ML the liar
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gwstag3/13/2018 12:44:22 PM

It's sad to see the levels my old friend ml has stooped to lying about GW and mojo amd Nero like this on the board.  There is no shame in being a gym assistant but of course that means the settlement was very small no need to lie about that too. Ml always did have a dishonesty issue among his many other issues. Well I try to hold water for him myself these many years but it's sad to see where my friend is these days. 



bo knows3/13/2018 1:16:07 PM

Well I certainly agree with this. Sad to see what my good buddy ML has become.  Everyone needs to get on board with Mojo now it's time to move forward and enough with this anti GW stuff. It's time to support GW and Mojo. You're either with us or against us. 


the real dude3/13/2018 1:21:11 PM

Nero Brigade, unemployed and with too much time on their hands, using legit poster names in order to remove the Uber driver thread. Classic!


newgwfan3/13/2018 1:28:12 PM

How do you know all these lies are Lonergan? Maybe it's just somebody from the board pretending to be. 


bobo3/13/2018 1:34:34 PM


These posts are not from either GWStag or No Knows.  They're from name stealing losers posting in other people's names.


bo knows3/13/2018 1:38:04 PM

I cannot speak for the other fellows but the above post was in fact mine. I've had enough of the lies it's time to move forward and support Mojo and GW. 


newgwfan3/13/2018 1:48:12 PM

This board is idiotic.  Someone posting under my name at 1:28.  Not to mention the entire thread started by GWStag with no actual concrete arguement or logic for the post.  Just getting off on bringing someone else's name down.  

nerostolemyboyfriend3/13/2018 2:08:34 PM

The minions speak the truth. I defer to Bo Knows for all guidance on the board. So if he says let's all move on I guess it really is time for us all to move on. We're all GW fans right? 


sports reference3/13/2018 2:10:17 PM

Even I agree about this and this is my second post! My first post was a total unique new visitor to the site to I swear!! I'm not Bobo believe me! Just a new guy named Sports reference. Let's all move on everybody. 


bigfan3/13/2018 3:38:47 PM

Well I certainly agree. Mojo is a fine young man and it's time for us all to move on. I don't need to ask for 20 straight months what really happens in 2016, I feel like I finally have all the answers, after 19 months of constantly talking about it. Onward and upward.  


bo knows3/13/2018 3:51:24 PM

Once again someone has way too much time on their hands coupled with an agenda. I obviously did not post any of the above. Please do not use my name. I have made my thoughts known in this matter and I support ML. I also support Mojo. Anything else is false. 


bigfan3/13/2018 4:39:57 PM

Need it even be said in reference to the 3: 38 post?

Someone needs to get a life. Sad to come on this board all the time, like we all do, a few days after the end of the season.

But even sadder to come on all the time and post under fake names.


nero stole my boyfriend3/13/2018 5:29:00 PM

The above post was not mine; though I do enjoy reading posts from Bo Knows. 

the mv3/13/2018 5:48:44 PM

It's pretty obvious that a certain poster or posters here have invested in an IP address blocker and is/are now intent on posing as others for no other reason than to ruin this board.  Herve, when will enough be enough?  This has been going on for months and those loyalists who remain here are pleading with you to create a fix, be it registration or some other remedy.  Let us know the price for such a fix and I'm reasonably certain that this will be paid for via donations to the site.  If the reason you're not taking this step is because we're down to something like 6 unique individuals here so it hardly seems worth it, please let us know that.  Otherwise, I really hope you'll consider this.  I realize what a shame it is that this is all being caused by one jerk, or a handful of jerks.  Thanks for considering this, and for all you do to keep this site going.


facts3/13/2018 6:16:44 PM

The minions have never posted any evidence of wrongdoing by ML who has maintained his innocence since the Post article. He doesn't speak about what really happened because he got Paid to be silent. Now the minions try to frustrate those who post the truth by using their names. Sad to see how desperate they have become.


gw future3/13/2018 6:26:08 PM

One wonders whether GW athletics will examine the computers of some to determine how much work time is being lost by some of the remaining minions. I heard a rumor that GW is doing an internal investigation so I assume some of the minions will be identified and sent on their way. Maybe while Nero is working on his resume he can help his followers.


facts3/13/2018 6:41:53 PM

Facts like Nero is an Uber driver. Those are real facts. Everything reported in the Washington post about Mike well those are not real facts. That's What I Call fake news. All the stuff about Nero and the students and dinners together those are facts. Jeremy Lin he's not telling the truth about Mike being racist, just a fake stuff from minions. GW is doomed for 300 years. Mike is the richest man on the planet. He works at a gym because he loves it so much. Real facts


nassar3/14/2018 9:17:08 PM

ML is a deviant like myself .and a liar.  Like myself 


nerostolemyboyfriend3/17/2018 8:57:26 PM

I'm just thankful that ml is not in jail these days. That is where I feared he would end up the way he was behaving.  Hopefully he can stay out of trouble folding towels at the Bowie gym.  


gw future3/18/2018 1:07:44 AM

Ml is in counseling for his anger issues and control problems so no need to worry about him anymore it's all taken care of. 


gw future3/18/2018 10:44:57 AM

Reminds me of the Animal House “Look at my thumb, gee your dumb”. The fact that three minions liked the above post when they know there is zero chance I wrote it is amazing. Maybe GW isn’t the educational powerhouse we would all like it to be.


nassar3/18/2018 11:41:37 AM

Liar is really the wrong word choice here. I think you meant abuser. 


bigfan3/18/2018 1:42:27 PM

Soeaking of which, where is the great, GW exalted role model Tom Izzo on these issues?

gwstag3/19/2018 1:21:40 PM

Spoke to ml this weekend. He said he's too upset about his future as a gym assistant to be able to watch the games anymore. Says he wishes Yuta well, but was glad to hear  Paulie made tourney.  He thinks Mojo will be a star and that Erin Vogel would be a terrible choice.


pops3/19/2018 1:27:44 PM

Really sad to see these lies about ML supposedly working at a local gym. Come on we're supposed to believe ML is now working at the Bowie gym? 


the real gwstag3/19/2018 4:07:29 PM

Every time the minions get nervous they post behind one of the credible poster names here. I know ML well and he is the most honest person I have ever met. Telling the truth cost him his job but he has no regrets. ML took his current job because he planned on being in a court battle for several years and wanted benefits. He is financially secure but is keeping his job because he enjoys working with senior citizens and youth in his community. He loves the quality time he is able to now spend with his family. He is doing some college scouting for friends in the NBA but enjoys being semi-retired. If you follow him on social media like I do you would know that his former players and their parents are still close to him and his family. The minions want you to believe that Pato and others were behind the allegations but that is incorrect. Most of us know who was behind the false and anonymous allegations and it wasn't a player. You will never see any negative comments from one of his players, icluding those who transferred. To say ML is a liar is like saying the Pope is jewish. The minions have never and will never produce a fact against ML. The facts are hard for some to accept but they are indeed facts.


gwstag3/19/2018 4:27:54 PM

Post at 4:07 p.m. not me. Shameful people are resorting to using others poster names. I spoke to ml this weekend. He is not scouting for the NBA haha. I'm sure he'd appreciate these phony efforts to aggrandize him though. 


alum13/19/2018 4:40:06 PM

You will never see any negative comments about ml, except those pesky half-dozen who spoke to the Washington Post resulting in his being fired for player abuse. Past and current players alike, detailing in their words constant abuse. 


tess tickals3/19/2018 5:00:35 PM

those are some heavy drugs you must be taking, poster at 4:07


the real gwstag3/19/2018 5:06:34 PM

Just got off the phone with ML. He tells me he has been offered the president of the Boston Celtics position but has turned it down because he prefers working at the gym. Offers from the NBA are pouring in from several other teams but ML seems intent on staying at the Bowie gym. Lastly no player former or current has ever said a negative word about ML ever. There was no Washington Post article. Didn't happen. The only NBA job ML would take is probably when David Silver retires until then he's more than content working at the Bowie gym. He loves it. 


the real gwstag3/19/2018 7:27:46 PM

ML is the leading Contender for the uconn job. Just needs to get out of his Bowie gym contract


alumnus3/20/2018 9:55:34 AM

FWIW, There's an article on about the settlement that quotes Lonergan saying he was hired as assistant manager at the Bowie gym.  I can't link it from my phone but you can google it if you care.  I'm not a Lonergan minion but maybe he saved up enough money that he can just hang around in his hometown and chill for awhile.  


the mv3/20/2018 10:43:15 AM

Am not sure anyone is legitimately questioning where ML is working these days.  As has been suggested here, he was preparing for a long lawsuit.  When he was released with cause, my guess is that his health benefits went away.  Even if this isn't the case, COBRA payments would be very expensive.  Plus, I'm sure he wanted something to do with his days, and found something that keeps him involved with athletics while maintaining a steady presence with his family.  One needn't be a genius to understand that the adjective that should come to mind when perceiving this situation is the word admirable.

Coaching this past season was not an option as the settlement was announced shortly before the start of the season.  It will be interesting to see whether ML wants to get back into coaching, and if this is the case, whether he would be welcomed back.  I have no special insights here, but these are my gut reactions:

1) To coach or not to coach: ML is a competitive guy and coaching fires up his competitive juices.  So yes, I think under the right circumstances, he would want to do this again.

2) Relocating his family:  There would obviously be far more coaching opportunities outside the Washington/Baltimore area than within.  ML is from this area, loves this area, and wasn't kidding when he said after taking the GW job that this was a dream job for him and that he could hopefully see himself making GW his last coaching stop (not under the circumstances that played out, of course).  If he wants to coach agin, it will be interesting to see if he waits a longer period for something close by or if he realizes that to do this soon, he may have to leave the area.

3) Head Coach vs. Asst. Coach:  ML has been a head coach just about everywhere he has been.  It was easy to accept an Asst. position under Gary Williams who had recently won a national title.  Plus, ML needed that experience in order to help land him a D1 head coaching job.  These circumstances are quite a bit different.  ML now has the resume of a successful D1 head coach.  However, he lost his job under very unfavorable circumstances.  Is this something he can effectively explain in an interview?  Is this something so substantial that he may have to accept an Asst. Coaching position (should one be offered) just to get back into coaching?

4) Tainted for Life?  As stated, ML lost his job with cause, and may end up being blacklisted by the coaching profession.  He may have no say as to whether he returns to coaching or not.  Am sure that some bias may be coming through but this whole saga just feels so different than Mike Rice being caught on video (and who has not coached again since to my knowledge).  ML was shown the door but indicated that there was another side to all of this.  The AD who he couldn't get along with has subsequently lost his job.  Do other athletic directors and the coaching fraternity already know ML's side to all of this?  If not, will he legally be allowed to divulge this in an interview?





merrick3/20/2018 11:18:55 AM

If I were to guess, there'd be any number of smaller Catholic universities who'd give Mike a job.  Notwithstanding how "Catholic" many of these schoolls might appear in actual campus practice, unlike this board, forgiveness, mercy, and redemption are the very foundation of the Faith.  Granted, he'd be on a short leash, but this seems to be a potential path.    


porter713/20/2018 11:35:53 AM

I think that's an interesting thought, Merrick.  Thinking of actual school, it seems Loyola, MD would be a perfect fit for ML if he were to coach again.  It's a small Catholic school, local, and hasn't had much success since Jimmy Patsos left.  Patsos also provides ML with a connection to that school.  Seems like a fit in the administration was confortable going that route.

gwstag3/20/2018 12:04:58 PM

MV is fairly accurate except that ML was not fired with cause. That is why he was filing a lawsuit and why GW settled. There has never been any evidence of wrongdoing, just anonymous false allegations. ML has maintained his innocence since day one and has been adamant that every allegation was false. He can't talk because of the settlement agreement. He will not move from the area for family reasons. That is why he didn't go to BC or Rutgers despite being offered lucrative contracts. 


the mv3/20/2018 12:34:33 PM

Stag, not suggesting that the cause charge was necessarily warranted, but from the school's perspective, wouldn't it say that ML was fired with cause?  I'd say this is a fact even if their assessment was completely incorrect.

gwstag3/20/2018 12:48:08 PM

Ml took a small, little settlement to save face after being fired for cause. There was a mountain of evidence we've all seen a small portion of it. Nobody believes ML is turning down lucrative offers to go elsewhere or working at the gym because he loves it. Please stop using my username.

OJ also to this day maintains his innocence. 



even if it was the right decision to fire lonergan3/20/2018 1:36:49 PM

Joseph is not the answer.  I'll cite three reasons from the 2016-2017 season:

* The home VCU game which he blew by putting the least athletic player on the inbound with 1 second left.  Short of some miracle shot, the only way VCU could win was to draw the charge, which they did.  He was outcoached.

* The VCU away game he kept the best player (Cavanaugh) on the bench with two fouls as the team fell behind by double digits.  I understand that many coaches like to take players out with two fouls, but they're usually deeper teams.  The only way to win that game was to keep Cavanaugh out on the court.  He needed to gamble instead of being risk averse.

* Transfers:  the knock on Lonergan was that players were unhappy and transferred.  Yet, transfers continue to happen at the same or greater pace because it's become such a dysfunctional organization.

I look back with fondness for the Lonergan era.  Times have changed and perhaps GW had no choice in the matter.  But I see little reason for optimism without a change in the new head coach.  From a former season ticket holder.




bo knows3/20/2018 2:23:11 PM

Ml like OJ belongs in jail, not coaching another basketball team. No team in America would ever  let ML near their kids again. 


bo knows3/20/2018 2:43:41 PM

It appears someone is very desperate here. The endless possible screen names here and they ironically mine. What are the odds? I guess anyone who regularly reads this board knows in a heartbeat that I didn't write the post at 2:23 pm.



the real dude3/20/2018 4:10:43 PM

Two best things GW ever did. Fire ML and hire Mojo. 


gw future3/20/2018 4:17:06 PM

Real Dude, agree. 

bo knows3/20/2018 4:52:52 PM

Well I agree. Time to move forward everyone. We should all be supporting Mojo in GW. Ml is the past. Ml hired three great Assistants we're all set. These three are great recruiters. Mojo is the right man for the job. 



gw future3/20/2018 5:12:02 PM

Well I do agree as well.  Well said Bo.

college sports fan 20183/20/2018 5:19:20 PM

GW, is all set. Too much worrying about the past. 


gw law3/20/2018 5:24:20 PM

2018 I do agree. 


pops3/20/2018 6:20:21 PM

Wow he really is working at a gym. See what happens when you go away for a few months.  


bo knows3/20/2018 6:58:01 PM

I take it you are a fair weather fan pops

bo knows3/20/2018 7:11:22 PM

None of the posts other than at 2:43 are mine. Sad.


bo knows3/20/2018 7:48:28 PM

Post at 7:11 not mine.  Get your own name cut it out!  

gw future3/20/2018 8:47:43 PM

GW Law is a phony.  Just here to bump threads. GW law never heard of him. 


gw 08 alum3/20/2018 8:57:26 PM

Alarming to see that this is how the Lonergans spend their day these days.  Sad.  


xac3/20/2018 11:06:16 PM

Bo Knows, isn't your lack of concern about these negative posts about our Head Coach and  GW a little inconsistent given your past views about those types of comments? 


brian paul3/21/2018 8:30:29 AM

This is a despicable title for a thread, no matter what one's position is on the coaching change at GWU men's hoops.

I hope to hell I have not contributed to it. 

bo knows3/21/2018 12:22:49 PM

XAC, those are mostly not my posts. Again, someone taking my name. I've been clear that we should support Mojo probably 25 times here. At the same time, I'm not going to get into the on-going ML and Nero dispute even though I've been pretty clear in past where I stand.


the real dude3/21/2018 12:54:26 PM

Bo Knows, none of the legit posters on here (I realize there aren't many of us left) even bother reading this garbage. It's not too hard to figure out when it's your posts or not.


xac3/21/2018 1:11:39 PM

Totally inconsistent Bo. Thought you were all about what should and shouldn't be said on the board. You seem rather quiet when it comes to all this anti Mojo stuff. 


bo knows3/21/2018 2:11:21 PM

XAC, simple - I am not required to respond to every post here regarding the same subject 25 times a day. Nor am I the court appointed Mojo board defender. But again if you don't know where I stand on all of this suggest you read more carefully. There comes a point where repeating oneself achieves nothing.


tommy lloyd3/22/2018 2:10:07 AM

ML and his lies and abuse has set this program back for years, Mojo can and will dig us out of this mess. 


xac3/22/2018 1:37:24 PM

Bo, wow that is very weak considering everything you've said in the past.


gw future3/23/2018 12:01:40 AM

ML has a drinking problem lay off him.  

xac3/23/2018 2:14:42 PM

I guess you really just don't care about GW Bo Knows. Only ML? Thought you were like this big time GW fan


dick maier3/23/2018 6:35:18 PM

XAC you are an idiot. Ml is so much better than you you don't deserve him as your coach


pops3/24/2018 4:08:24 PM

Turns out that Bo was just a con. 


nerostolemyboyfriend3/24/2018 7:57:57 PM

I was once an assistant at a gym. I was 15 years old. So weird to see ml there.  Heard he is like a towel folder. Sad fall.  He used to tell his student-athletes they'll be on food stamps. What a disgrace to GW . 


gw future3/24/2018 10:34:39 PM

Patrick keep your eyes on the road. Texting/posting while driving is extremely dangerous and against Uber’s policies.


bo knows3/24/2018 11:09:22 PM

MV used to go on and on about former ad Jack. Now he won't stop posting about former ad Nero. It just never stops with this guy. Sad stuff really. 


former colonial3/24/2018 11:22:17 PM

What type of man would do all this? The type of man who who invokes a man's deceased wife as a knife? The type of man who was caught posting for years as his identical opposite viewpoint? That is the type of man who would do all this,  the MV the mailvan. 


nassar3/25/2018 2:59:13 AM

This Behavior deeply offends me. 


poog3/25/2018 1:27:26 PM

It sickens me to see what MV has done to this board, he's the reason I post so infrequently these days. Whereas once the attacks were on a good man Jack, now they are on another former athletic director Patrick Nero. We've seen this movie before. 


the mv3/25/2018 1:57:23 PM

This is the real one and I will tell you what offends me...mentally deranged individuals posing as me or as others.  Let’s face it folks...there are one, two or three people doing this and attempting to sabotage this board.  One is a poster who has admitted to inventing dozens of screen names and who makes it a point to post on this site roughly 16 hours a day.    One is a long time poster who very sadly has become mentally unhinged here to the point where it has become increasingly difficult to feel much empathy towards him despite my intentions to do so.  The third is a racist poster who announced to all that he was leaving the board for good, only to return as GW69 and lord knows how many others.  I have not posted a single negative thing about Patrick Nero.  I have heard the rumors that Skittles has alleged here and have wondered whether there is any truth to these rumors.  And, have pointed out the dubious timing of his “resignation.” Never once commented on the Uber thread so if you see my name there, you can be assured it did not come from me, along with many of the other lies attributed to me.  The Dude, Ziik, CJS Fan.  Those are your best candidates as to who truly is ruining this board.  What a shame that these presumably grown men have no idea how to grow up and behave like normal human beings.


poog3/25/2018 2:14:28 PM

The reasons I don’t post anymore are many but the worst is the usurpation of other posters’ names like the latest one using mine. I have fervently hoped that Herve would simply shut down this site so we long-time GW supporters wouldn’t feel compelled to check it out. GWhoops has outlived its purpose of providing an outlet for GW fans and is now little more than a destructive presence for GW, it’s current and former employees, its players, and the limited fan base at each other’s throats (or are they merely fighting with Kevin McCarthy/Donald Sutherland peapod nemesis?). It’s become a total embarrassment to all of us with any affiliation with GW. Might as well watch a Sarah Huckabee Sanders press conference if we need our fill of outlandish nonsense.


poog3/25/2018 2:29:09 PM

I was the author of the first post the second post is not me. 


former colonial3/25/2018 3:20:05 PM

Title of this thread should be MV the liar.  Off by one letter.  


gw 08 alum3/25/2018 5:32:57 PM

Ziik, Rich Maier, Dude, and CJS Fan,

You four trump-loving assholes have dragged-down this board with your petty fighting, racist and anti-Semitic rants, fake posts, and mean-spirited attacks on GW players, coaches and their families.  None of you've contributed anything of value.  Absolutely nothing.  You've turned this site into your collective toilet.  Your posts remind me of Donald Trump, who is perhaps the meanest asshole on the face of this earth.

You've embarrassed GW.  I bet there are recruits that've read what you written and decided to attend college elsewhere because of the lies, personal attacks, anti-Semitism, racisim and other trash you spew here.

You'd be doing GW (and every other decent person here) a favor by going away forever.


former colonial3/25/2018 8:46:41 PM

MV, don't be such an ASS, man.  

xac3/25/2018 9:11:08 PM

Rather revealing that the four people being railed on endlessly by all these new phony names are the four people that the MV long picks personal beefs with. We were supposed to believe they were the lonergans, well it's rather clear it's just been the MV all along. MV grow up get a life, stop ruining this board.  


pops3/26/2018 12:18:38 AM

On that we agree XAC

gw future3/26/2018 12:40:13 AM

This board was fine until Dummy Dude and Drama Brian showed up. #facts


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