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dmvpiranha8/13/2017 4:01:03 PM

Where would we be without wishful thinking?


florida colonial8/13/2017 6:25:09 PM

2018 Mezie Offurum (Gtown Prep) picks up offer from George Washington.


florida colonial8/13/2017 6:27:27 PM

Verbal Commits



dmvpiranha8/13/2017 8:15:11 PM

Thanks Florida Colonial. Was blocked from adding another post again.

the dude8/13/2017 9:00:46 PM

DMV, any idea why? that's happened to me a few times as well.  Nice to see some more DMV recruiting.

chesapeake baller8/13/2017 9:51:25 PM

Kudos to Bo Knows who called this in the Lindo thread. I believe Bo Knows might know a thing or two about Mid Atlantic Select or perhaps it's MOCO Observer. But it is definitely one or the other or both.


dmvpiranha8/13/2017 11:22:23 PM

Not really sure. Probably some kind of bug since I can post sometimes right after I've created a new recruit thread and sometimes cannot. I try to update the destinations of former recruits from time to time for the sake of keeping record but sometimes cannot do that either. Maybe it limits the amount of forum spam posted on the site. Automated spambots (like the entire "enrot" family that posts hundreds of times every now and then) tend to target older threads on forums to spam although that's not always the case.

We are hitting the DC area very hard right now. With four open scholarships for next year I'm hoping we land a point guard, two frontcourt players, and a wing. I'm guessing Shandon Brown is going to be making a decision soon having wrapped up both official visits a few days ago. Noah Kirkwood is the only one that seems to be a long shot considering he has offers from schools like Villanova. It is a good sign that a lot of the recruits are being targeted by bigger programs as well. One player in the MoCo area that is blowing up right now is Matthew Balanc. I'm sure the coaching staff is fully aware. He has several offers from A10 programs. 


tim48/13/2017 11:46:33 PM

Terry Nolan been tweeting about him. "Little bro"

Not sure the relationship there 


the dude8/14/2017 12:20:58 AM

Well DMV, BM, others, the updates are much appreciated.  Also, that name looks a lot like Joey from Friends.

chesapeake baller8/14/2017 8:39:00 AM

Matt Balanc is another MAS kid. Sounds like they are the upcoming program in town. Bo? MOCO?


chesapeake baller8/14/2017 8:42:09 AM

MAS or Mid Atlantic Select was really Terry's program last year. They were just called Baltimore United for one year due to a merger that was brought about by Under Armour but didn't last. They are back to MAS.


bo knows8/14/2017 11:10:07 AM

To be clear, that would be MOCO Observer who is closely tied with MAS. However, I speak to MOCO regularly so I know a few things about MAS. 

Yes, Terry Nolan was a Baltimore United kid. Baltimore United was a group that was formed by Under Armour and brought together 3-4 organizations including MAS. As you might imagine, especially in AAU, there might have been too many generals and not enough soldiers involved and it just didn't work for everyone. So they all parted amicably and went back to what they had been doing previously.

MAS has been around for eight years and has produced a lot of college players. They are not as well known as say Team Takeover because they don't have the same level of high major talent but they definitely are a growing presence in the area and beyond. They usually take under the radar kids and develop them.

Mezzie as he is known would be a great pickup for GW. He is a versatile wing/four that has good size and strength. I am told he is a great kid and student. Seems like exactly the type of kid we want/need at GW. I know MOCO is looking out for GW when he can so Mezzie seems like a great fit and opportunity for GW. 


ziik the senile old man8/14/2017 11:23:39 AM

Since Larry Brown was in knickers, there never has been a kid who was not a good kid, at least. Most have been great, of course.

baller178/14/2017 2:22:08 PM

He will visit GW this week.  He also has few other A10 school involved he will take visits too.  Be great get for GW.  Has High major talent, and if he waited to the late signing PD would probaly go to High major school.  Good skill set and size fits well in the A10.


rich maier8/14/2017 2:22:48 PM

Bo and MOCO have a good record providing recruit info so take Bo's post seriously. Sounds like Mezzie would be a good pickup.


bo knows8/15/2017 11:50:50 AM

Heard that Mezzie will be visiting tomorrow. Let's hope it goes very well.


bm9/11/2017 9:12:10 AM

Like the passing skills

bo knows9/11/2017 9:35:38 AM

Committed to GW today.


bm9/11/2017 9:53:24 AM

Great to hear.  I guess he looked like a top 50 recruit last year (UMD, IU etc offers), but something went awry.  Maybe he didn't grow as much as they expected.

Like the skillset and the writeups/interview make it clear that he's a smart kid.


gw05099/11/2017 10:02:31 AM

Welcome to Foggy Bottom Mezzie!


bo knows9/11/2017 10:03:15 AM

I am told what went awry was that he changed AAU teams (went to DC Blue Devils) and it didn't work out for him. They played him as a 4/5 and gave him little opportunity to showcase his skills because of other kids they had around him. He is a 3/4. Then he switched teams to Mid Atlantic Select and he was put in the right spots by them and he had a great July. Of course then his recruiting was re-energized.


greenpoint ny9/11/2017 10:06:00 AM

Welcome to the family!


greenpoint ny9/11/2017 11:12:10 AM

Do we know his twitter handle?

the mv9/11/2017 11:23:13 AM

You've answered one of my questions Bo in that it sounds like you see him more at the 3 than at the 2.  Mezzie could be an interesting fit with DJ Williams and potentially, somewhat of an insurance policy.  If DJ really just needed a change of scenery and a coaching staff who believed in him, than Mezzie starts out as his understudy and learns.  On the other hand, if DJ isn't able to contribute at the level that we all are hoping for, than the chance exists for Mezzie to earn minutes right away.  And of course, the two may be able to play together when MoJo wants to go to a smaller, up-tempo lineup.

The real headline here is that Terry Nolan must be ecstatic, and that's a very good thing.  Welcome Mezzie.


bo knows9/11/2017 11:27:11 AM

Yes, Terry is ecstatic. Look at his twitter account.

Mezzie is a 3 not a 2.



bloud9/11/2017 11:36:57 AM

It seems 247 has 2 profiles for him.

The first one has him listed as a 3-star



the dude9/11/2017 12:55:06 PM

Interesting, does look like the stock was high and dropped some.  

gw699/11/2017 1:26:59 PM

Cant wait for 2018-2019 season and following seasons.Will be a fun team 

to watch and root for.Mojo is putting stamp on team--can he coach up 

these great athletes? Time will tell.


the dude9/11/2017 2:03:12 PM

BM, where do you see MD and IU offers and top 50 discussion? 

Somewhat of a paucity of information on him frankly.  

danjsport9/11/2017 2:37:11 PM

Great news!  Early recruits for a year from now.  Mojo is putting his  team together.  Now we'll have to see how his team can perform!  Here's hoping!


the mv9/11/2017 3:04:02 PM

Dude, Verbal Commits has updated their information on him to reflect the GW verbal.  Prior to this, there were a list of schools which included Maryland and Indiana showing medium interest.  I don't believe that either school firmly offered a scholarship.  Your favorite recruiters at URI were also presumably interested among many others.  (St. Joe's, Valpo, Bucknell plus others).

If you're willing to believe the narrative, and I have no reason to believe you shouldn't, then this has the look of a solid recruit.  His high school, Georgetown Prep, lost in their conference championship game last season (this is the same high school conference that Joe and Kethan played in) by 2 points after compiling a 20 win season.  His AAU team goes through a disastrous "merger" which I can only guess resulted in too many voices yelling too many conflicting statements to these players.  As indicated, Mezzie played out of position which may have been a cause for concern.  Once his prior team was restored and Mezzie played the 3, where he should have been playing all along, his performance took off.  MoJo and staff (and a big likely assist to Terry Nolan) struck when the iron started to get hot again.  Good for them, and good for us.


bm9/11/2017 3:22:21 PM

They showed UMD, IU, VPI etc extending offers.  There's something about that in the WP profile piece too.  I'm sure they were soft offers.

the dude9/11/2017 4:00:54 PM

Thx BM, MV.  Yeah, I'd say that makes sense.  Just surprised to see there's not much more media for a DMV guy who was getting interest or offers from blue bloods/BCS at one point.

Watching his film, it doesn't surprise me that he did, he looks the part.  I'm struggling to see a reason why he wouldn't now, perhaps he's slightly undersized for a Wing? Shooting consistency?

Impressive on film.  Long, good athlete, nice left hand, runs the court.  Legit dunker.  Nice pull up J.

xac9/11/2017 4:01:39 PM

Mezzie had offers as a sophomrore (including UMD). What happened after that, I'm not sure of.

Mezzie's Offers in 2016

bo knows9/11/2017 5:09:09 PM

MOCO Observer tells me there is no deep mystery here. It's exactly what I have stated. He played out of position for the Blue Devils struggled and as a result his recruiting dropped. He switched teams was put in a better position to succeed and performed well. He had an offer from Indiana but Crean was fired. New staff can come in and rescind offers. Maryland was hanging around but not as serious an interest. MOCO tells me that had he waited until Spring to commit he might have gone higher. This is a good recruit for GW. To me, Mezzie and Terry show Mojo and staff can find guys that maybe are undervalued for one reason or another. Again, this is not an exact science. Also, come practice no one cares what you were ranked or who else recruited you. At that point, it is sink or swim for everyone.  


bm9/11/2017 6:37:20 PM

Looks like he got bigger and better between the 2016 and 2017 videos.  Recruiting works in myterious ways.


the dude9/11/2017 6:50:18 PM

I was also thinking bigger and better looking at these.  For one thing, he doesn't look 6'5.  Granted some of the comp is pretty small, but still looks bigger than 6'5 to my eyes.  Physically, reminds a little of Pato at the same age.  Not saying same player, just physically reminiscent.



adclub9/11/2017 7:45:41 PM

count me impressed. Square jumper with a good release, some handles, good passing and a leaper! Didn't see any rebounds but alas it's a highlight video. Looks to be a tremendous get! 


bigfan9/11/2017 9:08:29 PM

Welcome Chimezie and family to our GW Colonial family.

You just made the best decision of your life.


gw699/11/2017 9:42:59 PM

I know,I know it's just a video---but this kid might be one of the premier

recruits of the past several years.Athletic,strong,great passer-leaper-

gets to the rim.Interview suggests he is very bright and a hard worker

who takes respsibility for his continued improvement.Looking forward 

to following his career.With Shandon Brown and Mezie we are going to

enjoy GW Bball for several years to come.


the dude9/11/2017 10:05:17 PM

Doc 69, my thoughts exactly.  

A highlight only reel can fool you on perhaps a shooter, with just the makes, or 3 feet of range against 6'2 frontcourts, but he has athletic ability and indentifiable, transferable to this level skills in the video that are quite obvious just by watching.

If you told me he was a top 50, check out this kid, I'd believe it. I wouldn't have said that about any other GW recruit film for many years, no matter the player.



bm9/12/2017 1:18:44 PM

Seriously looks like someone Brey would swoop in for at the last second.


thinker9/12/2017 5:31:18 PM

Man, he has a big solid frame for a HS junior! It's exciting to imagine how big and strong he will grow over the next several years.


thomas9/13/2017 9:33:46 AM

BM,  if Chimezie doesn't sign his LOI during the early period (is that in October or November??), your last post may need to be revisited!! Sorry to bring this back up again guys, but BM's post got me thinking about some kid from Riverdale Baptist!! But the fact that Chemezie has already seen how fickle/2-faced BCS coaches can be, I don't think he's gonna be swayed by BCS coaches lying to him AGAIN, and will sign with GW at the earliest he can.

The best thing about this verbal is, Chimezie is a high-profile local player who we can see how he does up close by going to his games and seeing all the local coverage that he and Georgetown Prep will get this year. Georgetown Prep should be very good this year. Remember all the excitement there was for Savage and McDonald because of how great they were locally as seniors. I'm expecting a similar performance from Chimezie.  


bo knows9/13/2017 9:59:11 AM

Mezzie is signing ... MOCO says unless something crazy happens (more crazy than ND offering) not a chance that happens. High character kid who knows what he wants.


fake news9/13/2017 12:44:27 PM

you guys don't really believe we signed a kid named "Offer 'em" do you? 


bm9/13/2017 3:29:32 PM


I was thinking more like Colson and Geben, where GW was leading for a while until Brey came in.  I guess ODU could say the same thing about us in this case.

gwalum20019/13/2017 3:36:38 PM

Love this verbal (actually both 2018s).  I agree with some of the comps to Pato.  From the highlights, Mezzie seems to have a more polished offensive game then Pato at the same stage.  Will be interesting to see his transition to the A10.  Pato was a complimentary player at Monteverde (Kasey Hill, others?), but played against and guarded some of the best high school players in the country consistently so was defensively pretty ready from the jump at GW.  Either way, Mojo is winning of the court this offseason (to quote Bruce Allen) in recruiting and the alumni game...


the dude9/14/2017 12:23:08 AM

Mezie on the way.  The ML scandal of 2016 put to bed.  Sounds like a good few days to me.


the dude9/14/2017 12:46:00 AM

Disregard the 2 star ranking - every major program missed on this kid. From what I see, he should be a 4 star. As my buddy GWALUM2001 say's, he will be much better than Pato (and I predict he will be better than TC). Can't wait for next year, we should be early favorites to win the A-10. (we don't need no stinkin Smith, Roland, etc)


the dude9/14/2017 1:18:49 AM

Disregard people posting using other people's poster names.

Yeah I like this recruit, you got something to say about it, pick a poster name and say it.

gwalum20019/14/2017 7:09:36 AM

Reading is fundamental, The Dude imposter. "More polished offensive game at the same stage" does not equal "better then Pato".  


bm11/8/2017 11:31:03 AM

Congratulations to 2018 Wing Mezie Offurum on signing his National Letter of Intent to join the George Washington University Men's Basketball Team! Thank you to , and the entire staff!


bm12/11/2017 11:06:32 AM

12 points in win over national power (and Jair's school) Westtown.

oh! Mezie Offurum getting up 📶

0:03 / 0:071,625 views


ziik the peasant12/11/2017 1:09:03 PM

This guy needs a nickname.


kaj12/11/2017 2:06:47 PM

Big late three as well

Another slam in transition


the dude12/11/2017 2:21:05 PM

Looks really good.  Impressive.

Nickname? for Mezie Offurum?  MO seems like a natural one.




colonial7712/12/2017 3:51:32 AM

This kid is going to be a beast for GW 


the mv12/12/2017 9:43:30 AM

Others who were going to be beasts for GW before they arrived on campus:

Ricky Lucas

Omar Williams (nice career but he was supposed to be the star of his class)

Tim Johnson

Max Blank (yes, your college playing career can be derailed due to injuries)

Jaaron Greene

Kevin Marfo

Jermaine Middleton (at 7' 4", some had huge expectations)

Cheyenne Moore (after transferring from Clemson)

Am not predicting a similar fate for Mezie.  Maybe though, we should hold off on declaring these huge expectations until we have a better idea of how well the player can compete at the D1/A10 level.  Just a thought.




ziik the senile old man12/12/2017 9:52:35 AM

Max Blank-  best SI story since Sidd Fitch

Jaarone Greene- best GW player since Herb Ceasar

best transfer of all time- kid from Rider. Name is lost today

MO? Why not Bo?


bo knows12/12/2017 10:38:00 AM

MV, I predict Mezie will be very solid for GW. However, we all know the hyperbole the Dude and his noms de plume love to disseminate here. He will be the  "greatest" until he's not. I feel bad for our players as they cannot possibly live up to the exaggerations of the Dude. Of course, the Dude lives in the internet where everything is hyped. But worse, when these players fail to meet the Dude's overblown expectations, they then become subjects of his derision. We all remember the wee little guard or PJ the Division II player. It's really a shame we have to experience these wild emotional swings here. So I would caution everyone that Mezie has a chance to be very good for GW but that depends on him, how hard he works on his game from this point forward, and how he adjusts to the next level. That's real talk not internet bubble talk gleaned from watching highlights.


ziik the bomb thrower12/12/2017 10:56:30 AM

Are the people in Alabama concerned about the Dude, too, Bo? How about that reporter at The New Yorker? And, the NE Patriots?  Are all those folks suffering, performance-wise, because of a dude who claims he is the Dude?

Jeepers, the Dude, if he's the dweeb you suggest, should not be such a bother to you or anybody else.

Why whine the way you whine? And carry on about what ' we all know'?

Dude has a ways to go before he is as annoying as MV, Oscar, you or me.

But thanks for the warning. You might want to tell all recruits to go elsewhere,  


bo knows12/12/2017 11:15:40 AM

Ziik, the statute of limitations for the Dude's verbal abuse of players like JR and PJ expires in about 4 years. At that point, I will no longer care. Until then he deserves every bit of it and then some. Like the mob movies, PJ and JR are friends of mine. :-)


ziik the bomb thrower12/12/2017 11:27:33 AM

That's sweet, Bo. That you're an old man with teen pals.  Do you date 14 year olds, too? And, is ML on your shit list as well? Because I understand his tantrums caused PJ to move on, not some board manure, yours, mine or anybody else's. 

What do you do? Save all the crap guys say here, so you can put your spin on it and spew it out a couple years down the road? Is that your life? Damn, I thought mine was crappy. You've got me beat, so congrats on that.


ziik the bomb thrower12/12/2017 11:28:34 AM

Sorry. I am wasting time and electrons. 

the mv12/12/2017 12:25:32 PM

So Ziik, let's ask it this way...

The Dude went on what can only be regarded as some personal crusade to demean PJ and to a lesser extent, JR.  It's one thing to give an opinion here on what you think of a player's game.  It's  a second thing to get into a little back and forth with someone you are in disagreement with over an opinion.  We are all guilty of both of these things.  What The Dude did went so beyond this that he created a category unto himself.  He came on here most every day, usually multiple times a day, to point out what an ineffective player PJ was (and how JR wouldn't improve given how little he played during his fresman season).  Back to PJ, how he wasn't skilled enough to play at the A10 level.  If PJ read this board regularly, he would have had every right to have felt humiliated by these posts.  These posts crossed the line between "I don't like his game" and "you would have to be an idiot to think he could play at this level."

Playing behind plenty of guards while at GW, PJ rarely had the chance to play for extended minutes.  It was clear to most that he had strong skills, as well as a playing style which ML looked to rein in more often than not.  In retrospect, PJ wasn't a great fit playing for ML.  However, any reasonable person can see that this is far different than citing a guy can't play, period.

PJ (and JR) never deserved to be attacked.  And even if you believe that wasn't The Dude's intent, the sheer volume of these posts resulted in the perception of an attack.  This also speaks to one of the problems with The Dude in general.  It's all too much.  He posts seemingly day and night, formerly (and maybe currently) under numerous poster names.  He attempts to dominate most every thread because he knows that this will piss people like me and Bo (and I am sure plenty of others) off.  He is here to piss people off.  It amazes me that you don't see this, can't see this, or refuse to see this.  You can say that I am just as if not more annoying but this isn't even in the same league.  I have always played by Herve's rules.  I take a position and defend it, yes, sometimes very aggressively.  I am very respectful towards the posters I have respect for, and find that this is generally a two-way street.  I also only post under my own poster name (Except for as The Douche, all 4-5 of these posts where I outwardly tell people this is me) because I want people to know an opinion or post is coming from me.  I don't make up phony names to build a consensus and I don't kiss the asses of those who can seemingly tolerate me as The Dude does on a daily basis.

Sorry for that tangent but I feel it needed to be said.  Let's get back to what I set out to ask you Ziik.  Given the incessant and insulting nature of The Dude's posts towards PJ and JR, were you really OK with this?  Was it simply a fan giving his opinion?  Or, was it over-the-top and uncalled for given how often these posts showed up here?


ct colonial12/12/2017 1:18:46 PM

@Bo Curious to hear your take on what happened with Marfo at GW.  Don't think he was quite as bad as some on the board said, but he didn't have the type of freshman campaign that many expected him to have.  I feel like a few years of development would have definitely helped him and turned him into a solid player, but he was touted by many as the best GW recruit in that class.  I wouldn't be surprised if the extra year of practice while sitting out really helps him and he has a very solid career at Quinnipiac. 

old timer12/12/2017 1:34:51 PM

Shame what these two knuckle heads have done to the board for so many years. Sad to see the board is reduced to just the same two, with the personal insults, just like the old days, about scheduling and good ol Jack K.  How about you talk about the recruit or STFU ?


the mv12/12/2017 1:55:22 PM

How about you post under your real name "Old Timer" or GTHO?


bo knows12/12/2017 1:55:48 PM

CT Colonial - I think Marfo just fell out of favor quick. He had a couple of games early where they tried to play him and he was largely ineffective. I think it spiraled from there both in his confidence and the staff's confidence in him. The Florida State game was an aberration and most of his buckets came in meaningless minutes.

In fairness, you have to remember that Mojo was trying to win last year in order to put himself in position to possibly get the permanent job. He didn't have time to develop players for someone else. So there was a shorter leash on some guys and it sort of snowballed on everyone. I think he would have handled both Marfo and Smith differently had he been named the permanent guy and had some time to think about the future.

I personally think Marfo could have developed but just wasn't ready from Day 1. I think he will do well at Quinnipiac and wish him luck. It didn't work out here ... some of it was his doing and some of it was circumstance.


bo knows12/12/2017 2:01:52 PM

MV, you are asking the Dude to remember which of the 100s of names he has used here. I doubt he can remember who he posted as this morning.

Ziik, apparently you don't see a lot of mob movies. The "friends of mine" reference was to Donnie Brasco. No I don't have teen friends but do feel the need to defend them from the internet bullying that is perpetrated by the Dude. Clear enough for you?


ziik the senile old man12/12/2017 2:05:20 PM

I saw Jermain Middleton, with the Globetrotters, recognized him right away. Was looking forward to see his speciality. I had seen it. It was walking around, holding a basketball. Still, nice to see he had a solid job.

ziik the senile old man12/12/2017 2:17:35 PM

Bo, stick to repeating what your claimed high school basketball friend says, and I will be happy to listen. Some of it sounds plausible. 

Donnie Brasco, even with Al giving it a good go, is not exactly a primo mob movie. Try The Friends of Eddie Coyle, and dig deep from there.  I have no discernible ethnicity myself (my loss, the old country was run over by hordes of hordes), but I grew up in the projects, moved on to know a criminal clientele. 

I am glad for you, that you have friends. Now, I would like to move on for the day. 

You, MV, Oscar, GW Future, please have fun in the clubouse.



the mv12/12/2017 2:22:21 PM

Ziik, you don't want to answer my question?  It's hard to fathom defending The Dude the way you have yet also having a problem with his PJ/JR posts.  That of course would mean that you were OK with The Dude's daily assaults of these two players.

But I really don't want to answer for you.  That's why I'm asking.


ziik the senile old man12/12/2017 2:30:46 PM

I am sorry, MV.

There are days, and this is one, when I wonder if you, Oscar, Bo, GW Fucker, and 4-5 other guys don't see the same reflection in your mirror at home. 

I do not accept your premise (in part because I do not track 'The Sayings of The Dude'  over time). So, I have no cause to answer your dependent question.

Feel free to provide any answer for any questions that you may have of me; and argue it among yourselves.


the mv12/12/2017 2:45:15 PM

You don't accept my premise that The Dude was coming onto this site and consistently bashing PJ and to a lesser extent, JR?  I'm afraid that was reality, not a premise.  It's not my opinion or a theory that he was doing just that.  He WAS doing just that.  That said, I'm happy to let it go because it's very clear that there isn't a suitable way for you to debate your way out of this question.  Like I've said all along Ziik, you're backing the wrong horse.  That's OK; it's what makes horse races.

Plus, you needn't wonder a moment longer.  I am not Oscar, Bo, GW Future or anyone outside of the occasional parody of The Dude that I freely mention here.  I realize you can't come to terms with this but I wish you would since it is the God's honest truth.

Have a good day.


danjsport12/12/2017 3:31:28 PM

Are we really going to relitigate the dude's treatment of PJ, JR, or any other recruit any time he comments on a recruit?  Seems very much par for the course, but not exactly the most productive discussion one could have.

If, as MV and Bo constantly say, players read this board- those issues could be put to bed and are not easily found on this board at this point, absent a search for it.  Now, rather than letting it die, by bringing the issue up repeatedly, Bo and MV are making sure that any player, family member, friend, etc. that reads this board will know that at least some portion of the fanbase treats players  badly (in the estimation of MV and Bo--I offer no opinion one way or the other).  By bringing it up, MV and Bo are actually making it less likely that a player would want to come to GW, rather than letting those issues remain in the past.



bo knows12/12/2017 3:42:35 PM

Danjsport - You could also state this the other way. MV and I are letting those who read this know that the Dude is not representative of the GW fan base in that most of us have a real problem with him treating players in this manner.



the mv12/12/2017 3:44:30 PM


1) It was "brought up" because the question of why Bo and I give The Dude such a hard time was asked.  That's one reason why.

2) Think this one through.  Some schmuck comes on here and makes it his mission to badmouth these two players and our miserable recruiting (as GW is winning the NIT), says it countless numbers of times seemingly every day, points out PJ's subpar shooting percentage every friggin day, often multiple times in the same day, and you think I am the one (with Bo) who is making it less likely that a player would want to come here by simply bringing attention to what a schmuck this guy is for doing so?

Not quite.


bo knows12/12/2017 3:45:41 PM

Put another way, wouldn't we want it universally known that the Dude does speak for the rest of us in this regard? Do you think that should not be repeated early and often?

Eseentially what you are saying is bury the Dude's comments until invariably it happens again. If it happened once I would agree but this is a pattern that shows no likelihood of abating anytime soon.


bo knows12/12/2017 3:46:39 PM

duh "doesn't"

the dude12/12/2017 4:12:31 PM

I'm impressed by Mezie, best I can tell. That's all.


danjsport12/12/2017 4:39:05 PM

MV and Bo-  When (And if) Dude brings up something in the future that you believe needs to be disassociated from whatever you believe GW is, I'd support your position entirely.  Except you're bringing it up in response to his post where he said a recruit looked impressive.  That, coupled with another post stating that Mezzie would be a beast led MV to temper expectations, followed by Bo stating that Dude is a terrible person.  

Did a post where a poster (regardless of who it is) stating that a recruit "looks really good" need a caveat that explained Dude doesn't speak for any of us?

Hardly.  It's petty bickering.  To pretend that it is done for the benefit of GW is a farce.  It's done to start a fight because a poster wrote that a guy looked good in video, and you don't like him. 

Again, I'm not opining on whether his actions in the past were right or wrong, or whether he's a good poster or not.  I'm opining on your turning of a bit of praise for a recruit into a battle over a poster's past.

- Daniel Strouse


thomas12/12/2017 4:52:02 PM

Down below is a 14 minute video of Mezie/Georgetown Prep's game against Westtown over the weekend at DeMatha. Mezie is #12 in white.   


colonial7712/12/2017 11:37:10 PM

It was me who wrote he will be a beast for GW. That is what I think. 

bo knows12/13/2017 1:08:49 PM

Danjsport - Unfortunately one's past will follow them even out of context. I am sure Roy Moore did something genuine and worthwhile at some point in his life. Doesn't mean that everytime he is in the public square peoiple aren't going to bring up the fact that he may have been a pedophile even if he was trying to discuss tax policy.

Clearly, the Dude's offenses don't amount to that but what he did here was as reprehensible as anything posted here and I do know it weighed on some of the kids. We may be adults and brush this stuff off easily. For example, I really could care less what the Dude thinks of me. However, young adults don't have ability to cope as well with their name being tossed about in public. You are aware of cyberbullying correct? You are aware that unfortunately so much of what kids think about themselves is based on their social media presence. I don't even care if the Dude was right. There are just certain things that ought not be posted here out of consideration even if you think them. And if I thought for a minute that the Dude wouldn't do it again and learned his lesson, we would be past this discussion. But right now, I have zero confidence in that and believe he should be reminded of that frequently in the hopes that it will eventually sink in and he will stop. If we unfortunately go on a long losing streak, I fully expect that the Dude will again start tearing into players who don't perform to his expectations. 


danjsport12/13/2017 1:25:38 PM

Bo- thanks for fighting the good fight.  It's good to know that any time Dude tries to have a legitimate basketball discussion, or post anything innocuous, you will make sure to remind everybody that he posted bad things in the past so that we can never move on.  After all, I'm certain Mezie and his family and friends are thrilled to see that a thread dedicated to him has turned into a discussion about somebody's posts on a player/players that is/are no longer with the program.  

Thanks for your dedication to this cause.  


bo knows12/13/2017 3:08:10 PM

Mezie and his family along with all incoming recruits will be informed to not read this site and if so, to never trust the Dude. MOCO Observer has told me he is taking care of this just as he did with Terry Nolan. But I appreciate your concern.


the mv12/13/2017 3:35:52 PM

Bo, am very glad that Moco Observer is not only aware of this issue but is proactively asking the players to disregard the crap.  No guarantee of course that young men will heed the advice but at least it's being provided to them.

Danj, you know what might help your position a bit?  Here we are, more than a year and a half since PJ decided to transfer, maybe six months since JR reached the same decision, and not once has The Dude shown the slightest bit of remorse for what he has perpetuated here.  You seem to be asking Bo and I to simply forget that any of this ever happened, or at least pretend like it never did.

I'll repeat some of the words that Bo just mentioned: "what he did here was as reprehensible as anything posted here and I do know it weighed on some of the kids."  Guess what?  I know it weighed on some of the players too.  The Dude very badly crossed the line between offering an opinion versus seemingly doing whatever he could to upset players with his incessant negative posts.  No, he isn't single-handedly responsible for influencing these two transfers.  But, you are kidding yourself if you truly believe his uncalled for behavior had no impact.

The fact is that there has been no remorse because The Dude isn't sorry about anything he wrote, or how often he wrote it.  So if you're wondering why Bo feels that by no means has he learned his lesson, you can start with a failure to apologize along with zero evidence of any remorse.

Give an opinion, positive or negative.  Defend it if you would like.  There's just no need to badmouth someone's game into the ground, let alone hundreds of times.



bm1/12/2018 8:17:33 AM

Nice dunk

bm2/17/2018 6:43:42 PM

Jared Bynum had an off shooting night for the Little Hoyas and finished with 10 points. He was picked up by 22 points from Mezie Offurum and 21 (including five 3s) from junior guard Kamdyn Curfman. #allmets


the dude2/17/2018 6:56:14 PM

Mezie, lighting it up!


bm2/20/2018 5:25:38 PM

Playing in IAC championship vs Bullis tonight.


Good luck tonight to my guy Coach E @GPrepBasketball & Mezie Offurum in the IAC championship.


bm2/20/2018 8:56:48 PM

Prep wins the IAC championship over Bullis. 


GW HC Maurice Joseph & AC Chris Holm here for ‘18 commit Mezie Offurum


bm2/21/2018 8:08:23 AM

Game highlights plus interview

bball watcher20222/21/2018 8:19:10 AM

Just scratching the surface!! Does little bit of everything, and still very young. Lot high majors missed out.  Great get for GW. 


bm2/21/2018 10:49:51 AM

Mezie's body has a bit of Bonzie Colson going on.  He has a short neck so his official height may say 6-6, but his reach says 6-8.


bm2/23/2018 11:07:59 AM

Selected first team IAC.  Teammate and SJU commit Jared Bynum was named POY.


the mv2/23/2018 11:48:29 AM

Congratulations Mezie.  Looking forward to seeing you in a GW uniform.


gw05093/12/2018 10:16:35 AM

2018 Highlights:


the dude3/12/2018 2:43:53 PM

Thanks for posting.  Mezie, looks like a High Major player in his highlight reel. I don't really see a flaw in his skill set.  Ideal size, frame, shooting touch, handle looks good.   Looks like a better, bigger version of Maceo Jack


gw05093/12/2018 2:50:53 PM

Agree.  I saw some of the spin moves and it reminded me of some of the moves BoZ made for us this year.  I know Bo Knows says Mezie was mis-cast as a low post player on his AAU team, but I wonder if he could provide similar high energy plays for us next year?


the dude3/12/2018 3:03:06 PM

I'd say he's not as quick as BoZ, and while his arms are long, they aren't 7'0 long.  But he's bigger, stronger, and has a lot better shooting touch.

What I would like to see is someone who can shoot over the defense.  We REALLY missed that element this year.  In theory that was supposed to be Steeves but his 3 vanished.   He does look like a 6'8 wingspan with good elevation on the 3 ball.


edward3/12/2018 3:36:14 PM

Congrats to Mezie.  We'll need all 9.1 points per game you scored in your senior year in high school (including 6 points in the IAC championship game).


edward3/12/2018 4:02:47 PM

Someone is using my poster name to say mean things about this recruit.  I think Chimessi is the best recruit of the bunch coming to GW.  


edward3/12/2018 6:15:12 PM

I will be forced to change my name yet again because you bullies are making fun of me.

bigfan3/12/2018 6:25:48 PM

Think saw him and his parents at a game or two this year. Thought more 6'6 (could be 6'7, where's Rocket?) than 6'8, but solidly built.

Don't see him as an A-10 true post player, unless he is a Lou Roe type, which he could be.

Anyway, congrats to Mezie.

And again, welcome to him and his family.


bm3/12/2018 9:40:36 PM

Don't think he's a post player BigFan.  He looks like a prototypical versatile wing to me.  His jump shot is a bid odd (pushes the ball) and his spin move always went left, but that's nitpicking for a HS player.  Looking forward to see how much value he can add next year.


bm4/18/2018 9:16:56 AM

This guy seems to like Mezie


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