the dude
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the dude3/19/2017 2:55:09 PM

Tourney, Round 2, on the road this time.  Does GW survive and advance? Predictions?

Side question, is this game televised/streamed online?

mentzinger3/19/2017 4:02:16 PM

GW 95 UIC 72. TC with 30. Game televised on carrier currents inside certain UIC maintenance buildings. 


alum13/19/2017 4:29:16 PM

It's being streamed on MySpace. 


herve3/19/2017 5:06:33 PM

There are so many things wrong with the statement "streamed on MySpace"


xac3/19/2017 5:35:38 PM

According to the UIC schedule, the game will be on ESPN3; however, I don't find the game in the ESPN3 schedule (yet).

UIC Schedule

bobo3/19/2017 6:13:43 PM

I don't think even Free Quebec knows anyting about IUC.  Random guesses from GW fans on the outcome of the game indicate GW should prevail.

bigfan3/19/2017 6:19:52 PM

Good find, XAC.

They ve beat some theoretically decent teams, including DePaul.

Though not hugely difficult schedule, to say the least. Looks like one major team.They seem up and down and can score.

Hope we get them in a down phase.

elj3/19/2017 7:30:19 PM

Well, they did beat DePaul by five, although that was early in the season.  Assuming we play they way we're supposed to: GW 79, UIC 71.









mentzinger3/19/2017 8:10:54 PM

TC can pass Val Brown for 26th on GW's all time scoring list with 20 points.


alum13/19/2017 9:43:20 PM

MySpace was just a joke Herve!  😀


notta hater3/19/2017 9:52:54 PM

really? The team has a losing record?

gw alum abroad3/19/2017 10:08:23 PM

Yeah, the school is going to formally announce the full-time hiring of a coach just after a season-ending loss to a commuter school with a losing record? Not going to happen. Also, Chicago's lone contribution to human civilization has been the electrification of the blues. GW has given the world L. Ron Hubbard and the guy on SNL that Donald Trump imitates (not to mention all those who have actually graduated). You're welcome world. Also, Near West Side? Isn't that a fancy way of saying "the neighborhood neither the Cubs nor White Sox want anything to do with"? 

GW 64 Vote Early Vote Often St 57


long suffering fan3/20/2017 8:19:25 AM

Will "Game Tracker" be covering the game?   I did not see any indication on the GW site that anyone is.   Admittedly I am a bit excited about the game...perhaps because all I need is for GW to stay within 2.5 against Illinois Chicago (or is it Chicago Illinois) to complete my 3 game Atlantic 10 teaser with URI and Richmond. Raise High.

long suffering fan3/20/2017 8:23:52 AM

Actually I stand corrected.  This just up on the GW web site:


George Washington (20-14) at UIC (16-18) | CBI Quarterfinals
Date, Time Monday, March 20 | 8:00 p.m. ET
Location UIC Pavilion | Chicago, IL
Coverage ESPN3/WatchESPN 


gwmaven3/20/2017 9:00:47 AM


Where are you betting?  I would like in.  GW is +2.5?  I would money line GW. 

long suffering fan3/20/2017 9:26:05 AM

That is the "teaser" line.   The actual line is GW minus 4.5

dcabloob3/20/2017 10:11:35 AM

If you can find GW -4.5, that's great. Most of the books have it GW -5.5 or -6 now. 

herve3/20/2017 12:16:41 PM 


dcabloob3/20/2017 12:57:49 PM

UIC runs live stats through StatMonitr.

the dude3/20/2017 2:48:24 PM

Glad to see its being streamed on ESPN.  Thx for posting Herve/LSF.

tennessee colonial3/20/2017 4:23:57 PM

ESPN 3?  Thanks.

the dude3/20/2017 5:25:40 PM

GW 80 -73.  The journey marches on.

colonial ny3/20/2017 5:50:41 PM

Knowing less than nothing about UIC, I'll say:

GW - 79

UIC - 70

Back-to-back Final Fours!

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