Kermit Washingon (NBA), Ron Mix (NFL)
ziik the bomb thrower
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ziik the bomb thrower12/4/2017 7:54:10 PM

Check out Yahoo Sports, etc.

These two distinguished gents are taking it on the chin. (Kermit's hit is a rebound)

A complicated scheme of funding and stealing from charities and phony physical ailment claims. 

And, they both have been ' good kids,'  forever. 

This story will be all over the Internet, so, no special cite is needed.


ziik the soothsayer12/5/2017 7:58:51 AM

This one ought to be titled 'OT,' little nephew.

ziik the bomb thrower12/5/2017 8:06:10 AM

Well, then, what about the Blake Farenthold news, geezer uncle? Can you believe that guy?

elj12/6/2017 4:58:33 PM

Kermit, as some of you follow oldies will remember, was the player who led AU to brief excellence, and their good PR man came up with the siogan. "The American Revolution."  Unfortunately, Kermit is indelibly linked to that knockout punch to Rudy Tomjanovich.

the dude12/6/2017 5:03:22 PM

Haven't seen a play as dirty as Kermit's Punch on Rudy, until I watched the Steelers MNF game.


ziik the senile old man12/6/2017 5:06:21 PM

Well, now Kermit and Ron Mix will be recalled for other events. I have known a couple lawyers who've gone real bad. There's no reason.

wawadonut12/7/2017 4:57:05 PM

I know this off topic but I wish GW could face against Georgetown and American instead of Howard in regular season games again


ziik the scrivener12/8/2017 7:26:40 AM

Mix was an NFL alltimer, and, according to SI, a good man. Kermit was always portrayed as misunderstood, a striver and a plugger. A good kid.  An All-American from American. 

Who can ya believe any more?

long suffering fan12/8/2017 8:04:08 AM

If you haven't read it, I would recommend reading "The Punch", by John Feinstein.  Not only is it a facinating story, but it has GW basketball references.   Bottom line:  Kermit was an othewise nice guy with no negative history but will be forever remembered for the punch, which pretty much ended both his and Rudy T's careers.  Not wanting to sound too geezorie, but getting on the shuttle in front of the Student Center to go watch GW (with Clyde Burwell) vs. American (with Kermit Washington) in the cold and uncomfortable Ft. Myers arena (which home arena for both schools), brings back fond memories. Hundreds of long hairs in the late 60s and early 70s, during the heart of the anti-war protests, entering an army base and having to go through military security always presented an "interesting" visual image.   Kinda makes me want to light up right now.   In any event,  every season we would play American AND Ge**getown AND Maryland, and the local rivalries were real.   All college basketball doubleheaders, with the first game being the freshmen team (in the days when frosh were ineligible).

long suffering fan12/8/2017 8:13:21 AM

To pile on to my fond memories from my GW days, I will always fondly remember driving to what was then a seedy part of Baltimore to go to the Civic Center to watch the Baltimore Bullets (with Earl the Pearl Monroe and Dancing Harry) play the great Knick teams.  Every season, the Bullets would play a handful of games locally, so I actually got to see a Bullets/Knicks game at Cole Field House.  And yes, those memories also include once getting to Baltimore, having to drive forever on local streets to go to Memorial Stadium to see the Yankees play the Orioles.   Would pay a local resident (frequently a kid) a few dollars to park in their driveway, as Memorial Stadium parking was a was getting out of the area after the game.

ziik the senile old man12/8/2017 8:42:29 AM

The scrivener needs one of those spelling books to write right.

Geezerish, now, that's a word, LSF. You sound geezerish!

I read each of Feinstein's books looking for GW and Red and Bob Tallent references. Did he even mention Pat in that stupid golfing book? (I have golfed, myself, with some of America's greats. The cartoonist, Stan Drake, and his Playboy centerfold wife. They were my favorites, and I was theirs. Damn, they were a good looking couple. Cornelius Ryan, the writer/historian. He repeated the entire Longest Day to me one afternoon, when we got drunk together. Henry Mancini's brother, who was a great character, too. He dressed entirely in lavender, and was very distinguished, with a 365 day tan and silver hair. He was lavender head to toe, and hit a levender ball, too. He never worked a day. Just hit the links. He told me, Henry's music supported him. I guess so. It supported me, too, for a little while.)

Here's geezerish for ya: Two small macaroons are perfect. Three, and ya get sick.

Dancing Harry inspired all of disco, and got nothing. Not a dime. He and Baseball Bill are an item now. You can find them at a Field of Dreams during the day, at the Kennedy Center Opera House at night. They're a ghostly pair. 

That kid was charging you an insurance premium, LSF. If you paid him, your car was there when you came back after the game. 

You're still posting, so I guess you kept your premiums in order.

I am lit up, right now. 

tennessee colonial12/8/2017 9:40:00 AM

I was on that bus with you Long. Remember all the bright military signs around the arena? Remember people sitting during the national anthem. It was a different world. Remember going to Navy and Maryland when our Freshman team with Pat Tallent? Team only lost 1 game. But yes, I really liked us playing all the local teams. Too bad John Thompson turned out to be a real ass and destroy what was a good experience. When the Thompson's disappear maybe we can get games with GU again with the games played on their old campus court. All within walking distance.

tennessee colonial12/8/2017 9:49:43 AM

Being retired now I'm sifting through 30+ years of accumulated stuff. I found a lot of 1970 Hatchets boxed up. I also found an old tape that said GW/Umass. It was a tape of the game when we went to undefeated 27-0 Umass with Camby and Calipari. We beat the crap out of them. 86-76. It was the 1995-1996 season with Jarvis. We went to a lot of NCAA's during that period.

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