, this year's version did not have the rosters or any information on any of the teams involved.  In other words, what use to be a program was simply an advertising supplement.  Very helpful.  As others have stated, glad to go out on a win, but it was definitely time to go.   If there are 2 things that I will miss, it is (1) our ability to draw a better class of opponant into DC to play us; and (2) going to Chinatown Express before the game (even though I will try Full Kee in the future, Free).  I think I may have been there before.  Is it on H Street, between 5th and 6th?


mike k12/4/2017 7:16:08 AM

I saw the half time update on my phone and unfortunately only saw the last 8 minutes of the game.

Glad to see Mazz getting more playing time, but that limits TNJ....I guess that was the frustation the poster above saw on the bench late in the game.

Saw some clutch shooting, and glad to see the guys were able to close out the game after hanging around some other games but were unable to close the deal.

Big win and confidence booster.  Hopefully these last 2 games will jump start Yuta for a spectacular Sr campaign.







ziik the soothsayer12/4/2017 8:01:26 AM

I see Temple as wanting a rematch. Maybe at the Smith!

I do not see the video re-run. Where is that hiding?


mentzinger12/4/2017 8:34:36 AM

Great win for MoJo and this team. Could not believe the shooting in the first half (6 of 10 from 3 including 6 of first 6), and the way the team held together for the inevitable Temple run in the second half. I remain convinced Mazzulla gives the team the best chance toi win at the point, with Jair at the 2. Can't think of many other teams I'd rather beat than Temple. Great win, and bodes well to do better than expected in a weak A-10.


mentzinger12/4/2017 8:35:50 AM

Count me among those sad to see the BBT end. Annually GW's best chance for national in-season pub.


yawle12/4/2017 8:53:32 AM




proofread much?


come on super journalists!


xac12/4/2017 9:02:34 AM

A lot of discussion about "bending" in the second half, but that seems to be the norm this year. GW has made significant comebacks against pretty good teams this year. Imagine where we'd be with better first half play in those games. Maryland almost blew a 22 point lead yesterday; and pity the fans who actually stayed at the arena to witness the second game of the BB&T.

bo knows12/4/2017 9:23:33 AM

No "back and forth" between Terry and Mojo. Here we go with the out of context bench lip reading lol that ML and players were subject to. Some people just looking to start something without possibly knowing either what was said or why it was said. SMH. If anything Terry was frustrated by the fouls which took him out of the game. He did grab a huge rebound at the end and made the free throw that iced the game. Terry is fine. Next subject.


bloud12/4/2017 9:43:32 AM

More Mazz, please.  I'd like to see him get 20 mpg these next 5 non-conference games.  The more experience, the better he'll be prepared for A10 games. 


the mv12/4/2017 10:26:39 AM

I'll add one more thing to LSF's short list of things he will miss about the BB&T...GW seems to play exceptionally well (on the whole) in that building.  We're absolutely sure we want to leave the event?  (Just kidding, I understand and agree with why we're leaving.)

Surprised nobody pointed out the similarities to last year's win at Temple.  GW was up 14 in the second half in that game before Temple stormed back to tie the game.  Roland's drive and dish to Tyler in the corner won it for the Colonials.

FQ, I guess when the ball is in your hands so much of the time, Jair is going to get a lot of criticism, just like an NFL quarterback.  But, also like NFL quarterbacks, he deserves much praise when it is due.  Glad you mentioned the step back because that was a thing of beauty.  My own criticisms of Jair have little to do with his abilities (though I do sometimes wonder if he takes too much on because he feels he has to, which I don't think he does) and much more to do with his decision making.  I feel he has played a bit more under control the past few games, though he did have a handful of careless turnovers yesterday. 

Don't see this as an either/or between Terry and Justin.  Would like to see them play together, often with Jair as part of a three guard lineup.

On Dec. 6, Temple will play its first home game of the season.  Even John Chaney wasn't that sadistic.

Finally, hate to end a well needed win against a quality opponent on a questionable note, but this tendency to leave Toro on the bench during the second halves of games has now happened frequently enough to be considered a trend.  I just don't get it.  Toro played 28 minutes but just 1 minute over the last 8 minutes of the game.  It would be one thing if Ziegler was a defensive stopper or a rebounding machine, meaning an obvious upgrade over Toro to help protect a lead.  Bo had some nice contributions yesterday but nevertheless, I don't see a clear and definitive upgrade.   Anyone know if Toro has fatigue issues or why this may be happening so frequently?  I'm a bit leery in that I say how Collin Smith was "handled" last season and we know how that ended.  Would rather not see a repeat performance with Arnaldo.


free quebec12/4/2017 11:06:43 AM

MV, I'm pretty sure Toro sat because we were trying to match up defensively.  Aflakpui, Temple's Center, sat almost the whole second half becuase he was ineffective. I think his backup also sat most of the second half.  Temple went smaller and quicker to exploit our lack of speed up front (excluding Yuta - Steeves and Toro aren't a quick frontcourt), so I am pretty sure Toro sat becuase MoJo wanted to match up better defensively.  Toro did have a strong first half, so that may have also dictated Dunphy's personell change.

As always, understanding the opponents' personnel and how they are playing can explain a lot about what's going on with our team.  In fact, I still maintain that the most underrated part of college basketball fans on messageboards like this is discussing the impact of whether the other teams play well or not.  We all notice when our own team plays well or plays poorly, but the same is happening on both sides. Temple played no defense in the first half and that helped us (some besides me noted that, too).  Likewise, i also thiink Morgan State played pretty damn well for them - they hit a lot of shots I don't think they would normally hit (not just a couple of deep threes, but a whole lot of off-balance floaters, especially in the second half).  A team may be ranked 50 or 150 or 300, but on the day you play the #300 team, they may actually play like a 150 team and on the day you play the 150 team, you might get a 250 team that stinks or a #50 team playing out of their minds. Some of the opponents' performance has to be about imposing your will, but sometimes it's just about getting an opponent on the right or wrong day such that all your team can do is stay focused and try to be consistent each time out. Anyway, that's a long digression to your question about Toro sitting.


2twotoed12/4/2017 11:09:09 AM

MV you are correct Toro's playing time in 2nd half is interesting. He played pretty well yesterday and the disappears. The win yesterday could be huge. To me, the Princeton game will show if we are on the right path. If we play Wednesday like we have at home all year then Sunday was a great W but not the norm. We need Toro to rebound and Bolden needs to play the 2.


the mv12/4/2017 11:41:49 AM

Points are well taken FQ but the whole subject is nevertheless curious.  Toro plays 27 of the game's first 31 minutes and was productive offensively.  Pair of three pointers.  Found Yuta for two 3's in the second half.  He wasn't rebounding particularly well but this becomes less of an issue when the team is rebounding well as a whole which it was.  GW's 17 point lead had been trimmed to 1 when Toro was removed at the 8 minute mark.  Seems like this move should even have been made sooner if your rationale was correct (and I believe it is).  I would call into question two things: a) what are we substantially gaining by leaving Toro on the bench?  Is Bo that much more of an upgrade on defense even against a smaller lineup?  Or, wouldn't this have been the right opportunity to play Jair/Terry/Justin M. together, prior to Terry picking up his 4th foul?  And b), this Toro sits the second half thing has now happened several times.  I get it if he's in foul trouble which he wasn't.  I get it if he's fatigued which even if he was, seem excessive (sitting him 7 of the game's final 8 minutes).  Are we more productive defensively with Steeves out there?  I just don't want to see a situation where Toro becomes the "forgotten man" one too many times.



bc12/4/2017 11:44:53 AM

Maybe the two hours between games was for TV.  Out here on Comcast our game wasn't shown, but the Coppin State game was.   The crowds were pathetic.  I can't see the BB&T lasting much longer.


thinker12/4/2017 11:54:11 AM


I think you've made a really great point! MoJo wasn't deciding things in a vacuum - and no other coach does either. Inherently MoJo, or any coach is going to be deciding things, in game, based on the actions and efforts of the other team.

The corollary argument is that the other coach is getting paid to try and win the game too and if things aren't working for them -- they need to change things. Logically, the other coach would need to adjust.

Although I've always had many things to say about various coaches in the past, I've always been pretty reluctant to criticize ON THE COURT decisions about strategy, lineups, rotations, plays, etc because those are among the most difficult to understand the context from the outside. I guess that's really the "Bo Corollary." Those are also things that I think I have the least technical expertise on here - just like I don't really want to get too much into which high school sophmore is going to be a better NCAA Division I player.


the mv12/4/2017 12:19:59 PM

Thinker, while I always take some delight in questioning coaching decisions when warranted (not from the vantage point that I could do it better, but from the simple standpoint of a fan as I find this line of discussion to often be informative and entertaining), I thing your words ring especially true when applied within the context of a single game.  Why did the coach do this?  Maybe he was having a bad day.  Maybe he regrets it.  Maybe he had great reasons that you don't agree with.

For that reason, I didn't make a big point about how Toro was being used the first or second time that he sat most of the second half without being in foul trouble.  However, this has now happened enough times that I'm afraid it's becoming a trend.  For MoJo to sit Toro as much as he's been sitting him down the stretch of games, particularly after playing him so much prior to sitting him down the stretch of games, is a discussion that I believe is worth having here.  I'm sure MoJo has his reasons and FQ is likely correct in his asssessment.  Am just baffled as to why MoJo feels the way he does about this and more importantly, I'd like to see Arnaldo in a Colonial uniform for 4 years.


thinker12/4/2017 12:53:39 PM

I think that's very fair, MV.

My notion is that there is very likely a good reason for most coaching decisions, and we'll never know what those reasons are. The main and obvious reason is that coaches almost never say what their rationale for those kinds of things were. To be able to challenge a rationale, you have to know what it was in the first place.


long suffering fan12/4/2017 1:24:49 PM

You don't want Ziegler on the least on the offensive end, in a close game down the stretch because of his inability to hit a free throw could cost us the game.   Perhaps the offensive/defensive switch off with Toro may have been the way to go.  


the dude12/4/2017 1:38:17 PM

Beginning to wonder if we see Mazz start at the 1, Jair to the 2 and TNJr as the 3rd Guard/6th man.  Mojo seems to be transitioning in that direction, 1 game at a time, and perhaps wisely so.

Its done wonders for the team, for Jair, for all,  I'd be eager to expedite the transition fully, less gradually.



free quebec12/4/2017 2:09:57 PM

Disagree.    I would continue to start Nolan. He brings a quickness and energy to the team (especially on defense) that we need out of the gate.  Mazz has been effective the last two games, but in a specific and limited role.  No need to ask him to try to do too much (i.e. take over the team as the starting poing guard) right now.  Continue to ease him in. It won't be linear and I expect him to have some bad games along the way, especially when we play a more athletic opponent.

Princeton should be a good opponent for us matchup-wise (not overly atheltic, they don't pressure the ball in the half court to force steals and they don't crash the offensive glass). We should have room to run our stuff and it will come down to who executes better. I think it'll be a good matchup for Mazz. But though he's flashed potential as a solid complentary player the last two games, I'm not he's ready to start against a team like Miami, whereas Nolan won't be overwhelmed athletically (even if his inexperience and other weaknesses are exploited by the Hurricanes).


the mv12/4/2017 3:28:12 PM

It was 20 days ago that The Dude initiated a thread entitled, Terry Nolan Jr: A Star is Born.  Here is what he wrote then, sounding like a real live scout:

TNJr is an elite athlete, he's fast, quick, fearless.  Man, what a revelation.  Teams are going to have to play off him, and force him to shoot from range, because his first step and finishing around the rim is potent.  The same skill set translates on D, quick feet, long arms, dissruptive player.

And now, 20 days later, The Dude feels it's time for this star to start coming off of the bench.  This has to be a record for hitting the freshman wall.


mentzinger12/4/2017 4:04:12 PM

I think it's not a Mazz vs. Nolan issue. It's really Mazz vs Bolden, with Terry the odd man out providing good energy in virtually the same minutes off the bench, or in a 3-guard lineup for speed.

My claim is that Mazz has been nearly as good at the PG position as Jair has in terms of being in control and getting people involved. Was perfect from the field yesterday, and I would love to see the Plus/Minus comparison him vs. Jair.

I like Jair, I like that he has the "take the last shot" mentality. But I'm sick of watching him pound the ball into the floor for 20 seconds of every shot clock. He likes to shoot. We need shooters. Set him up off the ball.



the dude12/4/2017 4:15:08 PM

Mentz, agreed.  More Mazz on the ball, more Jair shining off the ball. 



the mv12/4/2017 4:33:43 PM

Dude, why would you want to demote someone who less than three weeks ago you were referring to as a Star?  You didn't say it just once (face it, you never say anything just once), you said it a number of times.  I get that Justin has played well and that Terry has been slow to get going offensively.  But do you really think that warrants a change so soon after you were anointing the guy GW's next star?  Why would you be so emphatic about something only to go back on it less than three weeks later?  The season is 8 games old.


ziik the bomb thrower12/4/2017 5:04:10 PM

Mentzinger's got the right idea about these 3 guards. It's especially a shame that Jair seems wedded to the wasteful dribbles, but, among them, there is (as yet) no complete lead guard. mojo is paid to resolve that issue, and I look forward to his efforts.

I find MV's cheap shots at Dude (like so many previous cheapshot campaigns from the same poster under other name(s)), damn near as wasteful, and dribblish as Jair's efforts. 

Who gives a shit as to what praise Dude heaped on a GW newbie weeks ago? If posters are required to be slavishly consistent, this place will suck beigtime, day in and out. 


the dude12/4/2017 5:11:28 PM

Temple has an RPI of #9 (after losing to us, #9. KenPom is 45, after the loss, not before, misstated that above)   I think that win will hold up as a really solid OOC win. 

Ziik, well said.  Mazz increased role to the 1, TNJr keeps starter minutes, be it starting in a 3 Guard lineup or otherwise, either way is fine, My TNJr view hasn't changed.  Point was clear, Jair off the rock, Mazz as the floor general. 




the mv12/4/2017 5:42:08 PM


1) I didn't think that was a cheapshot at all.  Pointed out exactly what The Dude said 20 days ago and what he's saying now.   There was perhaps a subtle point in there about talking out both ends of your you-know-what, but I'm confident that this did not resonate.

2) Am fascinated to learn how convinced you are that I have provided a multitude of cheap shots under various poster names.  Out of curiosity and because i can use the laugh, which other posters do you believe me to be?

3) Do you really believe what I'm going for with The Dude is for him to become "slavishly consistent?"  Maybe I should work on getting Trump to never tell a lie while I'm at it.


ziik the bomb thrower12/4/2017 6:10:47 PM

Monument's comments about the bullshitter of the board ought to have been sufficient, MV, to answer each of your questions.

I just don't comprehend your compelling need to hold anonymous electrons (Dude's or anyone's) to consistency.

As for cheap shots, you lied repeatedly about ziik the tentmaker, his shirts, his tax status, the quality of his work, his fees, his profits, on and on. (All because he would not sell you a shirt.)

Your inanities about GW's former AD were nearly as impetinent as ML's about the current gent.

Well, that's it for now. I am saving up for some Propecia. 



the mv12/4/2017 6:58:50 PM

Sorry Ziik but all of that was Longing for Oscar, not me.

bo knows12/4/2017 8:11:35 PM

I don't know ziik. I sort of liken MV in this case to Anderson Cooper in the "Keeping Them Honest" segment. Sunlight on what you call inconsistency and what some of us call deliberately trying to have everything both ways can't be a bad thing. It is after all the Dude's own words that are being repeated for context.

But just as you want to inquire of MV, me or several others as to why we have a bone to pick with the Dude, perhaps we should be asking you what is the fascination with defending the Dude? I think you are a bright guy. It ought to be apparent to you what has transpired here. I don't think it was the MV who told the Dude to needlessly and repeatedly ridicule many of our players here including Paul Jorgensen, Jordan Roland, etc. Nor did the MV create more than 50 different screen names for the Dude.

Just not sure what your fascination with the Dude's proclivities are here. Makes little sense for an otherwise fairly astute and observant long-time poster. 



free quebec12/4/2017 10:25:19 PM

I think some of you overstate how much Mazz is on the ball when he is on the court.   Even when he's playing, Bolden initiates the offense and sets things up at least as much as Mazz.  would love to see someone chart that, but I definitely noticed several times when both were on when the ball was in Bolden's hands dribbling up high, not Mazz even though both were on teh court.


long suffering fan12/4/2017 10:45:28 PM

Mazzula and Nolan are what they are...freshman with potential.   They will put up freshman numbers and make freshman mistakes.  They are not the kind of freshman who can carry a team but moreso the kind of freshman that we can be optimistic about.  At times, they are capable of looking spectacular, at other times not so much.    Mazzula and Nolan will not turn around this season, but their development is what we are looking for.  Hopefully they will be used in a manner that will best suit their development and not simply be as good (or bad) as their last game.


long suffering fan12/4/2017 10:48:03 PM

It is unfortunate that intelligent basketball discussion always has to break down into name calling.   The sad part is that generally, this juvenile insulting of each other is frequently made by posters who add so much to the board with their basketball insight.  So, let me ask again...please just stop it.


ron jothstein12/4/2017 10:54:28 PM

During the post-game press conference after a game a few weeks ago Mojo explained his rationale for Toro's limited playing time during the 2nd half of that game being due to the opponent going with a small/speedy lineup, so I suspect that was his reason for doing the same against Temple. I imagine he feels less that the size advantage we'd have on offense wouldn't make up for the possibility of giving up open shots on the perimeter or picking up fouls trying to stay in front of smaller/quicker players (especially with a limited rotation). You could argue that we should pound the ball inside and make our opponent's adjust, but that may not be how he game planned. I did like how everyone shot the ball with confidence when they had an open look. Being a decent shooter in game situations has a lot to do with being confident in your shot and not looking over your shoulder at the bench each time you shoot. Coaches have to find a good balance between encouraging players to shoot when they have good looks, while not creating an environment where everyone just chucks it up or on the other end of the spectrum where they bench a player for missing an open shot they didn't necesarilly like. It looks like Mojo is doing well in that regard. On a side note I'm not a fan of speculating about players transferring because of minutes or starting vs coming off the bench after 8 games. We're barely a quarter way through the season and there's a lot that can happen between now and March. 


the dude12/4/2017 11:03:31 PM

Its a bit more nuanced than that.  TNJr has a repeatable skill set, you could see it within 1 game or 2, long arms, quick feet, impacts every game on defense the way that Yuta and Pato did at their positions, disruptive. Like Pato and Yuta, long arms, quick feet, agile movers, and those same attributes play in transition around the rim. 

As for Mazz, it appear he too has a repeatable skill set, and its the skill the roster was in dire need of, a PG with poise, vision, run the offense first instincts, and rebounding.  The ball moves when he's on the court, the ball stops when Jair is and he's not.  Very noticeable difference, and his play at the Point has coincided with Jair's best minutes, off the ball.

I believe it was Hugh who aptly said, this is in sharp contrast to an overreaction based on a jump shooter making a bunch of 3s one game.  Those guys you really need to see 20, 30, 40 games of.  These skills, you can identify them rapidly. 



robsmithoasas12/5/2017 1:16:42 AM

A bad loss for Temple! I can't believe Fran Dunphy let this one get away from them. Must have been a letdown after MSG win.

Great experience for GW's youngsters! Congratulations!

After Rider this was great!



maine colonial12/5/2017 8:31:40 AM

There's something happening here...What it is ain't exactly clear...

GW vs. Temple

MoJo 2-0

ML 0-3

KH 5-7

TP 0-5

MJ 4-11

JK 0-12

GG 1-5

BT 1-0

CS 0-2

WD 0-1

WR 2-4





ziik the soothsayer12/5/2017 9:00:35 AM

I have a clouded crystal. But, my concern is that Mojo is setting us up for something.

Because, Mo is no ML. 


pippen12/5/2017 9:45:50 AM

Too bad we can’t schedule Temple 30+ times a year according to Maine Colonial. Glad we beat Temple but at .500 with plenty of basketball left not exactly the time to be crowing about the win over Temple. To me all that did was make up for the bad loss to Rider. Hopefully our better play continues.

2 9:58:55 AM

FQ, I am looking at an evolution of basketball talent at GW. Your point is well taken. I am looking at what now is developing on the future GW team picture. I look back at Notta Hater's posts of the past complaining about "Tweeners." They are only a problem if the tweener is plugged into a system where they either have to attack or defend in a set system that gets them over-matched. In this case, there is going to probably be a serious change in system to take advantage of these freshmen and next year's class and transfers.

This team is tweener city. Gone will be Yuta and Steeves and in comes Littles. No way we play a slow pace set approach then. This has to be an uptempo 94 foot team. Including Maceo into the the mix with Mezie coming in, we are loaded with ball handling tweeners. The discussions above are mute in my opinion. Right now, we depend on the scoring in the paint from Steeves, but come next year, that would be a tough challenge for Littles to try to replace a banquet feast of "Y" moves from Steeves.

BTW, I pointed out last year that Mazz played 1 on O and defended the 5. None of this should have come a surprise to you folks, but who's counting.... it's just electrons. I am guessing that we will by next year go to a mutant version of the Nova team and VCU. Offurum is a talent and would blend well with our collection of big guards with handle. Each of them can defend the paint with a bit of offside help -- with way more speed coming with Potter and Brown. 

My whacko theory on why this will come to pass is that MoJo doesn't strike me as that stupid, and a traditional offense coach like the many that we have had here without naming any names would be knocking over old leaf piles at this stage trying to find another big. Look at the offers and they are mostly guards on a team that will have 4 guys next year who can play point (next year). 

Do I think that this is a good way to go? Yes. Georgetown is going back to the 1980's with Ewing. These GW guys are the race cars of basketball. We shouldn't focus down too much on Nolan v. Mazz. or why Maceo is getting no minutes. Savage was lacking minutes his freshman year and that happens. I see Williams being a 4 next year in a George Washington attack team.

The bigs that we do have will have a 3 in their game, except for Littles (I don't know) for secondary break options.

Finally, for Free Q., I have come to the conclusion that it is better, if possible, not to bench a player at 4 fouls. I watched Pato play with 4 or Larsen with great success and many coaches kill their team energy with that change this year. If you have the right squad balance, it is better to deal with the 5th earlier than lose prescious minutes for a hot or important player.

Secondly, FQ, I am seeing a great advantage to take a team with good outside shooters or good enough to be willing to take an unmolested 22-foot 3 even with a bit of a drop in %. It has a way of really opening up the paint to drives as the D has to take on way more territory in their defense. Look at the GW team as it will be situated with talent next year, that may be a huge factor. We have guys who can take it to the rim or take an open 3. They won't go down as great distance shooters, but they aren't bad either and as we saw, making open 3's changes the game.


tuna can12/5/2017 9:59:54 AM

Above was Tuna Can

the mv12/5/2017 10:25:02 AM

Tuna, I see the Kethan to Maceo analogy as a bit apples-to-oranges.  Kethan was not initially starting like his fellow freshmen Kevin, Pato and Joe were but he was playing behind a very experienced Lasan Kromah and more importantly, he was playing around 15-20 minutes a game as a reserve.  I find it to be an ominous sign that Terry and Justin M. are playing as much as they are while Maceo is barely leaving the bench.  Plenty of time to turn this situation around but with an influx of talent coming in next year, the odds are against this.  Kethan always showed promise and played substantial minutes from Day 1 even when he was not starting.  The same, at least for now, can not be said about Maceo (playing substantial minutes).

On a separate note, I do see and agree with your outlook pertaining to what MoJo's longer-term vision is.  I do expect GW to play at a faster pace next season, with enough depth to effectively do so.


tuna can12/5/2017 12:07:57 PM

Of course.... reasons different, but as far as future value, they may be simiar, we don't know. When a coach is going--on purpose--only so deep, for whatever reason, there will be freshmen that sit. Sometimes, they sit because of the style of play. I can say that I have seen very little of the play this year because of work, but I would echo those who say that it is WAY TOO EARLY to suggest that things will stay the way that they are right now.

My point is that as you see personnel changing in mix, you might be able to guess that there will be a style change forthcoming. OF course, I could be wrong there, as well. As herve says, discuss and disagree. 

Again, in this case, of course, I don't disagree with your point MV, just that I didn't mean what you thought. At worst, you might have over analyzed. As a corollary, why is MoJo recruiting guys just like Maceo if he isn't using Maceo right now? High School records are roughly the same. I say that he is going to make a fundimental change to game planning.

I may have a 25 percent chance of being correct, but that's my case.

ziik the senile old man12/5/2017 12:12:14 PM

I fully expect The Spaniard to score 37 points in his debut, and Sasser to grab 19 rebounds.

Mojo is just lulling the A-10 to sleep, working on his secret recipes.


the mv12/5/2017 12:45:40 PM

Anything is always possible Tuna but speaking in general terms, the odds are that if changes are to be made in regard to the use of personnel on this team as the season progresses, these changes will come in the form of fewer players gobbling up the minutes.  The tendency is for benches to shorten as you get into conference play.  The exception to all of this, of course, is if injuries force bench players to step up and play more.  But there is no question that things CAN change.  Justin Williams has already played more minutes in 8 games this season (he has appeared in 7) than he did in all of last season.  It is gratifying to see a player develop from one year to the next.

Your corollary regarding Maceo is worth discussing.  GW is not a program that can afford to recruit 8-9 players who will play and 4-5 additional players who understand going in that they will be end-of-bench players.  Nevertheless, that's how MoJo's two teams and Lonergan's before him have essentially worked out, with say 8 or 9 players receicving practically all of the meaningful playing time.  So, certain players get recruited with the understanding that there is a realistic chance to receive playing time if you earn it, but there is also a chance of playing very little if you don't.  A player like that intellectually understands that they would never have this chance at a high major program, and that they also could be a bigger fish in a smaller pond elsewhere.  Guys like Maceo who come here must look at our school, its academics, the city it's located in, the facilities, coaching staff, conference affiliation, basketball history, and current roster construction and come away feeling that it's worth the gamble to go out and earn those minutes.  Of course, until a coach achieves the level of depth where he feels the 10th-12th best guys on the team aren't all that different than the 4th-6th best guys (which is extremely rare), you are always going to have casualties who never regularly break into the playing rotation and often eventually transfer as a result.  All of this is a way of saying that I don't believe MoJo recruits someone like Maceo with the express intent of hardly playing him.  I just believe there are always players who don't do enough in the eyes of the coaching staff, and/or are just not good enough yet it's hard to realize this at the time the player is being recruited.  Nothing malicious about any of this, but I do feel it explains at least in part why our team's transfer rate is as high as it is.

observer12/5/2017 12:56:48 PM

Simply put, the Piranah the best of the board, the MV and his assorted troll name aliases, the worst. Keep it up Piranah, fabulous previews. 


nj colonial12/5/2017 1:03:30 PM

Awesome win for the Colonials.  Sorry I wasn't in DC for the game, like GWAA I was on the road.  But I did luck out in picking up a Philly station on the radio that was covering the game and I was able to listen to the second half.  Way to go G-Dub... beat the College of New Jersey (now known as Princeton)!


pkgw12/5/2017 1:56:10 PM

Good article by Ben Standig on the death of the BB&T.  Well written and truthful


pkgw12/5/2017 1:57:01 PM


gw050912/5/2017 2:02:20 PM

Maceo is the son of a coach.  If anyone knows about players earning their playing time, it's him. I wouldn't be concerned.


the mv12/5/2017 2:13:21 PM

My troll aliases and I are the worst of this board says "Observer", a troll alias.  Or is "Observer" one of mine too?


havlicek stole the ball12/5/2017 4:12:06 PM

That kid Rose on Temple,. Really good. Nice win 

4 7:13:28 PM

Ben Standig did a great job,especially on cowardly jackasses who came into a children's charity tournament seemingly to shut it down, probably out of jealousy combined with extreme cowardice. Some favorite excerpts:

"Though noble in its giving ways and local hoops promotion for 24 years, the event is past its prime. It’s certainly moving on without the one local program here for virtually all of it. The other one shows little interest in helping elevate the basketball...

Maryland typically played a who’s who of opponents along with the occasional matchup against George Washington or George Mason. In its four years, Georgetown went with the who’s that scheduling approach: Towson, UNC Wilmington, Elon and Coppin State.

Ewing kept up the tradition with Coppin State, but this matchup fell in line with the overall 2017-18 plan of avoiding formidable non-conference opponents. The Hoyas rank 351, or last, in strength of schedule among all Division 1 teams.pect....

The Colonials are not scheduled to participate in any future BB&T Classics. When an out-of-town heavyweight demanded a return game and either Maryland or Georgetown passed, GW took the hit. The same scenario often occurred with rank-and-file opponents, thus crimping the Colonials’ scheduling plans...

George Washington participated for the 23rd time in the event’s 24-year history despite never being the local school which organizers based plans. The Colonials fended off Temple 71-67 for its latest upset win in the BB&T Classic -- and likely final game in the event.

Over the years the BB&T provided George Washington head-to-head opportunities against power programs or RPI-friendly opponents that might not have happened otherwise.

Maurice Creek thrilled the Foggy Bottom faction in 2013 with his game-winning jumper for a win in Maryland’s final’s appearance. The Colonials were 11-point underdogs Sunday against the Owls. Impressive 3-point shooting early and needed poise late carried the day.

“It’s been a good event for us,” coach Maurice Joseph said. “I think back to the Maurice Creek shot against Maryland. Obviously, this is going to be a win that we remember.”

There was a lot to like, Mazz's emergence as a player, Steeves getting all out of his physical situation, Yuta being a leader, Arnoldo's 3s, Juice's movement, Terry Nolan Jr playing solidly, hanging tough during a tumultuos end, etc.. And a fair amount to worry about, a near-epic collapse, FTs at a critical point, ball movement in second half, Temple penetration, substitutions and lack at times baffling a bit of timeout usage,etc.

And some good and bad, Jair's stardom and Jair's turnovers and lack of court vision (Yuta, TNJ open,). But in the end, Jair hit a big shot (s) and was a winner, so good for him and us.

Mojo can take credit for the win, as he would take blame for the loss.

But overall, it wasn't X's and O's. It was a feeling.

Expected to go and feel like crap, second-class citizen in piss-poor seats in an arena devoted to the cowardly dog team.But for the first time since the evil empire took over, actually felt good after the game.

Was a bit stymied in how to strategically give the finger the many Georget**n displays, but other than that quandry, it was great. Like an old-time BB&T. And though wish it wasn't, sure was a classic BB&T in a fight down to the wire with a pretty major team. And the win, encased in Jair's big spot as time and score was starting to get critical. A microcosm of Mo Creek.

Bottom line is we literally walked out of the arena and tournament head held high, GW proud and with a spring in our step.



bigfan12/5/2017 7:14:13 PM

That was me above.

thinker12/5/2017 11:50:20 PM

Great research - Maine.

I think GW has traditionally had trouble with Temple because Temple has traditionally had a lot of excellent big men and GW traditionally hasn't. So most of the time Temple is not going to be a very good matchup for GW. If Temple had a couple of big brawny power guys playing well in this game, they almost certainly would have won.

I wouldn't draw too broad of a conclusion about Maceo at this early moment. First he signed with an interim coach. I have no idea how good he is or whether or not MoJo signed him because he really needed to sign someone. I have no clue. But a freshman not playing much just 10 games into their first year is not super noteworthy since he might still be getting used to the speed or stregnth of college play or may still be figuring out a new offense of defensive scheme.

Also we haven't had a lot of blowout games where we could throw out there freshmen who weren't quite ready to play. I'd wait until much deeper into the season to see how he is developing.


the dude12/6/2017 12:10:01 AM

As an example of this Thinker, on this date last year Jair, had 10 Turnovers, 4 assists, and was 3 for 14 from the FG for the season. 

I am a believer you can know a lot about most guys, going back several decades, at GW, after a full Freshman season, I've laid out that argument with supporting data in the past.  I do not think you can make bold assessments 8 games into a Freshmen season.  Just a few days ago we had a very differnt take on Mazz than we do now.  8 games into 2016-17 Jair looked like a very different player than he did by Febr., or this November.



pippen12/6/2017 8:39:06 AM

I think in a normal year your observation would be correct, Thinker. However, this year, with little or no depth, creates real concern as to why Maceo isn’t playing at all.


ziik the senile old man12/6/2017 8:43:26 AM

Maceo is not ready.  I saw him once, and he clearly was not ready. Who knows? Maybe he'll be ready in a game or two; maybe it will be 10. 

A coach does not want to have his guys get shell shocked.


the mv12/6/2017 9:28:12 AM

I don't know who "we" represents, but I'll say the following:

1) I do not have any different take on Justin M. than I had over the summer.  While watching him play at Kenner, I noted that the guy could play, seemed comfortable handling the ball, and that I fully expected him to contribute this season.  For the record, I also felt very good about Terry (though he was injured early on at Kenner), felt Maceo would be playing a bit more than he has to date, and felt Javier was at least a full year away.

2) Here's the thing about citing Jair's statistics from a year matter how paltry they looked, the point is that Jair was playing.  He was playing on a team which also had Sina, Roland and Hart in its backcourt.  MoJo had to see great potential in him back then or he would hardly be playing at all.  Maceo is barely playing right now.  As I previously said, he has plenty of time to turn this around.  But, when you consider that 25% of the season is gone with him having played very little, coupled with the influx of backcourt talent arriving next season, I'll reiterate that the odds are against Maceo becoming a long-term contributor to this team.  Could it happen?  Not only could it, but I hope it does.

3) Also, to Thinker's point, I don't feel like MoJo NEEDED to sign Maceo.  He had already landed Justin M. which is more than what anyone expected given that this was the early signing period and the interim tag was still on.  I believe he wanted Maceo and hoped (and still hopes) that he can earn some meaningful minutes.


pippen12/6/2017 9:43:56 AM

Just a hunch but I have a strong feeling that had Mojo known that TNJr was coming available sooner he would not have signed Maceo. So can’t fault him for that because he had no way of knowing that TNJr’s situation would be changing or that he could land him. Also hope Maceo is able to contribute either later this season or in the future.


the mv12/6/2017 9:50:22 AM

Excellent point Pippen.

bm12/6/2017 10:00:00 AM

Maceo is a shooter AFAIK.  Different game than TNJr.


bigfan12/6/2017 3:57:56 PM

Maceo hit a nice three-pointer from the top of the key in one of the tournament games, believe.

BM has it right on his rep. Don't know how consistent, but said to be a shooter.

We should maybe design some occasional plays for him or Adam Mitola, unless our Temple first half shooting continues.


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